tagGay MaleOld Man Discovers... Ch. 04

Old Man Discovers... Ch. 04


The first few sentences might upset a few people, but maybe some husbands might understand. Married 41 years....

"I, have never felt more susceptible to collapsing or feinting in my entire life.

I, feel sooo drained, relaxed, comfortable and satisfied. It was better than coitus, it seemed/was more intimate.

It sure wasn't like the 41 years of sexless marriage.

It sure wasn't like masturbating and it was even better than the intense flesh-light( 5 strokes and cum.) Intimacy is sooo nice.

Maybe we can include the clip clothes pins? For both of us?

He does like his nipples played with. I, want this relationship to go on forever.

Who knows, what else will happen? If it feels so pleasurable being sucked would there be pleasure in sucking? Maybe someday?

His tiny cock and balls would both fit in my mouth . But,is/will that be necessary?

After all he did cum with just my brief touch. Is it because he loves sucking so much?"

We, both laid down on the floor breathless and sighing.

After a few minutes Fred, raised up on his side and started licking and nibbling my nipples.

He rubbed my chest and belly, slowly moving down to my now tiny cock.

He leans over and gives me a light, brief kiss on the lips and asks "is this going to be an ongoing affair,

am I going to be your friend who bestows benefits? Am I going to be able to tell the wife,

every couple of days, I'm going over to Mack's to play cribbage?

Be able to come here, grab a peg and put it in my mouth? Lick and nibble a nipple so the peg gets harder?

Whats it going to be neighbor, friend?

"WOW!! I've never been one much into swapping spit but the quick, little, tender kiss was the right finishing touch.

Now, how to respond? Hopefully, the 'bitch' comment is forgotten,forgiven.

I, gently reach down and fondle his tiny little cock and tell him,

"you have changed my whole world.

I never would / could have imagined a situation like this in my lifetime.

I, want the nakedness, nipple play, fondling, being sucked and maybe once in a while a tender little kiss.

I, want us to be friends, not just friends with benefits. It doesn't always have to end with me cumming and you swallowing.

Once in a while it could just be licking, nibbling, and fondling.

Edging is a prelude to a couple of days later GREAT cum and HUGE load.

You, know I want my nipples tended to and my cock sucked but it's also about what you want."

Fred, gets up and starts to get dressed.

He looks at me still laying naked on the floor "I, want to come here and find you dressed in shorts and a tank-top.

I, want to rub your nipples through your top and feel your cock through your shorts.

If your nipples start to stiffen, I, want to clip clothes pins on them and softly feel your cock to see if it stiffens.

If, you have more clips, I, want you to remove my top and put them on my nipples, because I know mine will have stiffened.

If, you like , you can fondle my cock. I, know it's tiny but it does get hard and as you know it will cum.

With your clips still in place and if you can stand it,

I want to lower your shorts, get on my knees and hopefully admire your growing cock.

I, want to milk it and see if there is any precum I can lick.

If not, I'll gently suck the head and milk it until I taste some.

Then I'll stand up and remove your clips, rub, lick and nibble your tender nipples.

Then after I remove my shorts I want you to remove my clips rub and lick my nipples, reach down and feel my cock to check for precum.

If, there is precum I want you to spit in your hand and with the cum twist the head of my cock until I tell you to stop.

Then, to be more comfortable we'll go to the bedroom.

Now, you'll have a decision to make.

Do you want to lay back and let me have my way with your body or

do you want me to lay back and you can face fuck me as slowly or quickly as you please?"

"Oh, what an invitation! But, there is one problem.

I, don't recuperate fast enough for that to happen right now or even later today.

But, as you said 'every couple of days' would work for me and hopefully for you also.

That said, you could still come over for a beer, cigar and maybe a real game of cribbage.

Just a visit that could include the wife on occasion if you like.

We, live out in the boonies and being neighborly is good for passing the day or evening."

Right here, Fred interrupts me.

"I seriously doubt the wife will come for a visit you saw what she was like

when we moved in and you came down and introduced yourself.

She was courteous but in my opinion standoffish as she always is with other people.

Basically, the same as she is with me and the rest of the family."

Now, all I remember is a petite 50 ish woman in tight jeans and t-shirt,

with a nice ass and small tits.

I don't care how far she stands off, I'd sure hit it in a New York minuet.

"I, do want all that you talked about a few minutes ago, I do want it, I want it all and anything you else that might come up with, within reason"

Fred says, "Whats with in reason? The clips? Lube? Cock-ring? Fingers in asses? Dildos? Ropes? Whips? Chains? CBT? Another guy?....

to be continued...

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