tagIllustratedNymphocom Ch. 09-6 - illustrated

Nymphocom Ch. 09-6 - illustrated


The Mind Control Machine

(I had planned to fall back to Professor Royer's point of view but the fans have massively requested to continue Bertrand's view for at least another episode. My friend Candy Alexa was impatient to have her photos included into the next story so I decided to combine it all :-)

Candy apologizes for the mark on her forehead, she hit it in the bathroom that morning. I left the photos unedited as per Literotica's policy.

Please remember that Literotica does not allow publishing of x-rated content so I have only included the soft photos here.

This is the sixth part. Thanks a lot for the feedback on the first parts, I appreciate it a lot and try to use it to improve my stories :-)


Chapter 09 - the story of a NYMPHOCOM's victim - part 6

Professor Royer, or Francois like I was now calling him, spent the entire day explaining the different systems to me. I really did not need to know much - the process for controlling somebody was really simple - but he took special pride in describing all in detail. I was really impressed and I now was thankful to be on his side. He mentioned that Armand and Roberto were controlled as he had found out that they weren't trustworthy. They were slacking, stealing office supplies, harassing female coworkers, and not even very competent in their jobs. He had to control Shannya Tweeks as she was going to find out about his secret invention and I had to confess that she had asked me to spy on him.

"Yeah I guess I missed some important details," he admitted jokingly. "But I am glad that it turned out well in the end."

We shook hands to seal our agreement again. He mentioned that I was not to mention our agreement to anybody, not even to my wife, and that we probably should keep our marriage secret as we had done until now. Additionally he said that we would need a couple of new hires into our team quite quickly as the demand was exploding. He handed me an old remote control which looked quite similar to the ones he had been using.

"I wish you a good hunt, partner!" Francois said happily. "By the way, if you want to see more videos with Iveta, just have a look at my computer, I am sure that you will find these interesting."

"Actually I think I will have a check at my wife's meeting with the BBC, I was wondering what she could be doing with these old men..."

"It's the BBC club," Francois replied in the same strange way as my loving Iveta a few hours ago, "They are meeting in one of the conference rooms on the executive floor, it will be interesting for you as well, I am sure"

He laughed out loud as I left his lab. I checked that my badge was now opening the lab door and went upstairs to the executive floor. The conference rooms were at the other end of the floor, opposite to where - according to my new friend Francois - my future office was going to be.

When I came closer I heard a familiar voice. "I fucking LOVE this big black dick!!!!" It was what the voice of my dearly loved wife said as I entered the largest of the conference rooms. I immediately saw my sweet Iveta, positioned doggy style on a large stage surrounded by photographer lights, taking the penis of a muscular black man into her mouth and pushing to get most of it into her throat. The size of his meat was comparable to a small anaconda but centimeter by centimeter, it disappeared as my wife's lips inched further and further until she had them on the base of his shaft. Behind her another black hunk had his baseballbat-sized cock in her asshole and was ramming it brutally in and out, while under her his possible twin brother was pounding her pussy in the same rhythm.

Applause and cheers rose through the room to celebrate Iveta's airtight performance and I suddenly saw that at least ten other naked black bodybuilders were standing just beneath the light circle in which Iveta was being fucked. Just to my left was Julie holding a camera and obviously busy taping the whole scene. Behind her I spotted Director Shannya Tweeks, Nina, Anysa and a couple of other people who were watching the show intensely and only then I noticed the big sign just about the stage mentioning "Welcome to the BBC Club!" I realized that BBC was most probably not the logo of the famous TV company!

I continued to watch with my mouth open. The black guy fucking my wife's ass suddenly groaned, withdrew his enormous meat and started shooting a huge load of cum on Iveta's back. He stood up and was immediately replaced by one of the onlookers who was, if at all possible, even bigger than his predecessor. He looked at the tennis-ball size gape and inserted his huge meat to the hilt in one move without encountering any resistance. I could see his massive dick pushing my wife's tummy out from the inside onto the abs of the guy fucking her into the pussy.

All of this must have gone on for quite a while since I noticed that Iveta had cum everywhere. Her hair and most of her skin were crusted by white spunk and globs of sperm were visible here and there on the stage. Her asscheeks were bloodred and red traces of large fingers were all over her body, proof that she had been roughly manhandled.

