tagMind ControlNymphocom Ch. 07

Nymphocom Ch. 07


Chapter 7 - Arrested!

I was sitting on an uncomfortable bench in the Neuilly Police Station. My left hand was handcuffed to a steel bar encased into the station's wall and the chain clicked against the metal each time I shifted on my seat to find a more comfortable position. A couple of grim looking guys were in the same situation, chained to the wall and waiting endless hours before being interrogated by the police officers. When they had arrested me they told me that I was suspected of being a pimp and that Diane was one of my girls. Obviously this was true even though I had only been pimping Diane out for a couple of hours. I felt that now I was going to pay for misusing the NYMPHOCOM on innocent girls. I was depressed at the thought about what was going to happen. I was going to be indicted, to lose my job and my reputation and, to make matters worse, I was going to lose my invention. Two officers had confiscated all my belongings and they had taken Diane somewhere in the building. They were surely trying to get her testimony and charge me.

Diane was crying when they took her away earlier. She was still controlled and was shouting at the policemen.

"He is my boyfriend! I am not a prostitute!!"

Unfortunately she could not really pretend that she was not a hooker as she was dressed like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" in her street girl dress. All policemen looked at her with their jaws dropped when she was pushed through the corridor. Some of the agents who were holding her took the opportunity to get a feel of her huge breasts or of her tight ass checks and all of the men handcuffed to their benches whistled and growled at the sight. My only glimpse of hope was that french police was known as notoriously corrupt. Maybe I could find a way out of trouble, but I had no money and no other means to give an incentive to any police officer to release Diane and me.

After more than eight hours of waiting, finally a young police recruit came to escort me into a small office where two mean looking officers were sitting. They did not waste any time to get straight down to business.

"We want your detailed confession," one of the men barked, "This is the only way you will get a lighter sentence. Your full cooperation no less, or you will disappear in prison for many years."

He was the oldest of the two and was proudly wearing a ridiculously big mustache.

"I don't know what you are talking about," I replied by putting on my dumbest face.

"Your girl has confessed!" he shouted full of hate. "There is no reason to deny it. You have forced this girl into prostitution!"

While one policeman continued to threaten me, the other one took out a clear plastic bag and removed a handful of euro bills.

"You see??" he yelled even more. "This is a proof! The proof that your girl has been working sexually for money! How many other girls are working for you? Huh?? Do you listen you bastard??"

I was momentarily distracted as I just had seen the NYMPHOCOM in the bag. It had saved me in other situations but this time, even if I could get hold of it, I did not know how it would save me again.

"Go get the girl!" the man with the mustache told his colleague who rushed away. He kept staring at me like he was going to kill me until the door opened again and Diane was brought into the room.

"Oh Francois," she cried desperately when she saw me, "What is going on?"

I took her in my arms for a second before the policemen separated us and had us sit down next to each other on two chairs. Diane looked awfully tired but she was still wearing her whore-dress and still looked incredibly sexy. The officer with the mustache stared at her for a couple of seconds.

"Are you OK?" I whispered to her, a bit shaken when I realized what I had done to this beautiful girl.

"Yes, Francois," Diane sobbed under her tears. "They kept searching me over and over, patting me down and ..."

"SILENCE!" the man roared and Diane went quiet and looked at him with wide eyes.

He flipped through some pages of a file his colleague had put on the desk.

"You admit having sold sexual services in the Bois de Boulogne?" he asked Diane with a menacing undertone.

"Yes, but ...."

"... and this man made you do it?" he interrupted her harshly.

"Yes, but ....

"You see?" he shouted while turning triumphantly to me, "We have a confession!"

Diane wanted to say something but Mustache made a sign which made her stop in her tracks. His colleague was eying her impressive cleavage and she tried to cover her big breasts with the most cloth she could. This only made her chest appear even bigger and Mustache lost his train of thoughts.

"Well ... errr ..." he stuttered. "As I said we have an ... umm .. confession..."

"Let me explain," I proposed quickly, while trying to invent an excuse. "Diane is my girlfriend. I love her very much."

