tagErotic HorrorOf Wolf & Woman

Of Wolf & Woman

byJack Green©

Tara stared at the hulking brute chained to the stonewall of her parents' house. It was still a little bit like Caveson. It had his arms, his green eyes, his stomach but they were larger and more beast now. His whole body was covered in bristles, thick like that of a hog and black. It was deformed, the legs of a man mixed with that of some unholy thing, muscled and rippling as it strained against the thick iron that held it. Those powerful legs. The ones it had used to carry off a child like a slaughtered lamb. Tara couldn't bear to think about it. She had to get Caveson back.

The brute glowered at her, its teeth bared as if it would snap its jaws at the first opportunity and its eyes glowing in the candlelight. Its eyes were so much like Caveson's but they were full of evil, like looking into the eyes of a snake. Those eyes wanted nothing but to tear things apart.

Caveson had spent the night of winter solstice away from everyone else in the village. He almost never participated in the festivities, the drinking and dancing. Instead, he was always alone in ritual, deep in the woods. He would never talk about it. He would just come home, hold Tara tight, and tell her how much he missed her, even though it was but a short time. This time was different. When Tara woke up, still reeling from the night before he was not there. He didn't arrive until later that day, crawling half naked out of the dark forest, scratched by branches and eaten by insects.

"I did it!" He told her. "I have drunk from a wolf's footprint." He then went into the house and went to sleep. The message had seemed cryptic at first but now she understood. There had been a change in him that day.

Caveson was a necromancer, a black magician. A few people in the village knew and would come to him for magical favors that the local healers and priests would refuse to grant. Tara paid it no mind because she knew that Caveson would not deliberately harm another person. He always warned those whom he helped that they should be careful what they wish for. Often they would return, begging him to lift the spell that they themselves had requested and he would, laughing the whole time at the chaos those foolish people had caused.

Tara loved Caveson and knew he loved her so she ignored his often-dark demeanor and tendency to seek out the most barren reaches of the spiritual world. Besides, He had healed many, including herself when they got sick and granted discretion to village girls when they came to him crying and pregnant, fearing the retribution of church or parents. All it took was a dose of his special tea and the problem was solved. They could go home and begin their lives again.

Now Caveson was gone and the beast was all that remained. When she walked too close it shot out a hairy, powerful arm that slammed against the thick chain. She had to be sure. Tara stepped closer and the beast began to rage, Crashing into the chains. They held for now and it couldn't reach her. The chains were cold iron, set into stone with huge bolts. Caveson had designed with the help of a smith, and for good reason. The beast was so powerful. Its hairy arms and legs had muscles like twisted iron and its jaws were a jagged deathtrap.

Tara stepped just out of reach of those arms and jaws, which snapped at the air in front of her face. It used to be Caveson's beautiful mouth and chin, which he dutifully shaved for her every day even though she knew he hated to. It was now the distended maw of a wolf, full of fangs and covered in bristles. The heat of its breath assaulted her and its eyes continued their heartless stare.

Caveson had begun to run away at night. Tara never understood, but assumed it had been something to do with his magic. He was always observing stars and moon phases. At first, his odd behavior was even a little exciting. He would go during the night and return at daybreak. When he did, he would take her in their bed. He was rough and wild, unlike before, biting and holding her down as he forced himself inside her. He tore at her nightgown and licked wherever he could expose some flesh. Her nipples would go hard at his breath when he mauled her. He would take her hard and fast and growl when he came inside her. She would come too, usually when she heard him snarling and felt him pounding her inside, ravenous.

Then there was the blood. Caveson had gone out on the night of a full moon and like before he came home in a fury, unkempt and dirty. He had crawled into bed where she was waiting, already excited, awaiting the ravage. Ravage he did and she loved it, until in the morning light she looked at his bared teeth and saw that they were stained with blood. Tara screamed for her love to stop but he refused. He rolled her onto her stomach and held her face down, crushing the back of her neck. He parted her pretty round ass and held her screaming as he mounted and forced his raging cock into her pussy from behind. The head of his cock touched her special place inside and her ravaged pussy immediately became wet, even though she begged him to stop. She came as he punished her, eyes gleaming as he rammed deep inside. She was afraid this time, terribly afraid. It started to hurt and she cried out in pain but he still wouldn't stop.

