tagRomanceOh My God Ch. 07

Oh My God Ch. 07


Chapter 7 – Trouble Stalks Kathy

Three months later, unbeknownst to us, Donnie had gotten out of jail. He was really pissed off at Kathy for turning him in. He tried to find her at her apartment but we had left no forwarding information there or with the post office. After about a week he changed his tactics and went to the college. It took him about three weeks but he finally followed Kathy all the way back to my apartment.

It was a Wednesday evening, I could tell something was wrong the instant I stepped into the apartment. Kathy wasn't there to take my coat. I softly closed the door and the first thing I heard was the sound of a whip striking something or someone. My skin tightened with the adrenalin rush that hit me. I sat my backpack on the floor, took off my windbreaker and silently move toward the bedroom where I heard a voice say. "Thought you could get away slut. You'll never get away"

Another whip stroke and a muffled moan made me move faster. I was almost at the partially open bedroom door. Thru the crack I could see Kathy tied to the bed with bleeding whip marks on her back. I could also see a ball gag in her mouth, which explained why she wasn't screaming louder.

A hand with a whip in it came back ready to strike. I slammed the door open and grabbed the wrist holding the whip and kicked his knee sideways. He screamed and started falling to the floor. As he fell I twisted his wrist so I ended up falling on top of him. I planted my elbow in his solar plexus, that knocked the wind out of him. I twisted the arm with the whip up behind his back and rolled him onto his stomach. I kept twisting until he started screaming again. I wanted to hurt the bastard. I wanted to hurt him bad. Then I was at a loss for what to do next. He was bigger than I was and Kathy was still tied to the bed naked.

He started cursing and threatening me. I had him down but couldn't do much from my position lying on him. He couldn't do much either his knee was ruined and I was putting a lot of pressure on his shoulder.

He continued to scream obscenities at the top of his lungs. "You mutha fuckin' asshole. You stole my slut. I'm just getting her back. You have no right to interfere with me disciplining my slut."

I rolled toward his head lifting and putting more pressure on his shoulder. Ignoring his renewed screams, I said, "Kathy isn't your anything. She's my girlfriend, she's my submissive. You're not welcome here and you certainly not welcome to attack her."

Shortly there was a pounding on the apartment door. "Police open up!"

I yelled, "Be right there. We have an intruder." I pushed up, gave one last wrench on his shoulder and took off for the front door as fast as I could. I quickly opened the front door just as Donnie limped to the bedroom door. The officers rushed in. One of them took me into the living room as Donnie is yelling that I assaulted him. The other officer, a woman, approached Donnie but didn't get close enough for him to reach her.

The officer sat me down where he could watch me and also cover his partner. "Okay what's going on?"

I took a big breath. "Officer, this is my apartment. I live here with my girlfriend. I got home from work about thirty minutes ago and found this man whipping her. She's in the bedroom tied to the bed naked. I grabbed his whip hand and kicked his knee. When we fell I fell on top of him and wrenched his arm. I didn't know what to do from there. I had him down and under control but couldn't get up myself. When you knocked I decided it was better to let you in and handle things so I jumped off him and opened the door."

"Who is he?"

"Sir, I really don't know. He was screaming about Kathy being his slut. I can guess that it is her previous boyfriend. He was in jail for stealing her car and trashing it. I think he also whipped her but she didn't report that. Would you please get her some help?"

He nodded. "Stay right where you are."

He got up and talked with his partner. I could still hear Donnie cussing and screaming at the police officers.

The two officers walked over toward me. The female said, "I want you to come to me and turn around. I'm going to cuff you for now. Do you understand?"

I nodded and said, "Yes ma'am." I stood up slowly and walked to her, turning around when she ordered. She cuffed me and made me kneel. Then she and her partner approached Donnie.

Donnie proved that he wasn't very bright, as the officers got within range he screamed and took a swipe at them with the whip. He hit the male officer in the face which enraged both officers. They jumped Donnie and slammed him to the floor. He was cuffed in nothing flat and they weren't gentle. Donnie screamed several more times and he spewed a foul stream of invective that never seemed to end as they hauled him into the kitchen.

The policewoman entered the bedroom and started cursing when she saw Kathy tied to the bed. Her vocabulary was almost as extensive as Donnie's. She called for backup and an ambulance, took pictures then cut Kathy loose from the bed. I could hear her talking with Kathy while her partner watched Donnie. It was like they had forgotten me.

