tagMatureOh Carole Ch. 02

Oh Carole Ch. 02


'They want you to do what?' asked Val incredulously, not believing that she had heard Carole correctly.

Carole told Val what was said at her boss Brian and his wife Cynthia's house the previous day only more slowly, letting each piece of information sink in.

'Fucking hell!' stated Val.

'I know, I know, but I might not have a choice,' said Carole.

'There's always a choice,' retorted Val.

'Not one that is paying that kind of money though,' replied Carole.

'Yes but...;

'Wait, let me explain,' interrupted Carol. 'They said I would get a company car. Cynthia suggested a Mercedes SLC. I said I wanted an SL. I was pushing them to see how far they would go. They said I would be paid £1,000 for each client I visited. I said I wanted £2,500 plus three times that for weekend work and a day off in lieu during the week. Brian and Cynthia left the room to discus it and when they came back in they agreed to my terms.'

'But...but...' gasped Val.

'Val, I'm not independently wealthy like you. OK, I own an expensive house in a very nice area of London but if I sold it where would I go? I get money for Josh from his father but that stops in seven years time. I could build up a nice little nest egg over say the next five years as long as I look after myself.'

Val could see Carole had thought long and hard about it, gave a shrug of her shoulders and reached over the table of the cafe they were in and hugged her best friend.

'Plus, I'll be having great sex!' Carole giggled.

'Just be careful,' pleaded Val. 'And tell me every gory detail,' she laughed.

On Tuesday as Carole was leaving work Brian asked her to step into his office.

Making sure no one could hear he told her that they would be visiting a couple the next afternoon and to wear 'something special' under her smartest work clothes.

The next morning Carole got up earlier than usual, had a long soak in the bath and picked out what she thought would be appropriate underwear for her afternoon tryst.

First of all she squeezed into a shiny black satin girdle that flattened her tummy then attached shiny black silk stockings to the four garters on each leg. She dragged a tight black silk thong up her legs so it nuzzled tightly on her freshly shaved pussy.

Next came a matching bra that enhanced her large breasts and gave her an admirable cleavage, not too prominent but classy. She wore her best dark grey business suit with a shiny white silk blouse and slipped into shiny black three inch heels. Sexy but smart.

Throwing on her raincoat and picking up her briefcase she called out her goodbyes to Josh who grunted back at her then she walked briskly to the nearby St Johns Wood Underground station.

The station was situated on the Jubilee Line that went all the way to Canary Warf where Brian's investment company was based.

Carole was lucky to find a seat and then began to wonder what the couple would be like.

She didn't see Brian until just after lunch and all he said was that their driver would be picking them up at two thirty.

Once in the company Mercedes S Class and on there way Carole asked him where they were going. It turned out they were visiting a couple that didn't live too far from Brian and Cynthia at Hampstead.

'Who are they and what are they like?' inquired Carole.

'David and Susie Watters. He's mid forties and she's early thirties. She's his second wife. Bit of a trophy wife if you ask me. Anyhow they are very rich and are topping up their existing portfolio. They have a spare million to invest. Shouldn't be too onerous but they are lovely people and you are coming along as a sweetener, shall we say.'

'Oh!' was all Carole could mutter.

The car pulled to an enormous house just off Hampstead Heath. As they got out the front door opened and David Watters stepped up to greet them. After shaking Brian's hand Carole was introduced to him.

She thought he was very handsome. Tall, slim and very good looking, dressed casually in beige chinos and an expensive polo shirt.

After they had entered the house David took them into a large comfortable sitting room. It had a couple of plush leather sofas and similar armchairs. There was a large coffee table in the middle of the room with which Carole took to be David's papers.

'I thought we could sort everything out here. Susie will be down shortly. I think she must be powdering her nose,' he said by way of a joke.

Suddenly the door opened and Susie breezed in.

'Sorry if I've kept you waiting!'

'No, not at all,' responded Brian.

Carole looked at Susie and understood what Brian had said by a 'trophy wife.'

She had beautiful long blonde hair that reached half way down her back, perfect make up on her slim but undoubtedly beautiful face. Her slim petite figure with sizable breasts fit into her yellow sun dress remarkably well.

'Sexy and classy,' thought Carole.

While the men completed their business Carole began to think about what was going to happen next. Was she going to fuck him? Maybe her? Either prospect didn't faze her. Maybe it would be both together. That thought made her thong moist.

