October Sky


The invite came in a little late. You had to hurry to find costumes. There wasn't much left in the stores in the way of decent costumes this late in the season. You ended up working with what you had at home to make the best of it. Maybe next year you'll get more of a warning but for tonight these will do. You're lucky it's a warm night for October. Since you lost that bet earlier in the day the normal fall temperatures would cut right through your outfit chilling you to the bone.

Your husband parks around the corner from the address on the dashboard GPS and you both make your way to the front door. He's looking good in his suit. He doesn't wear it often and he even took some time with his hair tonight. He mostly gave up caring about his looks when the kids came into your lives preferring to put that time and attention into them. You realize you've both outgrown the need to worry about how you look everyday but it's nice to see him clean up and make an effort for you once in a while.

Leading you by the small of your back he says in a low voice, "Your rear looks great in those pants, honey." "How many guys at this party are going to be staring at your ass tonight?" he asks.

"I know you think you're funny but you're not!" you reply. He laughs and kisses your cheek.

He reminds you about your promise to not stay at the party for long and you agree to keep it. It's nice to meet new people and get to know co-workers so you were glad when your officemate mentioned her annual Halloween bash and extended an invitation to you. You told your husband about it thinking it would be a nice, quiet night away from the kids. After all your co-worker is older and older people don't really know how to party, you think to yourself. He agreed to go but wants to get home early to 'celebrate' the holiday with just the two of you behind a closed door.

"Just tell me it's not going to be fifty old women quilting and knitting while talking about their favorite flavor of tea?" he pleads.

"Just be nice! I have to work with these people."

You head up the cobblestone walkway. The house is beautiful and a lot larger then you expected. There are fake bodies covered in sheets hanging from the trees in the front yard and very real looking gravestones off to the left. You're a little surprised by the volume of the music you can hear as you walk up to the large double doors to ring the doorbell. When your co-worker opens the door you're blasted by the music. She greets you both warmly and invites you inside.

"Enter freely and of your own will." she quotes Dracula with a laugh. "And leave behind a little of the happiness that you bring with you."

You're impressed by the tight prom dress her body is able to pull off. She looks great. The blood dripping down her exposed cleavage from a 'slashed' throat is very life-like. The wound on her throat is almost disturbing in its authenticity and she's wearing a white corsage freshly spattered with blood. All together she makes a great prom-night murder victim.

The house is packed with spooks and goblins and is decorated better than a set of a horror movie. There is a fountain on the center of the table off to one side that looks like its spouting blood. Cobwebs are everywhere as well as life-like skulls and black lace adorns everything. The house is creepy yet tasteful, no cheap dollar store decorations or cheesy, fake heads can be seen.

Costumed party goers are everywhere. You start to regret taking such little time to make your own. You excuse yourself past a man dressed as Mount Rushmore. He's got three head attached to his shoulders and his face is painted gray to make the fourth president. It's a great costume and you wonder how much time he spent constructing it. You see Star Trek uniforms and super-heroes all over. The Scarecrow and Dorothy complete with Toto are hanging by the fireplace. The house is packed and everybody is involved in polite conversation. 'Thriller' from the late, great Michael Jackson is currently blasting away on the sound-system and a few people are dancing. At a coffin made into a min-bar your husband gets you a beaker full of some kind of neon-green alcohol. It tastes like green-apples with about three metric tons of sugar but it's fun to drink and goes down smooth. You'll be having more of these.

Your suit pants are making you itch in a very private place. You made a stupid bet with hubby earlier in the day over the name of an actor in an old movie. The price for your lack of trivia knowledge on that old film cost you the right to wear any underwear to the party. You know he's thrilled with himself for thinking of the bet and even more thrilled that you're actually going through with it. Your silk top is showing off your nipples to everybody who bothers to look and his hand keeps touching and squeezing your ass every chance he gets. You like the attention from him but you are very aware of your lack of under- clothing and it makes you feel a little nervous. It's a good thing you don't know too many people here.

