tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOblivious to Surroundings

Oblivious to Surroundings


I've always been embarrassed when accidentally stumbling onto a couple in a lover's embrace, so a recent night at the town center was particularly embarrassing. But only for a while.

It was a quiet Tuesday night when my wife instructed me to head over to the town center and get several items at the pharmacy. Town center is a misnomer. It's a sort of tic tac toe set of four streets in our suburban development.

There's an anchor grocery store, the only large business, and then a couple dozen smaller businesses. Most are small eateries, but there's a dry cleaner, a couple small offices, a dentist, bank and a pharmacy. On this night most of the people were visiting the eateries while I stopped first in the grocery store then stopped at the pharmacy to get a prescription filled.

My mission of mercy would get be back home well before the hockey playoff game I wanted to see hit the tube. The prescription would take about 15-20 minutes to fill, I was told by an attractive young rep at the desk (okay, I admit, when she turned around to check on something my eyes were riveted to her wonderful ass, especially when she bent over).

Although it was an enticing thought to stay and watch the female scenery I didn't want to seem like a pervert. I said I'd be back and went to the bank, visited the ATM, then settled into my car to wait for the prescription.

That's when I saw them. A couple in a lover's embrace in the walkway between the bank and the next street where the restaurants were. It was at the end of the alleyway, and there weren't many walkers, but those that were around either didn't see the couple making out or chose to ignore them.

Normally I would have looked away as well, but it was quite erotic watching them from my vantage point not 30 feet away. They were kissing, her arms around his head, but what struck me was his hand. He was fondling her dress covered ass.

The two held each other as if on top of a building, where a wrong move would send them flying or something. I could see, after a couple minutes, the two began grinding against each other. While there wasn't much light, I could clearly see they were moving in tandem together.

I really enjoyed watching him play with her ass while rolling his hips against her in the front. Without clothing, I envisioned them naked and fucking, but this was a town center street and that was merely my imagination taking over. Still, watching them move together in the shadows as a voyeur was the spark sending my mind wandering.

Noticing an older couple turn the corner, I wondered if the lovers would move away from their embrace, but it wasn't to be. Ignoring their surroundings, the two kept making out while the couple walked past, the woman's head clearly gawking at the lovers. It was as if she pulled her husband around to look at them. I wondered what it sounded like. Could you hear them kiss? Could you hear the rustle of her dress as he caressed her ass? Was the girl moaning?

My mind wondered a lot of things. They could be newly weds, but probably not. Most likely they were new lovers, excited by being together. A couple on a date, who had just finished dinner, probably complete with holding hands. Maybe she rubbed her leg along his under the table. Maybe he caressed her thigh without anyone looking.

It wasn't an affair; I surmised they weren't a cheating couple. They were too out in the open. No, maybe they had met online, had a relationship there, and then met for the first time. Maybe they had met at work and finally decided to get together.

Whatever, they were making out as if they'd never touched lips before that night. Their hands were roaming to unconquered places. At one point one of the man's hands left her ass and moved to her face. He stroked her cheeks, she smiles, and then he slowly lowered that hand to touch a breast. Not groping it, merely slipping his hand along it, stopping there, and then slowly slipping back down her side and onto her familiar behind.

She was also adventurous. After his quick exploration she moved one hand from behind his head to his neck, then down his arm to his midsection. She caressed his cock, pulling away from the kiss to say something to the guy. I think she liked what she felt, and I imagined his cock must have been pushing against his pants.

The twosome reverted to their previous embrace and movements. Only this time their midsections were moving in tandem a little faster.

I remembered my first dry fuck. Her name was Susan, a high school senior who loved dancing and movies. I had two left feet, so dancing was a chore, but I did have my dad's car, cash for movie ducats and a rubber in my wallet. That rubber stayed right where it was through several dates with Susan, a busty blonde who played on the field hockey team. I was a third line ice hockey player, so we had something to talk and argue about.

I mean, why can't field hockey players use the back of the stick to shoot, anyway?

We had several Friday night dinner and movie dates --- I hadn't graduated to the coveted Saturday night date with her --- when we kissed for the first time. Oh, there had been pecks on the cheek and some sexy talk between us on the phone, but it was the fourth date when we kissed, but swapped spit. It was in front of her house, in my dad's car, when we kissed for several minutes until her dad turned the front porch light off and on several times.

We quickly walked to her house, not wanting to incur the wrath of dad, and she said she was available the following night if I wanted to get together. I was on the A Team! Screw that Billy Christian, her normal Saturday night date.

The following night she said she liked being with me, but that she didn't want to get too friendly with any one guy. That she liked seeing me and hope I understood that she's also seeing other guys.

At first that burst my bubble --- turned out Billy was away with the family --- but still I knew Susan (don't call her Sue) was fun to be with. We saw a love story kind of movie that night, a real chick flick, and kissed in the move theater both during and after the movie. I know the movie turned her on because she held my hand through much of the movie. When we weren't holding hands, my hand caressed her thigh (she only let me go so high) and I sprouted a hard on that Susan had to notice.

After the movie we strolled along a pond instead of heading to the car for the ride home. We had about an hour and a half before dad would go ballistic and the walk sounded better than the lights going on and off in front of the house.

There was a bench along the pond where we sat, kissing, before we continued our walk. On the far end of the pond, away from the parking lot but still in sight of those walking to their cars with keen eyesight, we stopped and kissed near a towering oak tree. We made out, much like the couple I was watching at the Town Center was doing.

After a couple minutes of kissing Susan caressed my ass and pulled it toward her, grinding me against her midsection. She whispered that she could feel I was excited, as she called it, and moved against me. The feeling was incredulous, and my cock jumped in my pants.

