Off At College Ch. 09


Arriving at the Gamma Delt house, Julie pulled up the car up to the curb and stopped. "Give me a call when you are done. I'll pick you up." As I opened the door to get out of the car, she added, "Have fun and don't do anything I wouldn't do."

"That means that I can do just about anything." Just before I shut the door, I added, "Thanks for the lift roomie." With that I swayed up to the front door of the fraternity house that I was visiting for the first time without being on the arm of a guy, opened it and walked in.

I took my jacket off and hung it in the front closet. After that I headed for the stairs to go to were I was told the event was taking place, Jerry's room on the third floor. As I passed a bunch of the brothers I flashed a coy smile and asked, "Where's JayMac?"

One of the guys responded, "Hi, Jen. I'm not sure that Jay's around the house. He might be over at the library studying."

Although I was a little taken aback by this turn of events, I tried not to show it. "Well, where is the birthday boy?"

"In his room, I believe," came the reply with a smirk on the face.

Relieved that things were still somewhat as planned, I headed up the stairs. One of the guys added, "Nice ass there. Wish that were my birthday present."

After climbing the two flights of stairs to the third floor, I recognized Hank's room and knocked on the door next to it. "Damn door's unlocked, come on in." Taking that as my invitation to come in, I opened the door and sashayed into Jerry's room. Two guys who I did not know were sitting on the desk and on the chair by the desk while all 6'7" of Jerry was stretched out on his couch as the three of them were watching cartoons. All three guys were dressed in t-shirts and practice shorts.

I pivoted and stepped toward the couch, bending over at the waist to give Jerry an unobstructed view of my cleavage. I planted a full-lipped kiss on his lips before murmuring, "Happy birthday, big boy." Watching his eyes, I added, "Like what you see?"

"You're Jenny, aren't you?" came the reply before he added, "Nice rack."

One of the guys said, "Great ass. We'd better get goin'. Happy hunting 'mate."

As Jerry was sitting up on the couch his nose bumped into the bottom of my breast. "Don't go guys."

But the two guys stood up and started for the door. The guy that had been sitting on the desk, joked, "Looks like you're gonna have a real happy one, Jer. I won't tell Jill."

The other guy chimed in as he opened the door, "Neither will I. I only wish I got such a hot present for my birthday."

Before the door was closed, I sat down on the opposite end of the couch from Jerry. Looking him in the eyes, I whispered, "I was told that the guys were giving you a birthday party. Maybe it's a surprise party."

"Jenny, I know about you. That's probably why whoever asked you to the party asked you. But I've ..."

"I know that you have a girlfriend that goes to another college and that you only see her every month or so." I interjected. "So I'll understand if you want me to go. I just want you to know that I'm not the kind of girl that tries to steal a steady guy."

Looking at my chest, Jerry answered, "Jenny, Jill is not here. I'm not sure what she is doing right now, so don't worry about her. Nice boobs, babe." As he swung his feet to the floor, he added, "Come here baby. It's my birthday."

I started to slide over to Jerry on the couch. In doing so, my skirt rode up exposing my nylon-covered thighs. At the same time, I shifted my gaze from his face to his groin where I was pleasantly surprised to see a growing bulge. As our knees touched, he leaned over and pulled me to him. "You know Jenny the reason I didn't stop by Jesse's room Saturday night was not Jill, it was that the line was too long and I was too drunk." With that our lips touched and I felt his tongue penetrate my lips. As we continued to french kiss, he pulled me tight against chest crushing my tits into his chest.

We ended up horizontal on the couch with me on top. Jerry's fingers were massaging my back and squeezing my ass cheeks while I was grinding my pelvis into his now very stiff cock. As we broke our kiss, he moaned, "Jenny, you are one sexy broad. Everything the guys said about you is true."

My pussy started to lubricate in anticipation of having Jerry's cock sliding into me. I cooed, "Sweetie, you sure now how to make a girl horny." We resumed our fevered kissing and Jerry's hands continued to wander over my back and ass. It was not too long until his hands found the hem of my mini-skirt and suddenly I was aware of his fingers stroking my inner thighs. As that happened I eased my thighs apart to allow him better access to my lower body.

As we sat up, I reached over to Jerry and pulled his t-shirt over his head baring his hairy chest. At the same time, Jerry slipped his hands underneath my top and undid the clasp on my bra before pulling my top and bra over my head exposing my twin mounds to his eyes. I thrust my chest out which prompted Jerry to lower his mouth to my left tit. As he proceeded to begin licking my hillock, I groaned, "Yes, stud! Suck my tits!"

