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The precinct was alive with activity as they brought in Jebedia Long. After an investigation of over three months, the detectives had all of the evidence they needed to convict him of four counts of rape and murder. There was just one thing they needed to do now. They needed to convince him to tell them where the fifth victim was.

Monica was reported as missing by her family two days ago. Forensics report that according to past history the other victims were slowly suffocated to death. Though they offered him life imprisonment rather than the death penalty, he refused to tell them where she was. He said that she was unworthy to live.

After he was brought through the crowds of reporters, policemen and civilian onlookers, he was taken to an interrogation room. There, the detectives cuffed both of his hands to a chair whick had been bolted to the floor. The angry policemen were none too gentle as they threw him down.

“Sit there scum and don’t make any trouble. All we need is an excuse to save the taxpayers some money.”

The man who’s murder spree had gone on for three years sat quietly, not looking at anyone in the eye. He was a very average man which for a serial killer is an asset. No one could remember quite what he looked like. He was average height, average weight with no distinguishing features.

His very demeanor was one of a quiet, polite nature. His short cut brown hair lay across his face as he watched the detectives cuff his wrists to the chair and leave. He thought it was a bit bizarre that they weren’t grilling him about the girl. He was even looking forward to outwitting their clever attempts at persuading and tricking him. After all the intellectual challenge was part of the turn-on of being a killer in the modern world.

In several minutes of waiting, he was startled as the door opened. The girl who entered was just the kind he liked. She had long blonde hair that fell to her waist and a full, voluptuous body that made his heart race. He watched as she crossed the room until she stopped in front of him. His gaze traveled down her body, then up to gaze into the bluest eyes he’d ever seen.

This girl had a Marilyn Monroe figure... full and bountiful. The red dress that she wore was silky and sexy, allowing her considerable cleavage to be exposed. The dress flowed just above her knee drawing attention to her shapely legs.

“Hello, Jebedia Long. I hope you don’t mind, but we have some talking to do.”

“No, whore we don’t. You’re not even a cop, he sneered.”

“You’re right Jebedia Long, I am a whore... Oh, I don’t have sex for money mind you. I have a higher purpose.”

“What do you mean?”

The girl suddenly knelt right there in front of him. “I understand your quite a lady’s man. The police confiscated all of the naughty porn tapes from your house. They seem to focus on one thing... You seem to be fascinated by fellatio.

“Yeah, so?”

“Well Mr. Long, that just happens to be a specialty of mine.”

“What the hell?” cried the shocked murderer as the woman reached up and stroked the growing bulge in his pants.

“I want you to tell me where Monica is.”

“Fuck you bitch!” he yelled, straining against the handcuffs in vain.”

The panic of being out of control faded away. He began to lift his feet, determined to kick this crazy bitch away from him. Before he could get them very far, however, the woman had undone his jeans. This beautiful whore, undoing his pants distracted him long enough for her to yank them and underwear to his ankles. He could no longer kick her.

The metal chair was cold against his butt as his growing dick came into view. Though, against his will, his prick filled with blood reaching up to meet the woman’s hand as it grasped it softly.

“Tell me Mr. Long... Tell me where she is.”

“Fuck you!”

She began to slowly play with his member, enticing it to full erection. “No, I have something much better in mind.”

Her head lowered to his crotch as she slipped the tip of his growing prick into her mouth.

“I won’t... I won’t tell you anything!”

Ignoring his rantings, she flickered her tongue playfully around the tip. The sensations were unbelievable, thought Jebedia to himself, losing his concentration completely. His rantings paused for a moment, until...

“Blow me all you want whore. I’m not telling you anyth....”

The words were cut off as she slowly, purposely glided her lips over his foreskin. Her touch was as light as a feather as she drew the cock deeper into her mouth. As her lips touched the base of his cock, he shuddered painfully through his entire body.

“What the hell are you doing to me dammit!” he cried out.

She ignored him, beginning to ease back, exciting every nerve to intolerable levels. Slowly, she began a slow oral massage on his cock. All he could do was sit back and groan under her attentions. As he thought to himself that the sensations couldn’t get any stronger, she would tease him to new heights of pleasure.

He smiled as the familiar sensations of an orgasm began to erupt in his loins. Soon he would cum and she would have to stop. Just as he was about to explode, he felt her fingers pinch a nerve underneath his scrotum. Instantly his climax subsided.

Jebedia cried out as she began her stimulations again. “No... you can’t do this!”

The beautiful blonde head just kept bobbing on his strained prick. Her tongue played and danced along, sending waves of torturing pleasure through his body. To his horror she brought him yet again to the brink of cumming only to stay it off with one pinch of a nerve.

Sweat poored from his brow as the excitement built ever stronger... “All right...All right,” he pleaded. “I’ll tell you... I’ll tell you where she is!”

The woman stopped, looking up at the distraught suspect. “Well?... Where?”

“My grandfather had a cabin that no one knew of. She’s there!”

The woman stood, turning to look at the mirror. She nodded. Confident that the police would already be on their way, the woman stood and sat on the table. She looked at the man who sat in the chair. It was as though she were examining him.

Unable to catch his breath, Jebedia looked at this woman who had defeated him. “Please...! Please, finish!”

“Finish yourself you low-life.”

In demonstration, he pulled against the handcuffs. “I can’t... Please, you have to!”

“What do you mean I have to? I don’t have to do anything.”

In the two hours that it took the police to find the missing woman and rush her to the hospital, the woman just sat and watched the man sob. His erection would not ease as it lay on his belly, aching for release.

A voice spoke from an unseen speaker. “We have her Darlene... good work.”

She smiled, looking at her helpless prisoner. “You want release, Mr. Long?”

“Yes... please! You have her now!”

The blonde stood and leaned over him. As she clutched his prick with one hand, she began to stroke it vigorously. “Myself and some of the policemen here want to save the taxpayers a little money. Besides, you don’t need a trial do you? You know you’re guilty don’t you?”

Jebedia nodded as he felt his balls begin to tighten. He sighed a sigh of relief as his cum began to fire into the air. Not even the tightening of his chest could stop him from exploding this time. In one final moment of pleasure mixed evenly with pain, Jebedia spurted his last glob of cum all over his stomach and then took his final breath.

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