tagSci-Fi & FantasyOf Gods and Vampires Ch. 04

Of Gods and Vampires Ch. 04


Eve watched the sun set from the roof of the tower of the House of Black. The thing about vampire bodies was that they dissolved into a fine powdery dust and blew away leaving no trace of blood or tissue for humans to investigate. The House of Black was an empty tomb and silent witness to a massacre that no one would ever know about. But Eve remembered every blow of that night and every drop of vampire blood she had spilled.

Eve reached behind her and fingered the horrific scar that now graced her spinal column. A chilling reminder of her trials in the false reality she had endured to reach the Sword of Time. So now she carried Time and Destiny inside her body and she had become the murdered of Gods and Demons alike. Eve stroked the mutilated skin and felt the slight twinge of pain still radiating from the scar.

She sighed and watched the golden orb setting in the horizon. The sky was the same blue, the grass the same green, clouds the same white and yet everything in her world seemed to be standing on end at odds with her perceptions. Her mind was mulling over what she needed to do and what it would require to do so.

"Time." She whispered softly.

"Yes Eve." The Sword of Time answered in her head.

"Why didn't I kill Baal when I slept with him?"

"Because," Time answered. "Baal was never human he had none of the life force that vampires feed upon during sex for you to consume. Had you slept with Joven you would have killed him as he was once human turned demon."

"Then why did I drain from Gabriel?" Eve thought back.

"Gabriel sealed his power and unsealed it with the souls of vampires who were once human. By using their souls he took on a portion of their human soul and life force, the life force which then you could feed upon."

"So only those who were once human or have used specific processes to obtain a portion of a human life force can be killed through sex?" Eve pondered.

"That is correct. Those who are created as gods or demons cannot be harmed intercourse with a vampire or with you."

Eve sighed softly.

"Eve." Time whispered.


"You have more power than you might think."

Eve scoffed.

"It's true Eve." Time intoned. "You have strength you have no yet tapped and there is much more to you than meets the eye. There is a great deal about you that you still need to learn or discover in order to succeed and survive."

"I think facing Lucifer might be more difficult that I'll be ready for."

"You think you have to face him?" Time purred.

"In one way or another yes."

"Lucifer is a very unique individual not unlike yourself Eve. Lucifer has never been one to extend himself to help others without striking a useful bargain or involving them in his plans. And never once, not in all his years has he given his blood to save the life of another. And yet for you he willing spilled his own blood to save your life when Destiny pierced your heart."

"You're point?" Eve muttered.

"There is more to Lucifer than the stories of evil you grew up hearing and you would be wise to keep that in the back of your mind at all times." Time grew quiet.

Eve closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around her body closing her eyes. A cold wind blew from the north across her back ruffling her feathers. She thought about the false world in which she was a human once more, blissfully happy with Gabriel. Eve longed for that false reality to be a true reality and wished that she could feel Gabriel hold her and wake up next to him each day.

Eve pushed aside her memories and her thoughts of Gabriel and she considered the paths she had lying before her and which one would be the easiest to walk. With her eyes closed she rolled her shoulders and began to shift her wings with her mind until they began to retreat into her back.

Gabriel was sitting on the throne in the silver palace looking over the backs of several dozens of angels who had pledged their loyalty to him. Deep inside he felt a deep despair and the weight of the burdens he bore. Lucifer was still his brother and Gabriel loved him deeply. Gabriel knew that he owed Lucifer a great deal.

Gabriel stretched his six wings and began to send the angels out on their recon missions they were pulling in the remaining straggling angels to bring them into the fray. Within a week or two he would have all the angels in heaven brought in to serve or they would be dead. Once the angels were all under one leader then Gabriel would find out what Lucifer wanted next.

Lucifer strode across the polished black floors of his room in the black palace of hell. He looked over the landscape through the semi transparent obsidian windows and watched the demons fighting below. Everything was in alignment as he had hoped but somehow something was missing, one final act was coming and this was the one thing he did not know how to bring to completion.

