tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOffice Fantasy to Reality

Office Fantasy to Reality


The following story is fictional. It is NOT based on anything other than actual feedback requests and a strong imagination. As the author, I intend to make you think, feel, and enjoy the story. I look forward to your responses – Sara, this is for you!!!


I have been an author on Lit for a short period of time, submitting a variety of stories to the site. Luckily, I had been fortunate enough to have been well received. Feedback, the lifeline of author’s, was typical for the types of stories submitted.

On the plus side, reading stories submitted by other authors also broadened my perspective of the types of sexual exploits occurring in every day life. Fascinated, I read other authors voraciously. I want to be the best, accepted by readers as one they look to for good, well written stories, material that will excite and arouse both male and female readers.

On the negative side, involvement in the site created many, many fantasies for me. I think it can be considered perpetual chubbing! Good for the libido, however, my balls continue to work overtime. The need to generate cum, lots and lots of cum, has increased proportionately with the amount of reading. Lesbian sex, group sex, erotic couplings, non-consent, and incest/taboo all have a core of authors that will bring Jasper his full proportions. My mind has broadened, my desires expanded, each allowing many more thoughts to cross my one track mind. Sex, plenty of sex, my cock buried in a soft, yielding cunt occupies my existence.

At work, I look at each of my subordinates in a different light. Do they know about such sites as this? Do they actively read stories submitted? Do they play sex games? Do they fuck like banchees outside of the office? Was that glance from Sara a look of lust, frustration, or something else?

Sara. God damn Sara is hot! Tall, average yet firm body, she crosses my mind many times a day. She works for me, a single mom. Bright, witty, she catches the focus of many horny males around here. She brushes aside most of the subtle advances. I have had to talk to the office bore, the guy who believes his cock is wanted by all the ladies. One infraction that surfaces, he is history. I apply my companies conduct code explicitly! No deviation, no infractions are tolerated. One slightest infraction, you are history.

It’s Friday. All week I have seen Sara. I smell her daily. Breezing by me, her scent catches my nose. I turn and watch her walk away. She has by far, the nicest ass of any lady I have seen in many a moon. She always wears tight, knit type clothes, clinging to her form. And short, mid thigh length. A runner, her legs go all the way up to her perfect ass. And living in a warm climate, she does not wear nylons. The tan, the look is natural. I groan under my breath.

I return to my office, adjust my growing cock. I close the door, close my eyes. Sara, my fuck slut, come into my office. I got 9 ½ inches that wants to fuck your perfect ass I imagine telling her. Bend over bitch. Tell me you want my cock bitch. She quickly bends over the desk, hiking her dress above her ass, drops her panties, opening her amazing cunt to me for my massive cock. It glistens with her juices. Do me boss man she screams at me. I want your fucking cock. Make me your slut. Fuck me hard big man! Oh shit, I creamed my pants. I grab a tissue and quickly try to get the come out of my shorts before I have wet spots on my dockers. God damn. God damn it!

Oh baby what I could do to her. I wonder if my cum puts a smell in the air. I want her to smell it, to know what a sexual animal I am, cumming in the office. I will bring her in for a quick meeting. I go to my office door, and request Sara to come into my office.

I join her in the chairs in front of my desk. She sits so conservatively. Legs tight together, crossed at the ankles. I lean forward in my chair, listening to her every word as we discuss the major marketing project she has responsibility to complete. It’s due Wednesday next week. She feels like more time is needed.

“No Sara, we will not miss the deadline! A lot is riding on this. Your performance is in question,” I tell her. “Do what is necessary! If you need to work tomorrow, I will come in and assist you.” I continue. “But, not under any circumstances are you to miss the deadline!” I add emphatically.

“Ok boss man,” she demurely replies. “I will be here in the morning, ready and willing to do what it takes,” she adds.

“Thanks Sara,” I respond to her. “I will see you then.”

She stands to leave. I was going to stand, but my cock has risen, tenting my pants down the left leg side. I know she notices. “Oh my,” she says as she turns to leave my office. But her gaze continued to stay on my crotch.

My mind races. Did she mean anything by saying “ready and willing to do what it takes” I wondered. Did her unwavering stare at my crotch indicate she wanted me to make advances? I stroked my cock through my dockers softly.

