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Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 01



The first part of this story is preface.

Be aware this is a story with plot and characterization.

If you want something readily erotic this may not be the story for you!

Thank you.

Chapter One: Humble Beginnings

We are told that life is lived through discovering our destiny.

For those of us whom are lucky, we know the way early on and simply have to follow the footfalls laid out from our predecessors. Others have to make a way. There are paths that are less travelled, paths that are too heavily travelled, uncertain paths, and precarious paths.

Yet the path remains.

It is a way of life, a thread that binds together any being that feels emotion, that could possess a soul. Some journeys are harder than others, and some journeys can only be experienced by the telling of a tale.

This tale is uniquely our own and nothing, on this earth or beyond, can take away the slendor of it.

Our tale today begins in the past.

In the old world predating the 31st century, women generally lived in patriarchal societies. The people thrived in technological advances and worked hard to improve their society. Robots came in the forms of nurses, teachers, even companions. Cures for what man had previously thought incurable were invented and mass-produced as astonishing rates. Paradise seemed so close in their grasp.

Sure the people didn't touch grass and growing things were on display in only the richest of neighborhoods, but the people were content. Some said it was the new golden age, but even gold can turn to rust.Mankind had always been infatuated with the idea of mythical creatures. They wrote books about them, made them come alive in the media, and even dressed their children like them for holidays.

Still, no one truly believed they existed. Occasionally people from marginalized society would claim to see or even be these beings, but they could never be taken seriously. Myth was to stay myth. The legend could be revered as long as it remained separate from reality.

No one could have imagined what would happen.

By the end of the 25th century it was declared that the Northern Hemisphere was too contaminated, environmentally damaged, and polluted to be lived upon. With this, the High Presidents of the Four Hemispheres decided to sever the top of that hemisphere from the world to prevent further contamination. Then the North and West would share leadership. They had the technology to quell the forces of nature, they had the brains to pull it off, and test scenarios that were perfectly executed.

"They were ready to leave the golden age and enter the Platinum Age."

That's what the humans believed.

Humans always lacked humility. They had advanced so much in the few years of their creation that they had forgotten what it was like to be a secondary link on the food chain. So even if they said they were ready for a new age, they were not.

The strike started the month before final life preserving evacuations. A family of four spotted what they believed to be a "unicorn" in the Northern Hemisphere. Their youngest child had been said to approach the "unicorn" where he then proceeded to touch her head with his horn.

The parents tried to move to save their child from what they assumed would be impaling, but found they could not move.

They could only watch unable to do anything to aid her.

Suzie had been the girl's name.

The family reported that the child had been illuminated in light and when the light faded the unicorn and their paralysis left. In its stead was a message carried by the child. The family ran to their local senator and had the child deliver the message.

The written description of the message had said,

"We are the hidden. We have silently watched over the earth since the beginning of time and allowed mankind to change it as he willed. Yet Man himself has refused to change his ways.
We tell you this: Do not attempt to destroy the North. We will fix the Earth, but in return we demand that you move 2/3rds of your population to your Mars and Space Quadron colonies. This will appease us. Without this, we will strike back."

The family had caused a gigantic stir. The parents were arrested for global treason. The children had been given to the foster system, but the youngest child Suzie, disappeared.

"They were extremists," the world said.

"Mentally impaired!"

"Greenhouse extremists who cared more about the earth than those on it!"

They laughed, they talked about it, but no one had listened. The Strike of the 25th century occurred the next week.

Slowly but surely there were sightings of fantastical creatures. Unicorns, dragons, ogres, vampires, werewolves, even centaurs and satyrs were spotted! Like many real things their depiction was different from the fairytales. These were not the romantic creatures of lore. They were a strong breed of creatures that were both beautiful and hideous. All were fatally dangerous.

They attacked and the humans were defeated. Technology did not matter if it could not be used fast enough to save one's life. Nuclear weapons mattered little if witches turned them back at you.

Before long a third of the human population was slaughtered before the humans fled. There was a limited amount of recyclable oxygen as well as space for the vast population of earth. As Mars was colonized and the Space Quadron filled it was decided that the evacuation would be limited for fear that the creatures would follow.

The world leaders made a cruel choice and left billions behind.

When the dust settled and the technology was gone these humans were as delicate and helpless as newborns.

The witches, second in command and council of these creatures had tired of the violence referred to by them as "The Purge." They allowed these remaining humans to live, but ordered that the ways of their old world be relinquished. Those who relented died, and those who remained tried hard to survive.

The creatures cleaned the earth to its original beautiful and dangerous state. Technology and Literacy was said to be lost, most of the people users of it, not builders. Some humans died due to sickness, animal related accidents, some were simply not equipped to live in a world without technology. They had come from a world where walking was optional and to see nature one had to go to a greenhouse and request a time slot. They had grown soft and their bodies had to adapt to the changes rapidly. It was like natural selection, the strong survived and made tribes that endured, the weak became fodder.