The demons were restless and there was little he would be able to do to prevent them from taking their viciousness out on the world of men. The balance was in tatters and he was in a position to attempt to restore it. Eve was the key but he was not aware what her final act need be. All this time he had worked to bring her into being, worked to keep her alive, worked to manipulate the elements around her to bring her to her potential and yet now things were stagnated.

Lucifer considered that he might have missed some crucial step along the way and that she would not reach her full potential and restore the balance between good and evil, heaven and hell. If this was what happened there was no hope left all three worlds would be torn apart. The world of men would fall to the demons or angles and heaven and hell would crumble without the human world to support them. Lucifer turned and headed through a tear in the fabric of reality to go to his yearly meeting with the humans he manipulated.

Eve stood in her bedroom and rubbed lotion over her long sleek legs. She continued upward with the lotion and coated her shaved genitals in a thin layer of the lotion rubbing it into the skin. She wiped the remaining lotion over her belly and walked over to her vanity. She picked up a small crystal spray bottle filled with her favorite perfume a very delicate soft extraction of lotus blossoms.

She sprayed her wrists, throat and lightly down her stomach and then waited a couple minutes for the perfume to dry. Eve opened a drawer on her vanity and pulled out a delicate gold box. She opened the box and smiled as she fingered the little scrap of nothing inside the box.

The lingerie had been purchased on impulse quite some time ago and never used. The bodysuit had a small single string on each side of her hips with a thong portion that was made up of beautiful embroidered red flowers with semi transparent fabric giving a peek a boo look between the black silk and red flowers. Running up from the top of the thong was a cinch up string that would make crisscross of string up her stomach to just under her breasts. Her breasts were lifted and held by more black fabric in a floral motif with embroidered red flowers. The cups only covered up to her nipples leaving them hard and exposed poking out over the tops of the embroidered red flowers and the cups were held up with small ornate black straps in a semi floral design over her shoulders.

Eve pulled on the bodysuit easing it into place and making sure every strap and string was in place. She turned around in front of her body length mirror and checked every inch of the suit. Eve selected a choker from her jewelry box that was tight around her throat and had a few ornate dangles of black onyx beads with a singly red ruby to the center of it.

She walked over to the closet and pulled out a dress she'd never worn. The bodice was form fitting and it was black in color. It was a strapless gown with a very slight dip between the breasts. The skirt of the gown was ruffled and gathered in the front with a short train in the back. The gather came up to high thigh and was just slightly off to the left hand side with alternate black and red ruffles.

Eve slid the dress on slowly and straightened it until it was perfect. She picked up a comb and ran it though her long straight black hair until it fell down her back in a sleek shiny waterfall. A final mirror check confirmed that she looked as good as she was going to get and that the back of her dress just covered her new wicked spinal scar. Eve walked out of the house borrowing one of the House of Black's cars on her way out.

Gabriel carefully unwrapped the shiny silver mirror he had discovered after the death of God. The mirror was an ancient relic and had been closely guarded Gabriel only knew about it as he was charged with protecting it along with many other of the secrets of heaven.

The mirror provided the holder to view anything or anyone in any of the realms at any time. With the mirror one could watch a person, place, thing or point in time for as long as they pleased. Gabriel stroked the silvery surface of the mirror longingly and carefully pulled it out of the box.

"Show me Eve." Gabriel whispered. He smiled as the vision of Eve driving a sleek silver BMW came into view.

The Plaza Hilton hotel was a grand old affair with a grand sweeping entrance and valet parking. Eve slid her car up under the columned overhang and handed her keys to a valet as she got out. She ignored the obvious checking out the young man did of her legs and breasts as she left the car. Eve walked past the doorman and proceeded up the wide marble staircase to the grand ballroom.

The ballroom was decorated to the nines for the annual corporate event and the high rollers were already smoozing their business contacts, the young ladies invited for color and the bigger sharks in the pond. Eve took full advantage of the ruffled part in the front of her dress to show off her legs and the high heels she was wearing. Eve let her gaze rake over the high rollers and she smiled as the sharks picked up on blood in the water.

