"He just left. He fucked me again and again," I said languidly, spreading my legs further. I had planned this conversation, knew that with Bruno having more than a couple of drinks inside him, that he'd be more compliant, easier to manipulate.

"You should wash, you're sticky, smell," he whined.

"You clean me."

"What, you think I'm going to get a washcloth, a towel, and clean up after the man who fucked my wife?"

"Yes, and with your mouth, your tongue," I ordered.

"You're crazy...I'd never."

"He came on my tits, on my stomach, my hair, my pussy...lick it," I said as I grabbed his head and pulled it to my left breast.

"Never, I won't," he denied as I grasped big chunks of his thinning hair and pushed him down over my stomach, then held his face in my gooey red hair.

"Do it for me baby."

"You're sick. A slut."

I wrapped my legs around him, dug my ankles into his back as I held him motionless between my legs.

He finally started to lap, slowly at first but then with an almost insane urgency, cleaning first my thighs, then my stomach, my hair before lowering his wet tongue to my slit, licking up Johnnie's and my joint juices with a ravenous hunger.

Bruno had never been a man who liked going down on me, his rare sorties between my thighs had always been at my frustrated insistence and never lasted long. Now, as his lips and tongue worked my clit he slowly woke me, finally forcing me to pull him up my body.

"Fuck me...fuck mommy...hurry Bruno," I screamed, and seconds later he was in me, spilling his load as my orgasm hit me.

"That was disgusting," he whispered later in the dark.

"You gave me an orgasm lover," I purred.

"But I hated it...tasting his...yuck," he protested.

"You were so big, so hard tonight honey, Daddy's cock was so nice."

"It was?"

"Uh huh."


There was only one more step to take, only one more thing I had to do to ensure Bruno's continuing acceptance of my needs. Johnnie wanted to do it too, some male need to conquer his opponent, I suppose.

"Why've you set three places?" Bruno asked when he wandered into the kitchen after arriving home from work a week later.

"How was your day?"

"A bitch. The VP was in town all day, didn't give Jim or I a seconds peace."

"Maybe you should have invited him home for dinner."

"That prick? Shit, he flew out at five, off to torture the poor bastard in Miami."

"I invited Johnnie...to dinner I mean...I promised to work with him tonight..."

"You want me to eat with him? Are you crazy? I won't," he refused.

"He wants to discuss moving his accounts to your bank."


There were many periods of uncomfortable silence as the meal progressed. I didn't care. In fact, I took off my panties between courses, sat with my dressed hiked up near my waist as my two men glowered at each other across the table. I played footsie with Johnnie even while I slipped a finger between my wet thighs. Rubbed Johnnie's cock as Bruno discussed his bank.

Bruno was slowly worn down by the power of my lover, his confidence slowly worn down by Johnnie's obvious maleness. His eyes would dart to mine when Johnnie would put his hand on mine for a second, would look for my protest before quickly looking away.

"Johnnie and I have a couple of hours work honey," I said after we'd finished eating and were leaving the table. "Could you clean up?"

He meekly agreed and then later as Johnnie and I worked on our portfolios and investment decisions we heard him watching TV in the next room.

"Bruno," I invited after walking to the door separating the rooms, "would you like to see what we've been doing?"

The three of us sat shoulder to shoulder in front of the flickering screen for an hour. Ever the banker, Bruno couldn't help but be impressed by the boy's ideas and strategies. But even as he asked his eager questions, his eyes followed my fingers as they caressed the heavy bulge in Johnnie's lap.

"I've got to get some sleep," Bruno finally announced, pushing his chair back from the screen.

"You'll have to sleep in the guest room tonight."


"Johnnies staying over," I said simply.

"But honey," he started, then watched almost spellbound as Johnnie stood and wrapped me in his arms from behind me.

He simply fled.

I had showered and was standing in a silk, mid thigh length robe, unbelted and hanging open, my breasts exposed, when Bruno came into the room.

"Where is he?" he asked even as he heard the shower running.

"Showering. Getting ready for bed."

"It's not right. This is my house," he complained.

"He's giving you a son."

"I don't," but then gasped as his eyes looked over my shoulder. "Jesus," he groaned, both his eyes and mouth open wide in amazement.

"Hi," I whispered to my lover as he put an arm around my shoulder, his prick waving hugely in front of him. "You're already ready," I complimented him as my hand slipped onto his shaft and circled him, lightly pumped him.