Getting home that evening, the kids in bed early, I cornered my wife in the living room. I reached directly for her tits, massaging them roughly, squeezing the nipples hard between my thumb and fingers. I imagined it was Sara. I pulled my sweats down, freeing Jasper from his confines. I pulled the wife’s mouth down on my cock, and started fucking her face. Eyes closed, I pictured Sara doing me, sucking my big cock, pushing it down her throat hard, hips thrusting fast. I came quickly into my wife’s mouth. I had not even played with her, just fucked her face. I drug her off to bed to do her properly. All evening, eating her pussy, fingering her cunt, reaming her ass, I focused on Sara. Sara wanted this I imagined. I fucked her royally, hard. No mercy, just raunchy sex, drilling the bitch repeatedly.

Saturday morning could not get her fast enough. I awoke with a massive hard-on. Come on bitch I thought, come get my big cock. You want this. Yeah baby, come and get it. I stroked him hard. Getting dressed, I threw on a pair of shorts and polo shirt. Causal, but appropriate for the weekend in a warm climate. I continued to think about Sara. And only Sara. God damn, I wanted to fuck the bitch. My thoughts kept me in a condition with a constant woody.

By the time I got to the office, I could have fucked a post if it had a soft hole in it. I waited for Sara to arrive and begin work. Shortly, she arrived. I ignored her at first. Did not want to pounce on her the minute she arrived. She soon came into my office with materials for discussion. Again, I went to the conference table to join her. I could not help but stare. Dressed in a pair of short shorts, sandals, and a spaghetti strap tank top with no bra, she looked edible. I stared, my cock growing larger. To my surprise, he grew down my leg. Quickly, his head was peeking out just at the bottom of my shorts. I crossed my leg in a figure-4, with my ankle resting on my other knee, opening the leg of my shorts even more. I could feel the air on my balls as well, so I assumed that he and they were available for view.

“Boss,” Sara gasped. She turned her head away, stood to leave.

“Hold on bitch,” I said as I jumped to grab her arm. “You want me woman! You want my cock buried in your wet cunt!” I continued. I pulled her to me hard, pinning her arms against her sides. I kissed her roughly, forcing my tongue into her mouth. Locking her arms behind her back, my free hand grabbed her tit and massaged it hard. “Yeah baby, you like me to squeeze your tits huh bitch. I love how big your tits are Sara. Come on cunt, get wet for me. I am going to fuck your sweet pussy hard.” I exclaimed.

“Boss, NO!” shouted Sara. I pulled her down to the floor, pinning her body down with mine. My leg crossed her pubic area. I ground my thigh into her mound. She had to feel my cock grinding on her as well. It was good! Rolling to the side, one of her arms was pinned beneath my back, the other held by the wrist, my arm behind her neck. Nothing she could do could stop me from assaulting her tits. I pulled her tank top up, exposing both tits to my view.

“Nice tits bitch!” I said. I leaned to suck a hard nipple into my mouth. I nipped at the little bud. It was stiff, reacting to my touch and sucking. Sara squirmed. I sucked a big mouthful of her breast into my mouth.

“Jim, God damn you! Stop this now. I don’t want this” Sara screamed at me.

“Shut you fucking mouth. You are going to enjoy this! You are going to be my fucking sex slave bitch. If I want to fuck you, you bend over. If I want a blow job, you open your god damned mouth bitch. Understand me?” I told her. I held her by the chin tightly. A tear escaped her eye, running down toward her ear. I wiped it away gently.

I leaned to kiss her softly. She stiffened slightly. My hand slid down her body, covering her tit again. I pulled on the nipple, rolling it between my thumb and finger. I leaned to suck the other nipple in my mouth. I raked my teeth over her nipple, nipping the firm bud. I blew cool air across her nipple. It stiffened, showing goose bumps on the areola. I flicked my fingertip quickly back and forth across her nipple. She squirmed hard beneath me.

I slid my hand down her torso. Pushing her stomach down, I slipped my fingers under the waistband of her shorts and panties. I slid downwards, feeling the softness of her silky pubic hair. I played momentarily, sliding my fingers back and forth through her hair quickly. I slid my fingers down further. Sara crossed her legs together tightly. I reached the top of her womanhood. I could feel the lips pushed tightly together. I snaked a fingertip into her folds. It found wetness. I am justified. She really wants me to fuck her.

“See bitch, you’re wet!” I said. “Open your legs now,” I continued firmly.

“Get off me Jim!” Sara wept. “Stop this now!”

I grabbed her cunt lips between my thumb and finger, pinching hard. “Open your legs!” I growled at her. She hesitated. I pinched harder.

“Ouch, you hurt me!” wimpered Sara.

“Then open your legs! I want to finger fuck your wet cunt!” I whispered at her.

Sara glared at me. “Don’t do this Jim,” she repeated. “Please don’t do this to me,” she continued.

