tagGroup SexPam's Party Hoe-Hoe-Hoe Down

Pam's Party Hoe-Hoe-Hoe Down


We were having a Christmas party at our house over the weekend. I work is a predominantly male industry so the there were 9 single guys and the 4 couples who joined us at the party. I was the designated bartender and food server and my wife was the designated host.

Most of the guys had centered themselves around the bar so I had plenty of company. As the liquor flowed the conversation turned raunchy as the guys started talking about their latest conquests and boasted about who was the best ladies man.

The house was decorated in typical Christmas style with a big tree fully decorated and Christmas lights all around the house making the house very bright. We had a full village with lighted houses and businesses and the skating rink with the moving skaters and a carousel that played music when it moved. We also had 4 bunches of mistletoe stuck up around the house to finish off the festive decorations.

At first it was just the couples that would work their way under the mistletoe so that they could kiss without anybody hooting and making noise. As the hours and liquor got on it seemed that more and more of the single guys would stay close to the mistletoe in case a stray girl would walk by. Some were caught on their way to the bathroom but mostly it was a quick peck as the girls did not want to make their spouses mad.

As the night wore on it seemed that Pam my wife, was being tailed and every time she came close to a mistletoe one of the guys would grab her for a quick kiss. The more times that they caught her the longer the kisses seemed to be getting, Pam was laughing it off and telling me that it was an occupational hazard of being the host.

I noticed that Claudio, one of the youngest at the party, seemed to be by mistletoe whenever Pam walked under one. The first couple of kisses they just barely touched lips but Claudio seemed to get brasher with each kiss. The sixth or seventh kiss seemed to last for several seconds and after that he seemed to take her in his arms and made more of a production out of it. Tight embraces and kisses that lasted longer than 15 seconds, some with tongue swapping were becoming the norm.

Pam would always laugh and make a swooning sound like she was being swept off her feet by the attention. The more that she drank the less that she cared and almost seemed to enjoy the attention and the moves they were putting on her. This seemed to get the other guys attention as I noticed that more and more of the guys that caught her under the mistletoe were taking longer and longer kisses and they always included tongue action.

As the party was in our house I did not mind too much as I figured the guys would have a little fun but nothing serious could happen. I did tell Pam that she should cool it a little with the guys as it would not be nice to have them all leave with blue balls. She just laughed and said that she was just keeping everyone in the Christmas spirit and making sure everyone had a good time.

Over the next hour, I noticed that Claudio must have kissed Pam a dozen times or more. Each time his tongue seemed to be searching for the back of her mouth and his hands roamed more and more. At first it was just to pull her tighter, then it went to putting his hands on her rear and then it seemed that every time they broke from kissing he would make sure that his hands would run down across her tits. Pam never said anything to him but would quickly move away from him as soon as the kiss broke off so that he would not go in for a second kiss.

By midnight all the couples and one of the guys had left and it got to where only eight single guys my wife and I remained. The guys were getting a little drunk and rowdy and Claudio was making no bones about staying as long as Pam was willing to let him kiss her. He was following her around the house in hopes of catching her under mistletoe and would grab her if she even got close. Everyone was having a good time laughing at Claudio's obvious advances toward my wife.

It got to be a game to see who could catch Pam under the mistletoe first and each time they would make a big production out of the kiss. The guys were busy with their tongues, running their hands around her ass and making the kisses last longer and longer. Everyone would laugh and laugh when the kiss would end and Pam would always run to the bar to get another drink as she was saying that all the kissing was making her mouth dry.

Pam is not a big drinker so this did just the opposite to her inhibitions as she was feeling no pain. Claudio finally caught her walking back from the bathroom past the mistletoe and grabbed her arm and swung her around for another kiss. This time as she was being pulled to him, he put his hand up and right on her breast as he pulled her to him. He did not move his hand as he held her close and kissed her for a good 20 seconds. When they broke from their kiss Claudio looked at her to see if she was going to say anything.

