Obsession: Ten Days of Going Black


"The truth comes out"
Husband's View

I guess I was wrong about the lesbian movies. I was wrong about a lot of things. My wife kept saying that she didn't like black guys but there she was, fucking herself like an animal in heat with a big black dildo, yelling out how she loves black cock and staring at the interracial porn movie the whole time. The only thing worse was that I actually helped her!

I guess I got caught up in the moment. My wife rarely gets creative about sex so when she suggested using the toy I just went for the ride. Her pussy juices still clung to my mouth while she pleasured herself. The filthy things that came out of her mouth sounded like the girls in the movie. Could she have been just caught up in the moment as well? Yes, that must be what it was.

Day 7: Sunday
Husband's View

My dreams last night were bizarre. In my dream I was watching a porn movie by myself but it was my wife in the video fucking a big black dildo over and over. I woke up and my cock was hard. What was wrong with me? I was thinking about my wife with an eleven inch black dildo up inside of her and I was getting excited? That was just perverse, and wrong, and... I was stiff as a board. I started rubbing my cock, trying to think of anything but last night. I failed. I spat on my dick and rubbed it fast and furious, the whole time last night's display played out in my head. My wife was screaming "Fuck my white pussy!" She wasn't fantasizing about me or even a white guy. She was thinking about a black guy fucking her! MY WIFE!

I looked down at the cum all over my hand and felt self conscious all of a sudden. I cleaned up and tried not to think about it at all. I tried getting up early and getting some things done around the house. The thought lingered the whole afternoon much to my dismay. Perhaps getting all those movies wasn't such a good idea.

"I've always wanted a cuckold!"
Wife's View

My husband was already out of bed and I was so happy that he was. No doubt he was working on the car or the yard or other chore. I cracked open the package and frantically ripped the plastic off of every toy and DVD. The clamshells labeled "Black Thunder" and "Sean Michaels" poked out of the trash can and I giggled thinking about how big they were. I wasn't sure I was ready for them to be honest so I brought out the Lexcaliber and my black vibrator and compared all four. I touched each one slowly, feeling the ridges, the smell of rubber and latex filling the air.

The first DVD I unwrapped was called Housewives Gone Black. I scanned each scene, watching one wife after another taking a black lover while her husband was gone. Occasionally the husband would catch her at the end, or watch her while saying nothing. Those scenes in particular made my pussy juices flow and the Lexcaliber quickly found its way into my waiting cunt. The orgasm was fantastic and it spurred me to look at another DVD.

The second movie was called Cuckold Creamed Cuties and each scene was a girl getting fucked by a black guy in front of her small dicked boyfriend or husband while she compared their dicks. The black dildo was back in my pussy before I could think about it, sliding in and out of me and filling me up. I watched those chocolate lovers unload their sperm up in those white pussies and watched it dripping out of their cunts while their loser boyfriends looked on helplessly. I came to almost every scene, listening to the dirty talk and screaming orgasms as loud as I dared.

It was now seven days of black men fucking white girls. Seven days of my pussy filled with black toys and wishing it was the real thing. Of reading interracial magazines. Of watching white women being satisfied by black cocks. Of watching little white husbands cast aside as their wives are ravished by big dark skinned lovers. Of watching two girls fight for a foot long black rod. Of watching four black guys using and taking one white girl in a perverse gangbang and admiring the pure look of pleasure on her face.

I arranged the day around having some alone time. "I just need a few minutes to myself," I told him, forcing him to go grocery shopping for me while I retired to the bedroom. I just couldn't decide between a scene with a wife cheating on her husband or cuckolding her husband. Both were so hot and I thought about how good –how bad- it would feel to have my hubby watching me fuck a black man. I rubbed my pussy while I watch the interracial scene- the orgasm rocked my body. I was still in the mood to be dirty, though, so I set the scene back to the beginning.

After my husband came back from shopping I told him that I had gotten off watching a porno movie and that I wanted him to jack off by himself to the same scene I came to. He seemed excited about our clandestine afternoon game, until he found out what kind of scene it was. When he came down I asked him if he liked it. "It was alright I suppose" he said.

"Did you cum?" I asked him in a whisper?

"Yeah, I guess." Things were going just the way I wanted.

