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Old Friends

byGrey Eagle 286©

Jane and I and Bridget and George had been close friends for many years. Bridget and George had moved away several times but always ended up back in Florida. Jane and I had stayed put and had done well. No matter where they lived we always got together several times a year if we could.

My wife, Jane is a very pretty woman. At 32 she shows no signs of being the mother of four children from 5 to 11 years old. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 130 pounds. She has light brown hair and hazel eyes. She has very, very nice figure.

I, on the other hand, am a slim broad shouldered guy. 5 feet 11 inches and about 155 pounds. Brown hair , green eyes in a nice but not handsome face. I have a company that investigates and settles insurance claims. I worked in construction and as a boat mechanic for several years. I do building claims and marine claims primarily. I have five other adjusters who work for me and two investigators. All the hurricanes that came through last year meant big bucks for us.

Bridget was 30 years old, about five feet tall and had a super figure. She was really very sweet and one of my favorite people in the whole world. Her husband, George was a very nice guy. We hunted and fished together for years. He was an electrician.

I was working my butt off when Jane grinned at me and told me Bridget and George were back in town. I told her that was great and to plan a get together as soon possible. I went in the den and played back the tapes for that week from my #1 recorder. It was the fastest way to get all the information I collected into my computer. I worked until Jane called me for dinner. She seemed a lot happier than I had seen her lately. I knew I had been neglecting her a lot lately. I knew she knew I loved her and was working my butt off for us.

I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. When I woke up in the morning Jane was still asleep. I went through my dressing routine and was on my way out when I remembered I wanted to change recorders. My #2 recorder was not in my desk. Then I remembered reviewing some tapes before erasing them. I had listened to them last Saturday while Jane took the kids shopping. I had listened to them while I lay on our bed. I had put it in the cupboard in the head board of the bed. I slipped up stairs and swapped recorders. Jane was still in bed. I was on my way.

Three days later I took both recorders to work with me. I reviewed some data from #1 when the tape clicked and I heard Jane say, "Oh! Georgie, I have missed you so much. Kiss me, I can't get enough of your kisses. God you taste good. I love for you to wake me up like this. Get your clothes off and fuck me. I need you bad.

"I need you too, Jane Dear, I love that pussy. You know I do."

"Oh! Yes that feels Sooooo Gooood. I had forgotten how good your cock feels. Yes, Harder, Faster. That's wonderful."

I could hear the sounds of raw sex. The slapping together of bodies, the moans, grunts and sucking and slurping noises. Then it was quiet. "Jane, how is old Frank treating you."

"He is really great. I love him too you know. Not the way I love you but I do love him. I think we need to stop doing this. I couldn't take it if he caught us."

"Right, girl, we need to be real careful. No telling what he would do if he found out he was raising my four kids."

"I know, I pray he will never find out. What about Bridget, does she suspect anything. How did you explain all those times we met when I was supposed to be visiting my mother."

"I just told her I had to deliver a truck to Georgia or somewhere. Come on, my cock is hard again, I want to fuck your sweet ass again."

"There is some lube in Frank's drawer over there in the night stand. Yes, that feels good, easy now, no one has ever been there but you Darling and it has been a long time, six months, since you fucked my ass."

I sat at my desk in pure shock. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I knew Jane and George had dated before she met me. But this! I was crushed. I wanted to rush home and beat the crap out of both of them. I turned the tape on again. Jane was saying she would talk to Bridget about them coming over for dinner Friday or Saturday night. Frank said he had to go. "I'll see you tomorrow morning."

"OH! That might not be a good idea, wait a while."

"No I'll be here tomorrow, then we will quit for a week or so."

"OK. But be careful."

I got up and locked my office door and told Alice, my secretary I didn't want to be disturbed for anything." I sat and thought about what I had just heard. I was heart broken. This had been going on since before we were married! How could I have been so stupid. I had trusted Jane with my life. My kids weren't even mine. I couldn't think. There was no one I could even talk to. God, what a fool I must seem to them. No an asshole. What could I do. I loved those kids. There was no way I could take them away from Jane. I would just have to walk away from everything I had ever really loved. I would never be able to trust Jane again no matter what. My life as it had been was over. I just sat and cried.

