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Eric sat at his cubicle, finally able to relax. He was tired, having had to complete a very comprehensive report which was due the next day. He was almost done, so he was gathering his senses now, idly staring at his desk as he twirled a pen in his hand.

Just then he heard footsteps close to his cubicle. He stood up to get a look outside. He was greeted by the sight of the ample bottoms of Melissa and Valerie swaying as they walked away towards the copy room. They both often attracted the eyeballs of everyone at the office. He was new here, but that didn't stop him from wanting to make love to them like every other guy at the office.

He wasn't sure whom he would pick if given the choice. He hadn't spoken to either of them, so the basis would be completely shallow-not that he cared about such an accusation. He didn't prefer one hair colour over another, so Valerie being a blonde and Melissa a brunette would have no bearing on his decision. They were both equally attractive.

Melissa dressed better though. She seemed to be able to maintain a perfect balance between appearing professional and at the same time revealing enough to make you want to rip the light fabric off her. Unlike Valerie she rarely wore a suit. Then again, Valerie's cleavage held a promise of better tits. They always seemed to strain against her shirt, he would be happy to help them out.

He realised he was smiling and brought himself out of his little fantasy. He adjusted his pants to get rid of his discomfort. They were in the copy room for quite some time, he thought to himself. He cleared his throat; he needed some water. He walked out of his cubicle and towards the water stand. He filled himself a glass and slowly sipped the water, while staring at the door to the copy room. They still hadn't come out.

Then the door opened and Melissa walked out. She paused after a few steps, a dazed look on her face. She then adjusted her hair and clothes. He continued to watch her; she didn't seem to notice him. She licked her lips and then brought up her hand to wipe them with a finger; surprisingly she then slowly licked the finger. He was beginning to enjoy the sight, but in a moment she was walking towards the exit to his left.

When she came closer, she saw him, still holding his glass. She noticeably stared at his crotch and licked her lips, and then seemingly catching herself, she looked up at him and smiled briefly. She then proceeded out the doorway. He couldn't help but stare at her long supple legs as she went by.

He was curious about Valerie. What was she still doing inside the copy room? He slowly made his way towards it, the door was slightly open. He couldn't hear anything from inside, so he stood at the entrance and slowly pushed the door further open. He was shocked and incredibly turned on by the sight of Valerie bent over the copy machine; her skirt raised up by her hand which was fingering her pussy. She was breathing deeply as she stimulated herself. "Hmmmmm.... Uhhh, hhhhh," she cooed completely unaware of his presence.

He stood there for a moment, taking in the sight, her body dimly lit before him. His eyes followed the contours of her legs from top to bottom where her thong hung at the ankle of one of her legs, right above her high heels. Her breathing became more forceful now. He wanted so badly to lend her a hand, her beautiful ass was directed right at him, as if inviting him to join her. He couldn't stand by and watch anymore, lend her a hand he would. He went forward and caressed her pussy lips as she continued to fuck herself with her fingers.

She turned her head in a flash, but the shocked expression on her face quickly dissolved into one of longing. "I need your cock!" she managed between breaths. He didn't waste any time unzipping his pants and pulling down his boxers. He brought his cock to the entrance of her pussy wetting the tip with her incredibly wet and slick lips, as she removed her fingers from them. He slowly eased it inwards feeling her tightness. "Ohhhh yess!" she gasped, craning her neck back and then, she slid her fingers into her mouth, "mmmmhh." He smiled and held her sides with his hands, pushing her shirt to expose more of her soft skin. He used one hand to feel her back, sliding it to her sides and then down to her belly. "Do you know how badly I've wanted to do this?" He continued to slowly slide his dick back and forth, "every time I see you in those short skirts, all I can think about is fucking your brains out."

"Then do it! Just fuck me hard!" she screamed. With a groan he obliged. He started pumping his hips with abandon as he took pleasure in her body, enjoying the sensation of her moist pussy. She writhed under him, her legs spread wide. She began to meet his thrusts with her own, audibly gasping as she took his entire length in. He continued to feel her warm belly with his hands. He could see the sparkle on her back due to her sweat; it encouraged him to exert himself more. He slid his hand forward and groped her tit from inside her shirt. He began to play with her nipples.

"What were you doing in here with Melissa?"

"What do you think?" she said, turning her head momentarily and then looking away again, using her hands to steady herself.

"You want to fuck her too?"

"Of course you do, but that'll have to wait. Right now, I, need your complete attention. Stop thinking about her and concentrate on me!"

"You better make me cum!"

"Oh yeah? What if I were to stop now?" he said, having no intention of doing so.

"You won't stop, you can't stop. You love my cunt. This is what you wanted right? To fuck my brains out? To make me squirm with your cock?"

She curved her spine back and continued to meet his thrusts with more energy. "Uhhh, Uhhh, Uhhhh!"

He held her steady with one hand and began to pinch and play with her nipples using the other. She raised herself upright and leaned back into him, putting her hand back to clutch his hair. He bent his head to kiss her neck.

His face contorted from the exertion of thrusting upwards. He brought both hands up to lift up her shirt and aggressively grope and fondle her tits.

She turned her head as she held his, and they kissed- a forceful hungry kiss. She lightly bit his lips before they kissed repeatedly, seemingly using their tongue and lips to fight each other.

She then bent forward again, letting him put all his energy into ramming his dick into her. Before long she was overwhelmed. She cried out in ecstasy, her entire body shaking.

He came too, unable to control himself as her body tensed up, gripping his dick so tight. He bent forward, burying his head into her back as he spilled his cum into her, his cock continuing to throb.

They stayed that way for a moment, exhausted and panting. He then took a few steps back and leaned against the wall. His cock covered by a sheen of their combined fluids. She lifted herself and turned around. She then knelt in front of him and his cock disappeared into her mouth. She sucked every last drop out of him and ran her tongue all over it, cleaning it completely. The sensation was too much for him, he leaned to the side resting his weight on a filing cabinet.

In a moment she was standing up adjusting her shirt, still licking her lips. Then she lifted up her thong and pulled it in place before letting her skirt down.

She looked around without paying attention to him. Searching for her jacket he realised, when she picked it up off a table and wore it. She looked into his eyes as she adjusted her hair.

"Lunch tomorrow?" he asked with a grin, giving no heed to the messy state of his attire or having his cock hang out. She gave him a wry smile and turned towards the door, "Yeah, you can eat me," she said as she walked out.

He smiled as he watched her go; he had every intention of doing so.

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