tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOh Sweet Megan

Oh Sweet Megan


I lay down on my side of the bed, her side is empty. The digital clock beams out dim green light, indicates that Friday had ended 10 minutes ago. She is not home yet, in fact, she has not been home this week any time before midnight. What could she be doing? Is she having an affair?

I wake up to the familiar movement of the bed, she is sliding in her side of the bed, although she is moving with utmost cautious, I am awoken. I lay still and peek at the clock, it is almost 3 am. Where has she been? The strong cigar smell lingers around. She can't be having an affair, can she?

I wake up in the morning, she is in the shower. I pick up her mobile phone, and have a look at the records. Strangely, the record is clean. Not a single call record. However, there is an SMS text message she sent last night she has not deleted yet. I stared at the text message, I read it again and again. She is definitely having an affair....Our thirteen years of marriage is heading to a bitter end.


I am angry. I want to hurt her. I want to humiliate her. I spend the entire day driving around, hedging a plan to return the favour to the unfaithfully slut....

I get home late in the afternoon with a shopping bag in my hand, a perfect plan in my head. When I walk in, she is on the phone, she laughs, she smiles, she ignores me. She still looks great and I still love her cheerful smile. Her smile caught my attention years ago, I fell in love with her and the joyful smile. It is a shame that I do not get to see that smile that often any more.

At the dinner, her mobile goes off. After answering it, she comes back and says 'I'm going back to the office'. She offers no explanation and I ask for none either.

I walk into the bedroom while she is changing. I can not keep my eye away, the years have been kind to her. At the age of 36, she is still as beautiful as the day we exchanged rings. She looks smart with black skirt and glasses, yet very delicious as the black bra is showing through the tight white blouse.

I lean against the bedroom door, take a sip of the Scotch and smile at her, 'So, Megan, do I know him?'

'Know who?'

'The guy you're gonna fuck tonight.'

'Cole, what on earth are you talking about?'

'Y'know what I'm on about. You slut. Y'know the SMS, the cigar smell and all that, d'you think I'm stupid, huh?'

She does not look surprise when I mention the SMS text message and the cigar smell, she takes a glance at my glass and replies confidently, 'You are drunk, Cole, go to bed.'

'I'm drunk? I'll show you how drunk I am, you bitch!' I cover her month from behind as she walks out to the corridor. My other hand wrap around her wrist and drag her back into the bedroom. Although she kicks and screams, her petite figure offers little resistance. I easily throw her on the bed. She looks at me with rage in her eyes and shouts, 'you son of a bitch! I am calling the ....'

I swing my right hand fast and hard before she could finish her sentence, the mark left on her left cheek seems so bright on her pale white skin. Tears running down her face as she reaches for the phone. I pull her back by her dark brown hair and leave another mark on her face. May be it is the fear, may be it is the pain, she passes out.

When she comes to her senses not long after, her hands are handcuffed behind her back. Her month is gagged and one of the legs is tied to the bed pole. I can see fear in her eyes as I pull out the 10 inches vibrator from the shopping bag. I turn on the monster and it vibrates inches from her face as I whisper in her ear, 'The sales assistance said this baby is the best seller. Guess what, it matches the colour of your eyes too.'

The horror in her eyes really tunes me on, I smile and say to her, 'Where do you want it?' She shakes her head violently and mumbles through the month gag. 'What? What? I can't hear you, my dear. I should undress you first? You are right. Ok, I will get you naked.' I rip off her blouse and skirt. The black bra is very sexy and the matching G-string is equally appealing. I can see tears running down her cheeks again. 'Oh, darling, don't cry....' I pull her thong down and lift the untied leg. I position the toy at her opening and go, 'Since when do you shave your pussy?' I jam the entire 10 inches into her cunt in one go. Her eyes pop open really wide and faded scream coming through the month gag. Without waiting for her the settle down, I switch it on. The fake dong comes alive and the vibrating noise matches the violent struggle of her body.

'Relax and enjoy it.'