Ignoring her pleas, I slid my finger down her cunt, feeling the wetness pouring from her body. I found her hole, and quickly slid my fingertip into her body. She gasped, surprised at my penetration of her body. I forced my finger deeper, retreated, and jammed it entirely into her wet cunt.

“Sara, you have a soft, wet cunt for me,” I whispered to her. I licked her lips, again kissing her firmly as I continued to repeatedly jam my finger back and forth in her wet cunt. Suddenly, I added a second finger. Her body arched, her breath exhaled her body. Her eyes were closed tightly, her face frozen in that moment. Not sure whether it was good or bad, I slowed the speed of my strokes into her cunt. I stopped penetrating her cunt.

“Now cunt, I am going to make you cum. I want you to focus on my fingers, my stroking your clit, my teasing of your cunt. I want you to feel me slide my fingers down to your ass, rimming your back hole. Anticipate my penetration of this hole as well,” I told her. She struggled again. I held her firmly.

I slowly, deliberately began to massage her clit. Brushing my fingertip across her clit, I could feel her labia fully engorged, protecting the center of her sex. I flicked it back and forth quickly, lightly. I would dip my finger into her hole, gather her wetness and spread it over her clit. Wet, slick, my finger moved easily over her button. Her breathing started to change. She began to labor, her breath becoming raspy. Her body was betraying her mind. Just that quickly, her legs clamped tightly together.

“No!” Stop this Jim!” Sara yelled, glaring at me, looking for mercy. “I don’t” she trailed off.

I jammed my fingers deep into her wet cunt. I fucked her hard, pounding in and out of her cunt. She held her breath. My fingers were soaked with her juices. I began to stroke her clit, sliding a finger back and forth across it quickly, firmly. Her hips bucked, betraying again her body’s desires.

I raised my body slightly, allowing her arm under me to get free. “Grab my cock Sara,” I commanded her. She did not move. I shoved my fingers deep again. She did not respond to my order. “Grab my cock bitch!” I told her. I withdrew my fingers, grabbing her chin, looked deeply into her eyes. “I don’t want to hurt you Sara, but I am going to fuck you soon. I can make it easy or hard, your choice,” I continued.

An eternity passed. I stroked her lips with my juice soaked fingers. I pushed my fingertip into her mouth, allowing her to taste her own juices. I leaned to lick my fingers, my tongue playing with her lips as well. Slowly, deliberately, her hand slid to my crotch, her fingers slowly wrapping themselves around my cock. She pumped it slowly. I reached back to her cunt, spreading her lips, I restarted my assault on her clit.

“Focus solely on your clit Sara,” I whispered quietly. “I am going to make you cum, make your body yield to me, make your body scream for release bitch,” I continued. “Feel me rub your clit! Feel me flick the clit back and forth! Feel it, focus on it.” I said gently.

“Oh God yes,” she whispered.

“Shhh, focus on your clit. Feel me massage it! Feel your need to cum for me! Cum for me Sara! I want you to cum for me!” I whispered.

“Please don’t do this,” Sara refocused. I jammed my fingers into her cunt, pounded her hole quickly. Her body arched, her hand tightened on my cock. She stroked me hard.

“Jesus fucking Christ” she exclaimed. I continued to stroke her clit, increasing my speed and pressure on her bud. Suddenly, without warning, her hips bucked, she exploded into an orgasm, arching her body high off the floor. “Oh shit no I cumming!” she grunted.

I buried my fingers deep into her cunt and pounded out several deep strokes. Hesitating, I withdrew my fingers, moved my hand downwards, and drove my thumb deep into her cunt. Closing my hand, I was able to squeeze her cunt and ass together. I found her asshole, brought my middle finger to her tight hole, pressed gently. Her body froze in mid air.

“Anticipate me popping my finger in your ass baby,” I huskily whispered to her. I pressed my fingertip harder against her hole. Her hips arched to meet my fingertip. I pressed again, this time my fingertip penetrated her body, her asshole squeezing my finger tightly. She stopped breathing, grunting loudly.

“Oh fuck Jim,” she grunted. “God don’t do this,” again she stated. Her body begged for more. I drove my finger in her ass hard. I could feel my thumb pressing deep into her cunt. I started stroking both quickly, in and out of her holes. Her hips thrust piston like, off my thumb and finger, then rapidly back to suck both back into her body. I pushed my digits hard into her body, deep and stopped movement. I pulled my torso down her body.

“Feel me fuck your body bitch? I am going to suck your cunt! I want you to cum on my face while I fuck your body with my hand,” I told her. I pushed my face into her cunt. I sucked her clit into my mouth, biting her extended flesh between my teeth. Her body arched high. I sucked harder. Her hands reached to the back of my head, pulling me tighter into her cunt. She tasted wonderful.