Jerry continued to feast on my breasts as I let the sensations flow to my brain and my pussy. I could tell that my pussy was fully lubricated and I began rubbing his chest. I continued to moan, "Ye – es, tha – at's it, sweetie. Play with my nipples, suck'em hard. You're making me feel like a woman." With that he eased his hands down over my belly to the waistband of my skirt. With a quick motion, my skirt was unzipped and I raised my ass enough to allow him to pull it down my legs.

Jerry stopped suckling my tit long enough to ask, "Jenny would you like to move over to the bed?" Without saying a word, I stood up in my panties, stockings and pumps to move to the bed. Before I knew what was happening, Jerry pushed me unto my back on the bed and began slowly kissing the bare skin from my tits to my belly button. As his trail of kisses reached my belly, he looked up and said, "Jill likes me to go down on her. Do you want me to?"

My response was to lift my hips off the bed and mumble, "Yeah, sweetie."

His tongue licked down from my belly towards my bush, but instead of bee lining for my slit, he gently kissed around my panty-covered bush and started nibbling my exposed inner thigh between my panties and my stockings. Pulling my pumps off, Jerry continued to nibble on both my thighs increasing my desire to have Jerry probe my dripping slit. I raised my hips inviting him to slip my bikini bottoms off but instead he stuck his nose near the wet spot on my panties. As his nose rubbed against my panty covered lips, Jerry sighed, "Gawd, Jenny, you smell hot."

I quietly whimpered, "Sweetie, eat my pussy. Can't you tell that I need you to tongue fuck me? Plea – ase eat me, ple – ase."

"I will in good time."

I reached one hand up to manipulate my upright breast while the other hand reached out to pull his face tight into my throbbing crotch. "Come on stud, I need you." As his nose pushed my soaking panty against my clit, I let out a groan, "Yea, sweetie, that's what Jenny lik – needs."

With the sparks of an orgasm beginning to flow from my pussy, Jerry pulled his head back from any contact with me. Even though I thrust my hips upward, he did not allow any additional contact but instead reached his hands to the waistband of my panties and pulled them off my crotch and buns exposing my dripping slit to his view. I could not remember a time that I had felt so sexually alive.

Cupping my buns he pulled my cheeks apart further exposing my pussy and my back door. Then I felt his tongue begin to pry my swollen lips apart. Jerry's tongue traveled up my opening before probing into my fuck channel. As he repeated this action several times I pushed my hips upward to force more of my pussy into the mouth with the magical tongue. I also reached between my wide spread thighs and pulled Jerry's head tighter against my pulsing crotch.

Since Jerry's saliva was mixing with my overflowing juices, I felt my spread ass crack getting wet. "That's it sweetie, eat my pussy. Ye – eah, sweetie, I'm gonna cum on your tongue." With that he slid his tongue out from between my pussy lips and let it contact my upright love button. Bucking some more, I whimpered, "That feels good, sweetie. Yeah, flick my clit."

Jerry continued to alternate between probing his tongue into my female hole and flicking or sucking on my clit. As the tension became too much, I let out a scream, "I'm cum – ming! That's it, sweetie, I'm cum –ming."

Just at that moment, I felt one of his fingers begin probing my now puckered ass hole. As much as I did not want anything inserted in that opening, I was powerless to stop Jerry while I was in the throes to my orgasm that was racking my body from my pussy to my clit to my tits to my brain. All I could think about was Jerry's wonderful tongue.

The orgasm lasted longer and was more intense than any that I had ever had before, but as it started to subside, I moaned, "Please not my ass." With that simple request I felt a sudden void in my anal canal as Jerry pulled his finger out. At the same time he pulled his mouth from my still pulsing pussy and he eased himself up my body. He planted a sloppy kiss on my lips probing into my mouth with his tongue. His lips and mouth smelled and tasted like me as our tongues dueled in my open mouth. During this exercise my pussy felt the latex covered tip of his cock pressing between my labia.

Jerry was rewarded for his efforts as his throbbing manhood sliced deep into my fuck canal. "Oh, Jenny. You're so sexy." He crooned as he buried himself to the hilt inside me.

