tagGroup SexNynke Ch. 01

Nynke Ch. 01


This story is an edited version of my story Nynke Ch. 01. This first chapter is an introduction to the Nynke-series, starting with chapter 2. This first part is written from another viewpoint as the series, and stands more or less on its own.


The gangbang party's are always special. A particular memorable evening at the club was when the 18th year old Nynke was introduced by her parents. A record was set. It is a night still spoken of.

Before our story begins Nynke has received her first sex education from her mother since she had turned eighteen. Sacha and Micha are very liberated parents, just past fourty, who practice a swinging life style. Sacha had already lead Nyn onto the path of sexual enlightment, including giving extensive teachings of the practical kind, for which Micha happily played the part of study material. But that's another story. So far her curriculum had included fucking her daddy, missionary, doggy and cowgirl style. She was ready now. Ready for the very active sexual career she was going to live. This night Nynke was to enter the secret club her parents were a member of.


Nynke and her parents arrived at the mansion in the middle of the evening. They were welcomed by Jim the butler. The big lean negro took them to a side room, where he started to examine Nynke from head to toe. She was not a big girl, just 4 feet 9, with long blond hair and a broad round face with two beautiful cat-eyes the shape of almonds. The form of her eyes was enhanced by black eyeliner. She sported a short distinguished turned-up nose and an inviting little mouth... just the dream-mouth to stick your dick into...

'So, you must be the smart Nynke her mum brags about,' he said. 'Now show me what you have in store.'

Nynke unbuttoned her jeans and let it drop to the floor. She got rid of her cotton top in no-time as well. She wore the white culottes and chemise that she was given by her mother that afternoon. The chemise was well stuffed by two solid breasts that were put on highly on her front. Sasha, Nynke's mother, pushed the French knickers down over the taut buttocks of the girl. Nynke's teeny pussy came into view, covered by a tuff of lightly blond curls. She pulled her chemise off over her head herself. Her breasts sprang free. They had big brown aureoles crowned with firm nipples, which gave her taut tits a very pronounced appearance.

Jim stepped out of his trousers. He wore a tight shiny swim slip. The silver colour showed off admirably with the shining ebony body of the negro. His tool stood out perfectly.

'Now bent over for me,' Jim told the teenager with a nice but firm voice that would not tolerate disobedience. Nynke did as she was told and presented her nice little cunny and behind to the negro. Jim stood behind her en took his stiff cock out off his slip. Without further ado he stuffed his mighty weapon with one shove deep inside the girl. She moaned softly and her nice tits shivered as the negro started to pump into her. Jim normally had the privilege to have the first go with a new introduction.

Micha, Nynke's father, had stripped also and stood before his daughter.

'Now show what you already have learned so far,' he said. Nynke took hold of her fathers dick and with her other hand she grabbed his balls. She sucked the already familiar cock into her mouth, and showed that her mothers' training was not fruitless. Micha in the meantime moulded Nynke's globes. He twisted her nipples vigorously between his thumb and forefinger. They reacted immediately and raised themselves promptly.

Sasha stood behind Jim as she caressed his buttocks.

'And, have I lied to you?' she asked him with a smile. As she had said this Micha approached his climax already due to the efficient work of her daughter. With a growl he deposited his hot seed in her mouth. Nynke could appreciate the gesture. With a loud smack she swallowed the well-known stuff. Jim didn't let her down and tuned up his rhythm. Nynke started to moan and groan from lust as the negro started to fuck her more violent. After some five more minutes of vigorous pumping the negro emptied his fat cock into Nynke's belly.

After withdrawing from the girls pussy Jim let Nynke lie down with her belly downwards on an arched table. He secured her hands and head to the edge, using conveniently placed clamps. Her legs were fastened at the bottom end of the contraption, in a way that she stood with her legs fairly spread. Through the vaulted form of the table her legs and thighs were supported to the max, meanwhile leaving her genital area, lower belly and tits fully accessible. The height of the table appeared to be perfectly adjusted to the height of Nynke. Since the table was mounted on wheels Jim and Micha simply drove the contraption with the girl surmounted on it out of the room into the great hall.

More than fifty members of the club were assembled in the central hall. Under loud cheers and a big ovation they made room for the procession. Nynke was put onto display on a stage in the middle of the room. Her very shapely butt pointed up invitingly. The sperm of the fat negro cock leaked slowly from her pussy, and trickled along her legs to the ground. Some of the women came to Nynke's side and began to touch her up and grope her. Her thighs, her buttocks, her tits and in between her legs. On big screens that were put up throughout the room everyone present could follow all the action in full details.

