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Obedience Training


His Mistress locked his cock cage and then his blindfold. His hands had been bound and chained above his head so most of his weight was taken on his arms. Before having him blindfolded and chained up she had had him fuck her to orgasm twice and then rewarded him as she often did when she was especially pleased with him by letting him jerk himself off into his hands and lick himself clean. She always enjoyed his mixed excitement and humiliation. She had called in her Enforcer to watch, who had laughed contemptuously to see him work himself frantically then gratefully eat his own come. The Enforcer showed her disdain by her roughness as she pulled his arms above his head and tightened the chains. "He certainly doesn't have much staying power, does he?" she said to his Mistress as he blushed. "Oh, not so bad," said his Mistress, "It's just that if I get bored I stop him before he has a chance to come, and sometimes I get bored very quickly."

Once she had locked him up his Mistress kissed him on the lips, ran her hands over his stomach and his cock in its cage and murmured "Remember I love you. Be good."

"It doesn't matter if he is good or not - he has no choice but to learn," the Enforcer said as the door closed, leaving him alone.

By the time the Enforcer came back after her final talk with his Mistress, his arms were aching. "She has gone," she said, "I have you now and I've told her I will call when I think you are ready. She has taken your keys with her so even if I wanted to take off your cage or your blindfold I can't. You won't be seeing anything or coming until I call her and I won't be calling her until I really want to. I'm looking forward to this. First of all, I'm going to see how much pain I can cause you with my strap, just so I get to know you and then I'll be seeing how you can use your tongue."

The Enforcer secured his feet to the floor then moved away across the room. He heard the rustle of clothes and the sound of something being taken off the rack on the wall -- the strap. Before beginning the beating she ran the strap over his arse and stomach making the muscles tense. She held it up to his mouth and said "Kiss it. I'm going to teach you to worship my strap and beg me to beat you with it."

As soon as the first blow hit his arse he could feel her strength. The leather was hard enough to burn like fire where it hit and flexible enough for the end to flick round and bite his flanks. He had hoped that he would be able to stay silent whatever she gave him, to recover from her earlier contempt, but he knew he would not be able to hold out for long. He focused on the pleasure he knew his Mistress got from watching him being beaten but it was too hard. As the strap began to burn into his thighs and back he started to cry under his blindfold. Soon he was begging the Enforcer to gag him.

Eventually she stopped and walked around in front of him. She stepped up close and pressed herself against him. He realised then that she had taken off her top as he felt her breasts against his chest. He felt that she was sweating a little and breathing deeply. She stood there for some time as he felt the contrasting sensations of the burning pain of his back and thighs and the pleasure of her breasts moving against him. She reached down and felt his balls and his cock through the cage. He was starting to get hard. "Foolish boy," she said, "How can you lick my cunt if I gag you? And are you enjoying this? I think you might be. Now shut up, I don't want a sound from you unless you want to beg me to beat you more."

She gave his balls a squeeze that made him gasp even through the pain left from his beating and pulled away from him to start hitting him again. He held out longer than before but soon he was crying and begging her to stop. She let him shout for a while then let the strap fall and walked around in front of him to again press her breasts against his chest.

He was not sure if the sweating and panting was more from him or her but the movement of her breasts against his chest soon had him straining against his cage. If it had been his Mistress he knew she would have unlocked him now to pleasure her and maybe rewarded him again, but she was far away and the key to the cage was with her. Whatever happened here there would be no reward. He was brought back to the present by her Enforcer. "Mmm," she said, "This is going to be difficult. I asked you to be quiet but we will have to deal with that later. For now you can scream so long as you don't make any words -- unless, that is, you want to ask for more."

She stared beating him again, this time hitting him on the front of his thighs and his stomach as well as his back. She was slowly walking around him hitting him at will and each stroke made him jerk in his bonds and scream. The beating went on and on. All he could think about was the pain that his Mistress was putting him through and the fear that if he could not satisfy this terrible enforcer he would not feel his Mistress for days. His need to see his Mistress overcame his fear of the pain of the strap. He started to beg to be beaten. "What was that, slave?" the Enforcer said, stopping, "You want me to hit you some more? Excellent -- I will. Keep begging!" She started in again, hitting him harder and harder as he kept screaming at her to beat him, frantically begging, "Please please, beat me," until he was close to fainting.