"Suck that dick you little slut!!!" said the black hunk fucking her mouth, and slapped her face hard.

"Mm-hmm," she moaned, removing his cock from deep inside her throat. "I fucking love getting fucked airtight by strong black bastards!!"

She grabbed the big meat in front of her but the guy was already coming, shooting streaks of white cum into her face. My wife opened her mouth wide to catch most of it but she still ended up covered in his goo. I could see her swallowing hungrily.

"You like that, bitch?" the next guy asked as he positioned himself in front of Iveta's hungry mouth.

"I LOVE it!" she answered proudly, "I am a bitch! A whore! A prostitute! But only white guys need to pay me, I will always fuck big black cocks for free!"

Again applause and howling erupted from the group of men. The guy fucking her anally slapped her asscheeks very hard, making Iveta yelp and vince in pain, her expression changing when the pain left place to a mind shattering orgasm. Her shivers sent the guy fucking her pussy over the edge and soon another one took his place. My wife was being abused like a cheap streetwhore and she seemed to love it. Her nipples were hard and erect, sticking out like pencil erasers.

"I'm your slut! Your fucking black cock slut! Pound my cunt with these fucking black cocks! OOOOHH I love BBC!!!!! I am a whore for black cocks!! I want ... GLUG!!"

She was silenced by yet another black firehose shoved down her throat.

"This has been going on for one hour already," a voice said next to me, making me jump. Shannya Tweeks had noticed me and come over. "She has taken all the guys three times already, she is a natural fuck talent!"

I realized that I was not at all jealous or upset, I was feeling immense love and pride at the performance of my sweet loving wife. "She is our anal queen!" I said to Shannya who nodded smilingly.

The scene lasted forty more minutes before the black men gave up, completely exhausted. Nina led them out of the room, towards the restrooms where they could take showers. The gave highfives around, and slapped Iveta on her ass when they left. Iveta remained on the stage, basking in sperm, and rubbing her clit furiously. Her asshole was still gaping widely from the brutal anal fucking, and glops of white cum oozing out of her well used pussy.

"What? Is it over already?" she mockingly whined. "I am up for more fun!" I understood that she was still playing for the camera as Julie was filming several close-ups. My sweet wife Iveta then proceeded to lick up all the sperm which was spread out on floor, while Julie filmed how she hungrily swallowed as much as she could.

"Black sperm is delicious," she said to the camera, "It tastes so much better than cum from white dicks! I don't think I will be able to eat white cum anymore! I am addicted to black guys and their spunk!"

"She loves being degraded by these massive black cocks, but I would not mind having your big white cock in my holes," Shannya Tweeks whispered to my ear. "Meet me in my office in twenty minutes! This is a direct order!" she added as she saw me hesitate. I smiled to her and she left the conference room. If I was going to be her boss then I would teach her how to talk to me!

"CUT!" yelled Julie, "Great work!" and immediately Anysa went to Iveta with a large towel to wrap her in. Both girls kissed like they were in love while all spectators gave them an enthusiastic round of applause. Danielle and Diane had arrived too, and Nina was back with some of the black guys who were already showered and dressed. Then my wife spotted me and her eyes went wide from surprise but she caught herself quickly and walked to the door with Anysa.

"Nice performance Iveta," I said admiringly as she passed by.

"Thanks," she replied arrogantly, looking deep into my eyes, "but my name is Connie Wilde!" and she walked out with her Asian friend.

"Sorry my friend," one of the most muscular black guys said to me, "She is a whore just for the BBC Club!" He patted my back and turned to Julie.

"I want that bitch for all nights this week!" he demanded loudly, "Can you arrange that?"

"Of course Sir," Julie replied happily, "at the usual rate of 5000 euros per night?"

"Yes and I want more girls for the other club members as well!"

"Sure," Julie replied, "Do you require video taping and editing as well?"

"Not this time, I think you will be of better use as a whore this time."

"Thank you Sir," Julie beamed at the hunky black man. "I am glad if my holes can be of service."

