tagIncest/TabooOff to School

Off to School


From where she stood beside her parents' bedroom door, Lauren could hear the spray of water as her mom turned on the shower in the master bath. The waiting made the flip-flops her stomach was doing worse, sending waves of nervous weakness down her legs. Then just before she thought she would scream in frustration, she heard the shower door slide closed as her mother finally stepped in. One deep breathe was all she allowed herself before slipping through the partially opened door and closed it quietly behind her.

The room was dim, but the morning sunshine filtering through the closed curtains was more than enough light to see the form of her father lying on the king-sized bed across the room. He gave no indication of being awake or awareness of her presence. Had he done so, it would most likely have overwhelmed the girl's courage and sent her fleeing from the room. Instead, with a wary glance at the open door of the master bathroom on the opposite wall, she crept silently up to the bed.

"Dad?" she whispered. Between the water and her radio, there was practically no chance that her mom would hear, but she kept her voice low anyway. "Dad?"

She nearly yelped in surprise when he tossed restlessly at the sound of her voice. His eyes were still closed. And, he still did not acknowledge her presence. He simply rolled lazily onto his back as if trying to find a more comfortable sleeping position. But that was much more of a response than she would have expected.

His reluctance had diminished somewhat the past couple of times, but there was no doubt he was still incredibly conflicted about their activities, and certainly had done nothing to encourage them. If anything she would have expected him to roll onto his stomach to thwart her efforts. Instead, his shifting had even pulled the blanket half off one of his legs, revealing the absence of his usual boxer shorts, and stopping just short of exposing his flaccid, but plump cock.

A shiver ran up her spine at the sight. Her thighs contracted reflexively. Her heart pounded in her chest. And, she fought to breathe through the mix of excitement, shame, fear and lust. But, despite it all, there was no thought of stopping. Instead, with a last nervous glance towards the bathroom, she reached out and gently moved the covers aside, and laid her hand on her father's warm, hairy thigh.

Her father made no conscious reaction to her touch, but his dick betrayed his awareness with a throb, followed by a visible thickening as his excitement took over. It continued to grow as she slid her hand slowly up his leg, and, while still only semi-erect when her slender fingers wrapped around it, grew to its full, rock-hard, size almost instantly in her hand.

It seemed HUGE. Not that she had seen many cocks to compare it too. Barely 18, she'd only every had two boyfriends, and her dad's dick dwarfed both of theirs. Her small hand covered less than half its length, and the tips of her fingers couldn’t reach the tip of her thumb around its girth. And, she stared mesmerized as she began slowly sliding her hand up and down the swollen shaft.

Knowing her mom's shower could end at any moment, she resisted the urge to untie the draw string of her sweats. Instead she slipped her free hand under her shirt and pushed her bra up to free her small firm breasts. Her nipples were already hard. A gentle pinch sent jolt of electricity down through her tummy and into her already quivering pussy. Even if she had tried, she couldn't possibly have stopped the audible moan from escaping her lips. Until she heard her dad's own moan of please, she hadn't even realized her eyes had involuntarily closed in response to her growing ecstasy. Startled by the sound, her eyes snapped open and quickly turned to meet his.

The hunger and lust in those eyes caused her to freeze. Regret and guilt might flood back in at any moment, but there was no conflict on her dad's face now. She thought her knees might actually give out when he broke eye contact, not to look away, but to stare longingly at her hand still hidden under her shirt cupping her breast. It might not be "active" participation, but it was certainly wasn't the conflicted resistance she had received before. And, her body acted on it before her mind even had a chance to give it a second thought.

Resuming the rhythmic motion of the hand wrapped around her father's cock, she fumbled with her other hand to pull her shirt and bra up as far as she could, exposing her supple breast to his incestuous gaze. Encouraged by his tongue reflexively licking his lips at the sight, she pinched the clothes between her neck and chin, freeing her hand to return to fondling her titties. His stare seemed to multiply their sensitivity many times over. She actually began to think she was going to cum without ever even touching her now throbbing cunt. When he slowly raised his hand to brush lightly against one of her nipples, she was sure of it, but was no longer willing to wait to find out. Shifting slightly to give him easier access to both breasts, she clumsily pulled at the draw string and shoved her hand into her sweats and inside her panties.

