tagNonHumanOh Lilli

Oh Lilli

bySean Renaud©

"It's finished sir." There was more than just a hint of pride coming across. The speaker was genuinely impressed with his own work and believed every word of what he was saying.

"It is absolutely finished? To my exact specifications?" Jermaine Reinhardt replied. It wasn't possible. He knew what he'd asked for, he gone a few extra miles to make sure that it was impossible. "Really?" Reinhardt felt his heart pick up a few extra beats per minute. The most likely answer was that they were lying to him and he could deal with that. There was however a less likely but more radical answer. They were telling the truth. It just happened that the likely answer was completely insane. They couldn't possibly have been successful in creating HER. "You really made her. Everything I asked for and you made her?"

"It's not as difficult as you make it sound Mr. Renaud. Genetic engineering has been around for nearly fifty years. We've been studying evolution for a lot longer than that. The main things that have been preventing this from happening in the past are the ethics. The same people who are stopping us from making clones. The technology has been proven since the mid nineties." Dr. Sharpe explained as they walked through the labs.

Reinhart felt his chest swell slightly as he walked through the halls of his private labs. He'd spent millions making sure that his teams had everything that they could possible want. He didn't understand what half of the machines they owned did but they had promised him that they could work miracles and if Dr. Sharpe wasn't lying they had indeed performed a miracle. "So are there any problems I should know about?"

"Nothing bad. She has been an interesting case to study. Particularly in morphometrics." Dr. Sharpe paused at a door quickly keying in his code and then sliding an ID badge through a reader. "See she's basically human, say ninety percent of her core DNA is human, the ten percent we tampered with to get the desired appearance combined with the training we subjected her too has given her some interesting habits."

"Such as?" Jermaine glanced down at the scientist. He wasn't used to people keeping him in suspense, and interesting almost always meant bad.

"It'll be easier to just show you." The door hissed open.

The room that they'd kept the woman in was one half jungle gym and one half bed room. When they walked into the room she was at the suspended in the middle of the twisted tangle of bars with a contented smile on her vaguely feline face. Every inch of her body was covered in lightly golden fur and apparently she'd been given clothing, clothing that was now on the floor leaving her nude. "Mew?" With more grace than any human could hope to accomplish she flipped down threading her way through the maze of bars until she was on the floor. "Is this him?" She spoke rapidly circling around him quickly.

After she'd done a few laps around him she dropped easily to all fours and circled him again this time brushing up against him. Then sniffed at his crotch several times before canting her head slightly. "My name is Lilli. I'm a kitty!" She exclaimed then shot back upright sniffing Jermaine's face lightly tickling his face with her whiskers.

"Is she always like this?" Jermaine asked doing his best to hold still while she continued to inspect him. It was unusual to have a woman inspecting you like an animal.

"No, not always. She's a bit moody at times; sometimes she won't come down to talk to us. She's never shown any hints of being dangerous though. Just be sure you know what you want because once she's got a certain idea in her head it can be hard to get her back on track if you know what I mean." Sharpe turned and stepped away. "I'll be waiting to debrief you when you've finished."

The door hissed shut behind Jermaine and he was alone with Lilli. "Hello Lilli. I am Jermaine and you are amazing."

"Yes I am amazing." She stepped back and then sat down on her haunches. "You are Jermaine. I was made for you. Do you like me?" She posed slightly lifting her thick tail away from her well formed ass and lifted herself up just slightly. When Jermaine remained silent a pout formed on her mouth. "I hope you like me." She lifted one leg straight into the air and twisted her head down and proceeded to lick herself. "They made me very bendy. I was told men like bendy." She rolled forward so here breasts were crushed between her body and the floor then comfortably rested her feet on her own head. "I can get into all kinds of positions." She turned over so she was on her back and locked her ankles behind her head and rocked back and forth.

"Holy shit. They actually managed it. I can't believe it, you're not real." Jermaine whispered.

A human wouldn't have heard the sound that barely escaped his lips but her triangular ears swiveled quickly toward him. "Lilli is real." Remaining on the floor she crawled toward him careful to exaggerate the feline role of her shoulder. "If Lilli wasn't could she do this?" She reached up and pulled his pants down to his ankles, then did the same with his boxers. Lilli sat back on her heels and wrapped her breasts around Reinhardt's cock and started sliding them up and down.

"No you couldn't." Reinhart gasped. It was like being jerked off by velvet. "Damn that feels great."

"Lilli can do other things too." She opened her mouth and every time his cock emerged from between her tan furred breasts it slipped into her mouth and her tongue raced around the crown before letting it vanish back between her breasts. "This is what she was made to do. I like it. I like making men happy." She purred contently and Reinhart felt the vibrations through her chest and instantly shuddered. "You like that don't you?" Before he could answer she was purring again louder than before. "Are you gonna cum for Lilli? Right here? Right now? All on Lilli's pretty fur?" It would have happened without her honeyed coaxing but Jermaine threw his head back and nearly howled as his cum erupted some landing on her chin and her throat before dripping back down to her breasts where the rest of his load had landed. "Yummy."

Jermaine took a step back to catch his breath. Lilli was happily licking his cum from her breasts and grinning. "You aren't tired are you? Lilli hasn't gotten to feel you inside yet." She turned away from him stretching her arms in front of her and lifting her tailed rump. It wasted with her tail but after a moment her hips were swaying enticingly. "You do want to show Lilli how big a man you are?" Jermaine grinned slightly and stepped forward grabbing Lilli's tail at its base and yanking her up onto her toes. "Oooh. Lilli likes it rough." Jermaine grinned and stabbed his cock into her in a single brutal stroke.

"Do you? Do you like it rough?" Jermaine snarled pounding her as hard as he could manage. Each stroke sent the slight feline beauty stumbling just slightly. Not a single complaint parted her lips. The sounds spilling from her lips were utter rapture. What had been whimpers became erotic cries when Jermaine snatched her hair and pulled her straight back so she was looking up at him. No human could have bent that far but Lilli wasn't even troubled by it. The fire glowing in her eyes was almost hot enough to burn even before she lunged up into a kiss. He hadn't noticed before but he could feel it in her kiss. She was hot, actual heat, he could feel it in her kiss, it was a pleasant warmth. He should have expected it but she didn't taste human, there was a hint of tang in her kiss. Jermaine felt his back straightened when her tail wrapped around his middle and slid up his spine. "Oh God."

""Don't you mean oh Lilli?" She purred. "Lilli thinks it sounds better. "Oh Lilli! Oh Lilli!" She started chanting breathily each one a little more intense. Lilli reached over her head wrapping her arms around Jermaine's neck, then hooked her legs around his thighs so she was completely supported by him. "Oh Lilli!" He could feel her muscles clamping down around him stronger, tighter it than he'd ever experienced. "Oh Lilli!" She howled as her orgasm crashed against her.

"Oh Lilli!" Jermaine echoed as she brought him to his second orgasm of the day. He started to stumble, his legs threatening to go from beneath him but she was quicker landing and catching him. "Oh Lilli."

"You are pleased?" Jermaine nodded. "Good. Lilli is happy. We can go now?" She smiled and kissed his cheek.

"Yes." The doors opened as soon as he spoke.

"I take it you were pleased sir?" Dr. Sharpe grinned.

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