tagInterracial LoveOld Friend Visits Wife Ch. 1

Old Friend Visits Wife Ch. 1


My wife Kristy, arrived home from work at 5:26 PM. Around 6, she was awaiting a call from one of her old "friends." She hadn't seen him in almost a year, and last talked to him on the phone a week ago. Ever since their brief affair two years ago, they had maintained a reasonably amicable friendship. A phone call here, a mid-day lunch there, all purely innocent. This in itself was remarkable, seeing that their time together was so sweet and their separation equally painful for her. It left her bitter for quite some time. But as it always does, time healed the old wounds. As it went, she left me to be with him after he promised her everything I would fail to do for her. Admittedly, she fell deeply in love with this guy, only to return to his wife weeks later. She remembered his muscled form, his gentle touch, and passionate kisses vividly.

As Kristy sat on the couch watching the 5:30 news cast, she reflected on everything about him. Especially his thick hard cock, almost unexpectedly. They made love only a handful of times, but they were delicious. His aggressive thrusts, sticky sweat, everything. It had been over a week since she last had sex. And she was as horny as she had been in a long time. Maybe this was why this stuck out in her mind, other than the blissful times they spent together. Unfortunately, I was working at Home Depot that night and would get off too late to fuck her that night. She was not the type to masturbate, but she was hot and gave it serious thought.

Knowing I kept porn in the VCR, she picked up the remote and pushed the play button. On the TV, screen the scene of a well hung black guy pounding into the shaved pussy of a buxom brunette unfolded. Kristy's own cunt convulsed sinfully at the wanton action on the screen. "Wish that was me," she cooed softly as the black stud suddenly froze, as he emptied his scrotum's contents all over his partner's swollen twat. Unexpectedly, the phone rang. She glanced at the time on the cable box which read 6:03 PM. It was Suyi when she answered the phone.

"Hello?" she answered.

"Hey, girl" came the husky, island accented voice on the other end.

"What's up? It's been a long time since I heard from you."

" I know, " responded Kristy, " Work has been getting on my nerves, it's good to hear a friendly voice."

"I'm always here, but you never call me," said Suyi.

"The only time I get to call is when Derek is at work. And with you working two jobs, I don't really know your schedule', said Kristy.

"Yeah, it's been hectic for me with work, Julie, and the baby," replied Suyi.

"And how is the little one?," asked Kristy.

Suyi answered, " Big as a house and eating everything he sees."

"He's going to be big like his daddy, " said Kristy.

"Eating like he does, he's gonna be bigger. So how's your new husband doing? How's married life over there?" asked Suyi.

" Same as unmarried life. Unfortunately nothing's changed much." answered Kristy.

Suyi then heard a passionate scream through the phone. "What was that? What are you watching?" he asked.

"Just some porn Derek left in the VCR, he's got a million of 'em." said Kristy.

"Whassamatter, " said Suyi, " you not giving him none?"

"Please, " Kristy said indignantly, " he barely touches me, he'd rather watch his fucking porn."

"That's your husband, tell him what you need. If that don't work, take it."

"Why should I? I shouldn't have to ask for it. I should get it whenever I want." said Kristy.

" You're right, " replied Suyi.

"Shit, as horny as I've been lately," continued Kristy, "I could go in the night stand and get my little thingie and take care of myself."

Suyi then said, "Girl, what are you talking about? What type of thingie?"

"Well, I have a vibrator and a dildo." she said almost laughing out loud.

"You sound serious, " said Suyi.

"Yeah, well I'm dead serious Mr.Man, " giggled Kristy, "I don't give a damn."

"Where are you going to do this?" asked Suyi.

" Right here on the couch if I need, "answered Kristy, " I'll just put on a porno tape and handle my business."

Suyi laughed, " It's daylight outside, somebody might look through your window and see you being naughty."

"They can't see up to the second floor with the blinds closed. And even if they could, I don't care if anybody watches." she chuckled.

"That's a lie, " he said, " If I was there you wouldn't be so bold."

"Don't try me. I'll do what I have to do and won't pay you or anyone else no mind." Kristy said haughtily, "you ain't nobody."

"You're crazy (ha, ha), don't make me test you."

Kristy then got an idea, " Go ahead, watch, I don't give two shits."

"I probably couldn't take it, " conceded Suyi.

"That's what I thought, " challenged Kristy.

Suyi felt his manhood being tested, " Don't make me prove it to you."

"Well, let's find out nobody's stopping you." Kristy further challenged.

"Alright I'll be over then." He responded.

"Just so you know, " Kristy continued, " we have to make sure nothing else happen or we'll both be in trouble."

"No, " Suyi replied, " I'll just watch, that's all."

" You're just going to watch only me? That's not fair. I wanna see something too.It's got to be both ways, deal?"

"Fine, I'll show a little skin too if it'll make you feel better. I'll be over in a short while, " he said.

"I'll be here, " chimed Kristy, "and I promise not to start without you unless you take too long."

"No chance of that, " Suyi said as they both hung up the phone.

