Nymphocom Ch. 07


"Can you ... err ... put your sperm here please?"

"Sure," I replied, taking the tube from her hand. "Will you help me with it?"

"What?" She looked quite shocked but somehow she came closer to me. Maybe if I could give her some pleasure then she would be willing to help me out.

"I can not release sperm without some help from you," I stated. My limp cock was still hanging sadly between my legs.

"But ... but how ..." she stuttered.

"I don't know, you are the Doctor!"

She looked really helpless and I was now sure that the NYMPHOCOM had some trouble winning over her brain. She was too reluctant but maybe it was sufficient to get me out of here. She reached for my limp dick and started caressing it awkwardly. I smiled at her and this encouraged her to come closer to me. I reached for one of her breasts and she jerked backwards.

"I need some stimulation, don't you agree?" I said apologetically.

"I guess so ... " she whispered, coming closer again and resuming her stroking of my dick. I reached for her breast again and this time she did not move but even accelerated her strokes. My cock grew hard as I groped her breasts through her top and bra. They were much smaller than Diane's but still an acceptable size. I let my other hand wander on her ass checks and squeezed her bum. Her body felt quite hard and muscular and I guessed that doctors within the french police force were getting a lots of sports to keep fit. Her breathing went faster as she grew more and more excited. Her hand was firmly gripping around my shaft and moving back and forth.

I reached down to catch the bottom of her skirt and pulled it up but she straightened it our with her free hand.

"Please don't!" she whispered, her face flushed red by her excitement.

"Why not," I replied laughing and reaching down again.

"Somebody might come," she hissed while still stroking my cock.

"So what? You are just doing your job!"

I reached under her skirt and felt some cotton panties covering her ass muscles. I shove my hand under it and from behind I started fingering the outside of her pussy. Even there she was drenched.

"What ... what are you doing?" she asked while snuggling closer to me as if she wanted me to have a better reach.

"Getting some stimulation ..."

I shrugged and wormed two fingers past her pussy lips into her wet love hole. She closed her eyes and moaned loudly before coming back to her senses and eying the office door anxiously. She approached the plastic tube to my dick and beat my meat even faster.

"Not possible," I managed to say, concentrating hard on some medical poster on the wall to avoid cumming.


The doctor seemed exasperated and turned on at the same time.

"Maybe you need to stimulate me with your pussy?" I proposed.

"You are out of your mind," she shouted but in her eyes I could see some interest.

"Just a couple of moves, in and out and I'll ready to cum."

She sighed deeply but she was very quick to turn around and her ass was now facing me. I was still sitting on the chair and she lifted her skirt so that I could push her panties aside. I then grabbed her hips and lowered her slowly onto my erect cock.

"Hmmmm," she moaned as my dick invaded her most intimate privacy. "But only a couple of strokes!"

I started humping up and down, her ass slapping on my thighs with each stroke.

"AHHHHHHHH YES!!", she cried out before putting her hand over her mouth to mute her cries.

Seconds later the office door flew open and a police officer came rushing inside. He stopped in his tracks when he saw the doctor sitting on my lap, but thanks to her skirt spread over her legs he could not see that I actually had my dick inside her vagina. He opened his eyes wide in surprise as it was unusual to see the police station doctor sitting on the lap of a suspect.

"All OK Doctor?" he asked suspiciously, looking me up intensely.

"Yes all OK officer," the doctor said in a harsh voice. "Please leave my office immediately!"

The officer turned around reluctantly and left the office, closing the door behind him and giving us a last suspicious glance.

As soon as he left the doctor started moving her ass up and down wildly on my cock to feel again the blissful sensation the NYMPHOCOM was inducing in her. She did not forget about the DNA test as she asked me if I was going to cum soon. She was still holding the plastic tube in her hand but somehow I was sure that she did not want our "stimulation" to end too soon.

Her phone on the desk rang and without thinking she picked it up while I was still fucking her.

