tagMind ControlOf Crystals and Watches Ch. 01

Of Crystals and Watches Ch. 01



Partly based on elements of an adult comic called Saint James Infirmary. Fair warning, this is plot heavy. If you're looking for quick and dirty sex scenes, look elsewhere. If you want a (hopefully) good story that happens to involve sex as a central theme, read on.

Jason took a deep breath as the bus pulled up to his stop. Grabbing his backpack, duffle, and guitar, he shuffled carefully to the front of the bus, worried more so about dropping his luggage than actually disturbing anyone since he and the bus driver were the only people on board.

"You going to the college?" the driver asked as Jason neared the front.

"Yeah," the kid answered, "first year, you know. 18 years old, got to leave the nest and all that."

"Hmph," the driver grunted. "Picked as good a spot for that as any, I guess. Probably be able to get plenty of tail at St. James too."

"You don't say," Jason replied flatly as he passed the first row of seats and began his descent down the steps.

"You got a ride?" the driver asked.

Surprised at the show of concern, Jason stopped and turned on the last step. "Yeah, I've got the number for the taxi service.""Better hope they're not busy kid," the bus driver kindly replied. "They've only got two taxis in this town."

"Oh, ok," Jason said. "I'll try to keep that in mind, thanks."

With that said Jason took the final step into the cool air outside. It was the beginning of August but in the town of Montfort in northern Montana the temperature would barely break 80 on a warm day. Days like to today it would sit at a cool 60.

Jason took off his beanie and ran a hand through his short brown hair, looking out over the town. Montfort was small, only about 10,000 people, more than half of them students at the local college, St. James' Art School. That had been what had drawn Jason here in the first place, but looking down at it from the bus stop on top of hill, all of it visible from right where he was standing, a part of him was regretting it. This was a far cry from his hometown of New York City.

With a quick visual search he saw what he could only assume was the St. James campus, dominating the north side of the town, taking maybe a third of Montfort's real estate, perhaps more. With a shrug he put his beanie back on and pulled his phone out of his jean pocket. Dialing the most recent number added to his contact list, he called up the local taxi service.

"Hello, Montfort taxi service, a godsend to drunk college girls everywhere, how may I help you?" a pleasant female voice answered on the other end. At least they were honest about their clientele, Jason thought to himself.

"Well, I'm not drunk nor am I girl, but can I get a ride all the same?" he asked.

"Of course," the girl answered. "May I ask from where?"

"The bus stop on the edge of town," Jason replied.

"You got it," the response came, accompanied by the sound of of keystrokes. "Your driver should be arriving in next 20 to 30 minutes, alright?"

"I guess that's what I got," Jason said. "Thanks."

"No problem," the woman on the other end replied before she hanged up.

Putting his phone away Jason bounced on his heels for a moment before realizing that he could sit down. He looked behind him at the bus stop's lone bench and consider utilizing it. "Nah," he said to himself. "Sat long enough on the bus anyway."


"Here's your stop," the taxi driver said, halting on the side of the road in front a large house.

"You sure?" Jason asked, sidling up to the window and pulling a slip of paper out of his pocket, reading the address written on it.

"Unless you got the wrong place, yeah," the driver replied matter of factly.

Jason looked from his cheat sheet to the front of the house, seeing the same number on the facade of the building that he had written on his paper. "Yep, 31 Backstreet Grove, this is it, thanks." He reached for the door handle and pulled it open.

"Wait," the driver interrupted. "Aren't you going to pay me?"

"Hm?" Jason emoted. "Oh, I'm so sorry." He pulled his wallet out of his pocket and drew out a credit card from it.

"Sorry kid," the man said, "don't take credit. Need 16.31 cash."

"Oh, sure," Jason replied. Returning the card to his wallet he pulled out a 20$ bill and placed them in the driver's outstretched hand. "Keep the change," Jason said as he stepped out of the car.

The sound of a door opening caught Jason's attention as he walked around to the back of the car. Looking up at the house he saw an older, dark haired woman in a long green gown stepping down from the porch.

"Hi, you must be my new tenet," she said with a smile. "Jason, right?"

"Yeah," the boy replied as he opened up the taxi's trunk.

"Oh, here, let me help you with that," the woman said when pulled his duffle bag out of the trunk.