I thought about poor Bridget. I decided to call her. I got their new number from information. I called her. She seemed happy to hear from me. She asked how Jane was. I couldn't answer. She asked again and I started crying, I couldn't help it. She said, "Oh Dear God, you found out. Right?"

"Yeah! How long have you known?"

"Please meet me somewhere Frank, Please. I know this is killing you. We need to talk. Please meet me at the Pub on Riverwood. OK."

I dried my eyes. "When?"

"Half an hour."

"I'll be out front."

I met Bridget and when she saw me she ran to me and hugged and gently kissed me. We both cried for a while.

I said, "I think I need a stiff drink. How about you?"

"I guess I could use one too."

We talked for hours, I told her about the tape. She said she had been suspicious of the two of them for a long time but thought it was probably just jealousy. Then she over heard George talking to Jane on the phone when he didn't know she was in the house. That had been two years ago. She said she didn't know what to do about it. It had killed her love for George. She wouldn't let her touch her anymore but had never told him why. He had forced her to have sex several times. She said she was ready to sue him for divorce. I looked at her and held her hand. "Bridget, if you need money, I have plenty, a lot Jane doesn't even know about."

"No, I inherited a lot of money from my grandfather a few years ago. I have it in a trust. It is a LOT of money, Frank doesn't know about mine either."

"I wonder if that isn't what this was all about."

"What do you mean?"

"George told me for years he thought you would inherit a bundle of money from your Dad. Jane thinks I am going to inherit a large sum from my folks when they die, she doesn't know they have been slowly transferring it to me for years."

"You don't think they planned to marry us and wait for us to come into money do you."

"Makes sense to me. But then I am not too bright. Do you know the kids are all his?"

He hands flew to her face. She stared at me. "God, You poor Dear. How could they do that to anyone, much less you. You are the sweetest, nicest guy I know."

"Bridget, talking to you has helped a whole lot. I don't know what I would have done with out you."

"What are you going to do tonight, will you go home?"

"I just don't know, I wish I could just be with you. You are hurting too and you are worried about me."

"Why don't we do it?"


"Spend the night together. I'll go home and get some things and we can get a room somewhere for the night. Don't get any ideas, we will have two beds. But they won't know that, if they ask, tell them the truth. We spent the night together, no reasons, no accusing them of anything, we just did it because we wanted to. Meanwhile we see some lawyers. Before we go home."

"Sounds damned good to me. He has a date to screw Jane in the morning after I leave for work. I was not planning on ever sleeping in that bed again. Do you want to hear the tape?"

"Yes I do, I want a copy too."

"I we are going to do this let's do it right, I'll reserve a suite at the Hilton. We will go out for cocktails and a nice dinner first, OK?"

"Frank, that sounds very nice. I do have a nice cocktail dress. I'll bring it and change later. About five?"

"That's fine. I'll be waiting for you."

I knew Jane was at her bridge club so I went home and packed a few things. I also took all my personal files and business files I had at home. I took my lap top computer and left her desk top. I wrote her a note. It was short and sweet. It read:

I know.


I installed a hidden wire tap and recorder on our phone. I could hear phone conversations from my phone by playing them back, or by just listening as they were recorded. I climbed in my truck and headed for the Hilton. My reservation was waiting. I went up to my penthouse suite, it was elegant. I took a quick shower and shaved. I slipped on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt.

I got on the phone and canceled all her credit cards except her debit card on our joint bank account. I left $2000 in that account for her.

I canceled all the gas cards too, plus her cell phone was shut off immediately. I thought I was pretty safe in that there was nothing else she could charge or sell without my signature.

I leaned back and rested for a minute or two. I heard a light tap on the door. It was Bridget, she looked very nice in slacks and a blouse. I was glad to see her. I put her bags in the second bed room. I got a kick out of how impressed she was with the suite. We had a hot tub, a lovely patio with trees and grass overlooking the city. There was even a small swimming pool. Pretty damned classy. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me quickly on my lips. "Frank, this is the most beautiful hotel room I have ever been in. I love it."

"Can I get you something to drink?"

"I would like a coke. You know I don't drink alcohol until later. Especially if we are going to have cocktails.

I told her about the note I had left. She laughed. "I wish I had thought of that, my note said, 'Gone out, don't wait up.' How long do you think it will take them to compare notes?"

"Should be any second now. My cell phone will ring if Jane uses the house phone. We can hear every word they say on the speaker. Or not. Up to you."