We went out for dinner that night and he said nothing about the afternoon movie. Were his feelings hurt? Did it matter? "I liked you watching me last night", I whispered in his ear. I emphasized the watching as I brushed against his crotch.

"Maybe I'd like to do more than watch you tonight," he teases back.

"Maybe. You've been such a good boy these days."

We get in late from our dinner and drinks and I could tell my man needed to cum. He kept grabbing my ass and my tits and generally being annoying. I let him do it though. I told him to arrange things in the bedroom for our evening by getting some of our less commonly used adult fun toys out. Years ago we bought some wrist and ankle ties that were fuzzy but did a good job securing somebody to the bed. We hadn't used them in awhile since I really don't like being tied up so he was obviously excited at the prospect of trying once again. I put on some red lipstick and darker eye shadow and put on a nice Betsy Johnson corset with some thigh high stockings. I pulled my panties on over the top. I wasn't about to wear high heels to bed but with that small exception I looked just like a porn star. I felt sexy to the core.

I went upstairs, dressed to please, and tied my husband's hands to the bed. He was a little surprised that it was him getting tied up and not me, but I told him, "Don't worry; It's going to be fun."

I took my panties off and then teased his cock by licking it and sliding against it, rubbing it and tickling it with my hair. I sat on his face in a 69 position and he feverishly licks my pussy. It felt so good having his tongue darting over my clit and his mouth devouring my pussy mound.

I felt him get rock hard as I licked and pump his dick. His six inch white dick... My mind wandered again and the most perverted thoughts came flooding back. Images of black cocks ten inches long, twelve inches long, fourteen inches long! Black cocks as thick as my arm, reaming white girls and filling their stretched out cunts with gobs and gobs of sticky semen. White girlfriends cheating on their boyfriends with dark skinned lovers. Wimpy husbands forced to watch their wives get pleasured by black studs.

My focus was back on my husband's six inch penis twitching in my hand... Before he could cum, I stopped and climbed off of him. Now I had every intention of being with him that evening, but there was something about the moment that I just couldn't let go. He wass bound and couldn't get away. I could do anything I wanted. We were both buzzing from our drinks that night and my inhibitions went right out the window.

He looks confused and asks if I am going to untie him. I said, "Not yet".

He asked if he could cum and I said, "Not yet."

I climbed out of bed, went to the 'blue box', grabbed my favorite interracial movie, and put it on. When my hubby realized it's another interracial DVD he started to complain, but I took my panties and shoved them in his mouth like a gag. He looks so helpless all tied up and unable to speak, it made me want to say and do the most wicked things.

I start talking about how nice his cute little cock looks and how it's almost enough to satisfy my pussy. I grabbed both of my new black toys and set them on the bed, equipping them with new Magnum condoms. Picking up the Black Thunder dildo and holding it against his dick in comparison, I grined, "Well you are half as big as a black man, honey!" He looked mad, struggling and trying to say something but I told him to relax while I prepped my new dildo with some lube.

My movie started and I laid down next to hubby, snuggling against his side and splaying my one leg over his. The dildo was enormous but I was motivated by watching the porn star Mandingo (who has a 14" cock) fuck a woman with a body just like mine. Her cunt gladly accepted his man meat in the scene and I took the queue and slid the head of the new toy inside me and deep up in my snatch. It was exhilarating fucking my wet pussy with my big Black Thunder. Hubby was still struggling and letting out muffled complaints but I noticed his dick was stiff. I commented how he's such a dirty boy for being hard and watching me.

"Admit it, you like watching me fuck this big dildo," I told him. He just shook his head. "Liar!" I called him, the whole time I was shoving Black Thunder in and out of me. My whole body was on fire, stoked by a combination of the big cock on the screen, the big dildo in my pussy, and my hubby who couldn't touch himself. With his hands tied up, all he could do was watch with his dick throbbing.

I suppose I could have been a good wife and serviced my husband but this was way too much fun, too much power to give up. I knew I could do anything I wanted and get away with it. I told him I only want black cock from now on. I told him how his little white dick wasn't enough to satisfy me and how I needed a black man to make me cum. I told him I couldn't wait for a real black man to pleasure my cunt and how he was helpless to stop me. My comments turned to near babble as I fucked myself to an orgasm.