I guessed that this was the infamous Dinosaur Dick my wife Iveta had spoken about. The BBC club was actually the Big Black Cock club and by no means affiliated to any broadcasting company. The black gang left soon after and all present girls started chatting noisily about their luck of having good work next week, especially with such hunks from the BBC club. I estimated that one night would bring an income of around thirty to forty thousands euros and my loving wife alone would bring around thirty thousand euros this week, and I did not even know if the girls had other "projects" to work on during the day. I now understood how Francois was able to pay me the salary he had promised.

I followed Julie who rushed outside to the ladies' room to inform Anysa and Iveta about her new assignment. Both girls were still getting dressed and they shrieked happily when Julie announced that they all had work every night for the next week.

"Sorry to interrupt," I said awkwardly, "Iveta, can I have a word with you?"

The girls seemed to just have noticed me but they were still smiling at each other. My sexy wife threw on a skimpy mini-skirt along with a tank top exposing her navel piercing and the BBC tattoo in her back.

"I am coming," she said coldly, "and I would like you to call me Connie. I am now known as Connie Wilde."

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, whatever, just hurry."

She slipped into her killer high heels and went with me. As soon as we reached the first corner and were out of sight of the others, my loving Iveta jumped on me and covered me with kisses.

"Ohhhh Bertrand, I love you soo much!!!" she cooed in my ears, "I am so happy that you came to see me work! Wasn't it wonderful to work with these nice black gentlemen from the BBC club?"

I was going to object that she had been treated like a piece of meat but a guy came around the corner and stopped in front of us. He was short and quite overweight

"I am sorry Miss Wilde," he stuttered,"I have seen your performance and I am ... I ... am a huge fan of you!"

My loving wife blushed and replied a hushed "Thank you!" as if the pornstar suddenly transformed into a shy school girl.

"Could ... could ... you please give me an autograph?" the fat guy continued. He was sweating and his face was flushed, clearly stressed by his boldness.

"Of course I can," my wife replied enthusiastically, terribly excited to meet her first fan. "Oh I don't have paper nor pen..."

The fat guy said that he did neither. Both looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders hoping to get rid of this nuisance as quickly as possible.

"You know what?" my sweet Iveta replied happily, "Let me give you a quick blowjob as I can't give you an autograph."

The guy was only able to reply "UNGH ..." and before I could protest, my dearly loved wife was already on her knees, fishing this guy's cock out of his trousers. She put his hardening meat between her lips and started bobbing her head back and forth, right in the middle of the deserted corridor. I was slightly concerned that somebody might walk up on us but apparently Iveta was not afraid to be caught. Quickly enough the guy groaned and starting shooting his load into my wife's welcoming mouth, and I could see her throat move to swallow it all.

"That ... that ... was INCREDIBLE!! Thank you Miss Wilde!" the fat guy exclaimed while buttoning up.

"Anytime my dear fan!" she cooed, passing her tongue over her lips to remove the last drops of cum. The fan mumbled another "thank you" before walking away with unsure steps.

Iveta stood up and looked at me with a timid smile, then she said, "Its a tough job but somebody's got to do it!" She readjusted her mini-skirt and looked at me uncomfortably. Through the control of the NYMPHOCOM she was probably feeling that she acted as a slut.

"I will be away this week, for a business trip," she said shyly, "I will work ..."

"... with the BBC club, I know." I replied calmly, taking her into my arms. "I just wanted to tell you that I love you more than my own life. I will miss you until you come back."

Iveta was moved to tears. She wanted to kiss me but I pushed her away gently and she understood that I did not want to taste the sperm of another man on her tongue. She blushed like a schoolgirl and hugged me tight.

"Bertrand, you are the best husband in the world, I love you so much." Iveta then looked at her cellphone,.

"I am late my darling, I need to hurry to prepare."

I hugged her again and let her escape, my sweet wife running in her high heels and skimpy mini-skirt to get fucked by a gang of black bodybuilders all week.


I went back downstairs to Francois Royer's lab. I was amazed by the capabilities of his NYMPHOCOM device. It was able to easily convert any uptight housewife into a nymphomaniac slut and remove any jealousy out of the husband's mind. We could probably make billions of euros out of this invention within a few years. Francois interrupted my thoughts.