"Thanks," Jason said, handing off his luggage before slinging his backpack over his shoulder and lifting his guitar case out of the trunk. With his free hand he closed the lid and gave the driver a thumbs up. Without a moment's hesitation he left, leaving Jason and the dark haired woman alone on the side walk.

"You know my name, so what's your's?" Jason began as they started walking up to the house.

"Mavis," the woman answered, "I'm your new landlady, as well as your librarian at the school. Beds and books, that's what I do."

"Ok, sounds fun," Jason stated, chuckling slightly.

"I'm guessing you're coming here as a music student," Mavis said, pointing at the guitar case.

"What oh, yeah," the young musician replied. "Yeah, I am."

"Fun, never had one of you lot before," the landlady commented. "Plan on playing it around the house?"

"Who knows," Jason said with a shrug.

"Hold on a second," Mavis interrupted, pulling a key out of her pocket as they stepped onto the porch, using it to open the front door. "Come on in," she said, holding the door open.

"Don't mind if I do," Jason replied, following through on that statement. He studied the entrance way as Mavis stepped inside, closing the door behind her.

To Jason's right was a small living room area, with a couple of couches and a TV. Beyond it through another door was what he could only assume was a kitchen. To the left was a stairway leading to the second floor and a doorway into a small hallway, a half bath and a laundry room further through there.

"Come on, sit," Mavis said, walking into the living room. "I'll give you the run down."

"OK," Jason replied, depositing his luggage on the floor and joining the landlady.

"Alright," Mavis began, sitting on one of the couches. "First off, this is my boarding house, I own the property, so there's no going over my head here, got it?"

"Sure," Jason answered, sitting down next to the older woman.

"So," Mavis said, "what brings you to Montfort and St. James?"

"Oh, that's kind of long story," Jason replied, scratching the back of his head nervously.

"Come on, we've got time, classes don't start until Monday. I like to know my tenets anyway," Mavis urged.

"Ok, fine," Jason acquiesced. "You know the Frankenson's?"

"Um, yeah, I think so," Mavis answered, tilting her head in curiosity. "They're a music duo, right? A husband and wife that make raunchy holiday music. One of my former tenets used to run their Thanksgiving and Christmas records on repeat through November and December."

"Yeah," Jason said hesitantly. "They're my parents."

Mavis stared blankly back at the boy. She blinked once, then began laughing uncontrollably. "No...wait...seriously?"

"Seriously," Jason answered.

"So," Mavis began, recomposing herself. "Are they as...sexual as they are in their songs?"

"Even more cartoonishly so," Jason replied. "Wild sex parties every weekend, which I was never invited too, thank Christ, regularly walking around the house naked after a...session."

"Oh, you poor boy," Mavis said, somewhat mockingly.

Jason sighed deeply. "I'll pretend you meant that seriously."

"Oh, but I did," Mavis cooed.

"Anyway, I needed to get as far away from them as I could, at least for college," Jason explained. "I figured a small college town in Montana would do the trick. Bonus that I liked the program too."

"Oh well, I'm sure the ladies will disappointed in how desensitized you are to sex, and how disinterested you seem in it," Mavis said.

"They'll find other guys," Jason replied, dismissing the notion.

"Not many," Mavis corrected. "The school was an all girls campus until just a few years ago. The student population is still overwhelmingly female. Good looking young men like you are at a premium here."

"I guess...that little fact escaped my research," Jason said. "No wonder my Dad saw me off by saying he'd 'be disappointed if I didn't bring home at least three girls,' huh?"

Mavis stifled a giggle. "And good grades too, I'm sure."

"Only if they helped bring in the girls," Jason responded

"Alright," Mavis said with a chuckle. "Anyway, there's the kitchen," she added, pointing a thumb behind her to said room. "Do try to keep it clean, please." Gesturing across the room to the half bath and laundry room, she continued, "that's the down stair bath and laundry. None of those doors lock so if you're not in there please leave the door open, otherwise no one will know if they're available."

"Got it," Jason replied with a nod.

Fishing around in her pocket, Mavis pulled out two keys. "One of these is a copy of the front door key and the other is for your room, here you go." She placed the two items in Jason's hand.

"Come on," Mavis said, standing up and hoisting the guitar case over her shoulder. "I'll show you the upstairs."

"Coming," Jason replied, picking up his luggage and backpack.

"Take note of the lone shower at the end of the hall," Mavis said, beginning to climb the stairs. "It's is rather nice and big for a house like this but it is still only one. Don't be stingy with it."

