"Yes. And then eat him from me."

"I won't," he promised as he stormed out.

Two days later, after a two hour football practice, Bruno arrived home with Gary in tow.

"Hi hon, this is the boy I've been telling you about. I thought he might join us for dinner, discuss his marks and everything. Gary, Gary Stewart."

"Hello Mrs. Fisher," the handsome, dark haired teen arrogantly spat out, his eyes jumping from my face to my chest to my groin. He'd recognized me for what I was immediately.

I knew he'd fit perfectly...fill me...make me come...and come...I wondered if Bruno would end up watching us...

...then wondered how fat the Polish bakers' sausage was...

...wondered if the cute cop would just bend me over his cruiser and...

...wondered how the president would ever get that fat knob into me...

I know I'll soon find out.


A Literotica author's pleasure comes from the response of you the reader. Please take an extra few seconds and sent me your vote. Of course I'd prefer a 5, but am quite happy to receive any vote, anything is better than silence.

Comments, posted here, or e-mails are especially appreciated and always responded to if I'm furnished a return address. I'd love to hear your ideas and opinions.

Let me know if you'd like to hear about Sarahh'hs further adventures. Thanks, Jim S.

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