"HelloAAAAH," she yelled into the receiver. "Hi ... AAAHH chief .... no all... OK here..... yes I AAAAAHMMM with the .... AAAAH .... suspect.... yes .... y... AAAAAH...."

She listened to the station chief on the other end of the line while unable to suppress the moanings my strokes into her pussy were causing.

"By the way chief, could you .... AAAAAH ... do me a personal .... UMMMMM .... favor. Could you release .... AAAAHH .... Mr Royer ..."

I stopped my strokes so that she could speak freely as I was very interested by what was going to follow.

"Mr Royer is a close friend ... yes .... yes chief ... oh!"

She seemed disturbed by what the chief had said and looked lost for a moment.

"I will think about it," she said in a furious tone before hanging up.

"What did he say?" I asked as my hopes for a quick release went up.

"Let's work on this DNA sample " she replied abruptly and resumed her enthusiastic ride on my cock.

"I am close to cumming," I cried out to stop her fucking. I wanted to know if I had a chance to come out of this place.

She rose from my lap and her long skirt fell in place again. She looked as if nothing had happened. She approached the tube to my cock but there was no way I could ejaculate into it, it was just too small.

"Maybe I can come in your mouth and you spit it in the tube?" I asked innocently.

As if I had given her the best idea in the world she kneeled in front of me and starting sucking my dick with slurping noises.

"I can taste myself on your cock," she said smilingly. She then realized what she had just said and turned red like a tomato. She resumed sucking to hide her embarrassment but for me it was enough to push me into an intense orgasm. I shot countless streaks of sperm into her mouth and I could see her rolling her eyes, surprised by the amount of cum which was piling up in her mouth. She then waited for ten seconds to make sure nothing more was coming and carefully retreated her mouth from my cock, paying attention to not lose a drop. I pulled up my pants and gave her my hand to help her up.

She took my hand and stood up proudly, her mouth seemingly full, and she approached the plastic tube to it. The lab door opened at that moment and a high graded officer came in. He looked earnest at me and at the doctor.

"Doctor, what is your response?"

The doctor looked at him like a startled deer, her mouth still full. There way no way she was going to spit out my cum in front of him so she gulped hard three times to swallow all my load. I saw her legs nearly giving way when she started shaking uncontrollably. The station chief, as I guess it was him, looked at her impatiently and did not realize what was going on.

"You want a favor, I want a favor," he said with a menacing undertone before leaving the lab without closing the door.

I held the doctor upright while she recovered from her sperm induced orgasm.

"What does he want?" I asked her again.

"He ... he wants a blowjob. He agrees to release you and drop all of the charges if I agree to give him a blowjob. He has been trying to get a blowjob from me for six months now."

I laughed out loud, it was so nice to have such a good and corrupt police force in France. I took the doctor by the hand and led her out of her office towards the office of the chief which was in the same corridor and labeled with a big sign.

"I guess today is the chief's lucky day, don't you agree?" I said to the doctor jokingly.

She smiled nicely and went into the chief's office, closing the door behind her. I heard a lot of moanings and strange noises for a couple of minutes and then the doctor came out, her dress and hair in slight disorder. She was holding a couple of signed papers.

"And?" I asked her while she closed the chief's office door.

She did not answer but just rolled her eyes and hurried back to her lab. I followed her just to see her spitting what I thought was the chief's sperm into the plastic tube she had prepared for mine.

"I know that you are innocent," she said, beaming, when she finished sealing the tube. "The chief's DNA will do as well."

She handed me the signed papers and I could see that they were approving my release.

"You are free," she whispered. "Don't hesitate to contact me if you land in trouble yet again. I would be very happy to take some more of your DNA samples."

I grinned broadly and thanked her. Thanks to the NYMPHOCOM my little stay in the Neuilly Police Station would leave no traces at all in any police file. Relieved, I turned around to hurry out of the police station.

"Oh and by the way," the doctor shouted after me. "The Chief wants you to know that he has an open position for your friend, Diane. He could hire her as a personal assistant! Can you let her know?"

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