tagGroup SexOffice Party

Office Party

byPeter Duncan©

The party was almost too much for Maggie to believe. She'd fantasized such a gathering many times but never expected it to come to pass. After her husband left each of her four friends, whom she had met at the office, had become intimate with her on an individual basis.

Tony was the first who, when her husband had left her for another woman, consoled her. She was hurting, doubted her allure as a female, and it was easy for Tony to coax her into kissing, caressing (letting him finger-fuck her) and sucking his cock in the car...the first time she had ever tasted a man's cum—and she liked it.

Her husband, Peter, was prudish about his ejaculations, always pulling his cock out of her mouth, telling her it was right to cum only inside her pussy. Once, when she'd persisted on sucking him to ejaculation he pushed her away in time to spurt on her face, then took her into the bathroom, made her look into the mirror and called her a slut.

When Tony came in her mouth that day her excitement was so great that she experienced an intense orgasm. It embarrassed her when she left a puddle on the car's leather seat, but Tony made her feel better, and wanting him more, when he licked the puddle, then kissed her. After thinking about it that night the guilt she felt about sucking Tony's cock turned to wonder, then intense desire, which caused her to masturbate so many times that her clitoris was sore the next morning.

That day she coaxed Tony back into a dark recess of the warehouse and sucked him off again. Sucking his cock and having his cum spurt into her mouth fed an intense need for oral gratification that had become an increasing obsession over the 7 1/2 years of her marriage. She was like a person who traveled the desert in search of water. Her mirage was the expanse of her husbands cock, spurting its white liquid on her swollen tongue.

Maggie, hurt that her husband had left her for another woman, was starved for affection. She needed to experience a man in everyway possible and Tony, who wasn't married, accommodated her by spending every night of the next week at her apartment. She loved the taste of his cum...loved it when he spurted over her face, going into the bathroom to admire what she considered the 'beauty' of it, licking off as much as she could with her tongue and then wiping the rest with her fingers and hand, which she licked dry. She vowed that, having denied herself true sexual satisfaction through her previous devotion and intense loyalty to her husband, she was going to fuck her brains out, and wanted to experience a new man, maybe even new men as often as she could.

When Tony realized that Maggie was too much for him alone he spread the word to his friends: Nick, Sean and Kevin. She had lunch with each of them, each time going to the same dark restaurant, sitting beside her new date in the same booth, with their backs to the restaurant. Not waiting for them to make the advance, she placed her hand on a knee, caressing up to the engorged cock. On the way back to the office, while her new friend drove, she gobbled his hard cock into sticky limpness.

After a while, Nick, Sean and Tony took turns spending nights with her. Kevin, who was married, used the excuse of his Saturday morning run to make his way to her apartment, which was less than half a mile from his house. To Maggie, because of the time constraints, his was the least satisfying sex of the four friends, but she loved adding his cum to her protein load. His cock was the largest of the four though, and the way it stretched her vaginal ring when he fucked her was a new and wonderful experience for her.

One night they all stopped for a drink. Maggie's appetite for sex and the rampant horniness of them all led to a discussion of a gangbang. It was Kevin who put forth the idea. His wife had just left with the children to visit relatives in Florida. He proposed that they all come over to his house on Saturday night. The guys thought it was cool. Maggie didn't flinch, just smiled, squeezed her legs against her pussy lips—compressing her clitoris—and experiencing a mini-orgasm.

They all went to dinner early Saturday evening. As intimate as they had all become, the conversation was sparse. None of the five had ever experienced any kind of group sex before. They were nervous, like kids at their first birthday party, anticipating spin the bottle, each was anxious to get through dinner so they could go to Kevin's house.

The basement recreation room was already set up for the party. Kevin helped Maggie off with her coat, then poured drinks, holding up his glass and saying, "To our first." They all held their glasses high and echoed, "To our first. "It didn't take long for things to warm up and soon they were all laughing. Maggie brought them all to laughter when she said, "What are we waiting for. I'm so horny I could fuck those bananas.

Tony took the lead and unbuttoned Maggie's dress, placing his hand on her breast and caressing it. Nick looked at her petite breasts, leaned down, and tickled her left breast with his beard, then kissed it.

Tony pulled her on her feet, kissed her, massaging her breast while Kevin pushed his head between Tony's legs, pulled her panties down and, with Nick, began playing with her pussy. Maggie was all aquiver, and experienced a mini-orgasm that caused her entire body to shudder like she had a chill.

