tagFirst TimeOddball Ch. 07b

Oddball Ch. 07b


Chapter 1

Mary looked at the photograph on her desk. It was a digital photograph; Tiffany had taken it at their Halloween party.

Mary, in man's suit, long brown hair stuffed into a fedora, plastic machine gun tucked under one arm, stood next to Thomas, dressed in his police uniform. On the other side of Thomas, dressed in man's suit, blonde hair stuffed into a fedora, plastic machine gun tucked under her arm, stood Britney.

Thomas smiled for the camera; Mary and Britney, in their roles of dangerous gangsters, 'Baby Face' Farmer and 'Machine Gun' Wertmuller, did not smile.

She smiled now, though, as she looked at the photograph.

They had both been Thomas's dates that evening. She had danced with Thomas, and with Britney. After the party, she had half hoped and half feared that Thomas would take her virginity, make her a woman. She had been so turned on, so ready for him to plunge his manhood deep into her pussy, batter through her hymen, hurt her.

He didn't, of course. He did plunge his condom covered manhood deep into her bowels, causing the most delicious of pain.

That was another thing; if ever he did take her virginity, she would insist that he not wear a condom. She wanted to feel him plant his seed in her womb. She would bear him a son, many sons.

She almost swooned as she thought of it; being pregnant with his child.

And the shame if they were not married. She would be held up to ridicule, to shame.

Hurriedly, she knelt by the side of her bed, to pray to God for forgiveness for her sinful, lustful thoughts.


Allison shook her head in amusement as she looked at the wallpaper on Britney's computer. Britney giggled, as she looked at the Halloween picture her and her girlfriend and Thomas.

"A mighty cute gangster," Allison said as she left the room.

"Uh huh," Britney smiled as Allison closed the door.

She clicked on the word document icon and began doing her homework.


"Hey, looking for a good time?" Precious smiled, unmindful of her missing front teeth.

James Kowalski sighed and looked over at the prostitute.

He'd met with Theresa tonight, met at Delphy's Diner for dinner. He had realized, it had been a long time since he'd taken her out to eat. She was a good looking woman and had looked as if she'd lost a few pounds. They'd been polite, almost friendly. But at the end of the meal, she got up and left and he was left with both blue balls and the bill.

"Precious, you just got out yesterday," James, sighed. "You already looking to go back in?"

"Aw, fuck, you a cop?" Precious yelled.

"Yeah, I'm a cop," James smiled as Precious stomped her foot in resigned anger. "But it's your lucky night."

"How's that?" Precious asked, suspiciously.

She'd had other cops pull that trick on her before, claiming they wouldn't bring her in if that could get a little head, or a little of her pussy, then they'd still bust her anyway.

"I'm tired, I'm horny, and I just got paid a couple of days ago," James said and opened the motel's door. "So how much for some head?"

"You going to pay for it?" Precious asked, still suspicious.

"Look, I understand, you just trying to make a couple of bucks," James said. "I aunt out to jack you."

"Um, since you a cop, twenty five?" Precious offered.

"Sounds good," James agreed and ushered the prostitute into his room.


"December?" Jim asked, a little surprised.

"Well, yeah," Melissa said. "I'll be out of school, you said the construction business is a little slow around Christmas, that way we can go on a Honeymoon."

"But, but, I don't even have my own place yet!" Jim said.

Being engaged was one thing. They could plan for a wedding that might or might not really happen. As long as it was something in the unforeseen future, he didn't have time to get nervous, didn't really even have to think about it.

"Yeah, I was thinking the Saturday before Christmas; Christmas is always such a beautiful time of year, don't you think?" Melissa was prattling.

So he might have to actually grow up. He might have to go and find an apartment.

They'd done some remodeling a few months ago for Dee Jones; her last tenant had punched holes in all the walls and bashed in all the doors, a little 'going away' present, It was a two building complex; a fourplex in front and a fourplex in back, with a nice little swimming pool that Blanchard had installed for her. The rent, she'd said, was eight hundred a month. That was pretty reasonable; they were two bedroom apartments.

He would call her tomorrow; see if the downstairs apartment was still available. If not, she'd said she also owned a couple of duplexes in Baylor Lake. Baylor lake wasn't all that far from DeGarde.

"So, what you think?" Melissa asked, breaking into his train of thought.

"I think I better be honest and tell you, I wasn't listening; I was thinking about an apartment," Jim said.

"Men!" Melissa huffed and slapped his arm. "Y'all are all alike!"


