"Ohhh...Mommy," I Groaned


"Poor Bobby," Patty said to her mother as they lay side by side in the one bed in the cabin, a queen size brass bed that dominated the small space. They'd both woken when the thunder had started to roar.

"I'm going to check on him, he may be drowning out there," her mom answered, hopping out of bed just as another peal of thunder crashed overhead.

Her daughter, clad in just a thin t-shirt that barely reached mid thigh, quickly followed her mom out the screen door and joined her on the covered porch. They both peered through the darkness and the pounding rain towards the little clearing where Bobby had set up his tent.

"Oh my god! He'll drown," Patty shrieked when a bolt of lightning lit up the area and the two women saw the pond of water that was forming around the tent.

"BOBBY....BOBBY!" his mother yelled, her breasts moving under the thin cloth of the short nightgown she wore.

"Ma?" they finally heard and when the next flare of lightning hit they saw his head peering through the flap of his tent.

"Come up to the house. You can't stay out there," his mom ordered. Five seconds later they saw him again, momentarily lit up by another flash from the sky, moving towards them, naked, water dripping from his muscular young body.

"Patty, go get Bobby a towel, he's naked," her mom directed, but for seconds her daughter waited, waiting for the next illuminating flare.

"You're soaking," mom almost scolded when Bobby finally reached the haven of the porch's overhang. "You should have come in earlier."

"I thought it was okay...just raining...I was asleep...then I woke up...there was water everywhere...my sleeping bag...my clothes were all soaked," Bobby gasped as he stood dripping in front of the two women.

"Towel Patty," mom ordered as she ran her hand through her son's soaking hair.

"Yes ma," Patty answered as she rushed inside, then was back seconds later with a small bath towel.

"Patty, he needs a beach towel...something to cover himself," her mother complained, but the eyes of both were hungrily locked on the shaft swinging freely between his legs as he dried his hair with the small towel.

Eventually another couple of towels were found and Bobby was escorted into the small cabin, and ended up sitting on the couch, surrounded by the two fussing women.

"I'm okay. I'll just sleep on the couch...you guys can go back to bed," he finally told them.

"No, you'll sleep on the bed...with us. There's lots of room, isn't there Patty?"

"Yes ma," he daughter agreed, her whole body tingling in excitement from what she'd seen.

"Put on some shorts, then come to bed."

"Yes ma. I gotta go pee first though." God, they were both staring at my cock, he thought to himself as he held his streaming hose over the toilet. Felt himself hardening as he thought of their thinly clad bodies that would be lying next to his. They'll have to feel it tonight, he thought.

The two women were lying in bed when Bobby returned from the washroom, and they silently watched when he let the towel fall from his waist and then moved to the clothes closet where he finally located a pair of boxers. They couldn't help but notice how his penis had hardened, and then, as he pulled the shorts up his legs, saw it momentarily caught before Bobby shoved its straining length under the cloth.

"Here, sleep between us," mom directed as she patted the bed between she and her daughter.

"You don't have enough room ma," Bobby said as he snuggled between the two. "I can take the couch."

"Don't be ridiculous. It's three in the morning. Let's just get some sleep," his mom answered even while feeling her son's hardness touch her thighs.

"Do you snore?" Patty asked as she snuggled her breasts against her brother's back.


"Ohhhh, I'm tired," Patty muttered when she finally woke the next morning.

"You're finally awake," mom sang out from across the room.

"What time is it? Who...," she started to say as felt the body against her. "Bobby?" Then remembered the night before.

Lifting her head so she could see over the muscular chest just inches from her mouth, she saw her mom across the room standing at the stove. "He hogged most of the bed," she complained, but even as she spoke she was aware of something poking against her stomach.

Jesus, she thought, as she looked down between their bodies and saw the long pole sticking out from the fly of Bobby's shorts.

"He takes a lot of space doesn't he? When I woke up I was almost on the floor," her mom answered in a clearly happy tone of voice.

"Well, I guess it wasn't too bad for one night," Patty answered as she watched her hand move of its own will towards the waiting shaft. Don't, she mumbled to herself, then felt the smooth hardness of a man for the first time.

"What honey?" her mom asked.

"Nothing ma," she answered, lost in the feelings coursing through her. She slowly ran her hand up his cock as her insides opened, lightly fondled his balls as her nipples tightened in desire.