Finally, he growled and held his hard cock in deep, stretching her as he came. She could feel his cock throb and the cum gushing inside of her. Afterward she cried as he slept next to her.

When he awoke, he had no memory of coming home or the attack. He became quiet when she told him, sobbing, about the blood in his mouth and what he had done. Caveson was never one to cry, but his eyes showed tears as he held her and he did not speak.

It was on that same day, a rider from town showed at the door. It was Grim, the smith's apprentice and Caveson's good friend. He had come wanting a protective spell for his daughter. Caveson had laughed and told Grim that the only protective spell he needed was a big stick to beat the boys that came nosing about. Grim shook his head and told the tale of the Beast.

Animals had been disappearing lately, and a few people had blamed a wolf, but that all had changed when the wolf had torn the shutters off a window with paws as big as a man's hand and dragged away a village child. The town was in an uproar and everyone was afraid. Many sent their children to the church fearing the Devil himself was upon them. Caveson made Grim a special talisman of pure silver in the shape of a wolf's head and told him to give it to his daughter. In exchange, he asked Grim to build him some heavy chains and shackles of black iron, too large for a normal man's wrists and ankles. He also asked for a special collar with spikes on the inside.

He swore to Grim that he would make sure no beast ever terrorized the town again. What he didn't tell Grim was that it would be Caveson himself locked in those chains, ferocious and deadly.

Tara was shocked when at the rise of a full moon; Caveson put the chains on himself. He sat in the corner, shackles hanging loosely, chained to the wall and sent Tara away, ordering her not to come into the room for any reason.

The sun began to set and Tara became afraid. The room echoed with choked screams and the sick sound of ripping flesh and cracking bone. When Caveson's screams became a hideous roar, she stormed into the room to find not Caveson, but the Beast itself leering at her, its breath coming in growls and steaming from its nose. It was like a wolf, larger than a man and standing on its haunches. The torso of the creature was still mostly human and made of the same powerful muscle as the legs and arms. The face however was indeed wolf like. A long snout and ragged, pointed ears covered in the thick fur that showed on the rest of its body. It grinned at her with cruel fangs and let out a howl that would curdle the blood of the most stalwart human being.

Tara ran from the room and hid in her bed, weeping at what had become of her Caveson. In the morning, she awoke to find him in bed with her. He was not the beast, but Caveson. Instead of ravaging her, he slept with a fever and couldn't speak for most of the day. As the evening approached, he finally rolled over and spoke to her.

"It will keep happening until I taste blood." Caveson spoke hoarsely. "If it doesn't feed, I will suffer and soon I will not be able to stop it from breaking loose and killing everything and everyone. I need you to help me."

"Anything." Tara pulled him close, feeling his smooth skin again.

"Find a lamb or goat and kill it for me. Then feed it to me when I am chained. When the moon wanes, the beast will wane with it and maybe then I can figure out a way to stop it for good."

"Can you stop it?" Tara stroked his aching body. "Will you use your magic?"

"Yes." Caveson nodded. "I have to. I can't let it kill another innocent person."

"What is it?"

"Everyone has a beast inside them somewhere. If you can bring it out and control it, your will would be unstoppable. This is Lycanthropy, the battle between a man and his inner demon. I should never have underestimated."

"Your magic is strong," Tara began to kiss his face. "I know you can do it. I'll help too! I'll do anything you ask!"

"I don't deserve a woman like you." Caveson smiled. It was the first smile she had seen in days. It was the same smile that had bewitched her years ago and led her to drag him away from the fire at the midsummer's festivities and beg for him to take her right there on the damp grass. That night they fasted hands in secret with Grim as a witness. Every time he smiled like that, she knew she would do it all over, a thousand times. Tara reached over and ran her hand up Caveson's thigh, exploring between his legs and began to take his cock into her soft hands. He moaned a little.

"Please, Tara. I'm so tired." Caveson began to roll away but she held him back and began to caress him some more.

"Then be still." Tara teased, running her fingers over his firm shaft. "I love you and you deserve all I can give! I could never live without you!" Her fingers tightened and worked faster as his cock became stiff. She seized it just below the head and squeezed as she worked up and down, bringing him to life. His body began to tense and relax as little waves of pleasure flowed within. "I can bring out the beast in you!"

