tagGroup SexOld Girl, New Trick Ch. 01

Old Girl, New Trick Ch. 01


I am sure you have heard the old expression "You can not teach an old dog new tricks" well this may be true for an old dog but it is not so for an old girl. Of course who is to say at what age a person is old.

I became a widow at age fifty-six. I thought life was over, I was too old to start over and besides where on earth would I find a man to replace my Fred. Fred and I had been married for over thirty years. After a women is with a man that long you kind of become a part of one another and when one dies the other looses a great deal of his or in my case her life.

I sat by the window looking blindly out across the back yard and beyond where the fields and trees curve out of sight between the hills. Just beyond our back yard is an old Rail road track that has not been used in all the married years we have live here. Many a summer day I have walked those old tracks down to the trestle that stands like a lonely sentinel over a shallow creek.

I was thinking of all the things I have done and did alone for many years because my husband was a traveling salesman. He did right by us but so much of the time he was gone, a day , a week even some times for a month or two . It seemed I was always a lone. So why the hell do I miss him so much and why do I feel as if I can not get along with out him. I got along all those years and being childless made it even more lonely.

Tears fell like rain and my blouse became wet and darkened where the tears fell upon it. Shaking and my nose being all stuff up just mad everything seem much worse than it really was. But it was all part of getting over loosing a part of me.

I was not a crier, I was not one to fall apart under stress so I knew I had to get a hold of myself and go on about the business of life. Well that may sound like a good idea but it is a lot harder when it is you doing the crying and falling apart.

Something move out there and my little pea brain jumped as did my whole body. "Oh my; what is that?" the words never left my lips but were contained in my head. A big "A" frame thing was coming into sight out there on the old rail road tracks. Those tracks were not safe for anything bigger than a hand cart. But there it was a large Rail car being pushed along by some kind of small electric engine. Several men appeared like magic and were walking along side this thing making it stayed on the old tracks.

I walked out the back door and stood by the little path that I used to go down to the rail bed. A tall man looked up and smiled at me. I asked "What on earth are you men doing?"

He stepped away from the others and took several steps toward me. "We are with the salvage team that is going to reclaim the steel out of the old trestle." He said.

"About time that old thing is dangerous and some times kids play out on it." I said thoughtlessly.

"Several of us will need a place to live for the next four months. You wouldn't happen to have a coupe of rooms for rent would you?" He said. I thought I saw in his eyes a glimmer of brightness and a smile form on his handsome face. But he masked it very well.

I chocked and said "Well as a matter of fact I do have room for maybe two of you. If you're non-smokers and clean sober gentleman."

"Madam, speaking for myself I am both and my best friend is also. When would be a good time to come back and talk to you about your rooms for rent? He said looking over his shoulders as the frame was moving on down the line.

"About seven this evening." I called after him. His smile broadened and I felt a strange tightening in my stomach. I must not have eaten anything yet today.

The rest of the day seems to be a blur. However I did go down in the basement and check to see if the two day beds needed clean sheet and that there were plenty of clean towels in that little stand alone shower behind the house heating system. The toilet was clean and working just fine. Also that the basement door was unlocked. If I were going to rent out my basement I wanted these men to have there own entrance so they would not need to come through my house.

I was sitting in the kitchen when I saw two men approach the back door. I opened the back door even before they reached the steps. "Hello" I said.

"Good evening Madam Let me introduce myself. I am Danny Wheeler and this is my best friend Sam Stockton." A few nodes were exchanged and smiles were there. I told them I had two day beds in the basement and for them to go around to the side. The door was open and they were to take a look and if it suited them let me know. A few minutes later they returned and said it would be fine and we agreed on a rent.

I had tenants and I was now in the boarding house business with out the boarding end of it. I did not have to cook meals all I had to do was provide clean sheet and towels. They would eat down at the dinner and that was fine with me.

If they stopped for a drink they were to sleep out in the barn.

This all took place on a Friday and when my new boarders returned from the diner they went down stairs with out a word.

I had showered, slipped in to a pair of cotton PJ's with short legs and short sleeves as it was hot already and it was only early June.

