tagGay MaleOiled and Used

Oiled and Used


It wasn't really Scott's fault. They tricked him. You see peer pressure can be a very powerful thing, and what is normal is almost entirely decided by those around you. Looking in from the outside one might say he was an idiot, but how could someone judge properly when they weren't there? Inside the world his "friends" made up for, it all seemed weird of course, but at the same time normal.

Scott was still in college, just turned 21. He went from skinny to toned and muscular in those three years since he graduated high school. He had shaggy blonde hair and as far as he knew he was straight as an arrow. He had a few girlfriends and really just starting to get some attention with his new body. He shaved all his body hair to help his muscles stand out.

Jeremy was Scott's older brother, 28, and he was getting married. Jeremy still towered over Scott and no matter how many pranks he pulled on him Scott always fell for it. He was just so desperate for his big older brother to like him.

Scott was surprised when Jeremy invited him to his bachelor party. It's not like they were estranged, but his cool older brother rarely allowed him to hang out with his cool older friends. Despite being 21 Scott would still get carded, he still looked and felt much younger.

They went to the strip club, Jeremy paid for Scott's drinks, and he even bought him a lap dance from a woman who turned out to be a real live porn star. Scott could not believe how nice his older brother was being to him.

Then they left and went to a bar on a side of town Scott had never been to. The bar was called The Leather Saddle; Scott figured it was a country/western bar. When they went inside he noticed it was filled with muscular men, hairy guys mostly, huge and covered in leather, once when he looked down he noticed a lot of men had smaller younger men on leashes who were nearly naked.

Robert told his brother to wait and he went over and talked to a particularly large man, shirtless wearing a leather vest and ass-less chaps, and red jockstrap with a huge bulge. The man was built like a tank, and hairy. He had a scruffy handlebar mustache and lots of stubble.

Each guy in the group pared off a different leather daddy and they went to private rooms in the basement. His brother led the huge man in the red jockstrap and finally explained what was happening. They were all going to get fucked in the ass the night before his wedding as a bonding ritual, a shared secret. They were all straight, so it was the ultimate test of solidarity. It would be a thousand times scarier then jumping out of plane.

"Even the toughest men in the world, the US marine core, are still afraid of this, and we're all going to do it!" His brother explained. Scott knew this would be the only way he would ever be a member of their group.

Scott gulped and entered the small dank room with the huge man. He said his name was Charlie and he was actually really nice. He agreed to just sit there with Scott and wait a while, then pretend they did it.

"Don't worry about kid, we'll just let your braver friends have their adventure and we'll just sit here." That kind of Scott's feeling, but he figured it hurt less then what the rest of group was doing.

They chatted politely for few minutes until they were interrupted by the wailing screams and loud sex sounds in the next room. Scott even recognized the voice. It was his brother's friend Aaron, the last guy you'd think who would do something like this.

This turned on Charlie, his bulge was now straining against his red jock.

"Sorry kid, I got to let this breath or I'm going to sprain it. Your friend sure is having a wild time in there." And with that he pulled down his underwear revealed a huge thick monster of a cock. It was veined and angry looking at least ten inches and still growing. He started slowly stroking it up and down. It was so big and ugly it sickened Scott but he couldn't look away. He was so envious. He wished his cock were big like that.

"Why don't you take off your clothes, son? I can tell I'm making you uncomfortable, if I could see that body of yours I bet I'd finish quicker and I could fit this thing back into my jock. You look like you lift weights, as you can see I do to." He let go of his cock and flexed his huge bicep. "Take it off and I'll give you a few pointers on how you can get really big."

"Well, I could use a few pointers. I'd love to be, um, as big as you." Scott thought what the hell. If undressing would get this guy to put his snake away faster then fine, he'd do it. He also felt a weird thrill with someone getting off on how good he looked. He started undressing and Charlie started rubbing himself again. With his other hand he produced a bottle of bronze liquid from his vest.

"Here, rub this on your muscles then see how great you look in the mirror." He handed the now naked Scott the bottle. There was a large mirror by the door.

Scott reluctantly took the bottle and squirted some oil onto his hands. It was very warm. He rubbed it on his abs and saw how much they stood out now, glistening in the light. He rubbed it on his legs and his arms and then flexed in front of the mirror. He almost forgot anyone else was there until Charlie took the bottle from him.

"I'm going to get your back." It was a statement not a question. Scott just sort of froze as Charlie's huge hands rubbed the oil onto his shoulders, then his back. Charlie moved his hands down to Scott's ass surprising him a rush of pleasure all though his body. And as the large man moved back up with his hand and came in closer Scott's prick began to rise all on its own, no matter how hard he bit his lip and tried to will it away. He was straight after all. Charlie was much taller then him so when he got in close he his massive cock pushed up against Scott's back. Scott had never felt another man's dick on his body and it was surprisingly hot. Charlie reached around and oiled the one area in front that Scott missed, his dick.