Jim stepped up to Nynke and put his cock into her mouth. Nynke began to suck on the black meat which started to get him hard again. As soon as Jim's prick was in working condition he withdraw from her mouth. He let Sasha lean forward on a chair that was put up on the stage for that very reason, after which he shoved his cock into her snatch from behind. Micha positioned himself at Nynke's head, and lowered his cock again into the alluring and hungry mouth of his daughter.

All the men present drafted in a line behind Nynke who soon got a first stiff shoved into her pussy. Because Jim already filled her up with his seed, the first cock slipped into the girl's cunt pretty easy. She was fucked by one after the other. They all spurted their boiling sperm deep into the youngsters quim.

In front of her Nynke had a perfect view of her fathers cock and balls, and slightly to the right of her mother. Sasha was being fucked persistently by the negro cock in a slow tempo. In a slow roll she observed with a smile how her daughter was being taken by all those men. As Nynke looked to her left, she could see on one of the television screens all the action that took place behind her. In close-up she witnessed herself how her tight cunt was stretched up and stuffed over and over again by each new cock.

As about twenty members had had their turn and pumped their seed into her belly, she heard a well-known voice.

'Micha, has Nyn been taken from behind or is she still a virgin there?'

Suddenly she froze and became frightened. She looked her mother bewildered into the eyes. This had to be John, her English teacher and the father of her best friend Mary. Mary and Nynke had once peeped at Mary's father as he took a shower, and contrived how his mighty cock would feel like. And now that same spear was positioned inside her own slit... Shit, her own form teacher... Who else would be a member of this club and were able to see her now at this very moment in full glory and in every sordid detail? Who could take advantage of her and rampage and abuse her the next minute?

'As far as I know, John, Nyn has never been fucked in the backdoor, but you should ask her...'

Suffocated by the prick of her father Nynke tried to make clear that she never had been taken analy, and that she didn't know if she was ready for it yet. To Micha and John this went by unnoticed. Incited by Micha's answer and a nod by Sasha, John withdrew his cock from the sloshing cunt and with three fingers got hold of some sperm from the teenage slit and smeared it into the crack of her ass. He positioned his well lubricated crown at the tight arsehole.

'Well Nyn, if you are still a virgin here, that will be taken care off very soon!'

Slowly John pushed his stiff pole into the arse of the poor girl. Only slowly her sphincter opened itself a little bit. Nynke produced a small shriek, through which her bum raised itself and thus pushed into the dick of her teacher. Bit by bit the his weapon sought its way inside. Suddenly the head sneaked past her sphincter. Nynke felt as if she was split up from below. As soon as John's cockhead was gulped down by the girlies ass, John held his prick in place. After a few minutes the arsehole of the girl began to relax a little bit, and the pole was being shoved slowly but surely into the poor girl's ass. Finally Johns cock was buried to the hilt in the butt of the teenager.

After a short break, John started to fuck his pupil slowly into her backdoor. Encouraged by de crowd he increased his speed further and further. After about ten minutes he came to a powerful discharge, as he injected his hot spunk deep into the bowls of the girl. After another few vigorous strokes some sperm began to leak from her butt.

After this Nynke was fucked alternately in her cunt and her arse. As she had had about ten cocks into each hole her cunt felt raw, but well smeared by al the sperm that flowed out of it. Her backdoor remained frightening tight and feeling bursting full. And all the time she felt hands on her titties, in her cunt or her asshole. The tits became more purple and blue because of all the groping and pinching. The nipples hurt through the persistent stimulation. In the end she didn't feel anything anymore, only the thick ropes of sperm that flowed from her butt and cunny. More than three hours had passed, as Nynke slowly lost her consciousness. As a matter of good behaviour, Micha ended the session by filling up the ass of his daughter one more time with his prick and pumped her into sleep.

Jim and Sasha were enjoying what they saw al that time. Now they were looking at an enormous horny and fucked-up girl of just 18 years old. They gave Nynke the rest she deserved. As she woke up a few hours later, the men who hadn't had a go with her were given five minutes each to fill the teenager up with their sperm. At the break of dawn all the men present had deposited their goods into the girl, by which she was now properly introduced into the infamous club.

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