Office Hours


Sarah was nervous about meeting with her T.A. She hadn’t been doing well in English all semester—not because she wasn’t good at it, but because various personal problems had been distracting her and causing her work to suffer. Her idiot of a boyfriend had slept around with, of all things, a high school girl (though Sarah was only a college freshman herself, she already looked down on the “kids” at her old school), her alcoholic mother just had another violent bout and was in rehab, and her creepy step-dad was already giving her lewd looks every time she came home. Now she was afraid that she might be failing. She had never failed a class before, much less in English, her favorite subject. The shame would almost kill her, but her parents, especially her real father, surely would. They were already unhappy that she was “wasting” her $30,000 a year education to major in English and Dance rather than, as they’d hoped, in pre-law or business. If she came home with an “F” in English they’d surely make her switch majors, or worse, leave school altogether and go to work for her dad’s business.

So, whatever happened, she had to pass. That’s what was in her mind the whole time she was writing that damned term paper…and ultimately, that’s what led her to do what she had done. She heard from another girl in her sorority house that the older sisters kept a stash of ‘A’ papers from various classes that they could “look at” if they were having trouble. Of course, Sarah ended up doing more than looking. She found a great paper on lesbian imagery in “The Awakening”, written by a junior several years ago, and figured that her young male teaching assistant would really get off on it, especially coming from a cute, sassy freshman like herself. He’d probably splooge all over himself just reading it and thinking of her! And, of course, he’d give her a good grade. Since it was from a different class with a different professor, she figured she’d be safe turning it in.

Now she was beginning to have doubts. What if someone else had turned in the same paper? What if the original author had just gotten it on-line to begin with, and the T.A. or the professor had run it through some of that new software that searches for plagiarism? “God, how am I going to answer him if he asks me about it—I don’t even remember the argument very well!” she thought fearfully. When Jeff, her T. A., had asked her to come see him in office hours today, she thought she sensed something a little serious and stern in his voice. Jeff was usually so playful and friendly in class—always joking and teasing his students, while still getting them to think about the books that she (usually) read with great interest. She actually kind of liked him, and thought he wasn’t bad looking, though he seemed old enough to be her step-dad (who was admittedly pretty young at 35), or at least an older brother. But if he’d caught her cheating, she doubted that he’d be acting very brotherly.

Sarah arrived at Jeff’s office on time, but thankfully, the door was closed and it sounded like there was another student inside. Maybe if she just waited a couple of minutes and left, she could say that she thought he wasn’t there. That would at least give her some time to go look at the paper again and come up with a story. As she waited, she heard some muffled noises inside that sounded either like someone laughing or sobbing, she couldn’t tell which. Jesus, she hoped they were laughing, and that it wasn’t “catch-the-cheaters” day! In any case, she didn’t want to stick around to find out. Just as she was turning to leave, the office door swung open. “Damn!” she though, “not fast enough!”

Stepping out of the office was her friend and sorority sister, Allison. Her face was red, and it wasn’t clear whether she looked happy or sad, only momentarily startled to see Sarah standing there with her eyes wide and worried. “Oh, Sarah!…I didn’t know you were out here…” Allison gave her a sheepish and anxious look, but before Sarah could ask what was up, she blurted, “I think you’re next…I gotta go, but…um…I’ll talk to you later, okay?” With that and another anxious glance, Allison scurried off down the hall and around a corner. “Oh shit.” thought Sarah. “What was that about?” Was Allison trying to tell her something, or trying to not tell her something? Allison was the only other person that knew Sarah had cheated on her paper, and that look didn’t bode well. “If that bitch squealed on me, I’ll fucking kill her!, “ Sarah thought. That is, if she didn’t get killed first…

“Sarah?” It was Jeff’s voice coming from inside the office door. “Come on in, Sarah. And shut the door. I want to speak to you in private for a minute.”

Fuck! That was it. She was in for it now. Sarah went in slowly, and closed the door regretfully behind her. It sounded like a prison gate slamming shut.

“Okay, Sarah, sit down and lets have a talk.” Jeff began. “Do you know why you’re here?”

“Um…I’m not sure…I guess it’s about my paper?”