He pulled me into his arms, pinning his big cock between our bodies. I slid down Johnnie's body, my mouth open, my tongue licking my lips. "Do you want to stay...to watch?" I offered my still stunned husband before taking the fat shaft between my lips.

"No...no," he yelled as he backed towards the door, "I'm going...now," then sped out.

Johnnie made me scream that night. He made the house shake with my passion, my joy, my abject acceptance of his maleness, my sexual slave hood, my sluttish need for a big cock.

Making sure Bruno understood once and for all.


November turned into December. I slept with Johnnie most days, often two or three times. He'd only sleep over once a week or so. The other nights I slept with Bruno.

All of a sudden he was fucking me more. The man who'd been hard to get hard more than once a week, now wanted to make love at least three times a week.

I was ecstatic! More cock in me than I'd ever dreamed of. Johnnie's sex slut slave! Bruno's master! Bruno would never admit it but was probably happier sexually then he'd ever been. I loved the nights when Bruno would lick Johnnie's cream from me and then mount me with his little prick, trying somehow to fill the space just left by my lover.

We went back up north for Christmas, a couple of days with Mom in Albany before visiting Bruno's elderly folks in Syracuse. I ached for cock! Even making Bruno service me every day did little to assuage the need I increasingly felt for a long, thick penis.


"Look at that goddam thing?" Bruno said, watching the small TV in the kitchen over my shoulder as he ate his breakfast on January 3rd, our first day back in Daytona.

"Fucking trailer blew up...shit, it says here in Daytona."

Turning to watch the screen, it only took me a second to recognize the site, just a second more to be rushing towards the door.

"What?" Bruno demanded at my retreating back.

"That's where Johnnie lives."

It took me only ten minutes to arrive at the trailer park, but it was only twelve hours later when I was able to pry Johnnie from the clutches of the police.

"What happened?" Bruno demanded when we finally stumbled exhausted through the front door.

Once he started to talk, Johnnie's story came quickly. Clem apparently had decided to cook up some meth in his kitchen over the holidays...the resulting explosion had almost leveled the trailer but due to the fact he was having a crap at the time, Clem had escaped with only minor injuries.

"I'd been out, missed it completely," Johnnie said with a wry smile.

"You'll live with us. Until the end of term, until you leave for university," I announced. "You'll have to move your stuff honey," I told my husband, "you'll have to stay in the guest bedroom now."

"But," Bruno started and then seeing my stare, again meekly agreed.


January and February and March were perfect for all of us. Oh, Bruno would complain from time to time, but I knew he was happy, his continuing horniness in the face of Johnnie's presence a daily proof. Meanwhile, I continued to widen as junior grew bigger and bigger in my tummy.


And then I discovered the world of sexual animals...that world where highly sexed, big cocked predators lurked. Where a woman like I was simply prey to be taken by whim. I'd been marked somehow by Johnnie. I discovered he was just one of hundreds that relentlessly trolled the streets for women like me. For big-cock whores.

I all of a sudden recognized them. They could see into me. Men who would have ignored me before now locked their eyes on me...knew what I wanted, knew how easily I could be taken.


I looked up at the local Polish butcher one day as I waited in his shop, a fifty something overweight man who you'd think wouldn't attract anyone. Yet when I looked into his eyes I knew he'd make me squirm and squeal. Knew that he recognized me for what I was.

As he handed me my package of chops his hand caught mine and held me for a second. "After the baby," he said as he held me, "come and see me. I'll have a big piece of meat for you."

"What kind of meat, Mr. Slaboski?" I asked, my knees trembling, imagining his sweaty body atop mine, grinding down.

"Polish sausage Mrs. Fisher," he laughed, "Spicy, fat Polish sausage, slip it right down your pretty throat."

As I scurried home I knew I would have done anything he asked, would have knelt behind his counter sucking him off while he served my neighbor. I stayed away from his shop for weeks afterward.

Men I'd never knew existed now seemed to be everywhere. If not for Johnnie and the baby I would have eagerly embraced two or three strangers every week.

Even the President and COO of Bruno's bank! William Derringer. In April he made a stop in Florida, part of his annual cross country 'meet the managers' tour. It was a visit that included a lunch for all the North Florida managers and their wives. A feisty bantam weight, the 5'6", hundred and thirty pounder looked innocent enough at first glance, but Bruno had warned me.