The female officer brought Kathy out wrapped in her bathrobe. As soon as Kathy saw me she pulled loose from the officer. "Ian what have they done to you. Oh my sweet master."

The female officer grabbed her and sat her on the couch. "What do you mean master? Are you alright? What is this guy doing to you?"

Kathy wouldn't answer her she just kept saying, "Ian, oh I'm so sorry. Ian please forgive me."

I finally spoke, "Kathy, answer the policewoman's questions. I'm alright. Now obey me and answer her questions."

Kathy let out a sob and nodded, "Yes Ian."

The female officer repeated her questions. "Kathy, what do you mean calling him master?"

Kathy looked at her. "I'm a submissive. Ian has agreed to be my dominant, my master. He is really good to me. He is really good for me."

"How is he good for you? How is he good to you? I don't understand."

Kathy gave a half smile. "He gives me structure. He gives me purpose. Before I met him I was almost flunking out of college. Now my grades are excellent. Ian gives me the structure I need and he gives me joy."

I could tell that she was worried about Kathy. She said, "Kathy I'm Lila, are you alright? We can get you to a shelter so Ian can't find you."

Kathy teared up. "I'm so much better than alright with Ian. He completes me. I don't know if I can explain it any better. I don't want to get away from Ian. I want to stay with him."

Lila continued, "Kathy, what about the old whip marks on your back. How can you say that Ian is good to you if he whips you like that?"

"Oh, Ian didn't whip me. He's never put a mark on me. Donnie did that before I met Ian. Ian moved me when I couldn't pay my rent and let me live here with him. Ian has never hurt me. He's punished me when I did something wrong but he's never hurt me. Ian fixed the restraints on the bed so they wouldn't hurt me. Donnie put them back to the kind that hurt."

Lila sighed and changed her questions, "Can you show me how Ian ties the knots so they don't hurt?" She gave Kathy a piece of rope.

Kathy took the rope and tied a bowline knot with a loop for her hand. She slipped her hand thru the loop and pulled on it. "See it doesn't tighten up and hurt like Donnie's knots. It doesn't hurt when I'm tied down."

"Why does Ian tie you down Kathy?"

"Usually it's a game. It excites me. Most of the time he gives me a massage with oil. God that feels so good. He is so gentle. Sometimes he tickles me first. But most of the time it's just a massage. It feels so good."

Lila nodded. "Okay, anything else?"

Kathy nodded, "Could you let Ian go? He saved me. Donnie was whipping me and Ian saved me."

"How did Donnie get in Kathy?"

Kathy's lip started quivering. "He... He was behind me. When I opened the door he pushed me in and closed the door behind him. He hit me and I guess I passed out. When I came to I was naked and tied down with the knots that hurt. Then he started whipping me. I screamed but the gag kept my screams from getting out. Can I ask; how did you know to come?"

Lila smiled, "The screams. Donnie's screams. The neighbors called us because of Donnie's screams."

"Ian, saved me again. He stopped Donnie from whipping me."

"Kathy, can I ask how you met Ian?"

Kathy wiped the tears out of her eyes and smiled. "He... he ran me into me with his bicycle. He was in a race. I tried to cross the road when I shouldn't have. There was a pack of them together. Ian was at the back and hemmed in. He couldn't swerve and he was going too fast to stop. You can still see the scars on my knees." She pulled the robe up and showed Lila her knees.

Lila smiled at Kathy. "If he ran over you how did your knees get skinned up?"

Kathy smiled back at her and giggled. "We think I jumped at the last second. I went over the handlebars and knocked him off his bike. I landed on top of him. All except my knees." Kathy giggled again, "You should see his backside. He got it much worse than I did."

Lila smiled, "I see, I guess that's sort of funny but how did that get you together?"

Kathy got a faraway look, "When we got up, Ian sat me on his bike and pushed me to the clinic. With my knees walking was right out. I loaned him my sweater to cover his rear end. After we finished at the clinic he pushed me all the way to my apartment. We talked all the way. When he got me home he rode all the way back to his motel to get his car and drove back to take me to a pharmacy to get my prescriptions filled. We spent the next few nights at my place. That's the short story of how we met... Can you please let him go?"

Lila smiled and nodded, "Okay, I'll let him go." She came over and uncuffed me. She sat me on the couch. Kathy came over and sat beside me. She took my hand and just held it.

Lila said, "Kathy how did you get those scars around your wrists?"