The beating finally stopped and this time the pain in his body was too much for him to ignore as she rubbed her breasts, now wet with sweat, against him and fondled his balls. His cock lay completely still.

"Good" she said feeling him soft through the cage, "We know your limits." She untied his feet and lowered the chain to unhook the cuffs and lock his hands behind his back. He fell to the floor and lay there while he heard her wiping herself down and taking a drink.

"Up," she said taking him by the hair and making him crawl after her. He felt her sit down in front of him then she pulled him into her crotch by the hair. He knew then that she had been beating him completely naked. "Here," she said, "Let's see what you can do. If it's not up to it you'll get some more of my strap."

As she pressed his face between her thighs he felt her wetness, which must have started some time ago while she was still beating him. The stickiness covered his cheeks and lips and he obediently opened his mouth and began using his tongue in the way he had been taught by his Mistress.

He felt the Enforcer tense as he worked at licking her labia and clitoris, slowly then faster from one to the other, occasionally sucking then flicking his tongue across the most sensitive flesh. As she gave a small gasp he felt his cock begin to stir in its cage despite the continuing burning across his body, reminding him of how pleasure and pain combined when he served his Mistress.

Even though he could not see her, the Enforcer was clearly enjoying herself. He stopped briefly to catch his breath and she quickly pulled his face back into her cunt. "Keep working, I didn't tell you to stop yet," she ordered hoarsely.

Almost off balance and helpless with his hands secured behind his back he felt his fingers twitching as they remembered how much his Mistress liked to be stroked and gently penetrated while he licked her, and how she liked his hands to pinch her nipples until she came. He felt pain in his cock as it strained against the cage, and knew that it was starting to dribble with the pre-come that his mistress loved.

By now the Enforcer had opened her legs wider and was writhing in a way that he knew meant she would orgasm soon if he kept up his tonguing. A mix of her fluids and his saliva ran down his face and neck and he felt it in the hair of his chest. "Good, good, keep working like that and I might go easy on you later," she said.

The pain from his cock which was now as hard as it could get inside the cage kept him focused on his task. Suddenly she drew back, and he sat bewildered in the dark. Then he understood what she wanted, as he felt her breasts again but this time in his face. "Treat them nicely now, no biting," she said, as he opened his mouth to first one nipple, then the other. He sucked firmly on the nipples, which were bigger than his Mistress's but responded in the same way. He let his teeth brush against them and heard the enforcer moan. At this point he knew his Mistress would want to be fucked.

The Enforcer pushed him back down to her crotch and he started back on her labia and clitoris with his tongue until again she was right on the edge of orgasm. Just as he was sure she was about to come he was abruptly pushed away and he felt her get up and walk away. Soon she was back and forcing something into his mouth. He realized it was a penis gag and she was going to make him fuck her with the thing in his mouth. His Mistress had made him use one on her occasionally but she had always taken it out and had him finish her off with his tongue after a while. He knew the Enforcer was going to work him until she came on the fake penis. Once the gag was buckled on he felt her rubbing it with lube. His cock throbbed as he imagined how his Mistress spread lube on him before letting him fuck her.

The Enforcer took him by the hair and eased the fake penis on his gag into her. Once it was in she used the hand in his hair to slide it slowly in and out of her and began rubbing her clitoris with the fingers of her other hand. He was fucking her but playing no part in it and getting no pleasure. He knew the Enforcer was enjoying his humiliating position kneeling between her legs with the penis forced into his mouth fucking her while his own cock strained uselessly against its cage, dribbling pre-come. He wondered if his Mistress would take so much pleasure from the picture.

Soon she was writhing on the cock, pulling his head back and forth so quickly that it hurt, and she came in one huge shuddering rush, her cries almost screams. She held him in her cunt until it was completely over and then pushed him away to lie on the floor. Without saying anything she got up from her chair and he heard her dressing on the other side of the room.