Tiffany sighed to herself. Barry Duson was a really sweet boy, but trying to have a conversation with him was infuriating. He stuttered horribly, and usually was talking about stuff she just wasn't interested in.

Of course, he'd have to talk about her if he was to talk about something that she was interested in.

"S-s-s-so you you wa-wa-wa-want to gu-gu-go tu-tu-tu to the mah-mah-mah-movies Sa-sa-sa-sasaturdah-dah-dah-day?" Barry asked her.

"Yeah, I'd like to see that one with, oh, damn it, who's that guy? That Matthew, man, what is his last name?" Tiffany agreed. "Oh, I'll let you know which one at school tomorrow, okay?"

After a few more minutes, she was finally able to end the conversation and end the call.

Why was she seeing him?" she wondered to herself. He wasn't the cutest guy in school; he wasn't even popular. A lot of the kids made fun of him because he stuttered, and she was slightly afraid that others would start making fun of her for dating him.

Britney had invited Barry to their Halloween party just because she felt sorry for him. Tiffany found out that Barry could dance, though. They danced nearly every dance together, when they weren't stuffing their faces wit the food Mom kept bringing out.

When he looked into her eyes, she could see the absolute devotion.

"That's why I'm dating him," she decided.


"Yeah, I even swallow," Precious laughed as James grunted and wheezed after spewing a fair amount of semen into her mouth.

"Uh huh," James agreed and got out his wallet, then remembered he'd already paid her.

"You wants more?" Precious asked, hopeful.

"Got any condoms?" James asked and fished out another twenty-dollar bill and a five-dollar bill.

"Yeah, you want to fuck?" Precious asked, digging in her purse for a condom.

"Yeah, I want to fuck you up the ass," James said.

"Up the ass, huh?" Precious asked, pulling a condom out. "That ain't no twenty five, that fifty, you want up the ass."

"Twenty five," James said in a harsh, cold tone of voice.

Precious looked at him, then gave a quick sidelong glance at the door. He'd get to her long before she got to the door, then she was fair game for whatever he wanted to do.

"Okay, but just this one time, hears?" She said. "After this, anytime you want it up the ass, it fifty."

"Twenty five," James said, gripping his cock in one hand and rolling the condom on with the other.


The candle flickered, casting a romantic glow in the room. Leah modeled the leather halter-top and miniskirt that she'd bought off of the Internet.

Michelle at work was always buying stuff off the Internet and happily showed Leah how to shop on Ebay for the fetish clothing.

John smiled as he approached his wife, and then slowly edged the hem of her skirt up her legs.

"Ooh!" Leah grunted as his fingers found her naked pussy.

He traced a finger up her wet slit, then located her clitoris and teased it with his fingers, until she was on the verge of orgasm.

"Oh!" she clenched her jaw tightly when he smiled and stopped.

"That's not fair," she hissed to him.

"Oh?" he whispered. "And dressing like that is? Leah, a man can only take so much."

"But I was so close!" Leah whined.

She actually screamed a short scream as he drove three of his fingers into her pussy and twisted them back and forth as he pulled them out of her. She leaned heavily against him as she orgasmed.

"Get on the bed, on your hands and knees," he ordered and she weakly, happily complied.

"Oh, God, that's so good!" she grunted as he unceremoniously drove his cock into her pussy and began to savagely thrust in and out of her.

"Uh huh!" he agreed and cupped her large breasts, searching for her nipples through the heavy leather material.


Mary lay on top of the teddy bear that Thomas had given to her, rubbing her bald slit against the fur. She hunched it, thrusting faster and faster, and then she covered her mouth with her pillow as she came.

"God, am I ever going to get some sleep?" she wearily asked herself. "That's like the hundredth time tonight!"

Chapter 2

Leah barely made it to the bathroom in time.

When she'd finished vomiting, she weakly cleaned herself up, and then resumed dressing for work.

"Damn you, John Farmer," she smiled.


When he looked into her eyes, she really didn't care if the others made fun of her. All the jocks she'd ever dated had looked into her eyes only if they could see their own reflections.

Talking face to face wasn't as intolerable as talking on the phone. She could silence him every now and then with either a finger to his lips, or if they were all alone, a quick kiss and a smile. She rather liked the kiss; it always made him blush and gave her a little giggle.

He wasn't a bad kisser. He didn't just grope at her breasts or her ass like all the jocks she'd dated. He softly, tenderly touched her face and pressed his lips to hers. He didn't jam his tongue into her mouth; he let her take the initiative when it came to that.

She glanced up and down the corridor, then smiled and shoved him back against the wall. The long row of lockers obscured them from sight.