Kathy looked down at her feet. "Donnie tied the ropes to make me hurt. Then he beat me so I'd pull on them. They really hurt and made the scars. I also have scars on my ankles."

"But Ian ties you up why do you think the scars are from Donnie?"

Kathy looked up at me and smiled. She turned to Lila. "Yes but he used the ties that don't tighten up. They don't hurt. Besides, I had the scars before I met Ian. Donnie caused them."

"What did Ian do to you when he tied you up?"

Kathy giggled, "The first time I was so afraid. It was stupid. I had nothing to fear. Ian took some massage oil and gave me a wonderful tender, loving massage. I can't tell you how much I trust him now. I trust him with my life."

Lila changed tacks. "Kathy you didn't report Donnie's abuse. Why not?"

Kathy looked back down at the floor. "I was afraid of him and ashamed. Donnie told me that you would never hold him and he would punish me for it."

"I understand. Will you press charges against him this time?"

She looked up at Lila then to me. "Yes. Yes I'll press charges against him. I have Ian to protect me. Just like he did this time. I realize now, that if I'd pressed charges against Donnie last time he'd still be in jail and he wouldn't have got to me this time."

Throughout the entire interrogation we could hear Donnie in the kitchen cussing up a blue streak. Lila asked, "Can you get dressed? We need to take you to the hospital."

Kathy turned pale and looked at me.

I said, "Not until Donnie is moved. He doesn't get any nearer to her. Is it alright if I go get her some clothes instead?"

Lila nodded. "Yeah that would be better." She raised her voice. "Jeff, Her boyfriend is coming to get some clothes for Kathy."

Jeff's voice drifted in from the kitchen, "Okay. Let him come."

I went to the bedroom and picked up a skirt, some panties, a blouse and sweater along with her shoes and took them back to the living room.

Lila looked the clothes over and said, "No bra?"

I looked her in the eye. "I saw her back. A bra will hurt and I don't want her hurt any more."

A small smile flitted across Lila's face.

Kathy said, "Thank you Ian." She turned to Lila. "See why I trust him. He protects me."

I turned my back so Kathy could dress.

Lila cocked her head and turned toward me. "Ian as I understand it you and Kathy live together. You've seen her dressing many times so why turn your back now?"

I smiled. "To keep from embarrassing her."

"Is she embarrassed every time you see her dress?"

"I don't think she is, you'd have to ask her but usually we are alone. She doesn't dress in front of strangers."

Kathy came up from behind and gave me a hug. "He's right you know. I like being naked for him but I was embarrassed until he turned around. When he turned around he drew your attention too. So no one was watching me dress." She took my face in her hands and gave me a soft lingering kiss. "Thank you Ian."

Lila looked at Kathy and looked at me. "Yeah he did distract me. It's pretty special that he thought about doing that for you."

Kathy beamed. "He's always doing things like that for me. I think he's awful special."

Donnie's voice drifted in from the kitchen. "Slut you'd better remember what I told you last time. I'll get out and really beat you if you press charges against me."

Kathy shivered and wedged herself under my arm. I had to work to keep my weight off her wounds.

Soon, the ambulance and another set of policemen arrived. Donnie was hauled off in the ambulance with Jeff watching him. He had been read his rights. Lila left taking Kathy to the hospital.

The other two officers were pretty rough with me. They cuffed me and shoved me into the back of their car. They roughed me up for about half an hour trying to get me to confess to whipping Kathy. I ended up in the holding cell at the police station with a black eye and a split lip.

I spent about four hours in the holding cell before Lila showed up. I had to fight to keep from grinning when they brought me out. Lila was giving the Desk Sergeant hell. That was nothing compared to the berating she was giving the two who brought me in and roughed me up.

One of them said, "What's the big deal? The shit beat the crap out of Donnie."

Lila exploded, "First you stupid ass, he was protecting his girlfriend from Donnie! Donnie is an arrogant, egocentric, foul mouthed, abusive asshole. You should see what Donnie did to her back. Better yet, you should have someone whip you like that." She threw some pictures at him. "Take a look at what your pal Donnie did to her. Second, your actions leave the department open to a huge lawsuit. When will you two morons ever learn?"

I was quickly processed out and Lila personally drove me to the hospital. She apologized the entire way.

At the hospital, after they patched me up, Lila took me to see Kathy. Kathy was turned away from the door laying on her stomach when we got to her room. I could hear her softly crying as I entered the room. I knelt beside the bed. "Kathy what's wrong," I asked.