When my wife started to back away without saying anything, Claudio pulled her back into him and started kissing her again. This one seemed to have more lust and his hand wasn't just resting on her breast he seemed to be massaging her tit. I could see his hand moving and opening and closing as it was squeezing her milk gland. Pam broke away and said "oh my god; you got a little carried away there didn't you, that was a little more than a friendly little holiday kiss."

From that point on it seemed that every guy that grabbed her under the mistletoe would find some way to put his hand on her bra fillers to cop a little feel. Pam was always pushing a guys hand away as they would try to squeeze or fondle her tits. Every guy there had gotten a hand full at least once as he kissed her during his turn. I would tell the guys to cool it with the aggressiveness but they would just laugh and say they were having fun.

Claudio caught Pam again and while he was kissing her for the umpteenth time he slide his hand under her blouse and had his hand on her breast faster than she could move away. As she tried to move away his hand inside her blouse prevented her from getting too far away and Claudio used his other hand to pull her against him again. His one hand was getting a good feel of her silk bra covered tit while his mouth was keeping her from saying anything. I was fully expecting a slap across the face when they finally broke free from one another but Pam said nothing and just looked at Claudio like she was trying to figure out what he was thinking. I saw Claudio mouth the words thank you as Pam looked at him and then leaned over and kissed her again. Pam had a deer caught in the headlights kind of look on her as she walked away from him.

As she moved away from Claudio she walked right straight into Kenny that was standing under mistletoe. As Kenny had seen what happened with Claudio he must have figured that he could do the same as he wasted little time in running his hand under her blouse too as he brought her in for a kiss. His hands seemed to be busy as they worked under her blouse. Kenny was much taller than Pam as he was a little over 6' and Pam is less than 5'2". This allowed Kenny to bend Pam's head back as they kissed which made her chest more open to his touch. When they finished I watched as Pam reached under her blouse to pull her bra back in place which told me that Kenny had pushed her bra aside and gotten a good feel of her bare tits. I think everyone there had an instant erection when they noticed that Kenny had been able to feel her bare sex mounds and not gotten slapped for it.

The alcohol was clearly having an effect on Pam as she was having a little trouble walking straight in her heels. I asked her what she thought she was doing, flustered from what just happened and giggling with her words beginning to slur she said that she did not want to cause a scene. I asked her if she was alright with all the kissing and groping going on and she said that none of them have hurt her and she was not sure how to stop them without making everyone upset and ruining the party. I asked her if she wanted me to end the party and get rid of everyone and she said that she was having fun and did not want to ruin the evening.

Instinctively I knew this was wrong, but I think all of the blood must have left my brain because of the swollen member about to burst in my pants told me it was very right. I also knew we had reached a point of no return and if I did not stop it now it would hard to stop what was already beginning to happen, but the thoughts and images going through my mind of a group of guys using and abusing my wife's petite little body were stronger and I let her walk away.

Kenny and Patrick caught Pam as she made her way across the room and brought her over to the mistletoe. Kenny started kissing her and Patrick put his hand up her shirt to start playing with her chest. Kenny then put both hands up her blouse again up to grab a handful of her fun bags. As they did this it raised up her blouse to where you could see that they had moved her bra up and out of the way and had their hands working on her small love buds.

Patrick then leaned down, twisted her swollen teat and took it into his mouth as he let Kenny continue to kiss her and feel up the other speed bump. Pam struggled to move away but with both guys holding her she was unable to get out of their grasp. I watched Kenny break from the kiss only to move his mouth down to take the other protruding nipple into his mouth. I could see his tongue flicking the end of her nipple and then suck it into his mouth.

It was then that I noticed Pam was no longer trying to get away and was holding onto the guy's tightly. All that Pam could say as her mouth was now suddenly free was "oh, oooooh, ooooohhh my." The two guys continued to assault her tits as their hands started roaming on her body. Kenny then grabbed my wife's bra and blouse and lifted it over her head and dropped it on the floor. Pam was now nude from the waist up while 6 guys and I were rubbing our cocks through our pants watching stunned by the spectacle unfolding in front of us; my very own spouse being mauled by two guys sucking on her milk sacks and hands roaming her ass and inner thighs.