"He's a prick, the meanest banker in America. Try not to piss him off," he warned. "One wrong word and my career can be ruined."

He recognized me for what I was immediately as I stood shaking his hand in the reception line, knew he could bend me over a table and fuck me and I'd never complain. I knew he was big, hard, demanding...knew I'd scream while under him.

As we milled about, talking, socializing before lunch was called, I'd checked the name tags on the tables, found Bruno and I relegated to a far corner. And yet, somehow, when lunch was called, I found Bruno and I moved to the presidents table, found myself sitting next to him and facing Bruno across the round table.

His hand was on my thigh before the entrée was delivered. We talked. I asked him to dinner.

"You're pregnant," he answered, his fingers momentarily brushing my stomach.

"Are you married Bill?" I countered, to the consternation of everyone at the table.

"Four times," he chuckled, then added, "maybe it would be good to get to meet my people in their homes. Charlie, change my flight will you," he ordered one of his flunkies, "the Fishers have invited me to dinner."

Bruno was almost wetting his pants when he got home at six. "Fuck, he'll be here in an hour. Do we have something good?"

"Shhh," I interrupted, "he'll love it." Knew he'd love me.

"But he's the fucking president."

"You better impress him then."

"Oh sweet Jesus," he moaned as he rushed off to shower and change.

Johnnie and Bill, as the president asked us to call him, sat opposite each other that night, both recognizing the other for what he was. Both these predators put their hands on me as the dinner progressed, taking turns fingering me even as Bruno droned on obliviously at the end of the table.

"Is that kid the father?" I heard in my ear as I stood washing up later in the kitchen.

I tried to turn but he held me immobile, his hands on my hips as he pushed his body into my back.


"You like big cock don't you," he breathed into my ear.

"Yes sir."

"Do you want me?"

"Yes sir," I groaned as his fingers slipped under my skirt and pushed it up above my waist.

"A slut wife who doesn't wear panties?"

"He likes me without...he wants to be able."

"Smart boy," he whispered huskily. "Do you like this?" he asked as I felt his now free cock rubbed down my ass crack and pushed between my legs.

"Yes sir," I said as I looked down and saw his mushroom headed giant sticking out from between my legs, almost if I'd grown my own penis. "Its big...so big," I whimpered as his strong fingers closed over my heaving breasts.

"Touch it," he ordered. As both my hands slowly pumped this oversized organ, he whispered in my ear, "When you've had the baby...then I'm going to fuck you Mrs. Fisher... hard... right on the boardroom fucking table of the Gotham Bank. Are you noisy Mrs. Fisher?"

"Yes sir...oh please sir," I begged as his finger slipped inside of me.

He finally pulled back and then, after we'd joined the others and he'd thanked Bruno for the invitation, he added, "You've impressed me Bruno, I like your ideas...I want you in New York for the budget meeting in October."

Elated, Bruno simply stammered, "Of course sir...I'd love to...I mean...great."

"And bring your wife," William Derringer ordered, "She'll need a vacation after having your son."

"Yes sir...of course...it's been a pleasure," Bruno said, almost bowing as he escorted him to the door.

"Slut," Johnnie hissed at me as the men said goodnight on the porch.

"Yes master," I agreed, my fingers squeezing the thick snake pulsing in his pants.

I was sucking Johnnie when Bruno reappeared, on my knees on the living room rug, almost gagging each time he thrust his young hips into my face. Bruno was so high from his success he hardly noticed, just watched for a second before dancing from the room.


I was doing a couple of errands one afternoon, just five weeks before the baby was due, when at a stop light I looked to my left and saw a policeman in the car next to me eying me speculatively. Another one, I knew immediately.

He let me go a block, two blocks before I suddenly heard the siren behind me, then followed his hand instructions and turned into a small lane, only blocks from home.

Watching him as he approached in the rearview mirror I simply knew, knew this thirty year old cop with the bulging biceps and sporting sunglasses would have his will with me. I wanted him to.

"Papers ma'am," he ordered when I lowered my window. Then, "Please step out of the vehicle ma'am."

"But officer," I started.

"Please ma'am," he insisted and then when I'd finally struggled to get out, my dress hiked indecently high on my thighs, he added, "Please turn around ma'am and put your hands on the hood...Bend forward ma'am," he ordered through my timid objection as he placed a hand on the back of my legs.