"I can live with that," Jason replied."

"Your bedroom is the first one on the left," Mavis said as they reached the top of the stairs. "Go ahead and open it so we can put your stuff in."

"Sounds good," Jason replied, putting one of his new keys to the key hole. When it didn't fit he struggled to force it through.

"Darling," Mavis said with a sigh. "You're using the wrong key."

"Oh, shit," Jason replied, embarrassed. He quickly switched tools and the new key slid in easily. With a simple twist the door opened.

"This is your domain, so long as you pay me," Mavis said, walking into the room and depositing the guitar on the desk inside. Jason followed her in, putting his backpack and duffle on the bed.

"You've got a small fridge in here," Mavis said, pointing at the only other piece of furniture in the room. "You can do whatever you want in here, boys, girls, video games, even play music. Be forewarned though, if you get too loud everyone else in the house reserves the right to barge through the door and tell you to be quiet."

"Ok, got it, no need to worry about me," Jason answered with a chuckle, holding his right hand over his heart.

"Now, to introduce you to your housemates," Mavis continued, stepping out into the hallway. "Well, not really, they're not here right now, but I'll tell you about them," Mavis clarified as Jason joined her.

"I'll be in the room across the hall," she said, pointing to said door.

"You'll be living here?" Jason asked, somewhat surprised.

"Yeah," the landlady answered with a shrug. "It's cheaper than owning two separate properties."

"Fair enough," Jason replied.

"Anyway," Mavis continued, "in the room next to you is our resident ginger, Samantha. Not actually a student anymore, I was just never able to shake her her." Mavis chuckled. "She works as a security guard for the school. Keep in mind though she used to be an elite fencer, competed at the olympics even, forget which one. 2014, maybe?"

"Not likely," Jason interjected. "They typically don't have fencing events at the Winter Olympics."

"Hush you," Mavis said. "Anyway, that was a real moment of pride for the school. She still fences for fun on Saturdays, I think."

"Anyway," the landlady continued, "next to my room is the final denizen of our lovely abode, the local Canadian, Desiree."

"Like the Neil Diamond song?" Jason asked.

"Yes, actually," Mavis answered. "Anyway, she's an interesting one, a real prodigy. Apparently she was on the fast track to have her Master's in engineering done by the age of 20 but dropped out a few weeks before she was supposed to get her degree. She signed up for the dancing course here a year ago now and is apparently quite good despite having not done it until she started at St. James."

"Wow, sounds like a real genius," Jason said, looking at the door behind which said genius slept.

"Yep," Mavis replied.

"That's cool, but," Jason began.

"Yes?" Mavis prompted.

"I seem to be the only boy here," he finished.

"The first and only," Mavis added. "I figured it might be time to go co-ed, in keeping with the spirit of the school."

"I see," Jason replied. "Well, I think I'll go off to explore the campus, get a feeling for it before classes start.""Sure thing," Mavis responded. "We're only a couple blocks from campus so you can just walk there. Try not to be gone too long, the others won't be back until late tonight and I'd like you to meet them formally."

"What are they up to,?" Jason asked.

"Samantha will be working late and Desiree, well..." Mavis began.

"Desiree what?"

"Well, I suppose that every genius needs a problem to even things out," Mavis continued with a sigh. "I don't try to get in the private lives of my tenets but the girl seems...troubled. Maybe its like Mozart, a prodigy pushed too hard by their parents, but Desiree has always had difficulty dealing with strangers. That was fine but over the summer she started screaming in the night, nightmares or something."

"Really?" Jason replied. "What did you do about it?"

"I recommended that she go visit the school's therapist," Mavis answered. "Only been around a semester but apparently he's got something magical about him, a real miracle worker, especially with the girls."

"Sounds like a good thing, particularly at a school like this with all girls and not enough boys to pass around between them," Jason said.

"Yeah," Mavis nodded in agreement, chuckling. "It seemed to have an immediate effect. Desiree stopped screaming at night, anyway. Still goes to see him twice a week though and their sessions seems to take a long time."

"Hm, whatever it takes to stay mentally fit, I guess," Jason suggested.

"I guess," Mavis agreed.


"Desiree?" the receptionist asked.

"Yes," the blonde girl answered.

"The Doctor is ready for you."

"Oh, good," Desiree said. She walked past the desk approached the door, the doctor's good name stenciled on the frosted window.