After all the paperwork was put away Susie brought in a bottle of Champagne and four glasses.

'Nothing like a chilled bottle of Crystal to toast good business,' stated David and four glasses of fizz were duly poured.

They'd just had their glasses topped up when the front door opened and a tall good looking boy walked into the room in his gym clothes.

'Good session son?' asked David.

'Yeah, great,' answered the boy. 'Wish you'd build a gym here instead of giving Brian here all your money,' he said with a wink at Brian.

'Go on Daniel. Have a shower and I'll bring Carole up to see you as soon as we've finished our drinks,' replied Susie.

Carole gasped inwardly.

'Was that what she was there for? He's a very well built good looking boy,' she thought.

Carole was confused but decided to play along and see what happened.

'Carole, are you ready?' asked Susie.

Carole nodded.

'Good, follow me.'

Susie took Carole back into the large hallway and started to ascend the stairs.

'Look, I have to tell you that Daniel is David's pride and joy. I'm sure he loves him more than me,' Susie said smiling. 'He's frightfully shy and we're sure he's a virgin so who better to initiate him in the art of sex than a glamorous experienced woman?'

Carole nearly asked why she didn't do it herself.

Susie carried on, 'He's eighteen and he will be going off to University in September and we didn't want him to be at a disadvantage or even bullied. You know how boys are?'

'I certainly do,' said Carole. 'I have one at home who was just the same.'

'Was?' questioned Susie.

Carole smiled at the younger woman, 'My best friend got to him before I did!'

Susie gasped out loudly at the thought of Carole wanting to fuck her own son but it also turned her on immensely.

They stopped at a door.

'He's in there. You will be gentle with him, won't you?'

Carole just smiled and entered the bedroom but left the door slightly ajar as she had a feeling that Susie would stay outside to listen or maybe even take a peek inside.

Daniel was lying on the bed naked except for a white bath towel wrapped around his waist. He smiled when she walked towards him.

'Mmmm not bad,' thought Carole.

'So Daniel, I'm to be your present am I?

Daniel stared as she put down her bag and removed her jacket then walked over to the nearest chair and hung it over the back.

She slowly walked towards him pulling down the zipper and undoing the button on her tight skirt. When she was standing beside him by the bed she hooked her fingers into the top of the skirt and pushed it to the floor before stepping out of it and then bent over to pick it up so Daniel could get a good view of her cleavage down the front of her blouse.

She walked over to the chair again and then slowly back to the bed undoing the buttons on her white silk blouse.

Daniel's towel was now tenting which Carole couldn't fail to notice.

She managed to undo the last remaining button as she again stood by the bed then seductively shrugged it from her shoulders and held it in her hand displaying her shiny black underwear.

She once again turned and walked over to the chair and bent at the waist so that Daniel had a great view of her arse.

After discarding the blouse she glanced up and smiled to herself as she could see his step-mother peeking in through the gap in the door.

Daniel couldn't take his eyes off Carole's body as she walked back towards him swaying her hips.

When she got to the bed she stood with her hands on her hips and just looked at him.

Daniel took in Carole's black satin bra, her shiny black satin girdle that held up her silky black stockings and he could just about make out her black silk thong. Her heels made her legs look long and firm.

'So young man, how do you think I look?'

'Ve,,very ni,,nice,' he babbled.

'Just very nice huh?' she joked.

He blushed.

'Why don't you be a good boy and let me take away this towel?'

She was sure she heard a gasp from outside of the door when Susie saw her step-son's erection laying hard upon his stomach.

Carole slipped off her thong and rubbed the crotch over the young boy's face, especially his nose, mouth and lips.

Daniel groaned when he saw Carole's bald wet pussy glistening with her juices. He wanted to drag her to him and push his face in her breasts and her sopping wet cunt. He wanted to but he knew he couldn't. She would have to take charge.

Carole sat down on the bed by his knees and leaned forward taking hold of his cock with her right hand, gently stoking it. She purposely sat like that to give his step-mother an uninterrupted view of his hard cock being slowly masturbated.

Daniel groaned.

'So I'm here to show you what it's like to have sex and more importantly to teach you how to please a woman?'

'Oh God!' moaned Daniel.

'I don't mean those giggling little girls from University, I mean real women, women like your step-mother!'