Caveson began to breathe harder and touch Tara's naked skin as the feelings overwhelmed his senses. "Don't' stop!" He pleaded.

"Never." Tara whispered into his ear. She stroked with one hand and threw off the blanket with the other. Now his erection was out in the open, standing tall over his body. She took his balls in her other hand and kneaded them softly as she worked his shaft up and down, growing steadily more intense. "Do you want me to use my mouth?" Tara licked her pretty lips. Ones he knew so well.

"Oh Gods yes!" Caveson was in ecstasy.

"I know how much you like it." She put her mouth close so he could feel her breath against his stiffened shaft. He thrust toward her a little, involuntarily. "See," Tara teased. "And you said you were too tired. Now you want everything."

"I...Stand...Corrected." Caveson gasped as Tara's smooth hands glided up and down his cock.

"You sure do!" Tara slowly wrapped her lips around the head and pulled back on the silky skin that covered the shaft. She took it in and out of her mouth licking all over with her tongue while it sank deep inside. Tara loved the way it swelled inside her mouth. She took it slow at first and then faster, pushing it deep into her throat, all the while giving his balls a little squeeze. He was all hers now, in her grip. In her mouth. She loved knowing she could make him hot like that. She felt his balls tighten in her hand and worked at them sucking his head and first half of the shaft hard and fast. She felt him thrusting with his hips and got ready to take his cum. She knew he would explode soon. Her warm, wet tongue rolled against the underside if his pulsing shaft, just below the thick head of his engorged cock. Her lips took him repeatedly, pressing tight. She wanted his cum now, just so she could hear how he would moan as he pumped it into her mouth.

"Oh Tara." Caveson's muscled body went taut as he came, his throbbing cock pouring hot cum into Tara's mouth. She held him to keep him from thrusting in too deep as she swallowed. She sucked hard and continued to take him in and out as he filled her, squeezing and pulling at his rigid shaft. When she had swallowed it all she let him go and rested her head on his chest so she could hear his heart pound. It gave her a thrill to know she made his heart race like that.

"Do you want wine or water?" Caveson asked when his breathing slowed. He always offered her a drink when she took him in her mouth. He was so thoughtful.

"I'll get it this time." She stroked his chest. "I have to get up anyway so I can kill that goat. You rest until its time to get in your chains."

By the time the last words were out of her mouth, Caveson was already asleep. When she returned with the meat at sunset, however, he was in his chains, awaiting transformation.

The beast stood before her again, leering and growling. Tara took the first piece of dripping meat from a bucket and showed it to the monster. It smashed against the chains so hard that she jumped. She came closer, holding the meat out in front of her. She put it up to the creature's jaws and it snapped the meat down with a vicious snarl. She could tell it was breathing harder in anticipation of the next piece. She pulled it from the bucket, blood dripping from her fingers. Again, it smashed at the chains and it began to slaver at the smell of the blood. It snapped the meat down without even chewing. The third time she held out the meat and when it began to crash at the chains, she put the meat away. The monster looked confused at first and then became angry. It roared and thrashed so hard that she was afraid it would topple the entire house. Still, she stood fast, staring it down. When it calmed, she brought out the meat again. Again, it raged and again, she took it away. This time though, it stopped when she took the bloody meat from sight. She raised it again and the monster's muscles tensed but it did not fight the chains. It merely glared and breathed heavily. Tara put the meat next to its face and it snapped it up with such speed that she nearly jumped out of her skin.

Maybe there is some of Caveson left in this thing. She thought as she fed it another strip of bleeding flesh. Maybe if I can tame it, it will allow him to come out and he will be able to beat the demon! How? She wondered. How can I get this thing to let its guard down so that Caveson can fight it? She gave it another strip of meat. It did not snap as hard this time. It knew the food was coming. The blood made it feel better. It took the next piece slowly and Tara touched its stomach. The beast snarled at her, but was satisfied as long as it was chewing on the meat. She stroked its bristled belly as she continued to feed it meat strips. It didn't stop snarling at her and its eyes never left her face but it didn't try to lash out.

"Do you remember me?" Tara spoke aloud.