Pam again moaned out ooooohhhh, mmmmmm as they continued having their way with her. Every guy in the place started to gather around the action and get as good a view as they could. A couple of them began to undress as they watched the assault. When Kenny and Patrick finally let Pam go she looked around to see that everyone had gathered around her and noticed that three of them were completely naked with their erect male appendages standing at full attention.

My wife stood there with a bewildered look on her face as she seemed dazed and confused by the activities, with her b-cups on display for all to see. She became a little startled but she had a crimson glow from the attention her body just received and Pam finally broke the silence "this has gotten a little out of hand, we...we should stop this now" she said without conviction. My wife was stammering "this was, was ah......ah.........fun but things have gone a little too far......we should stop this right now?" she seemed to be quizzing asking while biting her lip to try and hide a shy little gleam.

Chase, who was known for not being bashful was already naked and holding his erect extra digit tightly in his hand, said "you are standing there showing us your tits and you have allowed Kenny and Patrick to suck them while we watched and now you say that you want to quit?" There are more guys that have not had a turn and it wouldn't be fair to quit now. Without hesitation Chase moved forward and pulled Pam to him, with his erect member standing straight out poking into her belly button while he held her to make sure she did not back away.

Chase leaned down took my wife's nipple into his mouth. Claudio, who had also ditched his clothes, kneeled down behind my wife and reached around her and fumbled to undo the tight button on her jeans. Pam was squirming to stop him but with Chase holding her tight and sucking on her pokers she could not get her hands free enough to fend Claudio from undoing the button and unzipping her jeans. Once Claudio had unzipped her jeans he exposed her white cotton panties at the front and started tugging Pam's tight jeans and panties, struggling to get them just off the top of her hips. Claudio didn't give up until a small patch of her brunette beaver fur was extending above of the top of her white cotton panties.

I was admiring the contrast of her jet black pubic hair sticking out from the band on top of her white panties and below the milky white skin of her stomach when I noticed Pam stop struggling and started enjoying the work on her nipples. I assume Claudio also noticed my wife stop struggling as he adjusted his grip on her tight jeans and started tugging again until he was able to get her jeans and panties past her hips and below her knees. Everyone seemed to stop and stare as my wife was now standing bare ass naked in front of eight horny guys and her husband, with her jeans and panties below her knees wadded just above her shoes.

The group got a great view of the contrast of Pam's nicely trimmed brunette snatch thatch protruding out from her pale petite body with her swollen meat lips peeking out from below her furry mound, already moist from the attention she had been getting. This brought out a round of oohs, aahs and cat calls as we took in the spectacle occurring in front of us. Before you knew it there were eight naked guys gathered around my wife with their fuck sticks at full attention.

All I could do was to find the best view and enjoy the sight while I jerked my member that was already beginning to ache. Claudio could not even wait to get all of her clothes off as he climbed around her and pulled Pam to him so he could sink his tongue into her gash. He was using his hands on her ass to push his face tightly into her body; working feverishly at her cunt as he had his tongue in as far as it would go. He was licking the full length of her slit and flicking at her clit as he reached the top.

Pam started moaning "oh mmmm, aahhhh ooooohhhhh" as Claudio was licking her clit and Chase was sucking on her tit. Ricky moved forward and took her other fun bag into his mouth as she now had three guys working to bring her pleasure as several others accosted her nether regions from behind. I watched as Pam grabbed the back of Claudio's head and tried to push it even further into her pleasure hole as she let out a "right there, right there, oh fuck yeah that's it!"

No one bothered to turn off the lights; in fact I wanted them on for a better view of my wife being manhandled by a group of guys as I continued to whack my throbbing cock. With hands all over her everyone helped steady Pam in her drunken state and Claudio helped her lift her legs to remove her shoes and pants. Several guys brought some pillows over and laid her down right in the middle of the living room floor. Chase and Ricky then continued their assault on her tits and Claudio was able to work her legs apart as he got his tongue further into her furry snatch. They were working her over as the rest of us stood around her watching in awe as we continued tugging on our swollen spunk factories.

