tagInterracial LoveOld Friend Visits Wife Ch. 2

Old Friend Visits Wife Ch. 2


Something was wrong. I had been picking up the strangest vibes from my wife, Kristy, lately. To me, she appeared to be walking around like a schoolgirl in love. She had begun to dress sexier for work and even changed the perfume she always wore for years. Being no one's fool, I knew something was in the air with my beloved wife. Even though the signs were subtle, I decided not to leave anything to chance.

So I set out to check things out for myself. I started out monitoring her e-mails, and tapping our home phone. I did the latter by purchasing a cheap recorder that you can buy at any half-decent spy shop. One way or another, I felt I was going to find out something. The lengths one goes to for piece of mind.

While I checked these things daily, I tried to recall her speaking about anyone interesting on her job. There were several she spoke about, but only two she described as remotely attractive. One, a well-built Jamaican co-worker named Suyi. And another handsome black fellow called Andrew. If you haven't read my first two tales, I am a slim built 6'2 African-American named Derek. My wife, Kristy, is a 5'3 redheaded BBW with killer legs and a wide butt.

Oh! Did I forget to mention she enjoys black cockmeat? And that I love shoving creamy loads into her at every chance I get? I swear, her cunt is designed to make a cock convulse with dry heaves long after you've stopped cumming. I feel absolutely sperm less afterwards.

Anyways…my instincts proved right. My tap recorded a conversation between her and a co-worker. His accent revealed him as Suyi. The seemingly innocent chat became quickly heated. They flirted openly with one another. Even made condemning references to a previous encounter. Infuriated, I continued to listen.

SUYI "So what time are we meeting for our quality time tomorrow?"

KRISTY "7:30 while Derek's in school".

"I'll meet you in the Holsum's parking lot and we'll go to the hotel from there".

"Anything specific I should wear"?

"You're beautiful in anything, Just you be there".

"Do I ever disappoint you, dear"?


I turned off the recorder. I was seething mad! After I calmed myself down, I realized I had a time and place. My faithful wife was going to meet with her lover tonight while I was at night school. The thought crushed me. I went thru several emotions at once. But I knew this was something I had to see for myself. I was in serious denial mode. Complete disbelief.

When I got home from school that night, I found her sleeping on the couch. It was 10:30 by this time so her dozing was normal. I could do nothing but stare and shake my head in denial. She was cheating on me. It was difficult to keep myself from confronting her. But I wanted irrefutable proof for later ammunition.

Half grumbling, I warmed up dinner and ate in deep thought. Around midnight I woke her gently and told her to come to bed. I lay in bed all night awake on my back. Playing everything I need to do tomorrow in my head. Eventually I fell asleep.

I was predictably moody the next day. I pretty much steered clear of other workers at the job. I spent all day with a nervous lump in my stomach. That night instead of going to class, I laid low at home. Knowing Kristy gets off work at 5:30, I had no idea whether she was coming home or not. So I decided it would be wise to leave and later show up at Holsum's.

I drove around for the most part. At 7:15 I felt like vomiting. I wanted to get there first so I headed directly there. Holsum's was located near the end of a deserted plaza. It would be dark soon, so I parked across the street at a bank. I darted back across and went behind the Holsum building. Glancing around, I saw dense shrubbery and parking spaces lined against the wall. I found a comfortable spot where I had a good view.

It didn't take long for them to show up. They arrived within minutes of each other. They parked next to each other behind the building. With foliage facing them, they had total privacy. With the exception of an extra pair of eyes. By now the light was fading. But I could still make out their features clearly. Suyi was dressed casual with a short-sleeved polo shirt, it showed off his buffed arms nicely. Kristy wore a blue blouse with a fairly short skirt along with "fuck me" pumps. I was out of earshot, but focus on them as they had a conversation. After a little laughing, Suyi bent down to kiss her. Jealousy welled up in me as I saw her return his kiss eagerly.

This led to groping as their kisses became more urgent. Kristy seemed surprised as Suyi guided her to her knees as he leaned against her car. I was angry enough to rush out of hiding and dash head long into him. I restrained myself and kept my eyes locked on the action before me.