Kristy never felt so excited in her life. She could hardly believe this was happening. Kristy cheerfully went into the bedroom shaking from head to foot. Looking into her marble nightstand, she pulled out her 8" vibrator and checked to make sure the batteries still worked. The realistic black toy cock vibrated between her finger tips as she slowly massaged it's skin-like shaft. "This is going to be interesting, "she thought to herself with a devilish smile.

She quickly took off her work clothes and took a 15 minute shower. Afterwards, she went into our closet and withdrew a short silk robe. It was so short in fact, she had used it to seduce me on many occasions, her wide hips and ass caused it to seem shorter than it actually was. My wife was definitely a BBW to be reckoned with when she put her mind to it. Reaching into her dresser she took out a blue lacy bra and thong to match. She still found it hard to believe she was going to masturbate in front of her old love.

Walking into the living room, she went to the couch and turned on the porno she was watching earlier. After a minute or two, her passions were stirred up again and she began rubbing her pussy through the material of her thong. "Mmmm," she was slowly approaching her boiling point and didn't want to cum before the real show started. So, she began to relax a little when the door bell rang. Kristy's heart raced! After all that time apart, it surprised her that this man could thrill her so much. She guessed some things never die.

My wife answered the door the door with her robe wrapped around her body and apprehension in her chest. But it was a little late for that, and besides she felt she had control of the situation enough so that it would go no further than she wanted it to. As she opened the door, Suyi's face appeared in the crack. He smiled at her warmly.

"Hi, you got here fast."

"Yeah, I wasn't going to miss something like this, "he beamed. "What are you wearing? You look like you're ready to go to bed."

"Well, I've been in work clothes and heels all day. I wanted to get as comfortable as possible for … this evening's events." Kristy walked towards the living while Suyi closed the door behind him. She felt his eyes upon her as she walked seductively to the couch. She felt so aroused her cunt tingled. Suyi watched her lustfully. Even though she was 180lbs., she had pendulous breasts, girlish hips, and beautiful legs. And beneath her short robe, Suyi could makeout her full ass cheeks peeking beneath the hem. His dick lurched suddenly in his slacks. He remembered those few night together they had when he sunk his cock into her supple pussy. Her muscles seemed to clutch at him like nothing he ever experienced before. He remembered how it seemed to nurse the hot cum from him as he came repeatedly into her depths. He definitely was going to enjoy seeing that incredible pussy once more.

Kristy stood in front of the couch. "Shall we get started?"

"Definitely" Suyi's voice croaked as he mustered up courage and said, "You gonna let me see what's under that robe first?"

Kristy blushed in spite of herself. "Sure." She let the robe fall to the bend of her elbows. Her breasts stood out triumphantly, covered by her bra, as telltale goose pimples dotted the ample flesh. The navy thong cradled her Venus mound seductively, fully complimenting her pale-ish, shapely legs.

"Damn, you look good!" said Suyi as he sucked in his breath.

"Well, I let you see me, it's only fair you let me see your goodies too."

Kristy breathed hoarsely as Suyi slowly unbuckled his belt. Pulling down his zipper, he hauled out his half-erect cock from his trousers. Already a pearly bead of pre-cum was forming at the tip. Kristy glanced down at his gradually hardening cock meat. It bobbed in time with his rapidly accelerating heartbeats.

"You mind if I touch you breasts?" he warmly asked.

"Just this once, but that's it, " my wife replied as she smiled back at him.

Suyi touched her warm skin, kneading between her cleavage. Then ran his hands down to the bottom of the hefty globes as he weighed them in his palms. He then brought his hands up to firmly grasp the extended nipples. He then applied soft pressure and pulled on them slightly. He began to squeeze harder while also kneading the fleshy melons between his fingers.

Kristy instinctively reached up and wrapped her hands around Suyi's thick, half-hard cock. She marveled at the hot, smooth sensation as she rolled it in her palm.

Gingerly, she started jacking the skin back and forth, making sure she lingered on the sensitive head, which had turned slippery as she smeared pre-cum all over it. Suyi moaned quietly with his eyes closed, and dropped his head to one of her marvelous tits. His tongue snaked out and lightly brushed her erect nipple. Kristy groaned and leaned her head back as Suyi took the full tip into his mouth. He nursed, pulled, and gnawed on it until it stood out a full inch. Kristy meanwhile, jerked even faster on the dick in her palm as Suyi fucked her tightly clenched fist.

After a few minutes of this, Kristy eased her breast from his mouth. A thin string of saliva trailed from the flushed nipple to his full lips.

"We better stop before we end up doing something we shouldn't." she said to him breathlessly.

"You're right, " he replied as he reluctantly backed up to the love seat caddie cornered next to the sofa.

He then said, "Maybe we should begin."

As he sat down, Kristy sat on the couch and faced him. Then took out the vibrator from a robe pocket with a happy sigh and shake of her head. Making her strawberry hued hair fly back. Smiling back at him, she remembered how hot and strong his hands felt on her body. She then pushed play on the VCR as she sat back down.