"You know we have to listen. This should be good."

"We can play it back later, it is being recorded."

"You are a devious guy aren't you."

"Not really, I just deal with devious people all the time."

Ring, Ring.

"Hey, Babe, how are you doing. I see Frank isn't home yet."

"I don't know if he is coming home."


"Most of his personal stuff is gone and I found a note. It just says, 'I know. Frank.'."

"Oh shit, I'm almost home. No! Her car is gone. I'll call you right back." Click.

We looked at each other grinning.



"She is gone too. I got a note saying she went out and for me not to wait up for her. Do you think they are together."

"No, not Frank. He would never cheat on me. He is not that way. What can he know. Nothing! Right?"

"I don't know, Frankie ain't stupid. He may have found out something. He can't know the kids are mine can he?"

"I don't think so, unless he got DNA tests from the kids and from you."

"OK, call me if you hear anything at all. Say, I tried your cell phone like I always do and couldn't get through, the message said the number was no longer in service."

"Hang on, I'll check it out. Shit! I get nothing but a 'no service' note on the screen."

I looked at Bridget, "Girl do you want to go down and have a couple of drinks at the bar before we go out. Or we can use the bar here."

"Let's go out, I never get a chance to dress up a little. I would enjoy that."

"OK, let's change. I already had a shower, so I can help you if you want." She laughed, "No, I don't want to give all my secrets away so early."

I got dressed and waited on her watching the news. Her door opened and she walked out, my jaw dropped, she was beautiful. She wore a black cocktail dress that was a basic 'little black dress'. It showed lots of cleavage. She had on stockings and very high heels. I sort of stammered that she looked great. She smiled and slowly turned for me to see all the dress. She looked like a million dollars. She walked over and looked me up and down. "Wow, you scrub up really well! Is that a silk suit? It fits you perfectly. I like it a lot. All the girls will be jealous of me tonight."

"I am glad you like it, the only person I want to please tonight is my lovely date." I offered her my arm and we walked out to the elevator and dropped to the lobby. Boy, she felt good on my arm. I watched her in the mirror in the elevator. She was really quite stunning. She caught me looking and blushed. She turned and looked up at me, "We do look good together, don't we."

"We look like we belong together."

"I know."

The Bar was quite nice and after a drink I asked where she would like to eat. She said she was with me and where ever I chose would be fine. I told her that I had heard the restaurant here at the Hilton was very good. She hugged my arm and said, "That sound good, you won't have to drive, so we can have another drink."

"I have to confess I really don't need another drink, I am high just looking at you. I don't remember you being so beautiful. I really never saw you before I guess."

"You only had eyes for Jane."

"I guess you are right! I don't want to ever see her again. She disgusts me now. Everything I felt for her is somehow gone. Like it was never there. That is not true, I guess I will always love her, but I can never trust her again. I can never touch her again. She destroyed it all."

"I know, sweet man, I know just how you feel. George is at fault too though! He could never leave her alone I guess."

"We could go dancing." She looked quickly at me. "I forgot you have danced with me before. That boat won't float, will it?"

She giggled and shook her head. "I remember how you dance."

"Dear lady! I would like to go back to our suite and just relax and forget about the two of them. Would that suit you?"


When we were in the rooms I went to my room and put on a pair of work out shorts. After a debate with myself I put on a T-shirt with it. It was dark now and I adjusted the lights on the patio so they were very dim. I fixed us two rum drinks and walked out and stood looking out over the city. The temperature was just perfect. I heard a sound beside me and looked down to see Bridget there. I handed her the drink and put my arm around her. "Isn't it beautiful, look at all the stars out tonight. I held her close to me. She put her head on my shoulder. It felt too good. I asked if she wanted to see if our spouses were still talking. She said it might be interesting. We sat on the couch. I watched her as we listened. She smiled gently. It was tough listening. They decided I really knew nothing and that Bridget knew no more than I did. They reminisced for an hour or more about all the times they had slipped off and made love. There were a lot of them. They were very good at it. Now there would be no problem for them.