“Yeah…I kind of need to ask you a few questions…is that okay?”

“Er…okay…yeah sure…I guess…like what?”

“Well, to begin with…where’d you get it?

Nailed! She knew it! That fucking cunt told on her! And now she was going to fail, and have to quit school, and work for her god-damned father and….Tears started to well up in Sarah’s eyes as she said, “Wh…what do you mean?”

“C’mon Sarah…don’t lie to me…I already know that you stole this paper.”

There was no escape. Sarah’s face turned red and hot, and she looked down to avoid Jeff’s disapproving eyes. Was it even worth trying to deny it? Was he just bluffing because of something Allison had said? Did he really know? The look in his eyes was doubtful, yet intent. He didn’t look angry, just…sad.

“I…I…didn’t…I mean…I wasn’t trying to…I just…I’m sorry…”

She couldn’t do it. She couldn’t get the lie out. Not with his disappointed, yet sympathetic eyes staring right through her. Sarah burst into tears—silent and quivering, but clearly guilty.

“Sarah…listen…you have to understand that this is serious…you could fail the class for this…and I’m required to report it to the professor and the Dean…they could kick you out of school for plagiarism…”

Now Sarah was choking back sobs. “I’m sorry…I didn’t want to cheat…I just couldn’t do it right now…there’s so much shit happening and I couldn’t make it in time and…{sob}…I’m sorry…

“Shh…shh…sweetheart, calm down.” Jeff had moved around from his side of the desk and was now sitting beside her with one hand on her shoulder, the other holding the guilty document. “Don’t cry…I think we can work something out.”

“What do you mean?” Sarah stopped short in her crying and looked at him questioningly. “Do you want me to redo it? I will. I’ll do it right. I promise. Thank you so much…I swear I won’t cheat again…I’ll…”

“Shh…No, Sarah….I don’t want you to re-write it…I had something else in mind...”

The look in Jeff’s eyes had gone from angry to disappointed to sympathetic…but now even that had changed to…to what?…amusement?…no…oh, God….Sarah recognized that look! She’d seen it enough times from other guys, especially her creepy step-dad. Lust. Pure and simple, filthy lust. She should have known! She’d heard stories about T.A.s blackmailing their students into sex, but she thought those were just typical college legends. No one really had the gaul to do that. But here it was, staring her hotly in the face. Suddenly, all of Jeff’s previous friendliness and charmingly irreverent classroom humor just made her skin crawl as she got a chance to see how he really thought about his students.

“You fucking bastard…how dare…Agh!”, Sarah screeched as she felt her head pulled sharply back by the roots of her long reddish-brown hair, hard enough to bend her neck painfully over the back of the chair she was sitting in. At the same time, Jeff’s free hand flashed up and caught her squarely across the mouth with a sharp “Whap!”, momentarily shocking her into a stunned silence. “Quiet, little girl! Just shut up and be still!” Sarah was horrified and trembling with fear now. Was this guy some kind of psychopath? Was he going to hurt her, or worse? What should she do—scream, fight, run? Her eyes darted from side to side, looking for some means of escape, but strangely (and maybe luckily for her) she obeyed Jeff’s fierce command to keep quiet.

“Now you listen to me,” Jeff said menacingly, “I’ve got your college career right here in my hand, and you know it! Now we can work out a deal that will be nice for both of us, or I can go to the Dean with hard evidence in my hand, while you show up with some obviously desperate story about how your T.A. tried to blackmail you. Who do you think they’ll believe? Especially, when your “sister”, Allison, tells them how you planned the whole thing?”

She stared at him wide-eyed and quivering with rage and fear. Was this some sick joke or nightmare? No, it was real…and her first response was to lash out at him. But she heard his words, and knew that he was right. That fucking whore Allison! Why was she doing this? What did he have on her that would make her turn on a sworn sister that way? What had Sarah ever done to her? (Well, besides blowing Allison’s boyfriend once at a party when she was out of town…but Ally never knew about that…did she?). She desperately thought about running to the professor and telling him the whole story, including the part about Allison’s filthy betrayal. But what evidence did she have? Anything she said from this point on would just look like an attempt to get out of the trouble she was in. Was it worth the added shame and turmoil of a futile protest just to avoid…avoid what? What exactly did Jeff want? At that moment, Sarah made the fateful decision to hear him out and see what would happen…