You eventually move on to chatting with other people in the room, enjoying the fun atmosphere. It's funny how Halloween can bring out the childish, mischievous side in adults. You notice lots of people drinking and having fun. There are even a few couples off in corners talking quietly and making out. If you blink you might think you've leapt back in time to a party in high school. This is definitely not the party you expected your co-worker to throw. Usually she's so reserved you expected the party to be dull. You are very pleased to be proven wrong.

You mention to your husband that you're having a nice time and he leans in to kiss you and says, "Maybe we can stay a little longer?"

You head outside to find a large backyard and more decorations. Jack-o-lanterns and scarecrows abound. Party goers sit upon stacks of hay around a bonfire. There is another dance floor out here on the deck with the music pumping from speakers hidden inside of the biggest pumpkins you ever seen. The party is really raging here in the backyard and the energy is starting to work its magic along with the green stuff you've been steadily downing since you arrived. You make your way to a small bar off the side of the patio, watching the dancers move and grabbing another beaker of green goo when you find yours empty. You open a conversation with another couple nearby while you start to munch on the peeled grape 'eyeball' snack offered on the counter.

"I can't believe they used the old peeled grape trick." Your husband says to them gesturing to the snacks on the bar.

"To make them look like eyeballs? I know. My mother used to do that for us at Halloween," the other woman replies.

"What are you wearing?" the woman asks, looking up and down each of you.

"The real question is 'What am I not wearing?'" you think to yourself.

"We didn't have much time to put together costumes so we're dressed as a divorce!" your husband explains. You are each wearing a business suit with small pieces of yellow legal paper pinned randomly to your clothes.

"I'm a Law Suit and she's a Counter-Suit, get it?" he asks.

She laughs when the joke hits her and says, "Lord, I hope there's no real divorce to worry about!"

"Not at all, not at all, this is just what we could come up with on short notice," your husband says.

The couple is younger and attractive and can't seem to keep their hands off of each other. She's dressed like Catwoman and he's dressed as the Joker. He's got white makeup and a really loud purple suit. Her outfit is so tight it must have been painted on. You have your suspicions about her sharing your lack of underwear. There's no way even a thong could fit inside of those pants. You talk for a good hour and the conversation moves from old trick or treat stories to kids to jobs and eventually to sex.

"I just don't understand why all men want is sex, sex, sex," you say to her.

"I know. It can be annoying but you have to admit it's nice to be able to get whatever you want just by offering a roll in the hay!" she says with a laugh.

The men commiserate with each other over how much work has to go into getting sex. You're having a great time and really enjoying how your husband keeps moving his hand from the small of your back down to your ass, grabbing a cheek or sliding a finger deep into the folds of fabric to tickle the sensitive treats he finds there. It's very distracting but it feels nice through the thin pants you're wearing. You can feel your face getting flush and your groin getting warm. Some of that is the drink but you know his attentions and the idea of wearing no panties in front of all these people are the real culprits. The other husband orders shots for all four of you from the zombie tending bar. He lines them up for the four of you and offers a toast.

"To Halloween memories and new friends! May they both last a long time."

With that, you all down the shot. It's like fire on your throat and it makes your eyes tear but the warm feeling in your belly almost makes it worth it. The other woman suggests leaving the men behind to hit the dance floor.

"My man hates to dance," she explains.

"Mine too, so forget them and let's go!" you say.

A familiar guitar riff hits your ears and you scream with joy as you recognize 'I Want Candy' from Bow Wow-Wow.

"I fucking LOVE this song!" you yell.

"Me too!" she yells back.

You join some other dancers on the floor. The two of you spend time dancing and singing along with the music at the top of your lungs when the chorus comes around. You each take turns shaking in front of your husbands, enjoying how they ogle and smile. You each get more daring as the music continues. You grind into each other and take turns smacking each others' asses playfully. You've never behaved like this before, but something about this night and especially this lively, vibrant woman is making it all seem perfectly natural. The guys are laughing and having a great time watching you both dance. Your new friend moves in behind you and you can feel her leather-clad body mold into yours as she grabs your hips, teasing the boys as they hoot and holler for more. You notice your husband's pants are popping and that makes you dance and misbehave even more. You try not to notice your friend's husband is having the same problem but it's pretty hard to avoid peeking.