I needed my cock sucked. I swung my body around, driving my cock toward her face. I reached my hand down, grabbing my cock. I aimed it at her mouth. “Suck my cock Sara,” I commanded her. “Suck it down your throat!” I hammered her cunt and ass for 2 or 3 hard pumps. Her mouth opened, I shoved my cock into her open mouth. I pushed hard, impaling her face on my cock. I drove it deep, gagging her slightly. “Don’t puke on me bitch! Suck my cock!” again I told her. She reached one hand to my hip, the other grabbed the base of my cock. With a tear in her eye, she pulled my cock even deeper in her mouth and throat. I started fucking her face. I again leaned to her cunt, sucking her clit into my mouth. I started pumping my thumb and finger in and out of her holes while sucking on her clit, licking her slit, and joining my thumb, licked around the cunt hole. I loved eating her pussy.

Her body started humping, little, light humps against my face. Her hips arched, opening for my tongue. She was groaning deeply. I could feel her jam my cock deep into her throat, tickling my balls with her lips while deep on my cock. Her hip thrusts gained intensity, pounding up, thrashing down. Sara lost control of her cunt. Its’ need for orgasm exceeded her need for freedom. Suddenly, hips thrust up against my mouth, she flopped down on the carpet, little tiny humps, fast quivers verified her orgasm. With abandon, she sucked my cock deeper.

I wasn’t going to cum in her mouth. I wanted her sweet cunt. I wanted to fuck my little bitch hard. I wanted her doggie style. I did not want carpet burns. Pulling off her cunt, I watched her suck my cock.

“Bitch, I am going to fuck you now. I want you to lay on your stomach on my desk, bent over at the waist on the end of my desk. Open your cunt to me baby,” I whispered. “I am going to fuck you hard!”

I pulled my thumb and finger out of her holes, pulled my cock from her mouth. Standing quickly, I grabbed her by the arm, lifting her just as quickly. I pulled her to my desk, forced her to bend at the waist over the edge of my desk. Grabbing a handful of hair at the nape of her neck and pushing her flat on my desk, I stepped behind her, lifting my cock toward her ass. As I stepped close to her, I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her wet slit. Finding her hole, I pushed forward hard. He sunk in deep on the first stroke. I withdrew entirely, noticing how her juices made him slick. I pushed forward again with greater urgency. I wiggled my ass, driving my cock deep. My hips slammed against her ass. He was balls deep in her wet, tight cunt.

“How does that feel cunt?” I grunted at her. “Baby, God your cunt feels good!” I started rapid, full length strokes into her wet cunt. Releasing her hair, I grabbed both hips, pulling myself even tighter against her ass. Furiously, I hammered her cunt with my cock. Oblivious to everything but her cunt, I fucked her hard. Stroke after stroke pounded her flesh. I wanted to make it hard for her to walk. I wanted to drive my cum deep into her pussy. I could feel my nuts churning cum. Sara reached over her head, her hands grabbing at my desk, fingernails scratching my desk without leaving trails. I hammered her hard.

“Ok bitch. I am ready to cum,” I told her louldly. “Feel my cum fill your cunt,” I grunted at her. Pulling myself tight against her body, I started cumming. I ground my cock deeper, her ass cheeks flat against my hips. I started hard, deep, short stroke penetrations, fast, furious speed. As he emptied, I lay on her ass and back. My breathing was deep, short breaths. Hers’ matched mine.

“Listen to me Sara. From now on, you will be my fuck toy, my slut bitch. Anytime I want you, you will come to me. You will do want I ask!” I whispered to her. “Do you understand me Sara? No discussion, no denying me!” I continued. I stood over her again, my cock deflating but still in her cunt. I reached to her ass, inserting the tip of my thumb into her ass gently. Sara gasped for air. I slapped her cheek hard with my other hand. Quickly, I pushed my thumb deeper in her ass and ground my hips against her cheeks, driving my limp dick further into her cunt.

“Great fuck Sara!” I told her removing my thumb. “We have lots left to do,” I continued leaning over her, jamming my limp dick into her again. I kissed the back of her neck. I stood, withdrew my wet cock from her cunt. A thread of cum and her juices strung between us. Laughing, I moved to my desk chair.

“Sara, come over here and lick me clean,” I said. A reluctant look crossed her face. “Bitch, I want you to suck my cock into your mouth and lick my balls,” I continued. Sara pushed herself up from my desk, stood with a grunt, but moved to me. Getting down on her knees between my legs, she reached for my flaccid cock. Gently, she licked its’ head, and sucked me deep into her mouth.

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