tagRomanceOffice Politics Ch. 01

Office Politics Ch. 01


I had been pacing the plush carpet for three days now. Stewing! Just couldn't let it go this time.I wanted to do the typical Girl thing. Stomp my feet! Pout! But, that wouldn't get me anywhere in this group. "The Boys Club". Wait, that's unfair. Really, I had earned my way to the top. They never used my gender against me. I know I am just grabbing at straws. It isn't because I'm a girl that they keep choosing HIM over me. Shoot, once they did choose me. But once out of sixteen battles, it just had me infuriated. What made it worse was that HE did have good ideas. I just couldn't seem to get past HIM. So, here I am, pacing in my 3rd floor office, in one of the nicest buildings in the city, frustrated at losing again.

I stand at the window. My office is approximately in the center of the building. If I look down I see the fountain, with it's new age sculpture in the center. Across the way I can see the opposite building, identical to this one. Well, not exactly identical. They are the same on the outside, it is the inside that is different. In my building are the offices, getting bigger with each floor you go up. My office is on the 3rd, there are only 4 floors. I AM climbing that ladder. The other building is filled with analysts and salespeople, grouped together in cubicles. Also the conference rooms are there. Actually, directly across from my office is a conference room. As I look out the window I can see a conference in session. Not many people, maybe 9 or 10. They are close enough (maybe 40 feet away) that I can see their glasses of water. Normally this wouldn't seem strange, but I wonder because it is after 7pm, what in the world are they still discussing this late.

As I stand looking out the window, I glance at my watch. Where is he? I have a friend on his way over, yet he is about 15 minutes late. Unusual because he is rarely late. I don't know why I called him and asked him to meet me at my office so we could go out for a drink. I know he really likes me, and I have told him I am not interested like that, but he keeps on hoping. I guess it is reassuring to have someone who is there when I need to talk.

Just as I decide to call him, see where he is, have even sat in the desk chair to pick up the phone, I hear a knock at my door. Even as he walks in my door, I regret asking him over. He has obviously been drinking. He stumbles into the room. I look at him standing there, swaying a bit, and ask him "Really?" He looks at the chair and I can see he is judging the distance. I walk over to help him into it. I let go and watch him practically collapse in the chair. I walk back to the window. The conference room is dark now. The meeting must have ended. I turn and look at him sitting there.

"Man, what have you been drinking?"

He replies "Stolies"


"Why not?"

Okay, now I know he is feeling cranky too. Hmm, I wonder what to do with him. I asked him over for a shoulder to lean on, and now it looks like he is gonna be leaning on mine. I look back out the window. Just as I turn back to him, I think I see a flash out of the corner of my eye and look back at the conference room. Nothing, still dark. Shaking my head I turn back to look at him, I swear I saw something. I decide to ask him if I should call him a taxi.

"No" he mumbles. "I'll just sit here for a bit, then we can go out."

"I don't think we need to go out with you like this."

"LIKE WHAT?" He is getting just plain ol' ornery now.

"You've obviously already had a few."

He says something beneath his breath, I can't even hear. I come over to him and lean down to ask what he said, when he grabs my blouse and accidentally a couple buttons break loose. He is staring directly at my lacy bra. I stand up quickly and walk away from him, back to the window. I run both hands through my hair. Damn, what am I gonna do with him? I look back at him when I hear something. OMG he is snoring now. He passed out. Grrrr. I walk over to the cabinet and pour my own drink. Look down at myself. Sheese, looks like my new silk blouse is ruined. What a messed up week.

I sit on the couch in the corner of the room and wonder what to do next. He is way too big for me to haul out of here. Just then I hear a soft tap at my door. Sh*t, what now! I head over to the door and open it just a crack to peer out. Just great it's HIM.

"What do YOU want?" damn, didn't mean to sound so bitchy.

"I thought you might need some assistance."

Deep breath, relax, "Why would you think that?" I ask calmly.

"Well, I was in the conference room across the way...."

"You were spying on me?" I practically shout.

"No, merely when the meeting was over I turned out the light and was winding down a bit, sitting in the dark relaxes me. I looked over and noticed you were having a bit of a problem."

"Not a problem, I got it under control."

"You were standing at the window, with your top wide open, running fingers through your hair, looking definitely NOT in control."