Both of them turned their attention to the TV set, as a busty blonde was bouncing merrily on the lap of her dark-skinned lover. She glanced at Suyi as he rubbed on his cock absently with his eyes glued to the screen. The heavy petting they had done earlier clearly had him turned on as his cock sprung to a full erection. She watched him caress just behind the head. The attention he gave it caused the tip to swell to the size of a small plum. Although my own dick was longer, Suyi definitely had me in width. Kristy thought of how it had stretched her cunt on the first night the had fucked. And of the control he exerted over her as he pounded his meat into her aggressively on top of his mother's car hood.

With that image in mind, she pulled the crotch of her thong to one side and began stroking the false cock on her clit. Which was protruding from it's sheath proudly. It was always quite large, and she believed it was the reason men made her come so easily. It also never failed to keep her constantly hot.

Kristy increased the tempo. The lewd noises she heard from the porn, and the sight of Suyi jerking his dick, made her twat ooze with juices and flow down her ass. Any nervousness she had felt before evaporated, and she stopped only to pull her panties fully off. After she tossed them to the floor, she leaned back and brought both of her knees up and spread her thick thighs. She then proceeded to peel back her pussy lips with one hand while reaching for the dildo with the other. With a quick twist of her thumb and forefinger, the device hummed to life. The noise brought Suyi's attention from the screen. A smile crossed his lips as Kristy brought the quivering object to the mouth of her cunt. She dipped an inch into her glistening quim and poked it in and out several times to lubricate the tip.

She then raised it up to her swollen clit and grazed it from top to bottom with a low murmur and intake of breath. She had shaved two days earlier, so Suyi got an unobstructed view of the action. He started jacking off faster, causing more lube to seep out of his piss hole. Kristy noticed the effect she was having on him and felt an intoxicating power rush over come her. Her already soggy cunt got wetter.

She brought her knees further up and spread her thighs wider. Her cunt lips popped open audibly. Next she dipped the vibrator into her gooey slot. She thought, "If he's enjoying the show now, I'm going to blow his mind now." She pushed the toy into her pussy up to the hilt and let out a long, "Oooooh." In and out she plunged it into her silky orifice. Pulling it almost all the way out before dunking it back in as far as it could go. She kept this up for nearly 5 minutes before Suyi, half insane with lust, got up and pushed the coffee table from in front of Kristy.

"I want to get a closer look at this sexy shit!" he gasped as he positioned himself just within 3 feet of her gaped open thighs.

Kristy didn't mind because she got a closer view of his massive tool. She smiled brazenly as she spread herself all the wider. She pistoned the artificial dick even harder into her womb. This caused more of her nectar to leak out around weeping slit. She had never been this wet IN HER LIFE!!! She was beyond turned on. And by the fevered look in Suyi's eyes, his passions were mounting also. When his hand pulled back on his dick, he thrusted forward to meet it. Kristy's clit was practically tingling now, and she yanked the vibrator out with a moist pop and brought it to her clitoris. Her pussy was still gaping wide open when Suyi could take no more. He was on the verge of coming! He looked into Kristy's face and saw her eye lids closed in pleasure.

"You only live once, " he thought as he lunged towards her and buried his belly sweller between Kristy's distended pussy lips in one stroke.

My darling wife's mouth and eyes flew open wide in surprise, as a loud, "Ahhh!" escaped her lips. With the speed of a cat, Suyi, pinned the back of her knees up with his well muscled arms. He quickly locked her into position.

"No, … we can't!" Kristy panted as he mustered all his strength and hammered into her vulnerable cunt.

"Aah…Aah…Ooh…Aah, " Kristy gasped in time with his thunderous thrusts.

She then came so hard tears welled in her eyes. Her contracting cunt gripped Suyi unrelentingly, and with a bellow, he poured every ounce of semen from his body into hers. Feeling it splash forcefully against the rear of her now sensitive womb, she came again. He came so explosively, some began squirting back out of the entrance of her cunt onto his rapidly deflating nut sack. Being a trooper, Suyi, kept pumping until he started to soften, the both of them breathing heavily.

Kristy's still spasming pussy formed a tight seal around the base of his cock. Their combined juices forming a frothy ring on the edges of her well fucked hole. Once they caught their breath, he looked into my wife's eyes and said, "I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself."

"Seems like you helped yourself just fine, " she wearily responded. Sighing contentedly she said, "We got a little carried away, I guess."

Still holding up her legs, he slowly withdrew from her messy pussy. The air rushing in to fill the void left by his thick dong caused a loud vaginal "fart" and some of their cum to splatter out onto Suyi's belly. While the rest gushed out steadily onto the couch.

"I think I'm going to need a towel, " Kristy half-joked as he finally let her thighs down. As she walked to the bathroom to clean up, Suyi, looked at her swaying ass as she passed by. He knew from then on that he was whipped, addicted to her forever. He was sure he would take advantage of every opportunity in his busy life to be around her. But little did either of them know, this was just the beginning, or shall I say re-beginning.


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