"Interesting meeting, no?" he smiled, and then more seriously he asked, "How do you feel?"

"I feel good," I answered amused , "Without your invention I would probably have jumped out of the window!"

I sat down, still searching for remains of jealousy in my feelings but I could not find any.

"By the way the BBC has booked all of your team, ... hmm our team! ... for tonight and probably the rest of the week. They have apparently agreed to our usual prices, as Julie stated. What are these guys doing for a living?"

"They sell the video footage on the internet," Francois replied, looking a bit concerned, "They pay for the time of the models, they tape their 'meetings' and upload it to a specialized interracial porn-website. It brings a lot of money, in the same way as our 'Office Sluts' website."

He frowned. "But we have a problem right now. A good customer of ours was expecting the visit of Diane tonight, I did not plan for the request of the BBC. We need to find a replacement quickly."

He then paused and looked at me smilingly. "This would be a good test for you! You need to find a nice young big breasted lady to keep our customer company for the night. Make sure she is controlled and then bring her to this address."

Francois handed me the outprint of an email on which the details of the request of our customer was written. As far as I could see it was a customer who signed a large project with our center last week, and the requested meeting was a benefit negotiated in a gentleman agreement. I was wondering if these meetings were the only deliverables due for this project.

"I'll see what I can do," I said and jumped to my feet, impatient to try out this fabulous device.

I decided to go to the Champs Elysées and walk down the avenue, looking for single women passing by. The weather was very nice and many girls were wearing light dresses, short skirts, tight t-shirts, several were even wearing bikini tops while walking down the sidewalk.

When I saw one coming near me I pressed the ON button on the NYMPHOCOM and watched the reaction. I was really impressed as most girls immediately looked at me intensely once I had controlled them. Some greeted me happily as if they knew me, two of them even started following me. These were just tests so I released the control over them quickly, looking for a nicer target, according to the wishes of Francois's customer. I continued walking into a side street and noticed a young girl in a jeans short and flower top who just walked slowly on the opposite sidewalk. She was carrying many bags from different shops so I guessed that she was a tourist who had shopped for clothes and souvenirs. I crossed the street and followed her for a while, admiring her legs and observing the nice cleavage I had noticed just earlier. She stopped at several shop windows, admiring the goods inside, smiling for herself at the idea of buying even more clothes but then sighing and walking on.

I felt a bit awkward following an unknown girl in the streets in Paris like a stalker. I just went on with it anyway, clinging on the device in my pocket. When my target walked towards the entrance of a small hotel I decided to try to control her and see what happens. She probably had a room here and this was ideal to see if she was really matching the criteria written on the email. I was especially eager to verify the size of her breasts since she could have very well used some kind of push-up bra.

I entered the hotel and passed in front of the reception and saw my girl walking to the lifts. She was average height, thin with long brown hair and her bum was wagging when she walked on the thick carpet. I felt my desire rising and followed her as she entered the elevator. She pressed the button for the 6th floor and I pressed the 7th. I then stood next to her and we were both facing the door, waiting to arrive at our floors.

"Hello," I said, looking at her bags "Do you want me to help you carry these?"

"Hi," she replied with a smile ,"That would be very nice of you"

She handed two of the bags to me.

"They are quite heavy, I guess I have done some overshopping," she laughed

We exited on the 6th floor and I followed her, watching her nice legs. She walked to the door of her room.

"Many thanks for your help, please leave the bags here." I put the bags on the floor near the door while she was looking for her keycard in her handbag.

"You're very welcome," I replied while reaching into my own backpack and switched the NYMPHOCOM on. I slowly retreated towards the elevators, hoping for a reaction.

"Oh, excuse me," I heard in my back. The busty girl stood in front of her door, looking puzzled. "I ... errr ... can you maybe help me put the bags in the closet?"

"Of course!" I came back towards her, while she was still fumbling with the keycard to open the door to her room. She managed to open the door and smiled at me uneasily. I took the bags and entered the room.

"Can you put them here, please?" She was pointing at a cupboard in the corner of the room, where I soon stored all the bags filled with shopping article. The cupboard was easily accessible therefore I had the impression that her request was just a pretense.

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