Sweaty and tired you come off the floor with your new friend and grab a drink.

Your husband whispers in your ear, "How does all that smacking feel with no panties on underneath?"

You elbow him in the gut in way of a response and laugh. You haven't had this much fun in a long time. You're very shocked at your behavior on the dance floor. Maybe it's true what they say about masks and costumes allowing people to feel free to act out their carnal instincts. A mask can make you feel safe enough to go wild and become someone else for a short time. It would certainly explain the raunchy behavior that you're noticing all over the party in dark corners and sometimes even in the light. It takes you a minute for your brain to process what you're seeing but you finally realize that your new friend is subtly rubbing her man's hard-on.

"My God," you think, "how can she do that right here?"

It makes you uncomfortable but it's still arousing. You've had a few drinks tonight so you decide it's time to get brave. You lean back into your husband's arms and put pressure on his hardening cock. Quietly you move your ass left and right, slowly in a small pendulum motion. He's got a hand on your hip. You feel him gently guiding your hips. His fingers squeeze you in appreciation of how good it feels. You're doing your best to hide your actions from everyone but a part of you doesn't think any of them would care if they knew.

"Hell, I'm a grown woman and this is my husband. Why should I care if anybody knows?" you think.

The men are talking about the latest video game they are into so you look at the other woman. You roll your eyes and she smiles at you. Her hair is in pig-tails and tucked under a leather mask shaped to look like a cat. You get a flash in your mind of her using the whip tied around her hips for more than just teaching criminals a lesson. Does Catwoman carry a whip? Your husband would know but you don't want to ask and possibly embarrass this nice woman after only just meeting her.

She's still quietly moving her hand back and forth on her husband's thigh. If you hadn't seen his cock bulging in his pants when on the dance floor you might not realize what was really going on. You hope she isn't noticing the rocking of your ass against your man. You mention how bright the moon is tonight.

You wonder if maybe the old-wives tales about a full moon is true. Maybe the full moon is turning everybody into sex-starved werewolves. Her magical light is changing everyone at the party; forcing their animal passions to the surface. Making what was human into some kind of raging beast in heat. What if this party is really just an excuse for a pack of werewolves to trap and mate with human women? What if this entire field behind the house is about to explode into a blood soaked orgy of sex and violence?

You blink your eyes and realize that you've got to stop watching so many cheesy horror flicks during October!

The boys are still talking but you can't get your mind off of animal-like fucking images in your head, especially the images of men fucking women from behind and howling at the moon. From the corner of your eyes you watch her hand stop and squeeze what you imagine to be the head of his cock. You start to wonder if he's going to fuck her tonight and if he does will he use that whip on her first? Will he let her take the leather off of her body before driving into her? Or will he just cut a hole in the tight fabric at the crotch big enough for his cock to slide in? You can feel the fire stoking between your legs as you imagine him sliding the tip of the whip down the crack of her ass before snapping it to life, leaving a long, angry welt rising off of her ass. The feel of your husband's cock pushing against your bottom is getting your heart beat up. Being wet without panties to soak up the juice is definitely not a good idea at a party with your co-workers.

You are about to excuse yourself to disappear to a restroom where you can wipe dry the flood that's starting when a naughty thought occurs to you.

"He made this mess, he should be the one to clean it up," you think to yourself.

You interrupt the conversation and explain that you both need to be excused to call the sitter and say goodnight to the kids.

"Hurry back and make sure you don't leave before we exchange phone numbers!" your new friend calls out as you take your husband by the hand and pull him towards the house. "Don't worry, we'll be back," you call out behind you.

"Where are we going, babe?" he asks.

"To call the sitter, like I said."

"No, we're not. We never call the sitter and the kids should already be in bed."

"Well, I need your help fixing something."

"Fixing what? Why can't I just hang out with those guys? They were a lot of fun."

"You need to help me fix the mess you've made in my pants, idiot!"

He's quiet for a moment then he grips your hand tighter and smiles.

"So dancing like that with another chick really got your juices flowing, huh?" he asks with mischief in his eyes.

"You wish! But my choice in panties tonight is very distracting," you throw back.