At these words Diane beamed. "I love you too Francois," she whispered lovingly. She was still under the control of the NYMPHOCOM as nobody did turn it off. I went on with my explanation while the two policemen still glimpsed towards Diane's body to get plenty of eyeful of it.

"She is a very loving girlfriend but she has a slight problem ..." My brain was rushing to find a way to make our little trip to the Bois de Boulogne innocent enough. I started to have an idea while Diane and the two policemen looked at me puzzled.

"My girlfriend wants to be a movie star!" I exclaimed happily. Maybe telling the truth would help.

There was a moment of stunned silence but Diane caught on quickly when I kicked her foot slightly.

"Yes indeed," she admitted while turning bright red, "Its my dream job and my favorite actress is Julia Roberts."

She stood up in front of us. "You recognize Julia's dress in Pretty Woman, don't you?"

The two officers looked stupidly when Diane turned around in her white dress and thigh high boots and bent over to stick her fine bottom out at them. Her dress rode up her ass to reveal that she was not wearing any panties.

"And Francois was nice enough to bring me to the Bois de Boulogne so that I could practice my play a little bit," she added innocently. She then noticed what the policemen were looking at.

"Oh I am sorry but they took my panties when the other policemen searched my pussy earlier," she explained, as the two men were nearly drooling at the sight. "They were thinking that I was hiding drugs in there or something."

She slowly moved her right hand between her legs, looking back over her shoulder while the two police officers came closer to get a better view. She then winked at me discretely.

"But they found nothing," she continued while worming her middle finger deep into her pussy. The younger policeman gasped but Mustache slapped him on the arm without even looking away from Diane's round and firm ass.

"And they even searched my anus!" she explained matter-of-factly, while reaching with her left hand over her back and pushing the other middle finger into her asshole. She finger fucked her two holes for a while while glimpsing at me to see my reaction. I nodded carefully and stood up to make room for the two police officer to come even closer to Diane's ass. Mustache seemed to come out of a trance when he said,

"I am sorry Miss but I think we have to search you again."

The two officers looked at each other with an evil grin and the younger one went to lock the door. Apparently it was common for them to blackmail hookers into giving free sexual services as they did not seem to have any second thoughts when they started to take out their hard dicks. I let them approach and retreated towards the desk where I was seeing my belongings in the clear plastic bag.

"We will use our specially trained cocks to probe you for hidden evidence," the younger policemen said sarcastically but he was pushed aside by his colleague who made him understand that he, as the elder one, had the right to go first.

"I am willing to fully cooperate with the Police," Diane moaned as Mustache's cock disappeared into her pussy. His colleague went in front of my girl and took out her huge breasts from her dress. He started to grope her wildly and Diane took his cock into her mouth and started blowing his passionately.

"You might have hidden something within this cleavage," he said with naughty smile.

"I understand Officer," Diane panted under the thrusts of the cock in her pussy. "Please search me thoroughly, so that no doubt remains ... and please take your time."

"Oh my God!" She then gasped, rocking her hips and slowly sliding her pussy back and forth on Mustache's cock. The younger policeman cupped her breasts which were bouncing heavily, squeezing them hard. Diane let out a shriek as his hands found her nipples and pinched them viciously. She then began humping her ass harder and faster backwards on the cock in her pussy, working more and more of it into her love hole.

The two policemen could not believe their luck to have such a cooperative whore at their disposal and they continued to roughly abuse Diane who sometimes looked at me over her shoulder. I was not sure if she wanted me to try to escape but there was not a chance that I could run out of the police station without being stopped very quickly. Besides they had my name and address and I did not want to spend the rest of my life hiding from law enforcement. I needed to solve this "misunderstanding" completely and once and for all. I checked that the two policemen were completely absorbed by what they were doing, then I reached into the bag on the desk and took out the NYMPHOCOM. I checked that it was indeed still on and stored it in its usual place in the back pocket of my jeans.

The officer with the mustache soon groaned and shot his cum deep into Diane's womb. His colleague did not last much longer and spurted into her mouth. Diane held him tight so that she could keep all cum in her mouth, she then raised herself, showed all the white goo in her open mouth and then noisily swallowed everything.