"I want a black man to fuck me so bad."

"I love black cock."

"Pound my white pussy."

"Give me that hot ebony rod."

"Make me your little white bitch."

"Fuck me like my husband never could."

"Make me scream with that chocolate dick."

"I need your black dick in me."

"Stretch out my white cunt."

"Nobody can please me except a black man."

"Take my body and use me."

"Pound that black dick."

"I love black cock!"

"Cum up inside my married white pussy!"

As I am came I screamed, "I am a BLACK COCK WHORE!" The orgasm was phenomenal and my whole body relaxed from the exquisite tension. I snuggled against my husband's body, my pussy dripping wet. The toy was soaked as I pulled it out of my aching cunt and rested it on his belly. Pussy juices drip off of it and slide down his chest. I rested there until he started grunting again, the panties muffling his words. I suppose I could have done that a dozen times in a row, but that night wasn't just about my pleasure – it was about my control.

I reached down and grabbed my husband's cock. It felt so small compared to any of my toys and I told him as much. His cock was throbbing and twitching and despite his muffled protests I could tell he needed to cum. He just needed the right training before he did. I got up again, grab the Cuckold Creamed Cuties DVD and loaded it into the player. I laid down next to him once more, rub my sore pussy lightly and told my helpless husband to watch it and learn his place. I tugged at his cock to keep him hard, careful to not let him cum. "Oh no, not yet, my bad boy. You can cum only when I say so."

He struggled at first and I had to pull his hair and force him to look at the screen. I made him watch for awhile, commenting on the movie and talking about how sexy it was, how much I want to make him watch me fuck a black man. After a few minutes he stopped struggling and resigned to watching the movie, pumping his hips up to meet my clenched fist wrapped around his dick. He was finally ready I could tell, and so was I. I straddled his face, untied his hands, took the panties out of his mouth, and tell him to jack off while he licked my pussy.

"My pussy is sore from getting fucked by a real man's cock; it needs to be licked now." He started to protest once more but I grabbed his hair and shoved his face in my mound. The whole time my hubby licked me, I talk dirty about how I was only fucking black men from now on and how- if he was lucky- he would get to lick my pussy.

My own pleasure was all that I cared about and I held his orgasm 'ransom', making him do and say what I want before he was allowed to cum. I grabbed his hair, pulled his mouth away from my soaked pussy and commanded, "Tell me you're my cuckold from now on, bad boy!"

He resisted at first but eventually admitted what I already knew, "I'm your cuckold!"

My poor hubby couldn't hold out any longer and came all over. I look back and see his semen dribbling all over his hand and belly. I didn't let him up to relax or clean himself however. Still straddling his face, I grabbed a Magnum condom and slid it expertly over my big black vibrator. I rubbed it all over my clit while my husband's tongue went in and out of mysopping hole.

"I'm never fucking your white dick again, you know" I moaned. "Only big black cocks for me!" My orgasm built quickly and my body convulsed as I came on my husband's tongue and my black toy simultaneously.

I finally let my new cuckold up from the bed ties and tossed the toys to him. "Go clean these for me."

He said nothing about what had just happened when he returned. I barely noticed. My mind was hungrily digesting every dirty image from the night. I smiled contently.

Day 8: Monday
"She's teasing me with it now"
Husband's View

Monday was horrible at work. I couldn't concentrate on anything at all. I tried calling my wife several times but she wouldn't answer. Eventually she called back and told me she had to go to work early so I wouldn't see her when I got home. She promised to leave me something fun to read though. I got home and searched for her note she normally leaves me when our work schedules cross. I went upstairs and checked the 'blue box'. The toy she used last night hadn't been disturbed but the other one (Sean Michaels I would learn it was called) was discarded on the bed. It looked used. I looked at my pillow and there was a note she wrote me on top of a DVD called White Wife Black Cock. "WHEN I WATCH THIS I AM THINKING OF YOU. WATCH IT THEN CLEAN MY TOY FOR ME WHEN YOU ARE DONE. IF YOU DO I'LL DO SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR YOU TONIGHT" it read. Yeah right. She was not thinking about me. She was thinking about a black guy fucking her. She was thinking about a cock that is twice as big as mine. She was thinking about being a wanton whore and fucking black men instead of her own husband.