"Shut up, Barry," she murmured and kissed him.

He put his hand to her face and she began to kiss him in earnest.

"Miss Wertmuller, just what do you think you are doing?" an authoritative voice asked and Tiffany shrieked in alarm.

Amber Waterson laughed merrily as she walked away and Tiffany glared hatefully at the girl's back.


"So, um, what you doing for Thanksgiving?" Emily Graud asked Violet, glancing up the open leg of Violet's shorts.

"Don't know," Violet answered honestly. Most likely going over to John's house, I mean, they ain't invited me yet or nothing, but they been real nice to me ever since I started here, you know?"

"Oh," Emily said dejectedly.

"Why, what about you?" Violet asked, making sure to cock her leg a little wider.

She was watching Emily's reaction. The hairdresser had a very successful business with the male population of DeGarde. She wore no bra with her tight white tee shirts and would dangle her pendulous breasts millimeters from their hungry eyes while working on their hair. She also wore the tightest of jeans, displaying her crotch and displaying the fact that she wore no panties underneath the jeans. She would rub the crotch of her jeans against their arm, their knee as she worked. Years earlier, she'd been an exotic dancer in New Orleans, and utilized those tricks to build up her business.

"Huh?" Emily tore her eyes from the sight of Violet's dark curls and heavy pussy lips. "Oh, probably just going to grab a bite at Delphy's; I hate cooking, then vet out in front of a couple of old movies."

: Yeah? What's your favorite movie?" Violet asked.

"Casablanca," Emily admitted. "I'm also a sucker for anything Alfred Hitchcock's ever done."

"Yeah?" Violet asked and straightened up. "Don't know that I've ever seen any of his stuff."

"Want to?" Emily asked, hopefully.

Violet smiled. Emily wasn't the first woman that had ever tried to pick her up and most likely wouldn't be the last. But Oliver had stopped coming around and she was horny.

"Well, I ain't doing nothing tonight, you?" Violet agreed.


Mary ran outside; autumn was everywhere she looked and it was invigorating to her. Thomas was already waiting for her under the tree and smiled widely as she ran toward him.

"That sweater looks so great on you," she said and jumped up onto the bench to kiss him.

"Get down, you goofball," he laughed as she whooped in laughter that she was taller than him.

She looked around quickly; there was no one else in sight. She pressed her lips to his, and then hungrily sucked his tongue into her mouth.

"Love you," she whispered.

"Love you too," he whispered back.

"Good thing," she laughed and jumped down and then sat on the bench.

"Uh huh, and what would you do if I didn't love you, huh?" he teased and opened his lunch bag.

"Probably die," she admitted.

She remembered the day he'd walked into their homeroom. She had pushed her glasses up and openly gawked at the handsome boy. Just then, Tiffany and Britney Wertmuller had bounded into their freshmen class, demanding everyone's attention, but Mary had not taken her eyes off of the handsome Thomas Kowalski.

And now he was her boyfriend, her lover.

She looked up and smiled; Britney was walking their way, as were John Ridgelow and Chin Li.

"Your girlfriend's coming," Thomas teased.

"Uh uh, she says she's YOUR girlfriend," Mary teased back.

"She does not!" Thomas protested.

"Besides that," he leaned close to whisper in her ear. "She's not ticklish."

No!" Mary screamed as Thomas made threatening gestures with his hands, as if he were about to tickle her.

"Oh, is he going to tickle you?" Britney asked Mary.

"Uh huh," Mary said.

"Want me to beat him up?" Britney asked and sat down on the other side of Mary.

"Yes!" Mary declared.

"Uh huh," Thomas smirked. "Better get some help."

"Nah, I'll just pick Mary up by her ankles and beat you with her," Britney laughed.

"Shut up!" Mary gasped and slapped Britney on her arm.

"Ooh, cat fight!" John laughed.

----"Nah," Britney laughed. "I'd never get into a fight with Mary."

"Aw, man!" John complained. "I was hoping for some hair-pulling and clothes ripping!"

"And what were you hoping to see?" Chin Li asked, perturbed.

"Oh, you know, the usual, some boobs, maybe some bush, since Britney never wears drawers," John laughed.

"Shut up! I do too!" Britney shrieked.

"And how would you know?" Chin Li asked, unable to hide her jealousy.

"He wouldn't!" Britney yelled.


"Right here," Tiffany whispered to Barry and guided his sweaty hands to her breasts.

"Oh!" he grunted and spewed his semen into his briefs.