Daniel groaned even louder when he heard his step-mother being mentioned and Carole thought it wouldn't have gone unnoticed outside on the landing.

She started to wank him faster.

'Do you fantasise about Susie when you are jacking off in the morning or late at night?'

Daniel had his eyes closed and said nothing.

'Do you wish it was her doing this to you, fucking you, sucking your big hard cock?'

'Oh fuck. Yes. Yes. I do. Oh my God!' he shouted as his cum spewed out of his cock high into the air and down over his chest and Carole's hand. Carole stuffed his spurting cock into her mouth and swallowed the remaining eruptions.

She sucked gently, milking his cock thoroughly as Daniel threw his head back onto his pillow moaning long and hard, his fists bundling up his bed sheets as the older woman sucked him dry.

Carole thought she heard a thump from outside and guessed Susie had been playing with herself and must have cum when she saw Daniel had.

Using the discarded towel Carole wiped the sticky mess from Daniel's chest and cock and also her hand. She marvelled that his cock was still rock hard.

She leaned forward and took it in her mouth again causing the young boy to groan.

'Let's get you nice and hard again so I can fuck you,' she said.

She slurped on his cock and balls until she thought he was ready for round two.

'Right young man. Let's dispense with that virginity of yours shall we?'

Daniel was now looking extremely nervous but Carole assured him it would be fine as she would be doing most of the work.

At that she climbed onto the bed and straddled his thighs.

Taking hold of his cock she rubbed it between her wet pussy lips before sliding down its full length.

'Oh,..oh...oh fuck,' chanted Daniel.

He looked up to see Carole unfasten her bra and throw it on the floor before leaning forward to offer him her large breasts and erect nipples.

'You can feel them darling. Suck then even. I will like that and I'm sure you will.'

Daniel forced his head up and taking one breast in his hand he parted his lips and began to suckle.

'Mmmm nice!' stated Carole and started to grind her pelvis on him.

After Daniel had sucked her other nipple Carole was ready for more.

'Time to fuck you now little boy. Enjoy!'

Carole began to ride him hard. Her breasts swaying in front of his face as her arse went up and down on his cock.

Daniel began to pant heavily and Carole knew he wouldn't last much longer so she sat up on the soles of her shoes and rode him like a cowboy.

With a gargled cry Daniel came deep inside of a woman for the very first time.

Carole stayed on top of him so he could savour the moment. She also realised that she herself still hadn't cum but she had an idea,

Climbing off the boy she said, 'I'd better go to the bathroom and get rid of all this goo.'

She walked out of the door and seeing Susie was still by the wall grabbed her arm and marched her into the guest bathroom.

'Wait! What are you doing?' the younger woman asked.

'Oh just something I think you'll love,' came the reply.

Carole sat on the edge of the bath and opened her legs.

Susie could see Daniel's cum starting to seep out of Carole.'s well fucked pussy

'Come on, you know you want to...'

Susie quickly fell to her knees and started to suck her step-son's emissions out of Carole..

'Oh fuck! Don't stop!' chanted Carole. 'I need to cum!'

She pulled Susie's head tight between her thighs and Susie responded by frantically pleasuring the older woman.

'That's it. There. Oh yes. My clit. Suck it.'

Carole could feel her orgasm fast approaching.

'Oh yes. Oh God. Fuck yeesss!' she came hard on Susie's face.

Carole pushed her away, stood up and said, 'Right must get back to my teaching role. I hope you will appreciate this when you fuck him,'

Susie knew what Carole was saying was true. She did want to fuck her step-son. She had to fuck him. Her husband was often away and in fact he was going away on a three day business trip in a couple of days time. She decided to seduce Daniel then..

She washed her face and re-applied her make up before going back downstairs. Just then more champagne sounded good.

Carole walked confidently back in to an eager and waiting Daniel.

'Right lover boy it's time to learn how to make a woman cum using your tongue.'

Daniel was a good student of the art of cunnilingus and made Carole orgasm twice.

They fucked missionary with Carole's stocking clad legs wrapped around the young boy's waist and finally doggy style where Daniel had the perfect view of the older woman's arse before he finally shot his last load into her.

'Wow! Thought Carole. 'Susie is in for one hell of a ride.'