"Thank you Officer," she said humbly. "I was really hungry!"

The two men laughed out loud.

"What a whore!" Mustache said, catching his breath. He was sweating profusely after all this action. He then became serious again.

"Get out of here, NOW!" he yelled at her.

"But Francois?" Diane pleaded while lowering her dress over her ass and stuffing her big boobs back into her top.

"GO!" the younger guy yelled also,"GO BEFORE WE CHANGE OUR MIND!"

Diane ran to the door, unlocked it and hurried out of the small room. The two policemen adjusted their clothes as if nothing had happened. They saw me sitting on the desk, close to the bag with the money and checked if I did not take out anything. I was glad that our police was such a corrupted bunch since they only cared about the money they could spend at will tonight, and therefore they did not realize that the NYMPHOCOM was missing. They were not really interested in an old remote control anyway. I looked back at them, scared like shit, since they were clearly not allowing me to leave as well.

"Now your turn, buddy!" Mustache said menacingly. "We don't let pimps fuck around unpunished"

I swallowed hard, realizing that I was not out of trouble by far.

They spent the rest of the afternoon asking the same questions over and over but I just stuck to my explanation about doing a movie with my girlfriend in the woods. I felt exhausted and just longed to lay down on the floor and fall asleep. At some point they brought me back into the corridor and handcuffed me again to the steel bar. I really questioned myself if I should have tried to run away when the two policemen were busy with Diane but I soon fell asleep in a most uncomfortable position.

I was woken up a couple of hours later, my arms and legs were hurting but at least I felt less tired. I could use a good shower and a teeth brush but I was not going to complain to the young policewoman who escorted me to another office room. At least she was somewhat friendly, and even though she was not beautiful she was quite pretty. She even looked a bit shy which was really unusual for a police officer, especially a french one.

"I will take your picture for our files," she said and had me sit down in front of a white wall and just behind a bulky camera.

"I am a photographer too," I joked to relieve a bit of stress. I felt very uneasy to have my photo in a police file and activated the NYMPHOCOM to control the policewoman. I hoped I would get around that problem too with the help of my device and indeed I could feel how the woman relaxed almost immediately.

"Oh really?" she replied with a compassionate voice. She could feel that I was ashamed to be photographed like a mean thug. "I am sorry but I have to do this."

"No problem, you are just doing your job."

She kept setting up the camera but was now looking up from time to time smiling at me. I waited but she did not take any initiative.

"Why are you being nice to me?" I asked to break the silence. "I am supposed to be a monstrous pimp you know?"

She sighed but still smiled at me.

"I am happy today," she replied softly. She really looked out of place in her police uniform. Now that I saw her closer to me I realized that she couldn't be much more than 20 years old. Maybe she was just an intern?

"Why are you happy, officer?" I asked completely clueless.

"Because ... because of your friend ..." She blushed slightly and continued to fumble with the camera. "Please call me Catherine," she added softly.

"Which friend?"

"You know, your friend ... the prostitute dressed like Julia Roberts."

I must have looked completely blunt as Catherine went on.

"Yes, I am happy because of your friend .... I mean ... she is a prostitute and when ... you know .... my colleagues bring a prostitute into the station ... umm ... they fuck her and .... umm ... not me."

Catherine, completely trusting me because of the NYMPHOCOM's control, spent the next twenty minutes explaining that she and two other young girls in the police station were being abused sexually by their colleagues. Their normal duties were just mere excuses : making coffee, typing work, copying files and taking the pictures of the suspects like Catherine was doing. Their "hidden" duty was to be sexually available to their males colleagues at any time of the day. All of these girls had been arrested on drug charges at some point and now they were being blackmailed : either you comply or you end up in prison. The only days when they got some rest was when their colleagues arrested one or two prostitutes. Catherine was happy today because Diane had fucked herself through the entire police station and therefore giving her a break from the sexual harassment. The only bad news was that the police chief was asking her to "work" extra hours today because he wanted to "lend" her for the night to a colleague from the south of France who was visiting Paris.