I came down to the kitchen for a glass of ice tea to put next to my bed while I read myself to sleep. As I passed the cellar door I could hear the men talking as if I were in the room with them. This surprised me and after a quick investigation I found the voices were coming up through the laundry shut.

Danny's voice was deep clear as a bell and very manly. Sam's voice was kind of husky like that of a heavy drinker. They were talking about how to move the equipment down to where it was needed.

Danny was a strong looking man the look of a man that had worked hard all his life. I guessed him to be in his early fifties. Sam looked younger but this face was lean and hard with wrinkles deep from both the sun and I am sure a few laughs along the way.

I was about to go when Sam asked Danny, "What do you think of our landlady?"

Danny said "Well I think the lady was being very nice to take us in. From what the waitress said down at the diner she must not need the money. But if you're asking what do I think of her. Well I think she is one very attractive lady and I think if given half a chance I would like to get to know her."

This surprised me and for a moment I thought he was being impertinent. After all he did not know me at all. But then I thought maybe he was being more than kind.

Sam laughed and said "I saw how you looked at her. But I don't blame you I think she is kind of sexy too. And if I was given half a chance I would bang her ass until the sun comes up." How horrible, what a thing to say about me. That Sam has to go. I am a grieving widow. How dare he say such a thing? That Sam has a filthy mouth. I laid awake half the night thinking about what that Sam had said. But the longer I thought the more I realized I had not the slightest idea what he was talking about. But I knew it was nasty what ever he meant. "Bang her ass until the sun comes up" Oh my I must have lived a sheltered life.

A few days later I went down to change the sheets and lay out clean towels. Lying on the floor was a wallet. It was open to a picture and as I picked it up I saw three nude people. Danny, a women and a younger girl all smiling and hugging with Danny in the middle and the two females on either side.

I did not want to look at these dirty pictures but my eyes would not let me turn my gaze. There Danny was naked as the day he was born and there his manhood hung like a great polish sausage.

My knowledge of such things was limited to three and two were when I was a young girl. I was married young and lived with only one such instrument fro over thirty years. However this one was much longer and bigger a round than my dear husband's had been. I could not take my eyes off it. But then I saw at the bottom of the picture in small print "Piney Naturalist camp" This must be one of the nudist camps I had heard of but never saw any pictures of before.

My eyes roamed over Danny from head to foot and back to his marvelous member. "Oh, my how could I think of it as marvelous?"

I placed the wallet on the floor as I had found it and went back up stairs...

I cleaned house, did some laundry and even went out and washed my car. But nothing could take the vision of the naked Danny out of my mind. Late in the day I showered and called my best friend Wilda and ask her to join me for a night at the movies.

We met at the Broken Bone dinner for supper before we headed off to the movie. Most every thing in our small town could be walked to easily so Wilda and I were a foot when we happened to meet Sam and Danny entering the dinner.

I made introductions and before I could say a word we were seated as a foursome in a rear booth. Sam and Wilda sat together on one side and Danny and I ended up next to one another.

Danny's broad shoulders were rubbing my shoulders and I found it most disturbing in a wonderful but strange way. I had not felt like this since I was a high school girl. Which I certainly was not. I was acutely aware of his body and warmth next to me. The waitress brought a basket of bread sticks and as Danny lifted the basket for me to take one I saw his long thick cock, I saw the large head and with out thinking I grabbed a bread stick and squeezed it so tight the dough squeezed up between my fingers.

Lowering my eyes I let it drop on the butter plate. No one said any thing and time moved so slowly. But as the meal came to a close some how Sam and Wilda had made this a date for all of us to go to the movie. My mind was doing flips and going all crazy with flashes of Danny's Danny and I had this strange feeling of wanting to touch it, feel it and take it in my mouth. The movie was all a daze, the walk back to the house was foggy and with out form. I remember Wilda and Sam getting very cozy and even holding hands in the dark as we moved up the hill to my house.

We three sat on the back porch in near darkness sipping I ice tea. Wilda and Sam were very close and there words were only mumbles to my ears. Danny and I sat on the porch swing and before long his arm was around my shoulders. I turned to look up at him. His mouth covered my mouth, his tongue darted past my lips and into my mouth. I let his tongue explore my mouth. I lifted my arms and circled his neck. I pushed my tongue far back into his mouth.