"I'll have to search you Ms. Fisher, Sarah," he said smugly, and snickering added, "See if you're carrying any concealed weapons." For minute after minute he simply did as he wished with my body, pulled down my panties, fingered me, cupped my breasts and squeezed my nipples...

"Was that alright Sarah?"

"Yes sir," I cried, my sopping need sticky on his fingers.

"Too bad you're so far gone Sarah," he said with a touch of regret, "I guess you'll have to perform your community service some other way." He slowly pushed me to my knees, held my hair as he undid his fly and pulled out his straining python.

I sucked him, swallowed him eagerly, loved his tasty cum, simply sat back against the car door when he strode off. I wished he'd fucked me.


Bruno Jonathon Fisher was born July 22nd, a ten pound, three ounce, blond haired bundle of joy whose birth forever tied Bruno to me. You only had to look at Bruno once as he held Johnnie's baby in his loving arms to understand he'd obey me always.

Johnny was proud to be a father, or maybe he'd be better described as being proud his cock, his seed, had fathered the baby. He had no real desire to parent, in fact as the weeks quickly passed we saw his increasing eagerness to leave.

He left for Princeton in late August, his one promise to me an assurance he'd come back the next summer and make me pregnant again. "I want them to be full brother and sister," I'd argued to him, "your babies. I don't want another man to impregnate me."

"I'll give you another baby," he finally promised his last day home. "But I know you'll be fucking others, any one who wants you," he predicted. Then he fucked me hard all afternoon before leaving for his evening flight.


Officially I was on pregnancy leave through the end of October but after talking to and negotiating with the Principal I'd agreed to start in September but for the first term only teach my two advanced seminars. And that's why I happened to be in the common room talking to Jill and a couple other of the other teachers when Joe Brown, our senior chemistry teacher walked by scowling.

"What's wrong with you," Jill challenged.

"Fuck," he muttered and then seeing us quickly amended, "fudge, I meant fudge."

"What is it?"

"That little...that little..." and we knew he was searching for a word he could use in front of his female colleagues.

"That little shit?" Jill finished.

"He's going to ruin our season, our chances," he muttered darkly.

I knew it must be something to do with the football team, like Bruno, Joe was an assistant coach with the team. The team was the number one topic of conversation that fall, the team that had reached the quarterfinals of the Florida State four A championships last year was returning most of the team. It also featured the number one high school prospect in the state, a powerful running back who'd scored thirty touchdowns in his junior year while running for twenty-five hundred yards.

"They're going to have to flunk Gary Stewart off the team," Joe finally announced to our stunned silence.

"They can't," one of us protested, simply saying what we all felt. "He's the star..."

"And he's a smart kid...I had in my class when he was a sophomore," Jill added.

"He's doing shitty in math, in science," Joe said gloomily. "He keeps reading his own clippings. Fuck, sorry ladies, but that boy's brain is in his dick. No time to study, he's trying to screw every cheerleader in North Florida."

"And apparently his brainy dick is quite large," Nancy said laughing.

After the four of us had sat pondering this disaster for seconds, Jill piped up with, "You could tutor him Sarah, you'll have lots of time this term. You're good with big cocked boys," she chuckled.


"We need him honey...shit, we're going to be so good with him playing"

"I told you I'd tutor him," I answered. Bruno had arrived home that same afternoon and what was on his mind was exactly what had been bothering Joe – the future playing status of Gary Stewart. "But you'll have to talk to him, convince him," I added.

"Can't you do it at school?" he whined.

"What's he like anyway?"

"He's a nice kid honey. Smart enough, good looking..."

"How big is he?"

"I don't know. Six-one, six two? Strong, big thighs...can run right through tacklers."

"How big Bruno?" I insisted, knowing he'd understood what I wanted to know.

"You can't. He's important to the team...you wouldn't," Seeing my stern gaze he wavered, then finally admitted, "He's big...uncircumcised...he walks around after showers with no towel...waving it in everybody's face...you wouldn't want him hon...apparently he's fucking half the cheerleaders."

"You'll have to bring him home yourself."

"What? I won't."

"He can flunk out then, I don't care."

"You'll sleep with him. Fuck him."


"And you want me to deliver him? Bring home another boy who's going to cuckold me?"

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