She felt him stir but still held him lightly in her palm, then saw his eyes pop open but still was reluctant to release him. Slowly she finally let her fingers open and pulled her hand back, and then in a complaining tone said, "You're finally awake. Now at least I can escape."

"Are you awake Bobby?" his mom shouted across the room. "C'mon you two, get up, breakfast is almost ready."

"I'm trapped," Patty protested, then started to climb over Bobby's body. Half way over him she suddenly felt his hand between her thighs, momentarily cupping her mound through her damp panties.

"What're you cooking ma?" Bobby asked as she hovered for second after second on his hand, then he lifted his head and gave her a quick kiss on her lips. "Morning Patty," he cooed in her ear.

"Let me out," she ordered, then slid her body slowly over his. "Do I have time for a swim mom?" she asked as she headed to the washroom.

"No. And you get going Mr. Lazybones," she directed at her son. "You've got to hang up the tent and organize all your wet stuff once you've eaten."

"Yes mommy," he laughed as he jumped out of bed and hugged his mother.

"Get on with you," she smiled. "And put some pants on...you're not very modest like that," she said as her eyes dipped downward.

"Whoops," he laughed when he looked down and saw his semi-stiff prick sticking out of the fly.

Christ, he mumbled to himself later as he hung the soaked nylon tent on the clothesline, I showed mom my cock. And Patty touched it! How long had she been holding it he wondered as he hung up his wet clothes? She let me touch her mound, feel her slit.


It was a beautiful day, and after their late breakfast and after finishing their chores the two women prepared for a day tanning and reading on the beach.

"Are you going to be late?" Bobby's mom asked him as he grabbed the car keys.

"The game's at one...I probably won't get back til six or so," he answered, eager to go.

"Drive slowly honey," her mom ordered as she gave him a kiss before he fled out the door.


Patty was surprised when her mom unsnapped her bikini top and let it fall to the sand.

"What?" her mom asked when she saw the surprised look.

"Nothing...I forgot, we used to swim topless all the time."

"With Bobby growing up the last few years I thought I better not," she said laughing.

"They're so beautiful mom," Patty said as she undid her top. "Big and round, soft..."

"They're starting to sag," her mom complained as she put her hands under her full breasts and lifted.

"Yeah right mom. I wish mine were like yours," she said in admiration.

"Mine used to be like yours...firm and high...proud..." she said remembering.

"Yours are bigger."

"Just a bit...they got bigger when I had you two," she said as she moved so that the two women's breasts were just touching. "See, your nipples are above mine, your breasts stand up more."

"Yeah, like a quarter of an inch," Patty laughed. "Our nipples look exactly alike though."

"We both have long, fat ones don't we?" her mom asked laughing as she moved her breasts so their nipples touched. "I used to get so embarrassed when I was young and they'd pop out like this."

"Me too," her daughter answered. "Everyone knows when I'm cold...or...," she laughed.

"Here, put some sunscreen on my back honey," her mom asked as she handed Patty the tube and turned.

Patty slowly oiled her mom's back, then moved around and started on her front. "What's it like mommy, when you're full of milk, when a baby sucks on your teat," she asked as her hand caressingly applied sunscreen to her mother's full breasts.

"It's nice, you'll like it honey," her mom promised as she took the tube from her daughter and squeezed a big drop into her palm.

"Gosh, no ones even kissed my breasts yet; I don't think I'm going to have a baby anytime soon."

"Here's a quick preview," her mom said as she dipped her head to her daughters left tit and then enveloped her taut nipple between her lips.

"MOMMMMY!" Patty squealed as her body arched towards her mothers mouth.

"Now the other one," her mom giggled and then ran her moist tongue over Patty's other engorged nipple. "You have puffy nipples just like mine," her mom said when she finally released her squirming daughter.

"They feel like they're ready to burst...oh god, what'll it feel like with a man?"

"You'll find out honey," her mom laughed. "Now c'mon, lets go for a swim."

Fifteen minutes later the two tall women, both with long, thick black hair, and looking more like sisters than mother and daughter, emerged dripping from the ocean. Before lying on her beach chair Patty bent and pulled the wet panties from her legs.

"He won't be back for hours...we're all alone, they're so clammy," she rushed to explain to her bemused mother.

"I agree," her mom answered as she quickly shucked her bottoms.

"We look alike there too," Patty said as she looked at her mom's full, but trimmed pubic triangle.