She came over and straddled him, he could feel her boots on either side of him. Then she sat down on him with her full weight as she undid his gag and leaned over to lick his ear. "Not bad at all," she said, "She's soft on you but she's got your tongue well trained. I bet she'd let you come now for being such a good boy, but we can't do that can we? So you can just lie there for a while and imagine yourself screaming under my strap again if you hadn't pleased me, because that is all the reward you will get tonight.

"It's a shame I can't let you see because otherwise you could look around at some of the things I've got to torture your poor nipples and your cock and balls. As it is you'll just have to use your imagination." Then she cuffed his ankles together and joined them to his hands in a hog tie and left him to his thoughts.

Some time later he woke to the sound of the door being opened, and what he thought was more than just the Enforcer entering the room. "There it is, just where I left him," he heard her say. "A very sweet little tongue on him too," and his hands were freed from his ankles.

Suddenly he was roughly hauled up by someone much stronger than the Enforcer and dragged across the room to a heavy duty spanking bench. A large hand pushed his head over one end, leaving his bum exposed to the air.

"Enjoyed your time alone daydreaming have you slave?" the Enforcer asked, her voice sweetly sarcastic. "Well here is something to wake you up," and at that she began hitting his arse with what felt like a cane. He heard it swishing through the air before it connected with his skin, sending burning pain through his already bruised flesh.

He couldn't help but start shrieking immediately, as each flick of the cane cut into him more painfully than before. "I am going to have to shut you up, so I can concentrate on giving you what you deserve," the Enforcer shouted.

Two large hands grabbed hold of his head and what felt like a big, erect penis was shoved into his face. "Now that you are here with me, you have to do whatever I say. And I want you to suck that cock and enjoy it." With each word the Enforcer gave his arse an extra hard whack.

There was nothing he could do but obey her orders. He trembled in pain and fear of what would happen if he refused to do this, thinking of his exposed bum and helpless position. The Enforcer was determined to humiliate him alright. He thought about all the ways he would show his Mistress his appreciation when she finally reclaimed him. A tear ran down his face as he pictured her cunt waiting for him.

"Get on with it, you worm. Stop wasting time." The Enforcer pulled his ears cruelly and pushed his face against the waiting cock. He opened his mouth and started licking, carefully at first but the cock was soon pushed deep into his throat, making him gag.

"You stupid pussy! Suck that cock properly or I will tell your Mistress how useless and badly behaved you have been." He obliged, and as he relaxed a little, letting the cock slide in and out of his mouth, now more slippery with his saliva, she started to stroke his bum and balls from behind.

"Good. That isn't so bad is it?" she said, and pushed a finger into his arse. The big cock was now driving into his mouth fucking him hard, the big hands holding his head steady. The Enforcer took her finger out of him and soon it was replaced by something larger -- she started fucking him with a dildo. "There," she said "that is how you fuck someone. I saw you eat your own measly come for your Mistress, now you'll eat the real thing for me!" She left the dildo in his arse and he felt her hands on his face as she started to masturbate the cock with the end still in his mouth. Soon the cock was getting frantic as it pushed into his mouth sometimes with her fingers around it. He knew it would come soon and he tried to pull his head away and started to choke.

"Bad boy! Relax, your Mistress will enjoy hearing how your mouth got a good fucking. Just think if it as her special dildo," she laughed. To the man with her she said, "Hold still a moment, I don't want you to squirt it all down the back of his throat -- I want him to feel it in his mouth. Hold his mouth open for me." The big hands forced his mouth open with the cock just touching his lips. The Enforcer gave a few more strokes and the cock started to spray come into his mouth. "Ah," she said, "Look at that. I bet you wish that was your cock coming now. Don't you dare swallow until I tell you." She waited until the cock was completely empty then held his mouth closed. The come tasted different to his own, stronger and more salty. "Swallow" she said.

The big hands and the cock were gone, there was only his humiliation in front of the Enforcer and he knew why his Mistress needed her to train him: his Mistress could never be so cruel but she loved to see him completely in her control.

