tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOld Dan's Daughter

Old Dan's Daughter


Daniel--Old Dan as he was called at the work site--was no stranger to aches, pains, and illness. After working for more than 30 years as a low-level mason and laborer, he had suffered many injuries and inhaled enough dust to clog a mule's lungs. But even so when he woke up this particular morning he knew that he would not be able even to walk to the site let alone work. His leg, which had been crushed under a large stone block many years before, was playing the old "paralyzed" game yet again--but this time, it didn't warm up again after a few stretches. Or after a morning of struggling to hobble off his pallet on the floor. With a pained look in his old eyes he called for his wife and oldest daughter.

"I'm sorry Maggie, I won't be getting wages today!" he said it with a foolish grin, trying to find humor in it and put his worried old wife at ease, but it was no use. For all he knew, "today" really meant "ever again," and she could read it on his face.

"Bets--I need you to hurry down to the site and tell them I won't be there. I was slated to be on the lifting team again and they'll need a new handler as soon as possible."

Bets had been soothingly running her hands over her father's bum leg. For a moment he closed his eyes as if the numbness had gone away, but then they flickered open again as pained as ever. She got up to leave and headed for the door. Turning to her mother, she bitterly muttered, "You'd think after working with these builders over half his life he could get one day's wages on a bad day!" And with that she was out the door and running to the building site along the northern wall of town.

She could smell it and hear it before she really saw it. Sweat, stone dust, the clatter of tools and cursing calls of the workers. Other women may have been scared to go near the jeering, dirty men but Bets knew their breed too well from watching her father. She quickly marched toward the lifting team, looking out for the foreman.

"Who's this little sweetheart?" called out one laborer. His cry drew about 30 men's eyes to Bets, and she tried not to blush to feel them leering at her from all sides.

"Shut up Lovett, I just need the lift foreman. Old Dan won't be coming today. His leg gave out again."

She felt a shadow behind her and turned quickly. A broad, strong, dark-haired man was standing only a few inches away, looking down with small blue eyes and furrowed eyebrows. She gasped at his size, taking a step back. She'd never seen this man before, despite knowing most of the workers in the small town.

"I'm the new foreman. Old Dan was supposed to be one of our small hands today on the lift." He glanced up at the crowd of men standing around with a sudden twinkling grin. "But I'm sure his pretty girl can help us all raise some stone, eh?" The men snickered and hollered. Bets grew tense and angry.

"How dare you! First, you're content not to pay an old man who has worked so hard on this wall, and every other project, for decades, just because he misses one day! Now you insult his flesh and blood!" She was surprised at how confident she sounded, despite feeling so vulnerable and alone in a frighteningly large circle of men. She crossed her arms, partly to punctuate her point, partly to shield herself from their continued stares.

"Oh miss, it's no insult!" the new foreman discreetly gestured two of his biggest handlers closer. "And if you want those wages so badly, I'm sure we can find a way for you to earn Old Dan's pay!"

At that, the two handlers grabbed her from behind, each tightly gripping an arm. Bets screamed in surprise and kicked out, jumping and pulling to try and get away. It was no use--these men hauled slabs of stone for a living, and their muscles were three times the size of her own. They easily lifted her off the ground, effectively ending her protests as she struggled to keep her toes on the ground.

"In fact, let's try her out on the lift!" the crowd followed along at a close distance as Bets was carried over to the simple pulley system they used for a lift. A pair of ropes dangled in front of them from the pulley about 10 feet up. The other ends were tied around a huge piece of granite that would later be hoisted high and placed in the wall. For now, it was a formidable anchor.

The two men tied her hands with expert knots and stepped back to admire their own handiwork. Sure enough, the rope was tight on her wrists and despite her best running efforts she could hardly go two feet without getting painfully jerked back by the heavy stone anchor to her back.

She looked around desperately, her eyes wide and pleading. "This...this isn't funny! Please let me go, I'll be good and go home. I didn't mean what I said, we don't need the wages!" Her eyes met the foreman's, who looked back at her with a smug, hungry gaze.

"Nonsense! Old Dan has what, four children? I'm sure your family needs the money. Now you just be good to us..." He said it almost as a whisper as he pulled very close to her, reaching out a hand and resting it over her breast.

She sharply inhaled, struggling violently against the ropes again with a shriek, "Don't. You. Dare!" Of course, the protest was short lived and she quickly tired, panting for breath as she sagged once more.

"That's a good girl," he grinned and suddenly grabbed at her chest with both hands, tightly gripping and squeezing. The other men hooted and hollered--she couldn't believe her father's friends were just watching this happen!--he mauled at her for what seemed forever, showing off the weight and bounce of her tits to the crowd.