My dick was hard again. What was she doing to me? I grudgingly put the movie in the DVD player and watch the first scene. The black man was hung like a horse and he stretched out the wife's white pussy that he was fucking. The woman bucked and shook and shuddered with multiple orgasms, each one causing her to scream out how much she loved black cock.

"My wife is acting like one of these porn sluts," I fumed. "She's fucking her pussy with a black man's dick and loving every second of it." My cum shot out of me as I wondered what she would be doing tonight. She promised to do something special for me! A mixture of jealousy, frustration, and excitement stirred within me when I suspected my wife was just playing with my mind. When were we going to make love again?

"My dear cuckold"
Wife's View

I joined the interracial adult site as my first order of business, using my hubby's credit card of course. I spent the morning and afternoon admiring all the videos which ranged from gangbangs to one-on-one sex to cuckold scenes. Each black cock inspired me to fuck my new Sean Michaels toy deeper and harder and faster. Each orgasm left me craving more. I would put the dildo down, come back half an hour later and be right back at it. I bounced on it in a cowgirl position, fucked it doggie style, and took it while lying on my side.

It wasn't enough for me to fuck these black dildos anymore, though. I needed a witness to my dark depravity and my husband was my unfortunate victim. The weekend taught me that I could get away with anything I wanted and I continued to push my boundaries, and his.

I came home from work, relaxed, watched some TV, and then headed to the bedroom. Hubby was asleep but obviously has done his 'homework'. Forced to watch the interracial scene, he got off; no doubt wondering what his "special treat" was going to be.

I took off my clothes, laid down, queued up a good scene and rubbed my clit, watching that black man enjoying that white wife over and over. I could have been nice and quiet and let my husband sleep that night. Instead I rubbed my clit and fucked my pussy relentlessly with my black dong, rocking back and forth, the whole while talking nice and loud like a dirty porn slut.

Although he was trying to hide it I could tell my husband was awake, jerking off under the covers. I told him to rub his white dick and talk dirty to me.

"I thought you were going to do something special for me tonight?" he whimpered.

"This IS your special treat. You get to tell me about how much you like your wife being a black cock whore. Now stroke yourself and talk dirty, cuckold-boy."

He is hesitant at first and I have to prod him for information while he jerks off.

"Did you cum watching this scene today?"


"How did it make you feel, bad boy?"

"Dirty..." he moaned.

"Were you thinking about me fucking this dildo?"

"Yes..." he whispered.

"Tell me you like watching me fuck it!"

"I... I like watching you fuck your toys," he finally admitted. "I like watching you fuck your black toys while watching your dirty movies. It makes my cock hard knowing how hot you are getting."

"Oh, you don't have a 'cock'. You have a penis. THIS-" I point out to the Sean Michaels dong, "is a cock." He started rubbing his dick faster and I knew I had him right where I wanted him. "Now rub your little white penis, honey. Tell me what I want to hear."

He swallowed hard and stuttered, "I w- w- want to rub my white penis while you fuck your big black cock! I want to see you fuck a real cock!"

His words were hanging in the air while I convulsed with a mind blowing orgasm. I barely notice him wiping his cum off his hands with a tissue and rolling over to go back to bed.

My cuckold husband was learning slowly that his dick was taking a second place position to my desires for black men.

Day 9: Tuesday
"My husband learns his place"
Wife's View

Things were just how I wanted them. There was a time when my husband complained that I never wanted sex. Now I wanted it every day. Unfortunately for him it wasn't his little white penis that pleased me. Actually, I did like it in a way - I liked comparing it to all those well hung black studs while I fucked my pussy with a black dildo.

I called my cuckold with instructions to have 'Lex' ready for me when I get home. My dildos now had names in our house while my dear husband was quickly becoming know as my "cuckold".

"If you do as you're told, maybe I'll touch your penis tonight," I taunted him. Now that I'd seen what black men were packing between their legs I couldn't bear to call my hubby's equipment a cock. A week ago he would have been furious with what I just said, but now my husband was resigned to my wishes. Before I hung up, I asked him to go to the store for me, "Pick up another box of Magnum condoms on the way home. I'm almost out."

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