"Where are we going to be able to do the kind of fixing you need?" he asks.

"Bathroom," you say quietly to him, "a bathroom with a lock! Let's be quick before I lose my nerve."

You make your way up the stairs past a Frankenstein's monster who's hitting on Red Riding Hood. You're not quite sure if Red from the story ever had that much cleavage. Of course, Frankenstein's monster was never that short either. You find one bathroom but it's occupied. Besides, that room is right off the landing and wouldn't afford much privacy. You find another bathroom off the master bedroom but you pass by looking for quieter digs. Feeling like Goldie-Locks you find bathroom number three to be just right.

You find a small guest room at the end of the hall that has its own bathroom with a shower and large sink. The bright light of the moon provides enough light so you leave the overhead lights off. You slip into the bathroom and close the door. You kiss your husband deeply, running your tongue over his and caressing his cock through his pants.

"So what seems to be the problem, miss?" he asks.

"I've got a leak that I need you to look at, sir," you reply, joining in his game.

"Well, I'll be happy to take a look but repairs like this can be expensive."

"Oh, well I don't have much money but I'm sure we can figure out some kind of payment plan."

He lifts you onto the countertop and unbuckles your pants. You stop his hands and tell him to close the door. He looks over and pushes the door shut. It falls open again. "What the Hell?" he complains. He fiddles with the knob for a minute or two before declaring that it's broken and won't stay shut, let alone lock. He kicks off a shoe and drops it at the bottom of the door to hold it closed.

"Hey, that's not going to keep people out," you warn.

"It'll be fine. I'll hold the door shut if somebody comes by. Now where were we?" he asks as his hand grabs the back of your neck to pull you in for a kiss while the other makes a sneak attack on your breast.

As he teases your nipples through the thin fabric of your shirt, he tells you how much he loved watching them nipples popping through your shirt all night. This is not helping to dry things out down below and you tell him as much. He goes back to work on your belt and pants. You lift up so he can pull the pants off and the cold of the marble counter on your ass is shocking to say the least. You suck in your breath against the chill while you wait for your body heat to warm the stone. He doesn't hesitate for a moment to push your legs wide and plant his face between them. His tongue is lashing your clit like he's trying to punish the little sailor for rousing a mutiny in its tiny boat. You bite your lip and start to breathe deep as you realize the only thing preventing someone from walking in on the two of you is one shoe. Luckily he's really good at eating your dripping box because it feels good enough to almost make you stop caring if somebody walks in. That's when you hear the voices outside the door.

You grab his hair and push him away from your body. He starts to complain but you put a finger to his lips to quiet him. You can feel how wet his face is. "Lord if I'm that soaked I might have to find a blow-dryer to fix the crotch of my pants before I go back to the party!" you think.

You perk your ears up as you slide quietly off the counter. You definitely hear hushed voices in the bedroom outside the door. A man and a woman are whispering at each other. Their conversation is punctuated by stifled laughter. You grab your pants off the floor but before you can slide them on you feel a rough hand on your arm. You look up into your husband's face as he shakes his head no at you.

You try to put your pants on again but he puts his lips to your ear and whispers, "Put those on and I'll yank that door open!"

You glare at him but stop moving. He smiles and whispers, "I think there's somebody out there with the same plan as us. Grab your shoes and your pants and get into the tub quietly."

Outside the door, the talking has stopped. You grab your shoes as he steps to the door and opens it by a small crack. He turns to you and smiles the widest grin you've seen on him. He signals for you to come have a look. You shake your head no. He lifts an eyebrow and motions pulling the door open. You glare at him with venom as you step to the door, very aware of your very, very naked ass. He opens the door a crack again allowing you to peer into the bedroom. The bed is right in your line of sight giving you a perfect view of your new friend's legs up in the air with her husband's face between them. With your nerves on high alert you get a full snapshot in your mind of the scene. Her panties are on the floor behind him. You can't see her face but you can hear her breathing loudly. She's holding her ankles high above his head giving him full access to her body. He must be sucking on her clit because you can hear slurping and see her toes curling. You jump back, afraid of getting caught.

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