Eve was still well known around town as she had been the House of Black's poster girl. She was the president of one of the House of Black's many Fortune 500 companies and her net worth on the books was estimated in the hundreds of millions which had always given her a spot on Forbes' richest people list. The collective gathering of human high rollers and dealers recognized her as a financial whale.

Eve pasted on her best false smile and walked down to be greeted by the first wave of greedy old men and hungry young ones. She made the appropriate responses and quipped when appropriate and used a biting comment when anyone became overzealous or rude. A pleasant young man asked her for a dance and Eve found herself being whisked around the ballroom.

Lucifer had been aware of Eve the moment she had entered the ballroom. He watched her from the balcony as she chatted with the high rollers and whirled around the dance floor with a young buck looking for a meal ticket. Lucifer smiled despite himself she was comfortable in any environment and commanded attention wherever she went.

Eve was a tiger amongst unsuspecting lambs and they bent over backwards to get closer to her. He wondered if any of them knew her as he did if they would still risk getting close to her. Eve standing over a dead demon covered in blood feral in appearance every bit the warrior valkyrie of myth.

Lucifer weaved through the crush of people exchanging polite words as he made his way toward the open dancing area. Lucifer slid in behind the young man who had been monopolizing Eve's attentions and tapped him on the shoulder.

"My turn young man." Lucifer smiled as the young man quickly stepped aside. "My, my, my how nicely you clean up young Eve."

"On occasion I can manage to look half way civilized. Although I do believe that my uncivilized hellion can be infinitely more attractive."

"I couldn't agree more." Lucifer chuckled.

Lucifer placed one hand in the small of Eve's back and took her hand as he took the lead. She smiled and moved easily into the steps of the dance following him easily. Lucifer was a remarkably smooth dancer and Eve would have expected nothing less of a former angel turned ruler of hell.

"So my dear," Lucifer smiled. "Your trip up went well I take it."

"I'm sure you already know the answer to that." Eve smirked.

"Are you looking to take over the world of men now that the world of heaven has fallen beneath your feet?" Lucifer looked at her seriously.

"What could the world of men possibly hold for me?" Eve shook her head.

"Then why are you here Eve?" Lucifer queried.

Eve smiled. "Let's go somewhere we don't need to edit our conversations."

"Of course," Lucifer guided Eve off the dance floor. "I have a standing reservation in the penthouse we can discuss things there."

Eve was quiet on the long ride up the elevator and remained mute as she looked over the penthouse suite. The suite of course was sumptuous and contained a small kitchenette, open sitting room entertaining room, a large bedroom, master bath and balcony. Eve set her bag down on one of the end tables and stared out the windows over the city.

"So you didn't manage to take over heaven." Lucifer stood behind her.

"Didn't want it." Eve shrugged.

"Don't blame you."

"Wasn't all bad but it's not my style." Eve turned to face Lucifer.

"So what you'd prefer to take over hell?" Lucifer grinned.

"Not all of it."

Eve leaned forward and kissed Lucifer. In the real world he tasted even better; honey drenched sin smooth as a fine dark chocolate and headier than any drug. She could feel her fangs aching and pushing at her lips in an attempt to protrude fully. Eve felt the hand in her hair and was yanked back.

"So all of this is for me then is it?" Lucifer looked over Eve's clothing.

"Is that objectionable?" Eve licked her lips.

"No." Lucifer wrapped her hair around his fist. "I can't say as I object at all but I won't fool myself into thinking there aren't other motives behind this. That being said I will take what is freely offered."

Lucifer yanked Eve's head back and went for her throat. He bit her throat viciously as he pushed her against the huge windows overlooking the city. Lucifer tore the bodice of her dress to her navel exposing the red floral embroidered bodysuit cups and the laced up runner heading down toward her crotch. He pushed the torn bodice down to her hips letting his gaze wander over her torso.

Eve was shaking with a mixture of fear and excitement that provided a brilliant rush of adrenaline and endorphins to her blood. Lucifer kissed Eve hard and bite her lower lip letting her blood coat his tongue as he probed her mouth. He let his fingers run down the huge scar on her back slowly for a moment before he whipped her around to look at it.