"Doctor Davis?" the girl called out, knocking on the door.

The door opened, revealing a somewhat pudgy middle aged man with a balding head of brown hair and scruffy beard. "Ah, Desiree, you're right on time, come on in."

The former engineering student did as she was bid, stepping into the office, the doctor closing the door behind her.

The office was pretty stereotypical as far as therapist's practices go. A comfy couch against one wall that the patient was expected to lie down on as they told their deepest childhood regrets and nightmares to a listening psychologist sitting on a neighboring armchair, all in the Freudian tradition, silently nodding and sometimes going "oh" and "ah" as they took notes. Desiree and the Doctor took their seats as tradition demanded.

"Now, Desiree," the Doctor began, pulling out a pen and tapping on his notepad a few times with it to test the ink, "do you have anything new to report."

"No, Doctor," Desiree answered with a tinge of a Canadian accent. "I haven't had any nightmares lately and I've been able to keep it together around strangers, at least a little." The girl sat up, brushing his hair back behind her shoulders. "I was thinking we might take a break for a while, see how I hold up."

"Hm, I would advise against that," the Doctor said. "It's never a good idea to play fast and loose with your mental health."

"I understand that Doctor Davis," Desiree responded. "But I just don't see what else we can accomplish here. You've been a big help, really, but at some point I need to able to go on on my own."

"Sure, sure," Davis replied, "but first lets see how this session goes."

"Alright, Doctor," Desiree agreed.

"Now, I want you to look at this," the Doctor said, pulling something out of his pocket.

"Um, what?" Desiree replied, eyebrow raised.

"Don't worry about it," Davis interrupted, holding a small crystal in his hand, attached to a short chain. With a flick of his wrist he tossed it up into the air, catching it by the chain. When the crystal fell taught as it reached end of the leash a small audible click could be heard and the crystal lit up with an iridescent blue light. The light washed away Desiree's expression, a momentary flash of surprise and panic, as it fell upon her eyes.

"Now, Desiree, can you hear me?" the Doctor asked.

"Yes, Doctor," the girl answered vacantly.

"Now, who is your Master?"

"I don't have a master," Desiree answered, as confused sounding as she could given the circumstances.

"No, I'm your Master! With a capital M!" Davis snapped back.

"Of course, Master," Desiree replied.

"Damn it," the Doctor said spitefully to himself, "I still can't get the suggestions to stick." He looked at his patient, staring blankly at the crystal "Let's try something different. Well, we can go with the usual first, at least."

Standing up, Davis cleared his throat. "Desiree, stand up and strip naked for me."

"Yes, Master," the blonde answered, standing up. Her expression unmoving, she lifted her sweater over her head, not in the seductive manner that one might expect of a striptease, but in the calmly efficient way that one might when they were getting ready for a shower. She deposited her sweater on the floor before undoing her bra. Reaching behind and undoing the clasps, Desiree let the D cup bra fall free of her breasts, which rested naturally against her chest.

Davis pocketed his crystal as he watched his patient continue.

Desiree lifted one foot, removing her tennis shoe and ankle sock, and repeated the process with her other foot. The doctor noted to himself that he'll need to program a fixation with high heels into her once he figures out how. She hooked her thumbs on the waistline of her sweatpants and simple white panties both, pulling them down in a single smooth motion and stepping out of them.

Davis looked at the nude specimen before him, as he had several times before. Running a finger along her facial features, he marveled once at how such a brilliant girl had also been blessed with such a pretty, well formed face, with an ideal little nose and cute eyes and mouth that made people pay attention to her outside her considerable bust, an accomplishment in any degree. He squeezed one of the her breasts, feeling the soft and supple flesh in his grasp, which garnered no reaction from the entranced girl. He rubbed a finger along her clit a few times, which brought upon slightly quickened breathing and a bought of wetness but nothing more.

"Hands and knees, on the couch," the Doctor ordered, undoing his belt and unzipping his pants.

"Yes, Master," Desiree answered, doing as she was ordered.

Davis pulled out his cock, a fairly average one, all things considered, even fully erect as it was. He lined it up with the entrance to Desiree's pussy, rubbing it against the opening to no response.

Reaching into his pocket and pulling out the crystal, the Doctor dangled it in front of Desiree, it's light once again filling her eyes and reasserting its dominance over her.

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