I stand back and enjoy the show for a while. Sweats and tears running down her face. She seems exhausted. I switch the 'thing' off to let her catch a breath. I run my finger down her bottom while I play with her clit with my other hand. 'Hold on a minute, wouldn't you like to get your ass fucked?' My suggestion catches her attention. She shakes her head, pleads with her watering eyes.

Throughout our marriage, I never conquered her rear end. She believes it is dirty to even just to speak about it. This time, she is going to accommodate my desire. I pull the vibrator out of the now flooded snatch. It is wet and glitter with her love juice.

'What will it be, sweetheart? My dick or this bad boy up your virgin ass. It's still a virgin ass, isn't it?' To be honest, I do not quite care whether I will be the first to explore the little playground or not. I just need to release my anger on her one way or another.

'I take it you prefer the fake one over the real one.' Her head shakes violently. 'I don't understand, speak to me, Megan. Ok, if I take the gag off, will you promise me not to scream?' With her head nodding, I take the gag off, she takes a deep breath and screams. Instead of putting the gag back on, I land my right hand on her face. With the sudden pain on her face, she stops screaming, but before long, she starts again.

'You just don't learn, do you?' I sighed after slapping her a few times. 'You scream again and I will bitch slap you again. You know I'm not bullshitting, so don't try me.' With her hands locked behind her back and one leg tie to the bed pole, there is no where she could hide from my back hand. She nods.

'Now, wouldn't you like to get your ass fucked?' I repeated the suggestion.

'Please no, I'm begging you....'

'Sorry, that wasn't a question' I held up the vibrator. 'Darling, pick one, mine or this one it is all up to you. Come on, I'll choose for you then.'

I start lubricating the vibrator with KY jelly.

'Please, Cole, don't do this to me, I'm begging you....' she cries as I place the head of the toy at the entrance of the unexplored territory.

The pressure is mounting. The afternoon purchase poses to stretch her splinter to the extreme. 'Last chance, Megan, one.....two....'

'YOURS!...' She yells

I pause and wait. She seems to understand what I am waiting for.

'I'll take yours, don't use that thing on my ass, Cole, please, I'll take yours.' She pleads.

'Mine?' I laugh sarcastically, 'So, Megan, you want me to fuck your ass with MY dick, ah? Fine, beg for it.'

'Fuck you, Cole, you sick bastard.' she curses and spits at me.

I slap her hard and before she could recover, I gag her with her G-string.

I rub some KY jelly on my now saluting cock. I get behind her and position my member at the backdoor. Without warning, I jam mine all the way into her tiny butt hole. It feels so hot and tight inside, it is a great feeling finally enter the forbidden tunnel. I stay still for a while to enjoy this special moment. She is breathing hard through her black undergarment. I know it is pain that she is feeling from her over-stretch ass hole. She feels pain, I wear a smile on my face.

I start to bang her fast and hard, her head is hitting the headboard repeatedly. Sodomy is a beautiful thing. I continue pounding her ass. My balls slap against her ass cheeks. I know I won't be able to do this for long. I rocket even harder and fast.

'Darling, I'm gonna cum in your ass...' I grab the vibrators and stick it into her vacant pussy and switch it on.

'Oh, it feel even tighter....how d'you like two dicks in your holes...huh....'

Pressure is building up in my nuts, I know I am about to cum any moment.

'.....arrrr....' I explode in her ass. I am exhausted. She is humiliated.

I withdraw my cock from her. White jizz is leaking out of her.

I also pull out the green monster from her cunt, 'Oh, Sweetheart, you are leaking, I have got to plug that hole.' I don't think she understands what I mean, until I jam the metallic cock half way up her newly fucked ass hole.

I switch the fake penis on and walk toward the door.

'Pumpkin, you enjoyed it, didn't you? Don't worry, I'm not done with you yet, I'll be right back.'


As I walk out to the corridor, I realise that I have released my anger and rage. I have humiliated her and crushed her self-esteem.

But what am I to do next? I haven't planned that far ahead....


You would probably be able to point out that I am first time writer, any suggestion is welcomed.

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