"Hey wait man..."

"I'm just making sure to get everything, boy." He jiggled Scott's growing member. "And your friend here doesn't seem to mind."

Scott was fully hard now and he looked into the mirror. He looked at their two bodies, his shaved and muscular, Charlie's hairy and bigger towering behind him. It looked like pure male testosterone. Scott wasn't gay but he couldn't help but admire the fantastic display they made, like manliness incarnate.

Charlie rubbed some excess oil off Scott's ass, put it on his cock, then sat down on the bed. The bed in the next room was creaking like crazy.

"Son, your friends could finish up at any moment. If one of them peeks in here and sees you just twiddling your thumbs he's going to know you didn't do anything. Get on the bed, get on all fours in front of me."

There was so much authority in his voice Scott could barely bring himself to question it. It was like being given an order by a cop.


He smiled warmly, "Don't worry kid I'm not going to fuck you. It will just look like that." Then his smile dropped and his voice got stern, "Get on the bed, NOW."

Scott did what he was told. Facing the door he crawled in front of this huge man on all fours and pointed his ass at him. Charlie dropped his huge boner on the area where Scott's back met his ass and pumped it back and forth, Scott could feel him rubbing the crest of his ass cheeks, leaking pre-cum on his back.

Charlie sat back on his knees, the head of his cock about 4 inches away from Scott's asshole and started humping the air. Scott looked at the mirror by the door and it really did look like he was getting fucked. Charlie would bump his hole occasionally whilst humping. Scott didn't know why but watching the image of this huge man do what looked like sodomy from the angle in the mirror, it was really turning him on.

Then Gladiator started bumping his hole more often, its hot sticky head leaving strings of fluid from itself to this boy's asshole. Bump, bump, bump, he kept hitting it and Scott's dick was so hard it hurt. He rubbed his cock up and down the young man's ass crack. Scott wondered what he had gotten himself into. From the other room he heard his brother's friend yell to be fucked harder. Gladiator was sweating and he placed his sweaty cock right at the entrance to Scott's hole. The huge leather daddy was clearly loosing control. Scott had wound him up too hard and now he was going to make him his bitch.

"You're fucking asking for it you little faggot."

With that Gladiator increase pressure and Scott screamed. He pushed harder and harder until finally the head of his dick entered the tight hole. He pulled Scott closer to him and slowly began entering his entire rod balls deep inside. Scott tried clinging to the bed but all that oil made him slide right along and his penetration continued.

When his balls were resting against Scott's balls he stopped. "Hey Jeremy, why don't you come in here?"

Scott was confused, "What are you doing?"

Jeremy walked in laughing with his group of friends then his laughing stopped. "Holly shit Scott what are you doing?"

Charlie smiled, "He's getting his ass-fucked, what does it look like." He pulled out his cock a little then thrust hard, making Scott loudly exclaim "UH!"

"I went through with it UH just like the rest of you UH."

"It was a joke, you weren't supposed to actually do it!" Jeremy said to his impaled brother. "Aaron was faking the sounds in the next room. Oh god, you really are a sick pervert. You belong here."

"UH, what, UH!?"

"Your brother just wanted me to make you uncomfortable, scare you into running out of the room. But I couldn't let this sweet ass go to waste. Your asshole feels so good wrapped around my huge cock." And with that Charlie started really fucking Scott's ass while his brother and the group walked away in disgust.

Scott wanted to follow but he could feel that massive cock hitting something really good and he'd never needed to cum harder in his entire life.

"I don't care what you were yesterday, from this night forward you are my bitch, now beg for it."

As Jeremy walked away he could hear his brother screaming, "Please UH please fuck UH my ass UH master!" Scott was ashamed but he was so horny he'd say or do anything.

Without dislodging his cock Aaron flipped Scott over onto his back started pouring the rest of the oil onto his ripped chest. He rubbed the oil into the boys rippling muscles while he fucked him, taking pride in his new conquest. Soon neither one of them could hold back any longer as Charlie came like fire hose into the young man's ass, Scott came all over his stomach in an orgasm so intense he was afraid he'd pass out.

It was Scott's first hands free orgasm. Charlie tossed him off the bed like a dirty sheet then wiped his dick off in Scott's hair, squirting one more blast of cum on this used boy's face. His will broken, his reputation forever ruined, has ass warm filled with what felt like a gallon of semen, Scott knew what the man had said was right. He had the most explosive orgasm of his life and now he was hooked. He had become a bitch and would do what ever his master said, no matter what.

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by Anonymous12/14/17

good story but...

it was good but you need to keep your names right, at the end "Charlie" turned to "Aaron".

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by Anonymous07/15/17

more please!

I like your style. Please write more!!

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by Anonymous07/09/17

Make me cum every time!!!!🍆💦

Fucking amazing should make a sequel or more just like it. It's amazing hot and sexy I love the idea of tricking and a bachelor party. I think you should mak one exactly like it.

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