You could see Pam's eyes wide open in lust looking from one blue veined throbbing member to another, then she would close her eyes and moan. Pam then moaned oohhhhhhhhhh, I'm cuming, I'm cumming. Ooooooooohhhhh yeah, yeah, her eyes rolled back in her head and then open to look around at everyone watching her cum and then closed them tight again as she shuttered and came repeatedly.

Claudio pulled his tongue from her peepee hole and on his hands and knees moved up between the two guys to take a nipple in his mouth. Chase and Ricky took the cue to move up toward my wife's head. With Pam moaning her mouth was opened slightly they took turns rubbing the heads of their cocks across her wet lips. My wife would stick out the tip of her tongue to block Chase's repeated efforts of trying to get his large cock head past her lips and into her mouth.

Claudio then lowered his ass until the shaft of his cock was resting against the swollen lips of my wife's gash. He looked at me and then slowly started moving his pelvis back and forth rubbing the full length of his meat stick against her babymaker, opening her folds as he made his cock nice and wet. Claudio must have found the right spot because my wife opened her mouth wide to moan and Chase who had been waiting like a vulture over his prey for the right moment quickly shoved the enormous knob on the end of his cock past her open lips and into her mouth.

My wife gagged and her eyes opened fully in surprise as Chase didn't hesitate to pump her mouth with his cock, but the other hairy sausage working on her clit took over and she closed her eyes again moaning in pleasure around the pile driver abusing her mouth. Ricky and Chase grappled to take advantage of the opportunity, it was like a contest to see who could shift her head and use my wife to make mouth music.

Claudio never broke eye contact with me as he lifted his ass and arched his back to get the head of his cock pressed against my wife's snatch. He held it there for a moment then pushed forward just enough to open the lips of her female slit but not actually penetrating her birth canal and then pulled back out so everyone could see her love juices on the tip of his dip stick. Then Claudio slowly put his pussy poker against her cunt lips and pushed until just the head of his fornicating tool disappeared into her baby chute and held it there for a moment, never breaking eye contact with me and then pulled his hair divider back out.

My wife was moaning loudly in pleasure around the cocks using her mouth as Claudio continued to kept eye contact with me as pushed the helmet and a little more of his cavity probe into her furry mound with each stroke. When he saw me continue to tug on my prick and not say anything to stop him, he slammed his fornicating member into her belly entrance as deep as he could and just stopped and held it there as my wife let out a deep groan as she gagged on the beef stick in her mouth.

Claudio's eyes closed and he said "oh fuck, yeah this feels so fucking good." He didn't look at me for approval after that as he started rocking back and forth banging my wife while I watched.

Chase and Ricky were now watching as Pam was yelling oh god yes, fuck me, fuck me, oh please fuck me hard. I need your cock; I want to feel you deep inside me, fuck me, and fuck me hard. She started rocking back and forth with him as he sank his vaginal intruder all the way in and back out. They worked up a good rhythm as their bodies made a slapping noise while they fucked. Chase and Ricky moved back in and were taking turns working on her tits and rubbing their mating meat on my wife's body and face as she rocked back and forth. The rest of us just stood around in a circle jerk watching in awe and having a tug-of-war with the cyclops between our legs.

Pam started to moan again ungh unnnnnngh, I'm cumming again. I need you to fuck me hard as I cum again. Yessss oh ohhh god yes, mmmmmm uuuuuuuuugh she moaned. She was raising her ass off the floor as Claudio would push his cock all the way in slamming their bodies together violently making a loud clapping sound.

Claudio couldn't take anymore as he tensed up and slammed his sperm dispenser as deep in her cum hole as he could and let out an ohhh, ooohhhh, oh god as he dumped the first load of what would be many that night into her female receptacle. He laid there between her legs for a couple of minutes with my wife trying in vain to fuck his wet noodle for her own pleasure but there was no toothpaste left in the tube and he pulled out and rolled off. He just laid there on the floor looking like he had just died and gone to heaven I pondered about just watching another guy fuck my wife for the first time.

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