Old Ladies' Needs Pt. 02

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I help old Mabel relive her fantasy.
1.2k words

Part 3 of the 3 part series

Updated 06/28/2023
Created 04/10/2023
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As you will recall I was introduced to Mabel at Helen's geriatric ladies' sex club. She admitted to enjoying piss-play but had other sexual desires. Although she was 77 and quite plain looking at her large tits and cunt, and saggy belly, got me horny.

I was almost hard in anticipation as I rang her doorbell, but when she appeared in a shapeless dress two sizes too small and far too short, it stood to attention. Imagine if you can, an old lady, a good size 18, with a lovely saggy belly straining to get out and tits that almost were.

"What a lovely surprise Paul, I honestly didn't expect you to show up."

"Why wouldn't I, Mabel? By the way, love the dress. Come and give me a nice long kiss, you sexy old lady."

As I stepped in the door, she pushed me up against the wall and pushed her tongue into my mouth and her lovely flabby belly into my cock. We were away.

"Oh Paul, you know I haven't had any man touch me for years. I seem to put them off as being fat and plain. It's so nice of you to play with me."

"Why wouldn't I, Mabel? I think you and I are going to get on great. What I liked was your interest in reliving where you showed off your large hairy cunt and arse and the guy came up behind you and started fingering you. Shall we try that tomorrow?"

She nodded enthusiastically and suggested we had some drinks to get "Our bladders nice and full."

After 4 mugs of coffee, my bladder wanted a nice long piss. Mabel must have read my mind and suggested a long piss in the bathroom. It didn't take long to undress and when I saw her naked her body just did it for me. I laid down on the tiles and she knelt with her hairy cunt over my cock.

It was so fucking erotic her lovely gaping shithole was too inviting to ignore. As soon as I stuck two fingers up it she started. " Oh Paul that's lovely. Oh yes, you love." Then she started pissing over my hard cock. Her piss was nice and hot and was gushing out as I rammed four fingers in and out of her arse.

As her flow eased off she moved down and planted her shit hole over my dick and urged me to fuck her dirty shitter. With it in I pumped like mad. "Give me all your lovely spunk. That's it, shoot." And sure enough strings of spunk shot into her bowels and as soon I relaxed I followed it up with about a pint of hot piss that soon formed a brown puddle around us."

Needless to say, we hopped into the shower and I left soon after with the promise of fulfilling her fantasy in the morning. We agreed that I would play the role of the bachelor she was the candidate for the cleaning job.

I called round at 10.00 am dressed in a suit and tie.

"Oh, come in Mr. Henry, it was very nice of you to interview me here."

She was dressed in a tight-fitting dress displaying her lovely jelly belly, ample titties, and suitable for the role-play the dress ended just below her suspenders. To be honest, I found it difficult to keep my cock down.

I started the interview. "Mrs. Jones, I am surprised you applied for this job, especially at your age."

"Well, Mr. Henry, I am desperate for extra money but I assure you that you won't be disappointed with my work as I do things the old-fashioned way like cleaning floors on my hands and knees."

"And do you always wear short dresses like now?"

"Ah, yes and this is very personal Mr. Henry, a few of my elderly gentlemen clients take a keen interest in watching me. You see all of them are impotent and that is their only pleasure. But I am sure that doesn't apply to you. Would you prefer me to wear a more conservative dress?"

"No absolutely not although I can envisage it must be exciting for old men to see you at work!"

"Oh Paul, this is so erotic. Are you getting a nice hard-on? My fanny is getting wet. Let's break for a couple of coffees and then move on with the story."

After an hour I took over. "Mabel, I love the way you're dressed. But now we pretend we are in my house."

"Hello, Mr. Henry I'm ready to start. Where do you keep the cleaning stuff?"

I took her into the kitchen and opened the cupboard under the stairs. Mabel took out some dusters and polish saying "Best start removing the dust. Will it be ok if I start in the front room where you're working?"

"That will be fine Mrs. Jones. I'll see you in a bit." To keep the anticipation high, l left her and sat at a desk in the lounge. Unbeknown to me Mabel took the opportunity to remove her knickers and ensure her dress was even shorter.

As she was bending over the coffee table it took all of 5 minutes of seeing her fat hairy cunt and arse hole swaying in front of my eyes, I walked over and gently encased both holes in my hand. "Mrs. Jones I am so ashamed. I just could not resist "

"Mr. Henry, don't feel ashamed. I love it. Go on and play with my fat ugly body."

Bending her over with her arse in the air, she groaned as I buried my tongue into her hairy puckered arsehole.

"Oh Mr. Henry, that's it, push that tongue right up my shit hole."

With my tongue tweaking her arse, my hand sought out her clit. But as I found her lovely fat belly I could not resist lifting it and finding her cunt hair and clit were soaked from the piss she was dribbling.

Wanting more I told her to lay down on the sofa so I could get at her cunt and shithole.

"Mr. Henry I want more, give me more, you horny fucker."

I was like a man possessed as I massaged her shit ring wantonly working my fingers right up. She liked it as she took my hand and pushed my three fingers further in even harder.

"Don't use your fingers, Put your fat cock in me NOW", she pleaded.

I went hard instantly and pushed it in with ease. She fucking lapped it up with my cock up her lovely shit hole and my fingers massaging her thick old clit it was no surprise that lovely old Mabel could not resist pushing out gushes of hot piss.

That turned me on even more I could not stop the pressure from mounting as surges of spunk found their way into her bowels. I had not noticed it before, but those cups of coffee had filtered into my bladder, and guess what I was dying for a piss. Mabel, from years of experience, knew my dilemma and said "No need for the toilet Mr. Henry you carry on and piss up my hairy hole."

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JhMcKnJhMcKn5 months ago

I'm not a fan of fucking a woman in the ass although some women may love it.

You should have some of your women wearing a girdle and stockings or a nice eight strap suspender belt to hold their stockings up, then stand over you snd piss eith some of it running down their legs and soaking their stockings.

Then you can eat their hairy cunts/

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