The snarling became a rising growl

"Caveson?" Tara spoke softly while smoothing the hair on its stomach and gave it more meat. "Is that you?"

Its wild eyes focused on her face and it bared its teeth. She realized what she was going to have to do. Even though she fed it, the thing still saw her as prey. She had the blood of a goat on her and it could tell. To save Caveson she would have to get it to see her in a different light. She couldn't be its prey, which would get her killed instantly. She couldn't be its competition for food either. It would only want to fight her. There was only one way she could get this beast to identify with her.

No, she thought, not like this!

Another voice in her mind spoke up. It wasn't an animal, not really. It was Caveson, his inner demon on the outside. It may look animal, but deep inside it was as human as she, and the human side needed to come out. Wolves are known to mate for life. That is what Caveson had learned from a Native Shaman whose home and tribe had long ago been pushed back by the their people. True until death, was this a wolf? Did it think that way or was it really a demon? Maybe all three, wolf, demon and mage all fighting for control of poor Caveson's tortured body.

Tara moved one hand slowly down the beast's stomach where the hair began to grow thicker. The coarse hair was long, covering the inside of its rippling thighs all the way up to just below its human like bellybutton. It growled out loud and tensed against its bonds as her hand weaved its way through the thick hair. Underneath she found it, a long, leathery sheath of thick skin. When she touched it, the creature roared and tensed, frightening her, but she held her ground. Her small, pretty hands closed around the thick shaft of the wolf-beast as she kneeled on the blood stained floor. Its maw had come open and it began to salivate, staring as if it could burn her with its eyes. It was angry but frozen. She began to tug at the shaft and squeeze and the monster stopped moving altogether. She could feel its breath on her neck, and it was growling a low rumble.

The huge shaft thickened even more until she could barely wrap her small hands around it. Something inside that tough sheath was moving and getting harder. She pulled at it more fervently and she could hear the beast breathe faster and more intense with each stroke. She parted the thick hair and the creature's huge organ rose up, pushing its way out of the tough foreskin on which Tara had been working. The cock itself was as big around as her wrist and as long as her forearm. The skin was reddish and it pulsed with rushing blood. It was shaped like Caveson's, only much bigger, hiding in that sheath just like his soul was hiding in that vicious body. She took the massive member in both hands and stroked the shaft firmly with one hand while teasing the thick head with the other.

As she tugged and squeezed its huge cock, she could feel the beast thrusting its hips as she moved. It growled now but not in an angry way. The monster was enjoying it!

"Listen to that growl." Tara smiled up at the open mouth full of fangs that was slavering in thick droplets all over her arms and neck. "That one is all Caveson, isn't it? I knew you were in there." She stroked its bulging cock even faster. "I bet you want it in my mouth too, just like before." Pre cum came out of the tip of its cock. It beaded up and then dripped to the floor, thick but clear. Tara let go.

"Not today, sweet Caveson!" Tara teased. "Today, you're going to be my mate so you don't get to finish yet!"

"RRRRRRR!" The beast strained against its chains.

Tara stood back and began to slowly take off her dress. She took down the buttons in the front and pulled it over her head, leaving herself in a white slip. It fit loosely over her curves, hugging her hips slightly. Her hard nipples appeared in points through the silky material and made shimmering creases in the fabric. Now her pale, shapely legs were visible, all the way up to her thighs. She walked up to the beast and stood just out of reach. She pulled the slip up to her waist, showing her mound and the little tuft of blonde hair that sprouted there. Tara parted her legs slightly and touched herself.

"Do you want this?" She wiggled her hips just a little. She touched its still engorged cock with her hand again. "I don't know if I can take that thing for very long, but I'll try." She got close, just out of reach of its claws and teeth. She rubbed the head of its cock over her pubic hair and then turned and walked away.

Tara walked over to a nearby table and pulled out a chair. She set it in front of the monster and leaned against the chair as she pulled up her slip again, facing her back to the beast. She pressed the soft, pale skin of her pretty round ass against the head of the beast's giant cock, bending over the chair. In her mind the beast was gone, it was only Caveson, raging and dying to take her hard and rough just like those wild mornings before the change. She lusted after the ravage she was about to receive and it made her wet. Feeling that mighty shaft against her ass, knowing it would hurt her was exciting as it was frightening.

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