Yet there were those who survived. They formed tribes that dotted the remaining landscape and each tribe held something valuable. Out of one tribe came a brave warrior named Zyra.

Zyra would be the catalyst to change everything again.

This is her story.


Zyra walked with her head high to the tent of the High Chief. She had managed to kill a big breasted Pegacorn and there would be much feasting.

This flying beast that had the head and body of a unicorn would normally not be food, but exiles who wandered into their land could be eaten. It was a common fact that this land belonged to the Rovians, an all human tribe.

Zyra was the lead hunter of the Rovians, and their strong all female tribe had several mouths to feed.

According to the treaty laws, the basic laws that humans would abide by, if a creature wandered on their land it was theirs for the plundering. This also applied to their disruption of the magical land. The creatures, despite their barbaric natures had put rules in place. They were intelligent and lived based on their species.

The creatures were united under their Dark Witch council, but all answered to the rare and few commands of the Pure Unicorns who were said to have knowledge from The Maker himself. When their rules were disobeyed the creatures were not killed but instead exiled. Exiles ate to survive and did not eat what they were assigned to eat for their health.

For example, a Bandersnatch was to eat only the food of the ground, but if he ate the food of the sky like a bird or an apple from an apple tree he would multiply in size and grow fat with meat. The creatures that stood on two legs like ogres and vampires would be transformed into beasts before their exile.

Exiling meant becoming food for the humans and as a result their rules were rarely broken.

"My Chieftess," Zyra said grinning. "I have slain an exile. I ask that you take the meatiest portion to thank your devotion to our people."

"Thank you my dear," the High Chieftess hailed holding her face in greeting. The High Chieftess' hands were soft and gentle as she brought her forehead to hers.

The white hunter paint on Zyra's face crinkled as she smiled. "It is an honor my Chief."

The Chieftess rolled her eyes and sat on her mat. "Truly dear sister. You are a marvel."

Zyra laughed and sat as well. "Just because you are my sister Kyzu does not mean that I can allow myself privileges above the rest. I am your hunter is all."

Her sister Kyzu shook her head in irritation, her hair long and flowing past her waist. Her skin was painted with the bright purple paint of leadership. Her smooth tan complexion and deep brown eyes made her one of the most prized beauties in the village. If this did not, her tall fluid body that dipped and flowed like a gentle river did.

It made Zyra slightly self conscious when she thought of her tree bark colored skin, overly generous curves and short black hair that rested right above her shoulders. She consisted of lean muscle and hid her femininity for the hunt.

She wrapped down her breasts to her chest so they would not slap at her as she ran. Long hair would get tangled in tree limbs. Smooth skin would tear at the slightest abrasion. Her sharp unfriendly green eyes could see where the prey rested and help her provide.

Zyra thought of her practical choices for her role in the tribe and was reassured. It was by all means the best way.

"Well you shall have the best portion," Kyzu said crossing her hands. "You and all who were in your hunting troop. You must rest."

Since the others were included Zyra did not struggle and nodded before she caught a mischievous glimmer in her eye.

"Do you know why you must rest Zyra?" her sister asked coyly.

At first she was filled with confusion then she remembered what tomorrow was. She hissed a curse and glared at her sister.

"The second nightmare, I mean...celebration of life."

That accursed celebration! Twice a year for 7 days each time their brother tribe the Ursies, which consisted of all males, would come to their village to celebrate life. The purest form of the celebration is the giving of life and so the strongest males and strongest females of the villages would mix their sex in order to reproduce and preserve their livelihood.

If it was a female the Rovians kept her. If it was a male, the Ursies kept him. The entire village would then choose whom to be with and be in a sexual frenzy all week. The men were expected to bring enough provision to avoid distractions from the task at hand. Chances are the men had been hunting for weeks for the event.

"I am a hunter," Zyra said firmly. "I will be no good to you with child. I have no desire to participate."

Her sister sighed and looked at her in disappointment and concern. "I cannot force you my sister, but the time of your conceiving is close. You know the traditions. All members of this tribe must conceive at least one offspring by their 22nd year. You are already 20 years, you know the rules."

Her sister looked at her sadly. "If you do not try next year at the very least, you will be exiled. We must know if you are fertile."

Zyra felt the dread fill her entire body. "We have never exiled the infertile," she spat her voice cold.

"No," Kyzu said, her voice sad. "But those before me have exiled virgins."

Zyra frowned even heavier. A woman was still a virgin unless she slept with a man. Her sister was only 28 years but already had had two children. One being a boy, the other a sweet little girl whom she had named Nima. Still, Zyra was not ready for motherhood. Everything in her wanted to fight the rules, but they kept them alive. It was best to obey them even if she would rather not.