We moved against each other for a couple minutes, her hands on my ass and mine on hers. My dick was throbbing, pushing against her midsection.

I admit it. I came in my pants.

She knew it too. "Did you like that?" she shyly asked.

Oh did I ever. I apologized for taking advantage of her, but she hushed me. "I liked it too," said Susan, taking my hand. "Uh, do you have to, uh, clean up or anything. I can walk ahead...."

I told her it was a little messy down there, but I'd be okay. Truthfully, I was quite embarrassed by my hair-trigger explosion. But she was understanding.

As we walked she told me she didn't want me to get the wrong idea about her. "I'm not easy, I'm not like Tiffany you know," said Susan, with my mine immediately making a note that Susan's friend was easy. "You have to know that I don't, well, go all the way. I have college and a lot more to look forward to, so I won't be getting knocked up."

Mentioning that I had a condom, she pushed me away with a laugh. "That's so cute, but I'm not that kind of girl. I am not going down that road. So, if you don't want to see me anymore, I understand."

Was she kidding? I just shot off in my pants with a little help from her. I was surely going to see her again.

And I couldn't help thinking of Susan while looking at the couple in the Town Center walkway. It reminded me so much of several of my early interludes with Susan, not just that first sexual escapade during the walk around the pond. There was dozens of other quickies, fast couplings so to speak in semi-public places. In cars, in parks and along jogging trails by the river.

Just like the twosome were doing barely 30 yards from me right now. Making out, swapping spit, caressing each other's bodies in close proximity to others. Why, just around the corner were several restaurants, a bank ATM machine was around another. And there I was, outside the drug store, waiting for a prescription to be filled, watching their every movement.

It was very, very erotic.

They were oblivious to their surroundings. Probably neither wanted to leave the other's embrace and lose the aura of the moment. Who knows?

I watched as she moved her lips to his neck, kissing his neck and toward his ears. Maybe even swirling her tongue in his ear...a very sensuous feeling. All the while he was caressing her dress-covered ass. I loved the way he played with her ass, because it lifted her skirt somewhat and I got to see a little more leg. That was enhanced when she moved and must have bunched part of the dress along the wall behind her, so that when he moved his hand the leg continued to show.

He whispered something into her ear and she smiled. He motioned his head and she nodded yes. The two walked, arm in arm toward me. At first, I fumbled around in the cup holder in the car, as if looking for something. When I looked up they were paying no attention to me, only to each other. He held a car door open for her and she slipped inside, soon to be followed into the car by the guy.

Immediately they embraced again, back to a kiss that must have brought forth heavy, hot breathing.

By now I had forgotten about the prescription, and knew my wife was going to get a good solid rutting when I got home.

Just as I was about to go inside and get that prescription I noticed the guy move away from the girl. I guessed they were going to drive away. But the girl started looking over her shoulder as if looking for something...people? She glanced toward the back, to the side and then to the front. She started to laugh at something they guy said, then shook her head yes.

All of a sudden, right in the row of cars in front of me, the girl maneuvered her way onto the passenger seat and bent over the guy. My goodness, she was going down on his midsection. She was going to blow him!

I forgot all about the prescription and focused my attention on the couple. I could see his head, but she had disappeared. I had to get a better look.

Quietly I made sure my dick was tucked into my pants --- somehow it had escaped its sleeping place, and I eased out of my car and walk first toward the pharmacy then took an immediate right along the walkway that weaved its away around toward the back of the bank.

When I was across from the car I saw the guy leaning back, and watched the top of the girls' head enter into view and disappear. Up and down it went, surely on his cock. I watched as the guy moved his hand atop her head, and soon it was in and out of view as her head moved.

I couldn't believe the guy was getting a blow job in a parking lot. While there wasn't a lot of foot traffic --- the last people I had seen was the elder couple --- it was in a public place. Luckily those going in and out of the pharmacy were oblivious to the car with the couple, and nobody walked past it.

Moving to the bank I stood in the shadows and looked across the lot at the car. From this vantage point I could clearly see the guy, but again, not the girl. Still there was no doubt at what was going on. By this point the guy's head was back in the seat as he was clearly enjoying the mouth music being played by his date.

On one hand I didn't want to be seen, on the other, hey, it was a public parking lot and I had just as much reason to be there as they had. I decided to circle around the bank and walk past where the couple had been and toward my car.

The roundabout way would make it appear innocent on my part, but I had to get a look at what was going on in the car. As the couple came back into view I could see they hadn't progressed much. He, though, was really into the blow job and didn't flinch a bit as I walked toward the car. I surmised his eyes must have been closed.

As I approached the front of their car I decided to walk to the right, as his head was wedged against the window looking the other direction. Sure enough, the girl was blowing him. Her head was riveted to his cock, and I clearly saw her hand around the base jerking it off while her mouth worked the tip. The guy's hand guided her head in a way, and I couldn't believe the view.

Suddenly the guy tensed up and I heard him cry out he was cumming. Her head didn't move from the tip of the cock, she merely held her head in place while the guy shot his hot sticky sauce in her wet, waiting mouth.

I was entranced by her hand action. While her head was still her hand was jerking the guy off into her mouth.

Having defied detection, I quickly walked toward my car and then once again around the walkway to the bank. At the ATM I acted as if I made a withdrawal then walked across the parking lot directly toward the couple's car.

This time he noticed me, and pushed the girl away from his midsection and she scampered to the passenger seat. I swear I saw her wipe her lips with the back of her hand. As I walked past the car I gave them a smile and a wave, and I heard the girl laugh out loud.

They might have not known I had seen them, but they must have been saying to each other that I might have.

What an erotic adventure! Never again will I protest heading out at night to the store.

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