"Kind of, you know, kind of mash them, but don't grab them," Tiffany whispered and shoved her tongue into his mouth.

"Oh, God!" he groaned as he felt her firm breasts and felt the nipples growing hard under his palms.

"You're the best," Tiffany whispered in his ear.

He believed her. She had no reason to lie to him. Even if she was the most beautiful girl in their school, Barry wasn't so blinded that he didn't notice that she was very superficial and not very quick to give out compliments.


James felt guilty the entire day. He was trying desperately to reconcile with his wife, with his family. Screwing a meth addict prostitute, an ugly, strung out prostitute wasn't exactly the best way to go about reconciliation.

"And how would you feel if she had done that, if she had slept with some skank?" he asked himself.

"Hey Villeaux," he called out as Charles Villeaux, his supervisor, walked by.

"Yeah, Kowalski?" Charles smiled.

"I uh, I may need to have a few extra minutes for lunch," James blushed, highly embarrassed.

"Take all the time you need," Kowalski, you smell funny anyway," Charles playfully needled him.

"Really?" James said. "Gee your wife said it was your favorite cologne."

"Yeah, when SHE wears it, not YOU," Charles said.

"Thanks Villeaux," James said.

"You got it," Charles said and entered his office.

James picked up the telephone and called Father John of St. Richard's to schedule a confession. Immediately, he felt better.


"No, no, I rented that place out about a week after y'all finished it up, by the way, y'all did great work," Dee said.

"Got anything available?" Jim asked. "I mean, didn't you say you had some duplexes in Baylor Lake?"

"No, no, those are all rented out, but I do have an upstairs apartment in the back," Dee said.

"I'll take it," Jim quickly said.

"Want to see it first?" Dee laughed.

"No ma'am," Jim said, relieved. "I've already seen the complex and I already know the landlord; I'm sure it'll be fine."

"Okay, get me the first month and last month's rent, you want a six month or twelve month lease?" Dee asked.

"Twelve month?" Jim asked, suddenly very afraid.

Twelve months, a whole year. He was committing to living somewhere other than his mom's house, living with a woman that was pretty much a stranger to him, for at least a whole year.

"Yeah, some people prefer to do it six months by six months, but some prefer to do it for a year; I mean, I haven't raised the rent in nearly three years, but some people just feel more secure with a year lease, you know? And if you do it for a year, I give you a hundred off the last month's rent," Dee said.

"Twelve months," Jim set his jaw and decided.

He loved Melissa. She made him feel big and strong and brave. She made him feel like a real man.

"Yeah, twelve months," he said again.

Chapter 3

"Let me guess," Leah smiled as Mary bustled in the kitchen. "Thanksgiving at.... Thomas's? Or at Britney's?"

"Thomas's mom asked me to help her, is that all right?" Mary asked.

"Baby," Leah said had hugged the small girl. "That's fine. Why don't you wear those new slacks and blouse we bought for you?"

The Farmers had belonged to a religion that frowned on women wearing slacks, or make-up, or cutting their hair. Mary was having a bit of difficulty adapting to their new religion, Catholicism, even though they attended the same church as Thomas and Britney, and both she and Momma were taking the Religious Instruction for Adults classes ever Sunday evening. Those Catholics, in Mary's opinion, were a little too loose and easy with their rules. Both Britney and Tiffany wore very revealing clothing to Service. Mass, it was called Mass, not Service.

"'Cause I feel funny in them," Mary whispered.

"But, Honey, how else are you going to get used to them?" Leah laughed.

"So what are you and Daddy going to do?" Mary asked as she finished their dinner, just as John entered the front door.

"We'll manage somehow," Leah smiled.

"No we won't," John joked. "We'll starve to death. We'll just sit here waiting and waiting and there'll be no one here to feed us and then we'll just keel over and die."

"Daddy!" Mary yelled. "Don't even joke like that!"


"You serious?" Jim asked.

"Yes, Thanksgiving is for families," Theresa said. "He is still family."

"But, but, I invited Melissa!" Jim protested.

"SO?" Theresa said, with an air of confidence she did not really feel. "She's going to meet him sooner or later, right? Or were you not going to invite him to your wedding?"

"Yeah, yeah," Jim sighed in resignation.

James said he'd not touched any alcohol in a few weeks. Theresa hoped it wasn't just empty words; just a ploy to get back into the house. Thanksgiving would be the test of that. She'd even have beer available; see if he went for it. If he touched so much as one drop, she was going to go ahead and file the divorce papers the next Monday.


"Oh too cool!" Tiffany laughed as Barry hit the lights of the dance studio.

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