At this point, I just simply turn back to the room and walk back to my drink by the couch, pick it up and down it in one gulp. It burns a bit as it goes down, but that's ok, I need the shock. I turn to face HIM, hold out my glass for him to refill. He walks into the room and takes the glass and fills it to the brim for me.

"Thanks" I mumble.

"Why do you dislike me so?" he asks.

"It's not dislike so much as envy. You always get the assignments you know I want."

"How is that my fault?"

"GRRR, It isn't, it just pisses me off, OK!"

"And who is this?" HE points at my drunk passed out friend.

"Just a friend. He was supposed to help me get drunk tonight, but he started without me."

"And your 'friend' did this?" he gestures to my top.

He reminds me that I am standing there half exposed. O damn, this day is just getting better and better, NOT!

"It was an accident, he didn't do it on purpose."

"Well, I guess I can buy that. If it was on purpose he probably wouldn't be snoring right now, I know I wouldn't be."

As I stand there wondering how to come out of this with any sense of power over Him, I suddenly have an idea. Power! now, I have never tried this before, but I decide what the heck, there's a first time for everything. I walk over to Him and push Him up against the wall and plant a rough kiss on His lips. I take a step back to see if I had achieved the desired effect. And what do I see? Amusement! He is almost on the verge of laughter! Well! Now I'm annoyed.

It only gets worse as he says " That wont work dear."

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"I can tell, actually, I have known from the first time I met you."

I look closely at him, "What have you known?"

"This whole 'Woman in Charge' persona is your act, your cover."

"I don't know what you mean." I turn away as I say this, His eyes are too penetrating.

He takes a large step towards me, grabs my wrist, turns me to face him, lifts my chin roughly "Look at Me while I am speaking!"

I stare at Him with shock, try to pull away. This just seems to make Him more insistent, as he holds my wrist tighter. It has begun to hurt a little, and I know if I struggle more it is gonna leave a bruise. However, a small voice in the back of my head is actually a little excited.

I decide to face Him, square my shoulders, and ask "OK If this is just an act, what am I really?"

"You're soft. You want someone to tell you what to do. You need to be freed from being the Boss. You've been waiting for someone strong enough to Make you let go."

'And I suppose You think You are?"

"I know I am." He speaks quietly, confidently, it doesn't sound like a boast.

Then he says next "Let me show you what you have been searching for."

Now my head is telling me back away, this is not good, but the warmth spreading through my body from just His hand on my wrist, has me second guessing this instinct to run. I look up at Him and I know he can see me considering the offer. I have to give Him credit, He does not have a snide grin on His face, just an optimistic almost 'hope' I see there. This helps me decide.

I take a deep breath and look back at His eyes, and ever so slightly nod. This is all He needs. He pulls me to Him and kisses my lips, thoroughly, aggressively, but not painfully. It seems to last for minutes. When He releases me, I am breathless, knees wobbly even. Then He lifts me briskly and practically tosses me onto the sofa. As I struggle to quickly sit upright, He stops me, placing His weight on my legs so I can't move.

"Stay Put!" He says, as He lifts up to walk over to the door. I hear the lock snap closed. He slowly walks back to where I am lounged haphazardly across the sofa. Removes His tie. I'm wondering what He is up to now, as he leans over me with His silk tie. Then I know what He is doing and I try to struggle, but He just says, "shhhhh." I lay still as He ties my hands above my head, and then to the lamp post next to the arm of the sofa. I am feeling very vulnerable now, however, I am also feeling the slow tingle running through my body. I watch Him closely as He slowly unbuttons the rest of my top. He slides the fabric open and stares intently at my breasts as they rise and fall with heavy breaths. ( and wouldn't you know, my bra fastens in front, lucky me). He reaches down and snaps the bra open with one flick. My breasts are now completely exposed, nipples already erect with the excitement warming the air. Next I watch as He leans over me and reaches beneath my waist to unbutton and unzip my skirt. Slides lower on the sofa and begins to pull my skirt down my thighs, over my knees, all the way off over my feet.

I feel my face reddening as he looks at my lacy little panties, I can't see but I think He can, that I am already a bit moist at the evenings proceedings. He walks over to my desk, I turn to look at Him as He slides open a drawer and removes my scissors. He walks back over to me and snips the two little sides of my panties, then gently slide the fabric between my legs, I can feel it pass over my lips and then my clit, my sharp intake of air draws His attention back to my eyes, I see a fire burning in them.

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