"Yeah," I panted. "Gawd, your cock feels good in my pussy." Jerry extended his body and before I knew it I was staring at his nipples. My tongue came out and tentatively licked the nipple that was just in front of my mouth. I then added, "Come on, sweetie, fuck my pussy. Cum inside me, sweetie." After a couple of strokes, his pelvis started bumping my still stiff clit which reignited my sexual desires. In fact after only a few more of his penile strokes I was again on the edge of another orgasm. I nibbled on the nipple in front of my face which only egged Jerry on more. Then wrapping my legs around Jerry's waist I moaned, "I'm cumming! Yeah, sweetie – your cock is making me cum."

This only encouraged him to speed up. "You like it hard bitch?"

"Yeah, fuck my cun – nt. Fuck me hard, sweetie." I continued to pant while bringing both hands up to my flattened breasts to tweak my engorged nipples. Finally, my orgasm began to subside and I began concentrating on bringing Jerry off. As he continued to plunge in and out of my fuck channel, I let my vaginal muscles massage his cock as it worked itself up and down my lower cock receptor. I began to chant, "Cum for Jenny. Cum in Jenny."

After a couple of more minutes we were rewarded when I felt his cock swell slightly and then he fully buried his cock in my pussy. Even through the latex cover, I felt his spunk spew into the tip of the rubber. After several spurts, I could tell that Jerry was spent as his cock began to shrivel.

Jerry pulled his now shrunken penis from my hole and rolled over onto his back next to me. I just laid there with my legs splayed in the air until they became too heavy to hold up. "Gawd, that was some fuck, Jenny. You're one hell of a piece of ass. I could fuck you every day."

Blushing, all I could add was, "Thank you ..."

"... The guys were right, you are a great fuck. Sorry, about the finger up the ass."

Rolling over onto my side I planted a kiss on his lips and then added, "Apology accepted."

Jerry's hand began massaging my exposed upper tit. "If Jill would fuck my dick like that I would transfer schools tonight." With that he responded to my intital peck on the lips by giving me a full kiss on my lips and then probing his tongue into my mouth. As my tongue dueled with the invader, I could taste my own juices on his tongue and lips.

As we frenched, I slipped my hand down to his flaccid manhood and pulled the used condom off. Breaking the kiss, I noticed that there was still a sheen on Jerry's cock where the residue of his jism remained. Without anything to wash it off I slipped down the bed and leaned my face over his crotch. I snaked my tongue out to lick the tip of his cock and then proceeded to ease the entire manhood into my mouth. The taste of the spent cum was a little different that fresh cum but I could tell from the look in his eyes that Jerry appreciated the attention that I was giving him. As I was finishing the clean up, he ran his fingers through my hair and said, "Jenny that was the hottest thing I've ever had a broad do to me. Jill would never go down on me like that."

I released his cock and replied, "I aim to please my man."

Instead of taking his still limp cock into my mouth, I began tonguing his testes, then sucking each one into my mouth in turn and massaging them with my tongue. While my mouth was occupied with his nuts, I gently caressed his penis which was still saliva covered from my just completed clean up. After a while I switched the center of my attention from his balls to his bat which responded by stiffening up.

This provoked Jerry into moaning, "That's right baby, suck my dick."

As I continued to felliate his cock, Jerry slipped his hand between my thighs and encouraged me to separate them so that he could finger my mound. Since I was still lubricated from our earlier fuck, Jerry was able to slither two fingers into my vacant pussy. Almost absentmindly, he began to pump the two fingers slowly in and out of my cock sheath as my head bobbed up and down his now reinvigorated rod.

With my spare hand, I rolled his still moist scrotum in my fingers while I alternately licked his head and sucked his entire cock into my mouth. In even though Jerry's fingers were quickly turning the heat up in my groin, I was unable to say anything with his manhood between my lips.

Jerry, however, had no problem maintaining a commentary on our actions, crooning, "That's it, swallow my dick. Yeah woman, suck me off." And, he added, "You ready to have my dick plow your snatch? I wanna fuck that cunt of yours." However, before he could act on his desire to sink his manhood into my cock receptor, he moaned, "I'm gonna shoot my load in your mouth. Jenny, I'm fucking your mouth, ready or not." With that his man cum began spurting out of his cock into my mouth. I swallowed some, let some gather on my tongue and then pulled his pleasure tool between my lips and let the last of his cum dribble onto the tops of my tits.

At the same time as he was filling my mouth with his spunk, he pulled his fingers from my pussy before I was able to reach my orgasm. I stuck my tongue out at him showing him his cum before bringing it back into my mouth and swallowing the rest of his load.