Following his lead, She smiled up at him as she unzipped his slacks. She pulled out one of the thickest rods I've ever seen. In only four slow strokes, she brought him shaft to full hardness. I gulped nervously as she licked her lips once and opened her mouth. Her tongue licked up a silver strand of pre-cum that dangled from the plum-like head. Her tongue followed the trail up to its source. Her lips pursed as she sucked aggressively at the hole that was so badly leaking.

Her lips touched little past the piss hole as she vacuumed the nectar from the slit. A popping noise sounded each time Suyi's body jerked involuntarily and the vacuum was broken. But Kristy pretty much held him in place as she continued to torture him. By now his moans were loud enuff to be heard by me. Once again jealousy built up quickly. Still I watched as my wife pleasured this man.

Tiring of this sport, she tightly gripped his thick 6" pole. Eyes closed he never knew what hit him as her lips formed a wide "O" and covered the head. I saw his muscles tense as she slid her tongue underneath his tool slowly and flicked at the skin separating his cock from his balls. She brought her mouth agonizingly slow to the tip and engulfed him once again.

I knew he was in heaven. I had been with Kristy for 10 years and her blowjobs were award winning. Her little white mouth slavered his black meat seductively. She pumped his cock in a twisting motion that varied in tempo as she slurped. All the while her mouth applied a constant pressure that complimented her hand job perfectly. Suddenly she stopped and held his dick in her mouth as she readjusted her knees.

Once comfortable and still holding the head in her mouth, she viciously banged her head forward. Causing his cock to jam into the back of her throat. She held her face still near the base. Slowly she moved her head in tight circles. Although she couldn't deep throat, she always came pretty close. She could take my cock to the entrance of her throat with out choking. Holding it there until she had to come up for breath. She was quite good at it. In fact, Suyi was mumbling like a new born.

She would tantalizingly bring her mouth to the tip and then bang forward, then hold. She did this repeatedly, taking her sweet time. It was the biggest turn on seeing a shiny black cock sliding between my wife's rosy lips. I held my own chocolate stick thru my pants as I struggled to catch my breath.

It was on one of her second dozen descents, when Suyi's cock slipped past her throat. Shocked, Kristy held it there as her eyes watered. Once she got acclimated to the discomfort and his girth, she brought her head back towards the tip as she exhaled loudly thru her nostrils. She descended slowly back down until she reached the base of his shaft and held it there. Nose smushed against his pelvis. By this time Suyi was practically insane from the pleasure. My wife had just learned a new trick with another man. Before my own eyes.

I had to fish my dick out, it was aching way too badly. While it flew into the night air, pre-cum shot out and landed on the branches before me. I inhaled sharply from the relief I felt. But I quickly refocused. Kristy was really working him by now. She picked up speed as she gained confidence she could handle him. Back, slam, back, slam, she labored.

All I saw was a blur of motion as a soft white mouth was repeatedly hammering itself on a thick black cock coated in saliva found only deep within your throat. She sensed he was approaching orgasm. Looking devilishly into his face, she decided to claim him for her own. I was amazed as her head moved even faster, taking him prick to balls with each lunge. He was done for.

Remembering how much he could spew, she went back to the twisting hand job while she slurped the head. The sounds were incredible. I was never sucked in that manner in my life. Suyi obviously felt nothing like it either as he came. His cries were pathetic. He unloaded into her mouth violently. Within three spurts he had cum literally pouring from her lips mixed with her saliva.

Still she worked diligently to dry him out. Her chin was coated with semen as it continued to pour out. Her sucking never stopped. Even long after he stopped cumming. You could see his body visibly relax as Kristy finished him off. She stood before him, cum dripping from her chin as he attempted to help clean her.

"Leave it," She said in a voice not to be disobeyed.

"Fuck me right now," she commanded, as she walked in front of her car. She reached under her skirt and pulled her thongs down until they rested around one of her ankles just above her pumps. Hiking up the skirt, she leaned over the hood. Exposing her pale, wide ass, she looked back at him with a smiling cum-streaked face. Still rock hard, Suyi position himself behind her as he prepared to spear home his cock.

Kristy must have been extremely wet, because Suyi entered her roughly and sank down to the hilt in one strong thrust. She moaned and cooed as he began to pick up a rhythm. Suyi was banging into her pussy like an ex-con out on bail. Her white ass jiggled with every thrust from his hips. Kristy's moans turned into gasps as she was being ridden hard from behind.