For Maggie the experience was so deliciously wicked that she laughed and blurted out, "Fuck you Peter, and your piss poor sexual attitude!" which brought uproarious laughter from the male participants. She wished her ex-husband could see her now.

The four men stripped her; spread her legs and lifted into the air. She felt weightless as she smiled at Nick, who was spreading her pussy, and tickling her excited clitoris, while Kevin and Sean looked on. Maggie came again, gushing wetness on Nick's fingers, which he held to her mouth and let her suck.

They carried her up to the bedroom, laid her on the bed, and while Tony leaned down, kissing her and fingering her pussy, the three friends quickly stripped. Maggie was in heaven. While Tony kissed her passionately and rubbed her clitoris to another orgasm, she watched the three others, who were acting like teenagers, become naked to their skivvies. They laughed about who was going to eat her pussy first. Tony was still dressed, attending to her excited breasts circling them, pressing them, while manipulating her sensitive clitoris.

She had had the fantasy more than once, but never really thought it would come true. But here she was, drifting on an ecstatic cloud, one man kissing her, while stroking himself, one man licking her clitoris, his beard tickling her puffy labia, and one man licking her anus. She twitched and bucked into another orgasm. Her husband Peter never produced more than one, if that, and tonight she had already experienced four.

Maggie had the need to feel her pussy stretched. "Fuck me Kevin," she said, and commanded him to lie on his back on the bed, while she straddled him. She settled her sopping pussy on his tapered head and lowered herself, feeling his expanse opening her, stretching her ring. She bit her lip and took more of him inside, feeling him fill her as she impaled herself on his huge shaft.

Tony stood beside her on the bed balancing with one hand Maggie's shoulder. He began caressing her breast and she took his cock in her hand, stroking him to ecstasy. With Kevin's hands on her hips she wrapped her arm around Tony's leg and stroked him while riding the delicious carousel of Kevin's cock

She was in heaven, and to add to it Nick kneeled next to her head and offered his uncircumcised cock. She remembered the first time she had it in her mouth (in the car on the way back from lunch), and how wild it was to slide her tongue between his foreskin and his head, and how, when he came, she had an orgasm caused by the new and exciting feeling of licking cum out of his fold. God, she thought, here I am with three guys, a cock in my pussy, a cock in my mouth and a cock in my hand. The feeling was so overwhelming she came again, bucking against Sean, her ejaculate sagging down his balls.

"Fuck me like Peter did," she commanded Kevin. So using his shoulders as levers against her legs he fucked her fast and slappy, causing her to cum again. While Kevin was fucking her Tony held his cock in his hand and she took it into her mouth. Kevin wanted to fuck her doggie style, so he pulled out and she rolled over. This made it easier for her to suck Tony's cock while she caressed his balls.

Kevin rolled Maggie on her side, fucked her and caressed her breast as she continued to suck and jerk Tony's cock, taking it out of her mouth from time to time to admire the saliva coated head, and the vision of his loose skin sliding over his hardness.

After experiencing another hard orgasm Maggie yearned to taste Kevins cock, with her scent and wetness all over it. So Kevin laid down on the bed, Maggie reversed her position, lowered her pussy to Kevin's outstretched tongue and lavished in the feeling of such unbridled sex.

The ecstasy of going 69 with Kevin, his mouth covering her pussy, his tongue flapping wildly over her clit, his cock in her mouth, their hot skin melting together was driving her close to another orgasm. One cock in her mouth, with another in her hand, she was sucking, slobbering, humming muffled screams. She barely heard Kevin say from behind, "Go for it Nick."

His mouth came away and she felt the head of Nick's cock opening her. She pushed back hard taking all of him inside, and sucked Kevin faster and more sloppily, while jerking Tony slap, slap, slapping his abdomen with her fist. Bucking back and forth on Nick's cock, she wondered what Kevin was doing with Nicks balls raking back and forth over his face. I hope he's licking his balls, she thought before letting out the impassioned scream of her next orgasm.

Her husband had never caused orgasms, always putting his cock in long before she was ready, and cumming within a few strokes. The only orgasms she had before were caused by her own masturbations. She never experienced getting really wet until she sucked Tony's cock in the car the first time. When she left the puddle on his car seat, she thought she had peed her pants, but she had actually squirted. Tonight she had squirted a little, but now she felt a gush that leaked past the seal of Nick's cock in her pussy. She heard Kevin say, "Yum," his face still beneath Nick's balls and her cunt, and heard his lips smacking. But Nick didn't stop fucking her. His cock was making a noise that sounded like, "futch, futch, futch," something else new. She wondered if she would ever cum again, and wanted to stop, but didn't want to stop. Like a glutton at a wedding feast she needed more.