I was again amazed on how well the french police force was using our tax-euros. Suddenly my pimping of Diane did not look as bad to me anymore.

"And they don't call us by our names," Catherine went on. "When no visitor is around they call us 'fucktoy' and we have a number. I am 'fucktoy three'!"

I guess that due to the control from my device she said that somewhat proudly, and she was indeed coming closer to me while talking. I was not sure if I wanted to get a demonstration of the skills of 'fucktoy three' but I was relieved that so far she had forgotten about the pictures for the police database.

The door open abruptly.

"Fuckt... I mean Catherine," a police officer spat into the room. "I need you in my office when you're done! QUICK!" He slammed the door shut and Catherine looked at me sadly.

"Duty calls," she sighed, "but I'll be back soon, he is usually quick to come. And then I'll show you some of the things they do to me." She gave me a wink and a big smile full of promises and then left the room. I thought about it for a second and then decided that she was probably not able to help me get out of here. I turned the NYMPHOCOM off. At least no photos of me in any police file!

Since I was not handcuffed I just stood up and thought about what else I could try but another police officer opened the door and ordered me to follow him. He led me to a small medical lab on another floor in the station and had me sit down on a metal chair. I asked what was going to happen but he left, just yelling, "Stay here!"

I waited for at least two hours. I had lost track of time and I was not sure anymore whether it was morning, afternoon or in the middle of the night. I got the answer to my question when the door opened and somebody said,

"Good morning."

I looked up as a blond woman in her thirties, dressed in a white doctor blouse walked into the medical lab. She was carrying several papers and probably looking up my details on my file. She sat down behind the metal desk and took out a pen to write down some notes. She did so for at least fifteen minutes and was doing as if I was non-existent. After some time she looked at me, sighed as if she was going to do something very difficult and stood up to go to a cupboard in the corner of the room. She came back to me with some plastic bags in which I could see some oversize cotton swabs. I understood what she was going to do.

"I will take some saliva samples for a DNA check," she said softly, giving me some automatic business smile. "We will compare your DNA with our database and we will then know if you have been arrested previously."

"I was not," I replied. She nodded sadly as if I was a naughty child and sat on a seat just in front of me.

"Open your mouth please, it will last just a second."

She approached one of her cotton swabs to put it in my mouth and I decided that I had nothing to lose to try out my NYMPHOCOM again. I grabbed slowly the device from my back pocket and controlled the woman which was sitting in front of me. Nothing changed in her behavior and she proceeded to gather some saliva from my open mouth. She then put the cotton swab back in the plastic bag and sealed it. She took out the second one and did exactly the same thing. When she had sealed the second bag she stood up.

"Well, that's it," she said in a voice as if she was now very sad that it was already over. She placed the bag into my file and sighed again.

"Actually, there is another thing," she added somewhat strangely. "The DNA test will be ... umm ... much more precise ... if I ... I mean if we ... could do the analysis on ... on your sperm."

I smiled, knowing that my device was again working perfectly.

"If the test is precise then ... umm ... we can be sure that you will not ... I mean ... be confused with some other dangerous criminal. Do you understand?"

"Perfectly Doctor," I replied in a mocking voice. The woman removed her white blouse and I could now make out some nice curves under her conventional dress. She was wearing a light brown blouse over a skirt of the same color which stopped just above her knees.

"So can you ... umm ... undo your jeans?"

She seemed to be very shy about her request as if she did not know what to do. I felt one step closer to freedom and decided to try my luck.

"Listen Doctor," I started, "I am here because of a terrible misunderstanding. You must help me to clear everything up. Can you help me get out of here?"

She gave me an annoyed look.

"You are not the first one to say this," she sighed. "Let's do this DNA test now."

When I pulled down my shorts she gasped and blushed heavily at the sight of my cock. I just stood there and waited for her further instructions. Definitely my device was not working in a consistent way. Whenever it tried to control a strong brain the results were not as powerful as I expected. With regards to the increased sex drive it seemed to work quite well as the woman was staring hungrily at my limp dick. She suddenly jerked up as if she was coming out of a trance and she rushed towards the cupboard to grab a transparent plastic tube.

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