I was floating off some where in space, I was gone to a place I had never been before. My head pounded and my chest hurt and my charms quivered as if I were receiving that long sausage into me. I had not had sex for nearly four years. I had not felt any thing like this passion in many more years than that. It was not me responding to his every move, it was a stranger no me. It was that other woman that lives in my body. The one that has been asleep for over fifty years. It was not me. It was not me.

I could not get my breath I pulled back. Placing both hands on Danny's chest I pushed him back so I could get my breath. The night was dark but from my kitchen window came enough light for me to see Wilda on her knees in front of Sam sitting in the wicker chair. Wilda had his pants open, his cock in her hand and her mouth moving up and down taking his cock into her mouth. I chocked and gasped out load.

"Wilda, what are you doing?" I gasped. It was a stupid thing to say. I knew full well want she was doing Danny knew what she was doing, Wilda knew what she was doing and she was doing it very well from the look on Sam's face.

Wilda looked up and said "Oh, shit Rose; what the fuck do you think I am doing? I am sucking Sam's great cock. Then I am going to let him fuck me and then I am going to suck him hard again so he can fuck me again." She returned to sucking his cock a few more times and then she looked up and said "Well Rose are you just going to watch or are you going to join in and give Danny some head too?"

I had never done any thing like this, I mean never when others were around. I had sucked my husband off and had enjoyed it often enough to know how he liked me to do it. I wondered if I was good enough for Danny. I looked up and in the near darkness I saw Danny grinning from ear to ear. It was a nice smile. Not a mean smile or a condescending one it was a smile that said to me "You don't have to do any thing you don't want to." I smiled back as my fingers worked feverishly on his belt and fly.

Just seconds later I was bending over side ways on the swing letting my mouth slowly slide down over the longest cock I had eve seen let along take into my mouth. How long I suck on his cock I don't know but all of a sudden there was a warm flow of thick creamy fluid I filling my mouth. I swallowed and sucked as I milked his cock with my hand. I pumped his sperm up and sucked it from the tip of his beautiful cock. I heard Wilda say "Will alright Rose, you are a cocksucker after all."

I was thinking that "Yes, Wilda my dear friend I am a good cocksucker and you are a fucking whore, cocksucker bitch for getting me into this situation." But the words were only in my head. Danny lifted me up and stood pulling me up to him. We kissed and he pushed me toward the back door. I turned and walked through the kitchen with Danny in hand right behind me. Up the stairs and down the hall to my bedroom.

Danny put his arms around me from the back hugging and held my breast in both hands. His fingers twisted my nipples and fondled me.

My cloths were tossed aside and were his. He lifted me up and laid me on the bed. He was between my legs as I held them wide open for him. He found my wetness and stabbed me deep and hard. His root touched bottom and this make me lift my ass off the bed to meet him even harder. I screamed for him to fuck me. I yelled for him to fuck me. Fuck me, fuck me I screamed over and over as I climaxed and shook all over.

I was still shaking and bouncing my ass on the bed as Danny rolled off me. I chocked, took deep breaths and cupped both hands over my twitching cunt. I pressed both hands hard up between my legs pressing my cunt closed as the creamy foam seeped from me.

I felt the bed shake and with great difficulty I opened my eyes to see Wilda kneeling between Danny's legs with his limped cock in her mouth. I thought "Yes, yes Wilda suck it hard so he can fuck me again."

Then I was pulled on to my back and there hovering over me Was Sam his cock hard and throbbing. He was on his knees between my open legs. Sam was holding his triumph cock in his hand stroking it for me to see the foreskin cover and then uncover the deep purple head. I could not say a word I just opened my mouth and grasping Sam buy his ass cheeks I pulled him forward until his cock disappeared down my throat. I could taste Wilda's pussy juice on his cock and I thought so this is what a pussy taste like. I thought maybe some day I would like to lick Wilda's pussy and taste her cum first hand.