She sucked one cock, and then gobbled two, while Nick kept fucking her from behind. I'm a slut alright Peter, she thought, you asshole.

She heard Nick yell, "God!" and felt the warmth of his cum coating the inside of her vagina. He pumped a few more times then pulled out. She was disappointed, but forgot about Sean, who had been watching the whole scene, masturbating. He was there right behind Nick, and she felt his bulk slide in easily, and make slurpy, bubbly, "futching" sounds. She couldn't believe how wonderful her vagina felt, after already having three cocks fucking it. She had experienced each of those cocks singly before, but to have three cocks fucking her in the same night gave her a tremendous rush. She had wondered if she would ever cum again, and received the answer with another gushing orgasm that caused her to shriek, "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!"

She heard Sean cry out "Jesus, I'm gonna cum! But I want to see your face." So he pulled out, turned her over, raised her legs, and watched her face as he jerked himself off, shooting his cum over her pussy and anus. She was wet, wet from her own perspiration and the perspiration of her friends. She was sticky from their cum, smelled like sex (the combination of all their juices), and was not prepared for what happened next.

She watched Sean move away, and Kevin stand in his place, bending down as his face moved toward her pussy. Her eyes were wide as she saw the top of his head and felt his tongue licking her anus through Sean's cum, lapping the cum in the groove of her pussy, pressing his lips against her labia and blowing, filling her with air, then sucking out, collapsing her walls and expelling all of the cum into his mouth. With his mouth full of the mixture of Nick and Sean's cum he brought himself to her mouth, kissed her and, like a syringe, pumped the contents into her mouth. She didn't have the energy for a big orgasm, but she came, just the same, her body twitching, her vaginal ring pursing.

As was only fitting, Tony gave her the last tribute. He was the man who comforted her when she was low, the first man who's cum she had tasted, the first man who had ever eaten her pussy, the first man who had brought her to orgasm, and then many more. He realized that she was almost exhausted, but sensing she wanted it, offered his cock to her mouth. She sucked it, licked the underside in a loving manner, and licked the precum from his slit.

She remembered how her husband had castigated her and called her a slut that night when he came on her face. She knew that many would consider her a slut for being gangbanged, but they would never know how lovingly she had been treated by her friends. No-one called her nasty names, or treated her in anything but a comforting way on this night. She had lusted for the experience since their initial conversation, and loved what had happened, having orgasm after orgasm, until she could have no more, until she was so exhausted that she wanted to fall onto the bed and sleep. But more than that, she wanted Tony to cum on her face and call her 'beautiful.'

"Cum on my face Tony—please?" she begged. Tony had heard the story and had felt contempt for her husband. He thought he knew what she wanted and stroked his cock until his balls were tight. As his sperm spurted on Maggie's face he came with a satisfied, "Ahh," and then said,"Beautiful." She looked up into his face with tears welling her eyes, his white cum decorating her own face and heard him say, "You're beautiful Maggie."

She slumped to the bed and Tony kneeled and, with his fingertips, massaged the white aloe of his sex until it had disappeared into her pores. He kissed her eyelids, the tip of her nose, her chin and her incredibly softened lips. He knew she had a wonderful time, and was going to make sure that she would feel good about the experience. He was going to ask her to move in with him, and if she wanted to have sex with his friends he would allow it. He knew that she was now his woman.

He crawled into the bed next to her, put his arm under her neck and kissed and nuzzled her. "Goodnight fellas," he said. They gathered around, each kissing Maggie goodnight and telling her that she was beautiful, words she couldn't hear. Kevin was the last to leave the room. He paused by the door, said, "Wonderful, thanks for including me Tony," then turned out the light and shut the door.

Tony couldn't believe his good fortune. He had spent the night with his best friends in an incredible adventure. As he nuzzled the sleeping woman beside him his eyes became heavy. His free hand wandered down between Maggie's legs, which opened slightly, automatically, letting his hand in. His fingers tested the slipperiness of the cum that had remained and he coated it on her clitoris ever so gently. She moaned, and he knew that his touch was confirmation to this sleeping woman. He kissed her again, feeling the confirmation of her body, knowing that, as soon as her divorce was final, she was going to be his wife.

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