tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOh No, It's The Cops!

Oh No, It's The Cops!


It had been a wild Christmas Party. Not a holiday party, but a politically incorrect Christmas Party.

The food was outstanding, a complete prime rib buffet and open bar catered by Chef Roger of that well known bistro downtown. The reason was Piper's company was one of the few internet startups that actually went through an IPO last year and did surprisingly well.

It was a wonderful night of eating, dancing and drinking, but not too much of anything. Piper and I were concerned that, well you just don't want to make a bad impression on management,

Piper looked her lovely self. She was dolled up in a long flowing gown, and the silver necklace she was a gift from her twenty something boss when the company went public. I think the kid had the hots for my wife.

Oh, it's not like she's, well, how can I say this, old. I mean, she's 33 for crying out loud. But everyone in that company seemed to be in their 20s. Brad, has boss, was 25 and Piper laughed when she told me he was always looking at her tits. "I've had to remind him when we were speaking that my eyes were up here," she said, pointing to head, "not down here."

Smiling, I nodded. Piper had great perky 34C breasts, perfect in every way down to the pointed nipples. She wore tops that accentuated them, and in some ways would have been inappropriate for most traditional companies. But at the startup, well, the younger girls wore all kinds of crazy outfits. Piper was somewhat demure.

Piper loved to dance, I was an awful dancer, and so at the party she was the belle of the ball dancing with guy after guy. I smiled to myself, waving at her on the dance floor, because I knew I'd be getting some of that sweet thing tonight when we got home and they would only masturbate thinking about her.

My lovely wife sat down around 11. "I don't think I can dance another dance, I'm beat," said the girl I'd been married to for six years. "Those boys have too much energy. Say, tiger, did you save some energy for me?"

"Not for dancing honey, but I will do a special tango with you when we get home," I chuckled.

She knocked my shoulder, calling me incorrigible. But with a smile. Yes, I was going to get some tonight.

We laughed a little more, drank two for the road and bid our goodbyes before heading to the car at about midnight. It had been a great evening.

On the ride home Piper laughed when I placed my hand on her breast. "The boys loved these tonight, everyone loved to see them bounce around on the dance floor. But I have to admit I liked looking at your ass much more."

Piper mumbled something about enjoying herself, slowly moving her hand to my thigh. "It made me horny dancing with all those studs," said my wife, slurring just a little. "Good thing there weren't many slow dances or there might have been trouble."

All out banter had got me excited, but apparently I had slipped over the center line.

"WATCH IT," cried out Piper.

I jerked the wheel over and narrowly missed a car that was booming its horn. Damn. Should pay attention to driving not the lovely lady beside me.

Uh oh.

Flashing lights in the rearview caused me to focus all attention to the road.

Shit, on no, it was the cops.

"Driver's license and registration," said the familiar voice. It was Billy Caufield, a classmate from high school who had dated Piper before me. "Have you been drinking sir?"

"Come on Billy...."

"Sir, get out of the car!"

Okay, okay I thought, I'd go along with the charade.

Billy's partner, an older, burly man, stood to the side with his hand on his gun while Billy was asking me questions about where we'd been, what we'd been drinking, and where we were going.

I casually gave him the information, admitting we'd had "a couple" drinks but that I was sober as a judge.

Billy told the other officer to handle things while he stepped to the other side of the car to speak with Piper. The officer led me away from the card and asked me to count backward from 100. Then he had me repeat several sentences. Finally he had me walk the line, as they call it.

At the end of the examination he said he thought I was over the limit. I disagreed, of course. I know what I can drink, how much, and explained we were merely fooling around a little on the drive and my attention stumbled for a second. I was fine.

"Oh, like my partner is doing fine?"

I looked at the guy, then toward the car. Piper was leaning through the open window, sucking Billy's cock.

Starting toward the door, the officer grabbed my arm...hard. "Don't move."

Standing still, I watched as Piper's head worked the cock of her former boyfriend. I couldn't believe she was doing it. Billy looked toward us and wrapped his hands around my wife's head, guiding her up and down his throbbing cock.

"I think she's passed the breathalyzer," said Billy. "How did he do on the test?"