She kissed him on the cheek and taking her clothes walked to the bathroom where she showered, put on her make up, got dressed and went downstairs to join the others.

A second bottle had been opened and after another couple of glasses Brian and Carole were ready to leave.

'I'll help you tidy up,' said Carole as she grabbed a couple of empty glasses and followed Susie into the kitchen.

'He's all yours!' Carole said quietly.

'Thank you,' answered Susie but added 'I do want to see you again. Ring me in a couple of days when David is away and we will arrange something. My mobile number is on our file.'

Carole smiled and nodded before returning to a waiting Brian who had already called the driver to pick them up.

'I'll go straight home then the driver can drop you off at your house. A very successful afternoons work all round,' he said with a smile.

Carole laughed but had to silently agree.

'Oh my God! You lucky bitch.' cried Val the next day at lunch.

'Ssshhh!. People will hear us,' demanded Carole.

'Ha ha. Wow! And the step-mother. Too good. Too good,' Val giggled. 'I can't wait to hear about the next one!'

Early on Saturday morning Carole received a phone call from the local Mercedes garage wanting to know when a good time would be to deliver her new company car. An ecstatic Carole told them anytime.

A little later she answered the door to a salesman with two sets of keys and a shiny black Mercedes SL parked on her drive.

Josh came bounding down the stairs and gasped out loud when he saw the eighty thousand pound dream machine.

'Can we go for a drive Mum?' he asked.

'We'll drive out of town at lunchtime for a bite to eat,' replied Carol.

Both of them loved the car, as did Val when Carole picked her up on Sunday afternoon for a spin with the roof down..

A couple of weeks later Brian again asked Carole to pop into his office.

'I have another call to make and I need your assistance if that's OK with you?'

Carole thought of the money and readily agreed.

'The car will pick you up at home at ten tomorrow morning then it will swing by to collect me before driving out to Whetstone. Don't worry about wearing work clothes as I'll get the driver to drop you back off at home afterwards.'

The next morning Carol dressed in a smart cream silk blouse, her shiny leather pencil skirt and black silk underwear, stockings and high heels.

Once Brian joined her in the car Carole again asked for details about the couple they were going to see.

'Tom and Anne Henson. Nice couple. It's Tom's fiftieth birthday today and he has a little cash in which to top up his portfolio. Unfortunately he was in a motor cycle accident recently and he has broken both wrists, the fingers of both hands and his ankles. I'm sure Anne will fill you in with everything when we arrive.

The car pulled up at electric gates at a property next to a park at Whetstone, North London. Carole saw it was a huge detached bungalow in well maintained grounds.

Brian could see Carole giving the place the once over.

As the car pulled up at the door it opened and Carole was surprised to see a beautiful tall willowy blonde come over to greet them.

'Brian, so nice to see you again,'

'Hello Anne, please let me introduce Carole.'

The two women shook hands and Carole felt like she was being appraised.

Anne was a forty six years old former lingerie model who had been married to Tom for just over ten years since his divorce. She had incredibly long legs, small breasts and a pert bottom. Her blonde hair fell well over her shoulders and she had a pretty face with full lips and a small nose. She was wearing a cream woollen dress that clung to her body showing off her trim figure.

'Please come in. Tom is in his study.'

Anne led them into the study and Carole wasn't surprised to see Tom sitting in a wheelchair with both wrists, hands and ankles in plaster.

'Brian. Good to see you. Sorry I can't stand up and shake your hand,' Tom said with a smile.

Tom was a good looking man in his early fifties. Lean body with boyish good looks.

'Would you care for a drink or a cup of tea?' Anne asked.

'I would love a cup of tea,' replied Brian.

'Come on Carole we'll make them tea and maybe find a glass or two of wine for us,' she said with a wink.

In the kitchen Anne filled the kettle and wanted to know a little about Carole while pouring a couple of glasses of chilled white wine.

Carole gave her an abridged version of her life.

'Anne, can I ask what I'm doing here?'

'Yes, you've probably noticed that Tom is in no fit state to participate but since his accident he has taken on the role of voyeur.'

She could see Carole was still mystified.

'Tom loves sex but obviously he can't partake at the moment so these days he gets his kicks by watching me.'

'How? When?' stammered Carole.

'We were swingers when we first met and we have watched each other many times. Tom actually likes the fact he can't get off until I make him cum after I've had my fun.'

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