I had an idea. I would call Jane and tell her I was in Tampa, where we had a office, to solve a problem. I would be home in three days. Bridget would call George and give him a story and tell him she would be home in three days. We would then get the two of them together and have them served with divorce papers at the same time. They would suspect we were together of course. I called Jane and she wanted to know where I was. I told her there was a problem in Tampa and I would be home in three days. She asked if I were with Bridget. "Bridget? Am I with Bridget, isn't she home with George? No? That does sound like a good idea though. Right, Bye now."

Bridget called George and told him about the same thing, except she was seeing a sick aunt. She told him she would be home in three days.

Ring, Ring.

Jane answered. They exchanged notes. They didn't trust us and were afraid it was a trap for us to catch them together. They were still speculating when I shut it off. I got up, "I'm going to take a soak in the hot tub, should be very relaxing, care to join me?"

"Sounds lovely but I don't have a bathing suit with me."

"I don't either, I'm going to use the hotel robe to get to the tub. I'll turn the lights very low. Please join me."

I was in the tub when she walked out. She stood beside the tub, "Please turn around so I can get in." I felt her take my hand. We held hands for a while with out saying a word. Finally I leaned toward her and put my hand behind her head and pulled her closer for a sweet tender kiss. She returned the kiss. We parted I looked in her eyes. I could barely see her smile. I kissed her again. This was a different kiss. It was passionate and demanding. She returned my passion. I pulled her closer and caressed her body. Her breasts were firm and felt very large. Her tummy was taut and firm too. I felt her little hands glide across my chest and then move down over my stomach.

My hands found her hip and slipped around and rubbed her tight little ass. I loved the way she felt. I pulled her to me and kissed her again. "Sweetheart, I think we need to take this to bed. Can I carry you?"

"Yes, hurry."

It didn't work, she was slippery and I was afraid I would drop her. I put her robe on her and put mine on too. Then I tried again. Success. I carried her slowly to my bed kissing her sweet lips all the way. I took her robe off and looked at her. I put a hand on either side of her face and kissed her. "Bridget, Dear girl, I want you to know I am not trying to get even with anyone, I suddenly realized I have wanted this as long as I have known you." I kissed her again. She moved onto the bed. I moved beside her. She pulled my face to hers. We kissed again, her lips moved under mine, "I have wanted this too. I can only think of how good you feel touching me." I cupped a breast and felt the nipple stiffen under my fingers. It was warm and rubbery. Longer and thicker than I had expected.

I moved my lips to kiss and suck on it. She moaned and pulled my head closer. My other hand was busy with her other breast. My mouth moved to it. Delicious! I trailed wet kisses to her belly button. I swabbed that little dimple out with my tongue. My hand slipped down over her tummy and I heard her breath suck in sharply. I moved my hand down over her flat stomach and down onto her thigh. I caressed her thigh and worked to the inside of it to find the soft tender flesh on the inside of her thigh. I loved the way it felt. I pulled my hand up and cupped her sex. It was wet and very warm. I explored it with my fingers for a minute or two then I could wait no more. I moved my whole body down between her legs. They slowly spread to accommodate me. I ran my lips up and down her slit. I found the little fold of skin hiding her clit. My tongue went wild. Lip nips and gentle sucks had her wiggling and squirming as she moaned my name over and over. I raised her ass then spread her inner lips with my thumbs and slid my tongue inside her as far as it would go. Her hands tried to pull me deeper I had to pull back to get my breath and I heard her whimper, "Noooooo." I buried my face where it had been. Her juices were flowing now and I licked them up. I knew I would have to hurry, I raised up and moved over her. She guided me into her love channel. It was wonderful, so wet warm and slippery. I slipped in to the hilt. She screamed my name. I thrust faster and harder. My pelvis slapped against hers and I could hear the delightful squishing sound of our loving. I heard her growling and moving her hips against mine. She was trembling and shaking now as she covered her mouth with one hand while the other clawed at the sheet under us. I was close, damned close and I asked her if she was ready, "Yes, I am cuming right now, hurry Love, hurry." I felt the wave of feeling wash over me as I pulsed gob after gob of semen inside her. I tried to roll off her but her strong arms held me in place. I tried to take some of my weight on my knees and elbows. She said, "No, I want all your weight on me, I love it. God, I love it. Leave him in there. He feels so good there." I lifted a little and pressed my lips to hers. She moaned and then pushed me gently off of her. She snuggled close to me and looked in my eyes, "Frank, that was easily the best of my whole life. I hate to say this but Jane is nuts."

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