Her clit felt like it was on fire! The room seemed to spin. And, her finger slipped effortlessly into her hungry slit igniting her orgasm instantly.

She bit her lip to keep from screaming in pleasure. Her thighs threatened to crush her hand, and her grip on her dad's cock tightened to the point where it looked like it might burst.

It lasted forever. As each wave crashed over her, a firm squeeze of her breast, a not so gentle pinch, or a downright rough tug on one of her nipples, brought another surge of ecstasy right behind it. When it finally subsided she wasn't sure she would be able to remain standing, but somehow she did, steadied by the hold she maintained on the cock she wanted so badly.

Thankfully, time outside of her euphoric bliss seemed to have stopped as well. She could still hear her mother's shower running. And, as soon as she was able to steady herself she loosened her grip and began enthusiastically working her father's shaft again.

Her other hand continued to gently massage her hypersensitive cunt, and his playfully caressed her tender breasts until his breathing became shallow and she felt the tell-tale twinges in his bulging member. Instinctively she increased the pace of her stroking, and waited excitedly for the eruption she knew was coming.

A flash of disappointment shot through her when he pulled his hand away from her chest and began to shift on the bed. But, when he rolled onto his side to point his pulsing cock at her exposed tummy, the disappointment disappeared just as quickly.

Fighting back the oncoming explosion, he propped himself up on one elbow and leaned closer to stare down the opening her hand created at the top of her sweatpants. Lauren shifted her arm into an awkward position to give her dad the best view possible of her hand as it worked her quivering pussy. He repaid her efforts with a grown as he pressed his hips forward towards her bare flesh. And, the first spasm pulsed through his cock.

Without thinking she drew her hand away from her dripping slit and stretched her pants and panties as far out as they would go, giving her dad a clear view of the her nearly hairless pussy.

He fought to keep his eyes open as the orgasm took control of his body. Barely stifling a groan, he arched his back bringing the throbbing head of his pole right next to her soft smooth skin as she directed it down towards her exposed snatch.

The first wad splashed forcefully against her skin at the top of her soft, fine mound. The hot cum barely had time to begin running down towards her slit when a second wad, every bit as big, was added on. Tightening her grip, she held her hand still as her dad pumped his cock into it. Each thrust was accompanied by a hoarse grunt and another hot sticky glob of cum. She lost count, but by the time he finally eased to a stop a pool of the steamy, white jiz filled the front of her panties past the top of her slit.

They both stared at the incestuous fluid, mesmerized, until the sound of the shower turning off snapped them out of the shameful trance.

Her panties made a hot, squish against her skin as she released her waistbands. With more coordination that she thought possible she wiped the head of her dad's cock against her bare tummy, cleaning away the last incriminating drops of cum that still oozed from its hole, while using her other hand to pull her shirt and bra back into place. The second she released his dick, her dad scrambled to cover himself and return to his feigned sleep.

As the shower door slid open, Lauren turn from the bed and moved towards the open bathroom door. She fought to keep her breath calm, and hoped her face wasn't as flush as the rest of her body felt, as she called out to her unsuspecting mom.

"I'm outta here, mom," she said with only the slightest break in her voice. "Alex is picking me up for school."

She almost choked a little when her mom commented on how "energized" she looked. And, she prayed her shirt was long enough to hide the warm wetness she could feel seeping into the front of her pants. Somehow, she managed to give her mother a quick kiss on the cheek and dart out of the room as the woman wrapped herself in a towel.

Her dad, of course, said nothing as she slipped out the bedroom door, but they had certainly moved to a completely different stage of their relationship. That thought, along with his hot cum soaking into her juicy cunt, sent new shivers of anticipation up her spine as she ran down stairs and out to her boyfriend's car.

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