"Drunk as a skunk," said the burly one. "We have to take his ass downtown."

It was all surreal. It was as if Piper and I weren't there, but we were. I was standing in the street with a cop holding my arm and Piper was blowing his partner like a slut.

Feeling helpless, I averted my eyes but Billy called and I looked over.

"Piper here told me, uh, before she got hungry, that you spent a weekend in Sheriff Bill's county lockup last fall for DWI," said the policeman. "You know, tonight when we take you in you get two weeks, with no time off for good behavior. Man, that will suck.

"Piper said your boss nearly fired you for the last DWI, says he will fire you for sure if we take you in this time. So, she's agreed to post your, uh, special bail for you if Buster and I agree.

"Hey Buster, what do you say. Do we give Jon a break here? Do we give him a warning and let him go home and fuck his wife tonight? Or, do we take him downtown, book him, and let him lose his job and spend a couple weeks in the pokey?"

What an Asshole.

"Okay, you've had your fun Billy, this has gone far enough," I said as emphatically as I could. "Stop and I won't tell anyone. Piper won't either."

The guy laughed. "You know, her mouth feels as good as ever, but your mouth is going to get you into trouble. Now you have pissed me off. We're going to take you downtown for DWI but also a little resisting arrest and maybe trying to bribe a police officer. Who knows what will stick, but you will be broke from the lawyer's fees, lose your job, and still spend time in the pokey."


"But nothing," Billy stopped me from saying more. "You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can be held against you in a court of law..."

Billy rambled on Miranda while Piper kept sucking his cock. He was really enjoying this. I was not. But there wasn't a think I could do.

The burly cop walked me to the back of the squad car and sat me down so he could call in the bust.

I watched Piper continue to fellate her former boyfriend as the burly cop walked over. Soon, Piper got out of the car and got into the back seat of the squad car. Billy got into my car while the other cop walked our way.

Piper came back into her seat, a guilty look on her face. "Billy, it's the only way. You can't get hauled in again. Kiss me now."

I moved over and kissed my wife, tasting the cock that had been in her mouth. At least he had not come in her mouth. It was humiliating, though. We drove for a minute or two before turning down a secluded tree covered dirt road.

Stopping, the burly cop told me to get out of the car. I kissed Piper again, figuring she would finish the blow job and we'd be on our way home.

As we walked toward my car Billy came up to me. "You have a wonderful wife who is going to be your get out of jail free card. So I don't want you to say a word and be a good little boy. Got it?"

Nodding, I was guided to my car and my wrists handcuffed loosely to the steering wheel.

Soon, the back door opened and Piper sat on the seat. I watched as Billy slithered in front of her.

"You know what to do," was all he said.

Piper unzipped his trousers and reached in. She pulled out his cock, looked at it, then bent forward and kissed the tip. Then she licked up and down the side before closing her lips around it. Soon she was bobbing her head up and down the cock.

Billy wasn't satisfied with the blow job alone. Rather, he had to discuss it with me.

"Hey Jon your wife knows how to suck cock. Well, I taught her well, didn't I? I think every one of our dates ended with her sucking me off. Remember Piper? Remember how you'd suck me off at a drop of a hat? Hell, you even blew me in the back seat of my Chevy with Roger and Barry in the front seat watching. Remember? You gave them a blow job lesson that night. I should have let you blow them too. And that was nice tonight, you kneeling on the seat and coming out of the window for my cock. Nice."

Piper never missed a beat, sucking on Billy while he relayed story after story of how Piper liked to suck his cock, even in a dressing room at Macy's where they were caught in the act. How she fucked him on his daddy's pool table ("He was pissed off at me until I told him what happened. There was a little stain there, you see, we couldn't get out. Piper had to apologize, didn't you, slut?") Damn this was embarrassing.

Piper finally pulled away from the man. "You bastard, you bastard, shut up."

Billy laughed. "Aw, he knows you weren't a virgin when you married him. Damn, I know I wasn't the first. There was Andy, Colby, Allen, Peter...."

The policeman pushed Piper onto her back. "Lift your dress for me before I tear it off you."

"NOOO," came the cry from my mouth.

"Shut up, Jon, you got her into this. She's getting you out. So shut your mouth."