"God, I'm glad you're not one of those girls who shave everything."

"I tried it once. I looked like a little girl...I prefer some hair."

"Me too," Bobby's mom answered.


They read silently for twenty minutes, both of them luxuriating in the feel of the suns rays on their bodies, before Patty finally said softly, ""I saw it this morning."

"You saw what?"

"Bobby's thing. It was poking me when I woke up. It was hard and he wasn't even awake," she said with a question in her voice. "Sticking right through his fly."

"Boys...well men...they often have erections in the morning...even when they're sleeping...he woke me up too...it was poking my bum," her mom laughed. "My nightie was almost at my waist, he was right against my bare skin."

"He did?"

"Uh huh."

"It's gross."

"Oh, it's not that bad."

"They're sort of ugly aren't they? ...And how does he get it all inside of Cathy anyway? She's so small."

"We don't know he and Cathy are doing it."

"He told me," her daughter told her mom.

"He did?" Seeing her daughter's insistent nod she added, "Well, they usually fit honey, somehow."

"He's big though, isn't he? I mean, what's normal anyway?"

"Well, your brother is definitely full sized Patty, in fact we could probably call him an extra large."

"Is it better...when it's bigger?"

"Yessss," her mom answered, a big grin on her face, remembering what Bobby's father had felt like.

"I touched it...with my hand...it was different that I thought it would be. Hard...but smooth. I know I shouldn't have, but it was just sitting there, I couldn't stop myself," she hastened to explain to her now laughing mom. "Bobby woke when it was in my hand."

"I think I'm getting horny mom."

"Oh Patty," her mom said as she hugged her daughter.


"WHAT'S THIS? Nude day at the Coursey's," the two naked women suddenly heard shouted from behind them.

"BOBBY!" Patty squealed as both women's hands flew to cover their bare thighs.

"What are you doing home?"

"They cancelled the game. The other team couldn't get here, apparently the storm last night washed out a road," the excited teen said as he sat at the foot of his mother's chair. He'd actually been watching them for the last ten minutes from a distance, drinking in their naked beauty.

"Don't look," Patty ordered, trying now to cover her breasts with one hand and her pubic pelt with the other.

"Why not? I sorta like the look," Bobby said leering, "and just think of how much you're going to save not having to buy clothes."

"Bobby," his mom warned, but she couldn't hide the amusement she felt. Nor not feel the excitement.

"You could be Patty's big sister mom...or her twin," he said as his eyes roved over her nudity.

"Yeah sure," his mom responded, but he sensed the pleasure she got from the compliment, and couldn't help but notice that his mom hadn't covered her breasts like Patty had.

"You two are so beautiful...so sexy. Patty and Chrissie, two beautiful twins, naked sirens trying to lure lost sailors to their shores," he teased.

"Hah," Patty interjected, but she did let her hand slip away from her breasts. Both women's nipples were straining outwards towards him.

"Well, Chrissie does have slightly larger breasts," her son finally admitted as his eyes flicked from one to the other.

"Bobby!" his mother warned again, then added, "And you shouldn't call your mother Chrissie."

"I told you you're breasts were bigger, better," Patty complained to her mom.

"No one said mom's breasts were better than yours my dear sister. In fact I must say your breastworks are simply magnificent. Extraordinary in fact. One in a million," he enthused.

"You're crazy," his suddenly beaming sister said.

"And I gotta say, you two have the biggest, longest, most exciting nipples I've ever seen."

"Whose nipples have you seen anyway young man," his mom asked, but her preemptory tone couldn't mask her obvious excitement from her son eyes.

"So, anybody want to go swimming?" Bobby asked as he stood and dropped the shorts he was wearing.

"What are you doing?" his sister asked as the two women stared at the three quarters erect penis just inches away from their eyes..

"I sorta like this idea of a nudist colony," he laughed, posing for seconds in front of his mom and sister, then turned and ran laughing into the white-capped surf.

"He's impossible," Patty said smiling at her mother. "And I still don't know where it all goes. It's huge!"

"Bigger than his father," his beaming mom agreed.

"Does it get you excited too mommy?" her daughter asked innocently when Bobby slowly emerged from the ocean. He was fully erect as he slowly toweled himself off fifteen yards down the beach from where they sat. He could feel their hungry eyes on him.