Then Sam pulled his ever hardening cock from my mouth and quickly moved over behind Wilda and lifted her ass up so she was on all fours. I watched in utter amazement as Sam forcefully rammed his cock into Wilda's cunt while she still had Danny's cock in her mouth. Wilda's mouth was full of solid rock hard cock but still she managed to let out an utterance of joy and pleasure. I felt a pang of jealously only for a second because I knew I was going to get to feel two cocks in me at the same time soon enough. I wanted to feel Danny's cock in my dripping wet pussy from the rear and at the same time I wanted to feel Sam cock tickling my throat. I wondered how it would feel to feel two such handsome cocks filling me up and then feel the warm sweet sperm fill my mouth and pussy. To taste it warm and sweet and feel my pussy flooded with it. I must be crazy!

However that joy was not to be this evening. By the time they finished with Wilda both were spent and so tired from there long day at work they rested and fell asleep in my be. Wilda and I showered and slipped into the guest room and there in all our naked glory hugged and twisted our naked bodies together and soon were fast asleep.

I woke to find Wilda gone and when I looked in the master bedroom both the men were gone too.

Sitting on the side of the bed I let the happening of the night before filter through my head. This was not me; I would never in my life do such a thing. This must have been a dream. I would never do such a thing. Not even in my wildest dreams; yet; if it was not a dream then it must have been real. No, No there was no way I would have done such a thing. But I had let my self be pulled into a lustful trap and I let Wilda drag me into a night of lust and sexual derogation like nothing I had ever even heard of before. Then as I stood I felt a strange smile twist my lips and I almost laughed.

It was Saturday morning and the guys down stairs did not work on weekends. After slipping into cotton shorts and a loose top with out a bra. I am not a forty-double D as is Wilda but I still have a full round pair of breast with long nipples. I knew they showed though the cotton top as I opened the basement door and called down to my tenants. No answer from below. I waited and called again. I went down the stairs and saw Sam sound asleep on the day bed nearest the out side wall. He was naked lying on his back. His cock was thick, relaxed and resting on his powerful thigh. Moving closer I stood there looking at the cock which had been in my mouth last night just before he had fucked Wilda. I looked at his cock and got a strange feeling all over. I knew it was not for me to start things this early in the day. But that is what I was thinking when Sam opened his eyes and his lips formed a smile.

"Hello Rose." He said.

"Morning Sam" I answered.

"Danny went out for a run and will be gone for an hour or so. Any thing I can do for you in the mean time?" Sam said as he took his cock in hand and shook it awake.

"Sam what happened last night was not me. I was just drawn into the lust of the moment by Wilda and the loneliness I have felt for a long time." I said as I let my tongue lick my lips and slowly lowered myself to the edge of the bed. Sam was so powerful he knew that he did not need to do anything but lay there and let me see his cock grow hard.

"Sam I can not do this. I am not that kind of woman. I don't have sex like this. My friend Wilda loves to fuck any one she likes at first glance. She just loves sex. But I just can not do this." I said.

Sam did not say a word, he only held his cock as it grew longer and thicker. He reached up took me by the neck, ever so easy he applied pressure pulling me down. His cock was there, long hard and getting closer. I took it in my hand; my fingers circled it feeling the slow warm skin that covered the rock hard muscle that throbbed in my hand. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth.

I heard words and moans as I took his cock deeper with every downward motion. "You're a good cocksucker Rose. Yes you're a good fucking cocksucker Rose. How would you like to feel my cock in your ass Rose? I think you would like a fuck in the ass." Sam was talking but I only heard a few words. My ass was not virgin but it has been a while and never by a cock this size.

"Your girlfriend Wilda took it up her ass last night after you passed out. She screamed when I cum up her choice ass. Your ass looks nice and tight Rose. So how about it.?"

I was drunk with passion and desire like never before. My head swarmed and my legs were weak, I shivered and then my mind went blank.

When I came awake I was back in bedroom. I was naked, covered only with a sheet. I did not feel any thing that would make me believe I was screwed or other wise had engaged in sex. So way was I naked. But then I ran my hand over my crotch. My public hair was wet. But my pussy was not feeling as if it had a cock in it. Why? I puckered my ass hole and it did not feel as if it had been messed with. So way was my pussy wet. The only answer was that some one had licked me but I had not reached a climax.

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