"I..." she started reluctantly. Oh the spirits must truly despise her.

Sighing loudly she stated, "I will attempt tomorrow," and left before she could hear her sister squeal in triumph.

She was often told that once she had the feel of a man inside of her she would lessen her abrasive ways. She felt for certain it would make her worse.

"Hey Zyra!" a voice called to her.

She stopped and looked for the source.

"Over here."

She saw the sound was coming from her best friend's tent and walked in. She was not surprised to see her friend, and a medicine girl named Lala engaged in pleasuring.

"Come join us," her friend Ginger asked.

It had been a name from the old world and was at first feared. The creatures thought them silly, regarding it with as little attention as they did the plant.

Ginger was a pretty girl with chestnut brown hair that she often complained about and a body of average proportion, not too skinny or curvy. She also had enough sexual energy to tire out half the village.

She and the girl who lay on top of her were both village girls, they stayed and made sure the people had enough medicine and clothes. Then at night they would cook their dinner. They were admired for their skill and were a very important part of their tribe. Older village women would care for the young girls that were being raised. The strong quick women would hunt. On holidays they would switch duties and the hunter women would cook while the village women gathered food. In this way the village was equal.

Zyra looked at the wooden phallus that was strapped to Lala's center. Most of it rested inside of Ginger's pussy.

"Enough talk," Lala announced pushing the dick deep into her target. Ginger moaned and arched wantonly.

"There's a member made of a dried and whittled corn husk next to that stool. Strap it on and let us practice for tomorrow."

"No thank you," Zyra said frowning with disdain. "In fact, I am sure that you are practicing for the wrong role Lala."

Lala laughed in response but still beckoned her with her hand.

Zyra found the women beautiful, but that didn't mean she was attracted to them. To be honest, she had never been attracted to anyone male or female. She didn't dare share this thought with anyone but Ginger.

Ginger, bless her heart was attracted to anything that moved. In her heart she felt Ginger did indeed have some kind of condition.

To be honest Zyra did admire her for her courage to be herself.

Gingers eyes widened and she kicked a leg over Lala and flipped over so she was straddled on top. This way she could turn her head and look at Zyra. The girl underneath her simply grabbed her hips and began bobbing her up and down on the smooth thick finish. It made a thumping sound as the girl developed a rhythm.

"You won't participate in tomorrow's festivities?" Ginger asked surprised.

Zyra sighed. She was still not used to Ginger's shameless ways.

"I might try to, but I make no promises."

Ginger continued the conversation as though she wasn't being screwed whist it occurred. Her breasts swung up and down narrowly escaping collision with her chest over and over again.

"Well won't you join us? What's the shame of pleasure? Or would you prefer to hunt?"

She gave Zyra a coy smirk.

"Your strong energy has several of the village girls jealous of our friendship and I would be much happier to make their fantasies real!"

Zyra grimaced, thinking of her reputation as being the village's resident male. It was a necessary curse. Kyzu was the tribe's mother and she was the protector. If that came under the role of "Father" then so be it.

"I have no desire to fuel your games," Zyra said trying to keep her eyes off of the wooden prick.

It aroused her because of the feelings it could invoke if used properly. Zyra wasn't completely immune to pleasures.

"Fine," Ginger said turning back toward the girl and leaning forward. "You may borrow the husk. I can tell you're going to need personal relief tonight."

"Thank you," Zyra said bowing before making a relatively graceful exit. Zyra had to admit that Ginger knew best and retrieved the husk before exiting.

Hearing the loud obnoxious sounds in the evening air she could tell others were also engaged. This pleasure seeking from the same gender was not necessarily because they were attracted to one another, simply because they all sought pleasure. Some did prefer women, but most were simply pursuing pleasure. On occasion they would lose a member who had decided to be with a man from their sister tribe.

The man and woman would be sent to the Awaqui tribe, a mixed gender tribe since their tribes could not live together. They could visit their home tribes after, but never return. Sometimes she wondered what her predecessors would think of them now, so separated and yet so united.

Sighing at her thoughts, Zyra went into her tent and closed it securely. Then she undressed and took the smooth husk in her hand and rubbed up and down it. The husk had been rubbed down to make a perfect notch for what the male penis head was supposed to look like.

A mushroom...or a silly hat. Ginger had died of laughter from that.

She could feel herself moistening. She imagined how good it would feel inside her, the positions she could take that would be best pleasurable. She would push it as deep as possible and maybe sit on it, let it rock within her. Then she would be free to squeeze her nipples and pleasure bud until she came. Then the husk would fall out of her, sopping from her release.

She had always considered herself to be her best lover. Despite the fact she had been her only lover...no matter.

In about an hour everyone would go to their evening meal. She had to make this time count.

If practice made perfect, she hoped she would have a perfect first time.

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