I turned around on the bed and stretched out next to Jerry on my back. Looking up at the clock on the dresser, I decided that I still had 45 minutes left in the two hours I had mentally scheduled for the birthday party. As I lay on the bed, Jerry twisted his neck and said, "Jenny, that was intense. You sure know how to show a guy a good time."

Spreading my thighs as much as Jerry's body would allow, I replied, "You aren't too shabby in that department either sweetie. You really know how to eat my pussy. Nobody has ever done me like you." Giving my flattened tit a gentle squeeze and stroking my still enlarged nipple, he planted a kiss on my forehead. Before Jerry could respond to my comments, I continued, "You interested it doing it again? I'm still horny."

"In a little while. That was an awesome blow job; it's going to take me a little while to recover."

Jerry's continued fondling of my nipple was keeping my pussy in full turn on mode. We talked about various college related topics all the while we continued to sexually excite each other. While Jerry was explaining my poli sci professor to me, he slipped two fingers into my still wet and willing pussy.

"Shit sweetie, that feels good." Then as I thought about our conversation I eased my thighs even further apart to give him better access to my wide-open sex organ. Our conversation about the Political Science Department continued with Jerry's fingers plunging in and out of my pussy for a few minutes. By the end of the conversation, it was becoming very difficult for me to concentrate of the discussion because of my increasing sexual tension as I was thrusting my hips upward to try to keep his digits deep in my female sex organ.

Jerry abruptly withdrew his fingers from my snatch and he slipped them under my nose. I could smell my own sexual arousal on his fingers as he said, "Suck my fingers, babe. Taste yourself." As he said that I parted my lips to allow him to introduce his two fingers into my mouth. While the taste was similar to the flavor that I had gotten from his tongue earlier, all it really did was remind me that my pussy was presently empty.

I reached my hand over to his groin and was pleasantly surprised that I found his cock fully engorged and standing upright. Without a conscious thought I grabbed his member and then rolled over on top of Jerry. I placed the tip against my slit and eased my pelvis down engulfing his manhood in my leaking pussy.

As his glans spread the walls of my pussy, I sighed, "Gawd, I love a cock inside me."

However, before I was fully impaled on his manhood, Jerry coolly mentioned, "Missing something aren't we?"

"It's O.K.! I'm on the pill, sweetie," as I continued to sink onto his upright cock.

"I'm not worried about knocking you up babe, its what I can catch from you. Hell, you've fucked half the house. And you don't know me..."

Just as the tip of his cock hit my cervix I jerked up and off his tool. "You're right sweetie, neither of us wants a present from the other." With that I grabbed my purse and pulled out one of Julie's rubbers. In one swift motion I ripped the package open, pulled out the condom and rolled it down Jerry's erect cock.

Without any more wasted time, I rubbed his now dressed male probe in my slit and against my stiff clit. As his cock touched my button, my pelvis jumped a little but I managed to ease him back where I need him. While there was something less sensual about having latex between Jerry's manhood and my womanhood, my brain understood that it was necessary even if my pussy did not. Nevertheless, as his groin contacted my pelvis, I moaned, "That's it. Let Jenny fuck you."

He slipped his hands onto my hips which allowed him to regulate my thrusts. However, he eased his hands up my torso as I thrust my tits forward to encourage Jerry to play with them as we copulated. He took the suggestion and started rubbing and squeezing my jutting mammaries and tweaking my protruding nipples.

"You've got nice knockers, babe. Bend over so I can suck'em." With that he pulled me forward and I kissed him fully on the lips as I continued to fuck him and he continued to stroke my dangling tits. "You like your boobies played with don't you?"

"Yeah," I cooed, "suck my tits." Increasing the tempo of our coupling, I added, "Come on sweetie, make me cum." The increased tempo of my thrusts and Jerry's fondling of my swaying breasts and tweaking of my nipples began the sensory overload that I knew would bring me the orgasmic relief I craved. My breath started coming in short gulps and I slipped a finger down to my clit. Rubbing my clit only increased my need to feel Jerry deposit his load in the rubber massaging my pussy.

Suddenly, I felt Jerry tense beneath me and he started to moan, "I'm almost there. Keep riding my dick." Even though I had not reached my climax, I reached one hand behind me and began caressing his nut sack. "That's it babe, I'm gonna fill your sweet cunt with my sauce." As I felt his cock begin to pulse his cum into its jacket, I thrust downward one more time completely burying Jerry's manhood in my pussy and grinding my clit against his pelvic bone.

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