"Did you ever smoke mom?" Bobby asked after they'd eaten their bar-b-q'ed fish dinner later that night and were sitting in the small cabin, Bobby and his mom on the couch while Patty lay stretched on her stomach on the bed. Their mom, who believed in introducing her children intelligently to alcohol, had uncorked a bottle of white wine with the meal and the three of them were perhaps just slightly high. The radio was playing oldies softly in the background.

"It's a disgusting habit. No, of course not. And if either of you," his mother started to warn.

"I mean a joint...you know...marijuana."

"Bobby!" his sister said angrily.

"I just wanted to know. Chrissies not that old...everyone tries it at least once."

"I didn't," Patty protested.


"Well, maybe once or twice," Patty admitted.

"Have you Bobby," his mom asked, a clear concern evident in her voice. "You're so young," she started to add before Patty interjected.

"He's not too young for you know what."


"Did you mom," Bobby asked again.

"Just because I did something once upon a time doesn't mean you should do it," his mom answered blushing. "Okay, yes, I've tried it."

"Mother!" a scandalized Patty interjected.

"I never really talked to you two about drugs...I probably should have. You guys aren't doing anything bad are you? Ecstasy or that awful Oxy stuff?"

"God no. That's for losers. Once in a while at a party we might smoke up...not often...it's better than getting drunk," Bobby admitted.

"Patty?" her mom asked.

"Once in a while. It's around at school. I did it maybe three or four times this year."

"Me too," their mother said.

"What! This year? You're a mother...you're not supposed to," Patty protested even as her mom and brother broke out in broad smiles. "You two are impossible."

"I've got one...a joint," Bobby blurted, "maybe the three of us could..." he said, his voice trailing away in invitation.

"But mom's here," Patty protested again, a protest that probably produced her mother's next words.

"Yes maybe that's a good idea Bobby. Better than doing it behind my back. You're adults now."

"Bobby isn't," his shocked sister muttered.

All three of them were nervous when Bobby reappeared with a fat joint in his hand.

"Maybe we shouldn't," Patty said as her brother struck a match and inhaled deeply. "Oh god mommie," she protested when her mom took the roach from her son and drew a lungful of smoke deep into her lungs.

Still, she took the proffered smoke when her mother passed it, inhaled, coughed, giggled, pulled another lungful, passed it on.

They were all feeling pretty mellow by the time it was down to a half inch long butt.

"That's a song from my day," Mom said as another oldie came on the radio. "I used to dance to that one with your father when I was fifteen or sixteen," she said as she swayed her body to the music.

"I took you for more a rapper, maybe goth...or dance hall," Patty giggled as she mimicked her mom's slow moves. "Not this."

"Yeah, but at the end of the night, when we wanted to close dance," she said, then stood and took her daughter's hand in hers, "then we played these slow ones. Do you want to dance handsome?" she asked her son, holding out her other hand to him.

"Really? Oh yes mom...I mean Chrissie," Bobby said as he jumped to his feet and took his mom's hand.

At first they danced conservatively, their bodies apart, Bobby's left hand extended and holding his mothers right.

"You're a good dancer mom."

"You sound surprised. I was like the best dancer in my high school young man," she said as she dropped his hand and put both her arms around his neck.

"You fit me...Cathy's so short," Bobby whispered as his mother nestled her head between his shoulder and neck. And when he'd put both arms around her back and gently moved her so they were lightly touching from breast to groin, he added softly in her ear, "you smell so nice mommy, so nice."

Suddenly he felt her lips on his neck, hungry, wet bites that sent blood coursing madly up his cock, and then he moved his hands to her firm bum, pulling her against his urgent need. They danced two dances plastered together, swaying as one, his prick proudly poking his mom....

"My turn," Patty demanded as the second song ended. Chrissie conceded her place to her daughter but Bobby could see the reluctance in his mother's eyes, and for a second had to fight the urge to simply throw her on the bed and have her.

"Can you dance big sister?" he finally asked Patty as she moved into his arms.

"Noooo, of course not, I'm just dumb Patty," she pouted as she melted against her body.

"You're beautiful," he whispered back.

"Don't make fun of me."

"You've always been the one."

"I have?"

"I'll be your first," he promised.

"What?" she whispered liquidly in his ear, of course knowing exactly what he meant.

"Your first man. In you, filling you...this," he said hoarsely as he grabbed her hand and forced it between them, forced it under the elastic belt of his shorts.

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