tagSci-Fi & FantasyOffspring Ch. 006

Offspring Ch. 006


While I was waiting for my appointment I felt the excitement building within me. What would happen? Would it be victory or a catastrophe or would it just turn out to be a hallucination after all? The wait seemed to drag on forever. Eventually it was time.

The procedure was the same as always, I pictured Lata in her bedroom and there I was. She was lying on the bed wearing only a transparent black nightie. She looked delicious.

"Well I'll be damned," she said when I appeared. "Alright, lover boy, I promised you my cooch. Come and get it!"

Gone was the staid professor, she had become all woman. I didn't fuck her. We made love, gently and with feeling. It was wonderful. While in the throes of passion I sucked on her neck, giving her a monstrous hickey. She never even noticed. I got her to orgasm three times before I became undone and surfaced in the Oktonian shagging room. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. The Oktonian woman had her cunt full of come and I was dismissed as usual.


The next few hours were murder. Even if I could have contacted Lata, there would have been no point. She wouldn't get laid for hours yet, assuming it worked. There was nothing to do until morning.

Lata appeared without Bernice when the guards delivered me. She wore a scarf and was fuming with anger.

"You bastard," she yelled at me when the guards had gone, "What did you give me the hickey for? What are you? Some silly teenager?"

"Sorry, Darling. I had to do that."

"What on Earth for?"

"Anything we remember might have been subjective. The hickey is objective proof that what we remember did in fact take place. No illusion, no psychic phenomenon could have put it there, neither could you've done it to yourself, seeing where it is."

"That was clever," she admitted. "So we really had an honest to goodness romp in the hay?"

"You bet we did. And what a wonderful romp it was, I must say. I loved every minute of it."

"To be honest, so did I. You can do that to me again, any time."

"How about right now, or would that raise eyebrows if we went to your cabin for a bit of fun?"

"The general might outrank me, but I don't report to him. This is my project. He is in charge of the ship and security. I can do whatever I deem necessary."

"How about deeming it necessary?"

"Come on, lover boy, let's go."

An hour later when we were in a post coital cuddle I said to her: "This is what I have missed. The moments when all passion is spent and only tenderness remains. You see, with the Oktonian sex, if that's what it is, the moment I come it's over. It's great if you just want to get your rocks off, but that's all. This is so much better."

"Yes it is. I missed that last night."

"Tell me what happened towards the end. I need to know how it finished for you."

"When I had my final orgasm it looked like you were about to come, but instead you faded out and disappeared. Even your clothes on the floor vanished, leaving me feeling incomplete. Happy, but incomplete, if you know what I mean."

"No one must know of this, at least for now. This is dangerous territory. Tell me, what are you to do when you are finished here on Okton4?"

"I will go home to Earth and prepare a report for my superiors. I shall give them a preliminary assessment and then do a report proper. I can take my time over this, maybe even schedule another field trip. I have fairly wide discretion there. No one expects instant results. What do you think I should do now?"

"I think you should tell them that your field work is complete for now and that there is no sense in you staying here any longer. Tell them everything, except what happened in the last twenty-four hours. Let them think it's some hallucination Oktonians create to collect human sperm. Tell them we need to find out what they do with it, if possible. For that you will have to stay in touch with me and perhaps schedule another field trip if there are developments. You can contact me through Arden's office."

"What will you do? Will you go to the mainland?"

"For the moment I will leave things as they are. I don't expect any move from the Oktonians as long as I pay my way. Perhaps there is a way to get to the mainland by using their sex as a vehicle and have a bit of a look around, maybe in the form of a bird or something. I need to experiment a little. See what opportunities there are. As long as I know where you will be at any given time I will be able to visit you in real time and tell you what I find out."

"Can I help you with something?"

"Yes. I know the Federation has some evidence of cities of Okton4 somewhere. See if you can get me some images. From what I gather they are not detailed enough to do much with, but there might just be enough information on them to enable me to go there and have a peek."

"Anything else?"

"Yes. Get a microchip and the tool to insert it with, I want you to microchip me in the arm."

"What, now? Why?"

"No, not now. I will come to visit you again tonight at ten. You will microchip me then."

"What for?"

"I want to see if the chip is still in my body after I get back. We can check that tomorrow. If that is possible I have a wild idea."

"You and your wild ideas. I take it you won't tell me more until you've tested it?"

"Right. Let it be a surprise."

"In the meantime, I want you again. Do you think you could rise to the occasion?"

I could.


The next adventure went as planned. Lata inserted the microchip and to my surprise it was still there the next day. I asked her to take it out and have it tested. The chip was fully functional.

"What is that all about?" Lata was curious and was pestering me for an answer.

"When you get back to Earth I want you to arrange for me to have a camera and recording device implanted into my body. I know we have the technology. I might be able to record things on my travels."

"How can I get this done without giving the game away?"

"Simple. Tell them I want to know what happens in the shagging room when I am gone, why I black out and wind up with a cleaned dick and the Oktonian woman is already fully dressed when I come out of it. They'll want to know that too. It'll be enough justification to get it done."

"You are a devious bastard. Yes, they'll buy it. What now?"

"Now you go back to Earth."

"Come to my room for a couple of hours before I leave?"

"Sure thing."

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