Piper scooted her dress up, first above her knees, and then higher, baring the stocking tops and garter belt she'd worn for my eyes only. I watched as Billy reached up and slid off her lacy light blue panties, left atop the garter straps for easier removal. He sat on the back seat and started fingering her pussy.

"Hey Buster, she's soaking wet, the bitch needs some cock, and she's going to get it!"

Billy maneuvered himself between my wife's legs and rubbed his dick up and down her slit. Then he buried himself to the hilt inside her.

"Damn, she's hot, she's still tight."

The policeman lifted her legs up high, one going onto the back window ledge and the other around the passenger side head rest. I didn't have a great view, but I could see the man rutting my wife, fucking her hard. I heard her grunts and groans as he pounded her pussy harder and harder.

In and out he went, as I saw his ass move quickly up and down on top the willing woman. My wife was his receptacle, she was there fucking him to get me out of jail. I couldn't bear to watch but I had to. It was so very erotic.

He lifted her a little higher and I heard those frantic words.

"Not there! Ohhh."

Piper cried out and I tried to jump back only to be held by the cuffs on the steering wheel.

"I always wanted her ass when we were going out, now I have it," grunted out the cop. "Oh, I'm fucking your ass. Oh yea, take it baby, take my cock Piper. Take it up your ass."

I started beeping the horn, trying to attract attention, but the only attention I received was from Buster, who told me to shut up. Looking at him, I know I was doomed, so I shut my mouth as Piper took the cock up her ass.

He was a machine, pounding my wife in a place that had never been taken. He quickened his pace as entry became easier.

My whirlwind mind was snapped back to attention when Billy announced to us he was going to cum.

"Oh yes, damn, I'm cumming in your wife's ass, oh yes!" said the cop with a major grunt as he exploded into my wife's virgin behind. She would never let me do it, now she had been taken by her former boyfriend. And it was my entire fault for drinking too much.

Billy collapsed on my sobbing wife.

They remained silent for a couple minutes before Piper asked if he was satisfied.

"Yes, Piper my dear, as far as I am concerned we can forget this all happened."

Our ordeal was over. I watched as Billy backed out of the back seat and pulled up his pants. "Your wife is quite hot, just like I remembered her."

I didn't say a word. I didn't want to set him off in any way. I just wanted to hold Piper and get her home.

"Where do you think you are going," said Buster as Piper started to get out of the back seat.

He pushed her back and dropped his pants. "You know, you are only half done here," said the burly cop.

Back onto her back went my wife, only to be told to turn around.

"Get onto your hands and knees," said the second cop whose cock was enormous compared to Billy's. Hell, it was huge.

Piper finally understood her work was not complete. She moved into position before the realization hit her.

"No, not again. Not up my ass."

I saw the cop smile. "Why waste a good opportunity. My wife never takes it up the ass. You are a pro at it."

With that Buster powered his massive cock into my wife's gaping ass, now well lubricated by Billy's cum. The man wasted no time in fucking my wife from behind. I couldn't see her face but I could hear her groans as the cop showed her little mercy. He banged my wife's ass with rocking precision.

The guy knew what he wanted and was taking it.

Back and forth he went, banging my wife as she gasped and grunted to the tune of his pounding. He fucked her quick, holding her buttocks tightly and he railed deep and hard.

"I'm cumming in your wife," announced Buster. "Oh yes, I'm cumming."

The man rocked in and out of my wife, exploding into her shit chute and lubing it more than ever. I think it had been a while since he'd cum because he pushed and rocked and enjoyed my wife to the max.

When he was done he slapped her on the ass a couple times as she sunk into the cushion. He backed out of the car and dressed high fiving Billy for their good fortune.

The officers came around to the driver's side and issued me a formal warning.

It was Buster who noticed the tent in my pants. "Did the action get you horny, Mr. Roberts?"

Silently staring back at him, he unhooked the cuffs and led me out of the car. He walked me around the back of the car and to the open door.

"Go ahead," said Buster. "She's ready for you."

Dropping my pants I climbed into the back seat, startling Piper. "Jon, what...no more, what are you doing?"

Lifting her up, I had but one thought.

Which hole?

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