Jeff sensed that he had Sarah’s attention, and since she wasn’t making any move for the door or for his eyes, he figured that she was ready to negotiate. He released his grip on her hair, but kept his hand firmly clinched on the back of her neck to let her know who was in charge. He smiled lustily as she eased her sweet young ass back into the seat and glared at him with trembling submission. This is the way Jeff liked his girls—young, smart, pretty, and spoiled, but also in his grip, ready to do as he demanded. He had always enjoyed taking advantage of the young high-school girls that he tutored part-time on weekends—and who could always be counted on to fuck up in some way that they didn’t want their parents to know about (like the girl who dropped a bag of ecstasy from her satchel right at his feet!)—but this was the first time he’d gotten the drop on one of his college kids.

Sarah was definitely a prize—the kind of student every T.A. loved to fantasize about. The one you gave special attention to, invited to your “extra” office hours at the coffee-shop, or wrote flirty little notes to in the margins of their papers. But Jeff never expected to have the opportunity to get her in this position (literally). Sarah was too legitimately smart to be cheating, and when her sorority sister Allison squealed on her (for reasons Jeff couldn’t even begin to fathom, but didn’t care about at the moment), he almost refused to believe it. But some relatively easy on-line searching had sure enough turned up an identical paper to the one Sarah had turned in! It didn’t take Jeff long to realize what a fantastic opportunity this was. He figured that if a student like Sarah was desperate enough to cheat, she’d definitely be willing to do whatever it took to keep it quiet. And now Jeff was going to reap the rewards of her desperation!

“Okay, hon, here’s the deal…” he began in friendly and businesslike tones (there was no need to be threatening anymore, after all), “There are still eight weeks left in the semester, and you need to do well on every assignment in order to pass…but I know you Sarah, and ‘passing’ isn’t going to be enough is it?” He paused for a response, but took her grimace as a “yes, you bastard.” “So here’s what I’ll do: every week, you’ll come to both of my office hours to turn in your assignments, and you’ll be given ‘extra credit’ for the hour that you spend here being ‘tutored’. Do you understand?” This time he needed an answer, so he took another handful of hair and repeated, “Do you understand?!”

“Y-yes! I understand!” Sarah said painfully, the tears welling up again in her angry eyes. “Whatever you want…just don’t fail me…”

“Well, that’ll depend on how well you perform. There’s an ‘A’ blowjob and an ‘F’ blowjob, and I expect all ‘A’s from you sweetie, because I think you’ve got what it takes!” he said, touching her lower lip with his left thumb and inserting it part-way into her mouth. Sarah got the hint, and obliged by giving his thumb a light lick and sucking it seductively through her soft, red lips. “That’s my girl…”

“Now…” he began again in business-like terms, “ for your ‘final exam’, you’ll come by my apartment on Friday of the last week of class…” Here’s where it gets good, Jeff thought to himself. “You’ll bring an overnight bag with enough stuff to spend the weekend, as well as a few ‘school supplies’ that I’ll list for you, and that you’ll have to get down at the ‘Tabou Taboo’ lingerie store…” Oh yeah, it was going to be fun picking out things for this sweet young thing to have to purchase in public! “You can tell your friends and family that you’re locking yourself away for the weekend to study for finals…but instead, you’re going to be learning a new subject…starting with this!”

Jeff stood up in front of Sarah and straddled her legs across the chair she was sitting in. Then he quickly unbuckled his pants, reached inside, and whipped out his already firm and meaty eight-inch dick. Holding it with one hand, he waved it suggestively in front of her face, and with the other hand, gently stroked her hair back and pulled just enough to raise her eyes up to his. There was pure hatred in them…and fear…as well as a sneer of disgust on her lips. “That’s fine,” Jeff thought, “I don’t care if she hates it, as long as she does it!” He touched the head of his now throbbing cock to her lips. “Suck it, Sarah…your lessons start today.”