"I don't recall this being here the last time I saw you Eve." Lucifer examined her back. "Who did this?"

"Someone in the void while I was seeking Time." Eve murmured.

"It must have caused you a great deal of pain." He thumbed the scar in a teasing manner.

"It was tolerable." Eve responded.

Lucifer slid his hands down under the waist of her dress where it was hanging on her hips and cupped her ass cheeks. He eased the skirt down off her hips and let it fall to the floor as he massaged her ass and looked over her shoulder at her reflection in the panes of glass in front of them.

They made a picture perfect dark couple; black hair, blue eyes, her bronzed skin, his honeyed olive skin. He was taller than her by over a head and had broad well muscled shoulders and an all over powerful athletic build with muscles to spare. She was lean and amply curved with a tough underlying athletic build. She turned away from the glass pane and pulled the front of his shirt open snapping off buttons as she tore the fabric.

Eve began to gently bite his chest as she unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly. She pushed his pants down off his hips and let them fall to the floor. Lucifer's cock was impressive even only half hard as it stood now. There was little doubt in her mind that when fully hard he'd be larger by far than either Baal or Gabriel had been.

Eve looked up at the dark angel and held his gaze as she sunk down to her knees before him. She cupped his balls in her hands stroking them with her fingertips as she tilted stared up into Lucifer's eyes. She trailed a fingernail along the underside of his shaft and ran it around the head cock watching it lengthen and harden.

Eve parted her lips and extended her tongue to follow the path of her fingernail starting at the base of his shaft and tracing up to and around the head of his cock. She gently flicked the tendon at the base of the head of his penis and stroked the length of him in her hands. She twirled her tongue around the head of him and then opened her mouth and slid it down over his entire length.

Eve closed her eyes and slid down until he was in her throat before she pulled back all the way to the tip of his head. She flicked her tongue over the end of his cock as she massaged his balls with her hands. Lucifer groaned taking a fist full of her hair as she sucked on his dick he twisted the long black strands around his fingers. Eve let the tips of her teeth gentle drag over his length as she went down on him again eliciting a sharp intake of breath from Lucifer.

Blood pounded in her ears and her body temperature began to climb causing sweat to pop up along her spine. She curled her tongue around the shaft of his cock and used it to tighten her hold on him as she slid back again. She kissed the end of his head gently and licked the salty taste of precum off her lips. Eve leaned forward and nipped the skin below his navel just above the root of his shaft.

Lucifer jerked her hair and pulled her head back holding it firm as her brushed her lips with the head of his dick. She opened her mouth and he thrust himself into her throat again pulling her hair forward as he did. She sucked hard tightening her lips around the base of his shaft as he began to thrust in and out of her mouth. Eve moved with the thrusts of his hips using her tongue to stroke the underside of his cock as he thrust in and our of her mouth.

She felt his balls swell and the length of him swell and jerk as he began to release into her throat. A warm pulse of salty cum coated the back of her throat and tongue as he thrust into her mouth again. Eve swallowed around the length of him and continued to suck on him until he had released the last drop of his seed into her mouth.

Lucifer put his pointer and middle finger underneath her chin and gently guided her to her feet in front of him. He slowly stroked her face with one hand and broke the string of her thong with the other. He pushed Eve back onto the top of the desk in the sitting room and leaned down in overtop of her. The length of his body rubbed against hers as he pinned her down to the desk.

Eve hissed as he bit her erect exposed nipples. He sucked hard on each of them and trailed bites up her throat to her neck. Lucifer extended his fangs and dragged them along her throat very slowly listening to the quickening of her blood in her veins and her sharp intake of breath. He dragged one fang over her skip bringing up a small line of blood on her throat.

He licked the blood from her neck and felt his knees grow weak in a way he'd never known. Her blood was unlike anything he had ever tasted in his life it was all at once more potent, more powerful and yet more innocent than any he'd tasted before. Lucifer bite her throat sinking his fangs down into her artery and dragged hard on her blood.

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