When the Enforcer had finished with him she clipped a lead on his collar, got him off the spanking bench and led him down to her dungeon for the night. She pushed him into the shower. His Mistress would have carefully washed him down in warm water looking after any wounds she had caused and admiring the marks. The enforcer just bundled him in and rinsed him down with water so cold it took his breath away. Once the shock was over though the water felt good on the inflamed weals from her strap and cane.

She pulled him out and roughly rubbed him down with a towel, ignoring his struggles as it hurt his bruises. She led him into another room and had him sit on a narrow bed. "Now, I need you to get some rest but I don't want to waste all this time. I'm going to make it uncomfortable for you so you don't sleep well and have a chance to think. And I'm also going to send my friend down later to introduce you to my favorite crop, now that you've had my favourite cock from him -- and if you didn't like what the cock, you're going to beg for it again after you've felt what the crop can do. I don't want your screaming to wake us all up and so you'll be gagged"

She pushed a ball gag into his mouth. It was big enough to stretch his jaw. His hands were still locked behind his back and she leaned over him to tie his elbows together. She ended up with a knee either side of him on the bed, almost sitting on his lap her breasts pressed into his face as she reached over him. Once his elbows were bound together she got off him and pushed him down on the bed so he was lying on his side. She pulled up one of his feet and tied that to the rope from his elbows so that he couldn't straighten his leg.

"There," she said, "Don't worry, we'll keep looking in on you to make sure you don't choke, we don't want you to miss the fun tomorrow." She sat down next to him and ran her hands gently over his stomach and thighs and fondled his balls. "I'd like to get that cage off you to have a bit of a play but we'll have to see what we can do." She carried on stroking him, tweaking his nipples and putting her tongue in his ear. She licked her fingers and rubbed his glans through the cage. When his cock was so hard in the cage it hurt and dribbling pre-come she stood up and left him. As she went she reminded him of his date with her favourite crop.

His Mistress sometimes let him sleep in her bed when she didn't keep him tied on the floor at its foot. When he slept with her he was free except for his collar and cage. She liked him to hold her in his arms. Lying there with his cock as hard as the cage would allow he thought of the times she had woken him by taking off his cage to have him fuck her. Sometimes he would get his reward and sometimes he would get locked straight away again. Once and only once he had come without permission - fortunately on the sheets and not in her. She had made him change the sheets and locked him in his box. The next morning was the first time he had met her Enforcer. His back burned at the memory along with his new wounds and his cock and balls ached.

He thought further back to when he first knew his Mistress. He had always been attracted to her at his work by her quiet but strong personality. When he changed jobs they kept on seeing each other for coffee and finally she asked him home. From the beginning she was demanding but he found he liked that. They started talking about their fantasies - hers were always dominant and soon his were always submissive. Slowly their sex became more complex and sado-masochistic as they began to act the fantasies out.

Then, one remarkable day, they went out for lunch and she asked him to be her slave, to live with her and serve only her, whatever she asked. When he said yes, she gave him his collar and he locked it around his neck straight away. He finally admitted to himself that he was deeply in love with this woman and he was about to fulfill all his fantasies at her hand. Remembering that afternoon, he started to drift off to sleep despite his awkward position and the way his cock cage dug into him. He was dreaming of the times when she had taken him in her hands and whispered to him and stroked him until he was hard enough to serve her.

As he dozed he had rolled partly on his back to stop his cage digging into him and now the discomfort from the way his arms had been bound was waking him up. As his dream of his Mistress faded he found the soft voices and the gentle hands on his cock were real. Two people were sitting either side of him and playing with his cock cage. He tensed, sure any minute they would stand and start in with the crop. "There, I told you he'd wake up, She ties them like that so they don't get comfortable," he heard a soft voice say. "You are sure it wasn't just us playing with his cock?" another said. He relaxed, these people didn't sound threatening. He could feel the softness of satin against him and smelt the musky smell of cheap perfume and knew it was two of the Enforcers' professional girls. "You awake?" said the first girl. He tried to say yes, forgetting the gag. The other girl laughed, "Pussy," she said, "You've got yourself into all sorts of trouble here."

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