tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOh, Library Boy!

Oh, Library Boy!


He stood there by the brick wall, a book splayed open as he stared down at the pages. I couldn't help but notice the length of his fingers as he scanned the words one by one, and his tongue as he licked the very tips to turn the page. Silly me, having these glimpses in the library. Silly me for having decided that I must get a closer look.

As I trailed around the bookshelves, closing the distance, I watched as he shifted his weight from one foot to the other. He leaned with a casual demeanor against a beam, completely oblivious to my stalking.

"Excuse me," I said as I drifted past him, a flit of my skirts as I brushed ever so lightly against his free hand. "Sorry, I didn't see you standing there." As I passed, I turned only to catch his gaze not meeting my face, but settling more on what I would assume to be the curve of my ass. I grinned to myself and paused, canting my head. "What is it you're reading?" I queried.

It was then that he finally looked up, clearing his throat and adjusting his stance. His finger kept place between the pages as he lowered the book to look at the cover, "Eh, uh, uhm.. nothing too interesting. Just a book I picked up from the shelves."

And it was then, with my heart racing, that I decided I would talk to him, to learn about him. I could smell his deodorant from where I stood, and mixed with the subtle hints of his own musk, I knew I just had to have him. My body talked to my mind, and my mouth did all the talking to him. "Oh? Does it not have a title?" I asked, stepping closer. I could see as his back straightened against the column, and how his free hand quickly dipped to his pocket, only to tuck within an adjust. What was he adjusting, I wondered. I stepped even closer. Standing to where I now bent lightly, body leaning forward, knowing that today's choice in underwear was certainly to my best interest; my tits were so eloquently displayed for him to see as I pretended to care about the title of his book. I reached out, grasped his wrist and nodded. "I see, existentialism. Fascinating."

He recoiled as if I burned him, but yet he said nothing. Only a simple nod of his head.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cross your personal space," and with that, I moved to stand beside him, yet facing him. My eyes were locked on his gaze, which happened to be looking elsewhere. "Have you a name, or are you plain shy?"

"No, I have a name," he muttered. A grin creased my lips as I moved just a tad bit closer. "Good, that pleases me. You may keep it to yourself if you wish. May I touch you again?" He startled, staring me now in the face. I knew that would get his attention, and I could not help but return his gaze with a wicked grin of my own.

"What did you say?" he practically stuttered.

"Oh, I was curious about something, and wanted to know if you minded if I touched you again. You're awfully shy, you know." I circled around him the way vultures circle their prey.

"Is there something on me that needs removed?"

"Actually, there's a lot on you that needs removed." And with that, my hand dropped so bravely there in that library, finding and cupping the fabric of his khakis. "Oh, my. I wasn't expecting that from the silent one..."

What I wasn't expecting was the stiffness my fingers found pressing against the cloth. My eyes were wide as I stared him in the face, lips parted as I exhaled a breath that showed my pleasure. He seemed to reciprocate, and that free hand that once sat in his pocket came out and pressed my hand more firmly to his erection.

"I'm not shy, you know," he murmured as he leaned his face against my ear to whisper. I turned to lift my gaze to watch him, curious now. "You sure do put on quite a show then," I responded.

"It's not every day a woman assaults you in a library."

My grin widened. I could tell by the stir in my stomach that my panties were surely soaked. Especially now that he was interacting in a way I never once anticipated. Within seconds, my world flashed before me. The book fell to the floor, the binding face-up as the pages were mussed and ruffled against the ground, perhaps now forgotten. My wrists felt a slight pinch as I found myself braced now against that very brick wall he stood near. All of it happened so quickly. I gasped for air, my breasts heaving with every suck of breath. "Oh, I see. You're definitely not shy." My words practically rolled off my tongue, I was so insanely turned on.

It was then I lost my balance, and it was he who kept me pinned, his body now pressing against mine, his knees parting my thighs as he began to grind himself between them. I whimpered against his cheek as he found my ear, biting teasingly, and soon our mouths found one another. Tongues darting, intermingling one another's essence; we kissed, uncaring of the world behind and around us. After-all, this was the area of the library rarely anyone ever went into. Who reads existentialism now a days, anyway?

"Is this what you wanted?" he growled lowly into my ear. Without a verbal response, I rolled my hips forward, pushing myself down harder against his leg. I was a bitch in heat, unable now to contain the yearning that coursed through my very system. Finally I managed a very breathy, very sultry "Yes, this is exactly what I wanted."

I don't know how it happened, but it did. I think back on it and I try to reason with the situation. It was as if in a blinking moment things progressed from slow to amazingly fast. One minute I was harmlessly flirting, then cupping this man's cock, to now? Look at me. I look like a filthy whore here, up against the wall, back pressed hard as this stranger's hands gripped my hips and his cock found the welcoming slit of my hungry pussy.

"Coy little pussy cat seems to like herself wet," he muttered before biting into my shoulder. I let out a cry, eyes glaring open, nostrils flaring as just after his bite, his cock surged upwards, hungrily burying its head against my cervix. My god, this is the thickest cock I have ever had! And in that very instant, my world turned white. The blood rushed through my body, my eyes rolled upwards, and my hands found his back as nails dragged sharply over the shirt. One leg was propped up, braced against his hip as he thrusted repeatedly into my wanton cunt, but I was no innocent. I greedily fucked back into him, grunting and moaning deeply against the very flesh of his throat.

"Cum for me, you greedy, greedy girl," he barked, and in that moment, I lost myself again. I could feel how my core tightened upon his shaft, hungry, desiring. This was exactly what I was seeking, needing, and I didn't even learn his name! Just after I rode out that orgasm, I felt him quickening in his own pace, driving his cock deeper and deeper into my depths. "That's right," I whispered, "that's right, big boy. Give it to me, give me what I want. Hard!" and that's just how I got it. Both legs up now, he pushed me so hard against the brick wall that I have scratches along the backs of my shoulders to show for it. "Cum for me!" I squealed as I felt that thick rush of heated cum pulsating from his cockhead that pressed nestled against my cervix. He grunted, his body shuddering as his arms tightened around my frame. He held me to him, on him, against him as he realized soon where he was and what was happening. With a grin, I slowly lowered my legs, his cock still nestled between my pussy lips, and stood. Pushing him gently back, his dick slipped out and I could feel both of our juices beginning to trickle against my thigh.

Reaching up, I adjusted my panties to catch the aftermath, and adjusted my skirts. I looked at him sideways and grinned that coy little grin again. "You're right. You're not shy at all. And let's keep you anonymous."

We met there, in that library, once a week at the same time, the same aisle for nearly a year. One day I went back, only to find the aisle empty. However, face down on the floor was a book. I picked it up to re-shelve it, and lo and behold, was a note that highlighted a quote by Edna St. Vincet Millay — "Life must go on, I just forget why..."

I miss my library boy to this day, but forever in me lay the memories and I shall cherish them always.

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