She jerked and turned toward me. "Oh Ian. You're here!" She drew back a little and asked, "What happened to you? Donnie didn't do this did he?"

Lila answered for me. "No there are a couple of dumb-shits on the force. They were supposed to bring Ian here to be with you but instead they beat him up and stuck him in the holding tank. That's where I found him when I went looking. I was sure he would be here unless something, like those jerks, happened to him. I was right."

Kathy put one arm around my neck. She looked at Lila, "Thanks for rescuing him Lila. I was being stupid and thinking he was repulsed by my back." Then she started crying again.

I said, "Yes Lila, I can't thank you enough." Then I leaned in and gave Kathy a soft kiss with my tender lip.

I heard Lila say, "I couldn't do anything less. I saw how much two you care for each other. I saw how much you protect her Ian. I wish I could find a guy like you."

Kathy pulled back a little and looked at her. "Lila he's mine. You'll have to find your own master." She gave Lila a quick smile and then kissed me again.

That caused Lila to giggle a bit. About that time the nurse came in to shoo us out. I was getting ready to leave when I looked at Kathy and her face was close to panic.

Lila, I asked, "Where is Donnie?"

"He's two rooms down the ward from here. Why?"

"Is he cuffed to the bed? Is there a guard?"

She looked puzzled, "The answer is 'No' to both."

I looked at the nurse. "I'm not leaving while that bastard is loose. I know he's hurt but that won't stop him if he's determined but I will." I pulled the chair over by Kathy's bed and sat down.

The nurse sputtered a bit and said, "It's against hospital policy. It's not right, you could take advantage of her."

Lila snickered but it was Kathy's reaction that got the nurse's attention.

Kathy said, "Oh please!"

The nurse's next move was to have Lila to get rid of me. "You're a cop. Get him out of here. Arrest him or something."

Lila looked at Kathy and me. Then she turned back to the nurse. "Normally I would but I happen to agree with him. You see the whip marks on her back. Those were done by the man two rooms down. I'm not sure why he isn't restrained but I was there shortly after Ian rescued her. I saw how much he cared for her. He got her clothes. He wouldn't let her use a bra because it would hurt her. He distracted me so she could have a semblance of privacy while she dressed. I'm not going to throw him out. I am going to find out why Donnie isn't properly restrained and guarded. Until then he stays."

The nurse spun on her heel and left.

I asked, "Lila can you stay for a few more minutes while I use the toilet?"

She nodded so I left. When I returned she and Kathy were deep in conversation, talking a mile a minute. Just as I entered the room a pissed off police lieutenant pushed past me.

"Sargent Conners what is this bull about allowing the guy who beat this girl out of jail?" He then turned recognizing me. "And bringing him here to torment her."

Lila stood up. "Sir what are you talking about?"

The lieutenant pointed at me. "Him. What is he doing out of jail and here."

Lila said in a very calm voice. "Lieutenant, I don't know what you mean. Mr Laird didn't do anything wrong. He's her boyfriend."

"Not according to the report. This asshole." He pointed to me. "Beat this poor girl and then beat up her boyfriend. He's just down the hall."

Lila's eyes flared but her voice was steady. "Sir whose report did you read?"

He looked puzzled. "Johnson and Boyd's report. What does that have to do with anything?"

She gritted her teeth, "Sir, Jeff and I were the responding officers. Johnson and Boyd were called in as backup. Mr Laird is her boyfriend. It is his apartment, confirmed. The man down the hall is a former, emphasis on former, boyfriend. Donnie Boyd forced his way into the apartment while Mr Laird was out and assaulted her. He stripped her naked and tied her to a bed then whipped her bloody." For emphasis Lila pulled the sheets down so Kathy's back could be seen. "Mr. Laird defended her and protected her. That's why I brought him here. You haven't seen my report or Jeff's because we've been busy trying to straighten out the mess made by Johnson and Boyd. Like why her attacker isn't at least restrained and is only two rooms away from his victim. Lieutenant, I will be looking to see if Donnie Boyd and Hal Boyd are related. Something about this case stinks."

The lieutenant took a step back, "So you and Jeff are the arresting officers. Well that explains some things. The Sergeant O'Conner was pretty upset with the chewing out you gave him. He only had the one report. That report is written up as if Johnson and Boyd were the arresting officers. Now I want the two of you to step out into the hall. I want to talk to the young lady alone."

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