Sarah was burning with rage and embarrassment now. How had this happened? A solid student from a good family, beautiful, smart, and popular, with lots of friends and a good future…she was supposed to be having the time of her life, and getting the best education money could buy! Now she was here in some dingy graduate student office, humiliated beyond measure, and about to suck some sick bastard’s cock just to keep from being even more humiliated! But what else could she do?

Sarah opened her mouth and took Jeff’s probing member between her lips. She’d only done this a couple of times with her boyfriend…and once, long ago, for that monster of a stepfather who never let her forget how much he’d enjoyed it, and wanted to again. She swore that she’d never service a man by force again, but now here she was, playing the submissive cock-slut for another monster—this time, one she’d actually trusted and admired. She’d never make that mistake again!

Right now, though, she had to concentrate on not making any mistakes with the hard, fleshy rod in her mouth. Sarah began slowly, with a hesitant flick of her tongue…but then finding that it didn’t feel or taste as bad as she expected, she swirled her tongue around the head with a little more vigor. Jeff was clearly enjoying the humiliation and rage that must have been on her face, but he was anxious for more. “C’mon, you little slut, suck that head, don’t just lick it!” he demanded as he pulled her head forward and shoved his cock deeper into her open mouth. Sarah had to push back with her tongue just to keep him from hitting the back of her throat and gagging her, but that warm pressure under his dick seemed to be exactly what he wanted. “Oh yeah, baby, use that tongue….give me a nice tight hole to fuck…” With that, he began to grind back and forth with his hips while pulling the back of her head to meet his thrusts. Sarah kept her tongue locked under the shaft but loosened her lips slightly to allow it to slide easily back and forth. Thankfully, she began to salivate heavily while Jeff worked his cock in and out, giving some lubrication to the face-fucking that she was receiving.

Sarah had no idea how long this went on. Time seemed to stand still as Jeff bucked and rammed his way down her young and inexperienced throat. “Jesus!” she thought, “When is he going to stop?!” Spit and pre-cum dribbled out from around the edges of her lips, and her throat began to burn from the pounding it was receiving, but Jeff didn’t let up. He was going faster now and grunting with each plunge. “Oh please, just don’t let him cum in my m…mffff!…mnghhh!” Too late! Jeff’s load exploded suddenly onto Sarah’s tongue and drowned the back of her mouth in thick, hot fluid. Jeff groaned with pleasure and held her tightly by the back of the head so that she couldn’t draw back. He released three long spurts while Sarah’s tongue thrashed and her throat constricted against the flood of semen that nevertheless found its way down her esophagus and coated the inside of her cheeks. “Mmmm! Mmmfff!” she tried to scream, to beg, for him to let go, and allow her a breath of air, but Jeff held firm until the last glob of splooge dribbled out of head of his cock.

Finally, though, he drew back and out of her mouth. Sarah instinctively swallowed in an effort to breath, and felt a thick, slimy wad of cum slither down her throat like a hocked-up lugie. She almost threw up on the spot, but somehow managed to fend off the disgusting sensation. She dropped her head and gasped for air as Jeff continued to stand over her and stroke his spent cock above her. She felt one final strand of cum drop down onto her forhead and run down the side of her nose. “He just couldn’t resist one last humiliation could he, the asshole!”

Jeff let out a sigh of relief, and wiped his still-sticky cock on Sarah’s soft auburn-colored hair. “Oh yes,” he said, “that was well worth the wait!…You’re off to a good start, honey….” Jeff felt satisfied with himself and his day’s work. A hot young coed had just serviced him like a whore—and this was just the beginning! What would her parents think if they could see their little darling slurping cum for grades at school? The thought made him giggle. Fucking rich bastards! Here’s where your tuition money goes!

He stepped back and stuffed his flaccid dick back into his pants, zipped up, and went back around to his desk chair and sat down as if nothing had happened. Sarah was wiping her sticky face with the sleeve of her shirt, and sobbing quietly in her chair. She belonged to him now. For the rest of the quarter, she was his bitch, and he liked it that way. He had a lot of “creative assignments” in store for her, but for now, he was done. “Ok, sweetheart,” he said in his old kind and friendly voice, “you can go now. See you at the next office hour!”

Sarah stood up and slinked out of his office, still sobbing, but pausing to check the hours posted on his door…

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