I could imagine her sloppy pink hole being stretched lewdly by that super wide cock. It didn't take long for him to be completely covered by her juices. He just kept ramming into her, shaking her whole body with the force. Her big butt made clapping noises as he pounded her fiercely. He pulled her long auburn hair with one hand and slapped her ass with the other. Her mouth opened into a small "O" but no words came out as she received his best jackhammer impression. Brows furrowed, she absorbed everything he threw at her. I had to release my cock. I was on the verge of cumming. The head was slick and wet with pre-cum as it bobbed and jerked uncontrollably.

She came as her ultra tight cunt began its incredible milking spasms. As I told you earlier, expect plenty of dry cum heaves when you dick this BBW's cunt. It's unbelievable! Stunned, I snapped out of it as I noticed Suyi's movements change. He was going to cum! Directly into her pussy! They wore no protection and she was fully capable of conceiving! I prayed he would pull out in time. But I knew once that milking grip got a hold of you, there was no turning back. He was going to do it!

I stormed out of the brush, but went unnoticed by the two lovers. What was I going to do? Pull him off of her? Attack him? My thoughts were interrupted as Suyi began growling. Pounding harder into her well-trained cunt. I'll tell you, her pussy must be designed specifically for sperm collecting. I never met a woman who could take a load, no matter how sloppy, into her cunt that well.

He must have came, because he stood still with his butt muscles tightly clenched. Head thrown back, as he dumped the remnants of his balls into her. Grinding weakly against her huge white ass with both hands on her hips now. Dick swinging in the breeze, I was too late as he gave her a few more stabs for good measure. Suyi's cock plopped out limp, yet bouncing. So much for a hotel room. As he moved away not noticing me, I slid behind that dripping snatch. You should have seen the look on his face as I swiftly entered my wayward wife from behind.

Kristy noticed the difference in feel of the cock entering her. She looked back and her jaw dropped as she looked into my eyes. I said nothing to either of them as I desperately needed to relieve myself of this agonizing build up. I pumped at her feverishly. My cock had both of their cream on it as it sloshed back and forth in her.

My wife laid her head on the cool car hood as she accepted my punishing thrusts submissively. There was nothing she could do, she was busted. She grunted in time with my pumps. Then she began to get into it as my prick began to squish and squash in her quim. There was no teasing on my part. I sent every inch into her pussy again and again. It wasn't long before the milking started again.

My mind was set on reclaiming my cunt. Beginning with bathing her insides with my creamy nut, remarking my territory. I leaned into her as the pressure built. I didn't care about her pleasure at all. But you could tell she liked what I was doing to her. I was trying to out fuck Suyi.

He stood back watching us now fully dressed. Her normally snug cunt felt wall-less. There was just too much fluid inside of her. But you could still feel that miraculous milking sensation. He must have pumped a quart into her, I thought, sliding smoothly thru her pink folds. Her cunt clutched and released spasmodically. She was coming again. I worked my black dick like a slave owner.

"Oooooh," she cried. I felt my cum bubbling at the tip. I stared at her big white ass and marveled at the contrast with my dark skin. One of her milking spasms caught me off guard and I came way too soon. I unloaded like a trucker. Unlike Suyi, I didn't stop when I began cumming. But rather plowed continuously into her, sending my sperm to the farthest reaches of her drenched womb. She was made for it.

Semen stopped flowing from my dick as it began to soften. Yet I still assaulted her cunt. Cum quickly ran down her legs and soaked her panties around her right ankle. I just kept on pumping into her thru the dry heaves. When I finally did stop, my cock remained buried, jerking from the after shocks, which she clearly felt.

When I yanked out of her, I heard an audible splash as the sperm from two men dropped to the pavement from her still spread pussy lips. Kristy's inner thighs were a spermy mess. I stood there gasping as she turned around to regain her composure. She looked from me to Suyi speechless. She looked worried, with our cum trailing down her legs and face caked with half dried jizz. My little redheaded BBW wife, with the great legs and wide sitting ass, was in a bad predicament. Indeed.

To be continued...

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