"Come on, Mack! Give us a little more!" called one young laborer, to much applause and agreement.

Not to let his people down, Mack let go of her tits, allowing her a short sigh of relief before roughly tugging down the sloping collar of her dress, tucking it beneath her breasts so that the bare globes jiggled and swayed in full view. Bets' eyes nearly popped from her skull as she squealed, bucking to cover herself to no avail. Several of the men came closer to admire and gawk, so close she felt their breath on her bare skin and it made her shudder.

Someone behind her said something she didn't quite catch, but Mack nodded and suddenly many dirty, sun-darkened hands groped at her tits at the same time. She chewed at her lip, trying not to scream out as their strong fingers left red marks on her pale skin...some played with her nipples, squishing them under the pads of their fingertips, twisting, tugging! She bucked backward to avoid it, but she only succeeded in helping them abuse her and pull harder.

Finally, she couldn't hold it in any more, and she opened her mouth to scream...but instead a long, low moan came out. She felt her face and chest burn bright red in shame...she enjoyed it!

"Hell, we've got a whore on our hands!" called Mack, enjoying her moment of weakness. "If this is how she gets when we tease at her titties, imagine what's going to happen...." he trailed off, his hand clutching at her dress and slowly yanking it higher...higher...higher...

She continued to kick and flail, but with so many burly men around her it was no use. Her calves, her thighs, her hips...finally her bare slit was shining out for all to see. Mack tucked her hem into her waistband--all her clothes now bunched around her middle, letting her chest and ass hang free.

He gestured to one of the youngest laborers--easily two years younger than she--who was sitting a good distance away, just enjoying the show. "Have you ever touched a whore's pussy before, Ben?" He asked, triumphant eyes not leaving Bets' face to watch her grimace at the idea. Ben shook his head, licking his lips and stepping close to stare deeply at the dark space between her legs.

Without further invitation, Ben pressed in and stroked a finger along her slit. "Damn it Mack, she's all slick down here!" He pulled his hand away, showing those who wanted to see his damp fingers before wiping them off on her dress, leaving a dark smear. She let out a whimpery sigh, hopeful that he was too disgusted to continue. Instead the young man looked her right in the eye, "Don't think I'm finished with you yet, you sloppy bitch!" and with that he plunged two of his fingers into her tunnel.

She cried out, and the men cheered Ben on, many stepping back to admire the show. His hand pumped forward and back, the fingers glistening with each stroke outward. Her hips bucked--"I think she's inviting him in for more!" called Mack, causing more laughter and jeers. Sure enough, Ben's fingers disappeared all the way inside her as she writhed on the ropes.

"Curl 'em, Benny!" encouraged one of the men, and he eagerly obeyed. Burying the full length of his two, long fingers, he curled just the tips and slooooooowly scratched his dirty nails into her soft walls as he pulled out. Again, she thought she was screaming...but realized she was hearing her own slutty moans echoing off the stones.

He repeated the motion, and she grinded her hips to coax him in deep before clenching tight to feel every sensation as he slid his curled fingers out. She was panting hard now, mouth hanging open and damp curls sticking to her forehead. She was staring down at his hand thrusting into her cunt when her view was blocked--Mack had settled himself on a knee in front of her, his own dark beady eyes piercing into hers, unwavering, as he leaned in slowly...darting out his tongue and twirling it around her nipple, making her positively shriek. It was a miracle no one in town was hearing her cries as he lapped at her again, then locked his lips to her tit and began to suckle heatedly at her.

"oh God please stop...don't...don't do that, please!" she begged and whined, the double assault driving her mad.

Of course, Mack didn't stop. He loved to see a sweet beauty suffer like this. He silently switched to her other nipple, repeating the slow, torturous treatment...licking, sucking, licking, sucking...

"She's gripping at my hand! She's fucking tight on my hand!" called out Ben, his fingers ostensibly looking stuck inside her. Cheers erupted, as everyone knew what was coming. Mack gave a devilish smile and bit down on a now bright red, tender nipple and that was it.

A sharp gasp followed by a reverberating squeal. Knees buckled, toes curled, shoulders fell, and all hell broke loose in Bets' curvy body. She shuddered and moaned as her pussy burned around Ben's hand, quivering and clenching on him as he grinned like a schoolboy.

After what seemed several aching minutes of easing out of her terrible climax, Bets lifted her head, still breathing hard and fast, to see at least 50 men licking their lips and wanking their filthy cocks outside their breeches.

To be continued...

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