tagGroup SexOld Porch Swing

Old Porch Swing


"I love watching Hadley in the garden in the spring."

"You just like looking at her ass in shorts, Floyd."

I took my father in law's chuckle as an acknowledgment that I was right. I felt no ill well towards him. My mother in law, Belinda, was not a fantasy object sort, and acted so prim that I had no doubt that she was frigid. This had been confirmed by my loving wife, Maggie, who one night not long ago had mentioned her Mother having said how glad she had been to 'give up sex finally'. Maggie had bemoaned her Dad's lack of sex, fearing it might destabilize the marriage, or make him behave even older than he seemed already.

"And it's not like he's not interested," I had agreed at the time, recalling several times watching him watch Hadley.

Maggie's remark had made me more than a bit uncomfortable. My Mags was still a hot number at 38 years old, after raising our son. Maggie's comment about her Dad and sex had bothered me more than I had let on. Incest had a huge cringe factor for me. Add the thought of infidelity and I knew I had to take steps to get Floyd laid.

Hadley, the housekeeper for the old man next door to Floyd and Belinda, was much younger -- only barely 18, in my estimation. We had been visiting now for five weeks, with Maggie finding continual excuses to prolong our stay. Our only child was away at college, she figured, not due home until the end of April, so why hurry home?

I had been forced to go off on disability, a tremor making it hard for me to do the precision tooling I loved. The medication seemed to be working, but I had another month before they would let me try a return to work. This extended RV trip was just the ticket to take my mind off my woes. In addition, Maggie had insisted on a few overnight stays in out of the way spots. Once she reintroduced me to outdoor fucking -- a youthful pleasure long foregone after parenthood obliged us to be housebound - I started looking for deserted scenic lookouts in the afternoon as well.

Maybe it was Maggie's enthusiasm for sex, especially outdoor sex, which made me think she might stray. "I wonder if Hadley would like it under a waterfall," I mused, thinking of my last afternoon on the road before we had arrived at Floyd's.

Maggie had dragged me into the flowing water like we were teenagers again, twirling until her clothes were transparent. I had wondered if anyone could see. Clearly, she hadn't cared. After a moment, when she had pushed my shorts down, I no longer cared either. Her hard nipples had been like diamonds against my chest. She had wasted no time on foreplay, acting so aggressively that if genders were reversed, I might say she had raped me.

Her tongue occupied my lips, preventing refusal, or even hesitation, as her hands ripped her own shorts off, and then in the same motion, pushed her shockingly small lacy pink panties aside. She had lifted her right leg with all the grace which a youth of ballet followed by recent yoga classes allowed. Her right foot hooked behind my leg, shoving me closer. She pressed up with her left leg, twisting her groin and impaling herself on my rigid cock. She used her left knee like a piston crank, levering her pussy up and down my shaft. My ass scraped the rocks behind me more than once, but I could have been bloody and raw and not cared. The water enveloping us had made time meaningless. I still have no clue whether it was minutes or hours before, with a final clenching of her vaginal walls around my root, Maggie had orgasmed, tossing her head back, screams drowned by the water. Even before her muscles relaxed, I had felt my scrotum pull tight to my groin, and then loosen as my seed burst up through my cock, filling her womb. Afterwards, we had splashed and played in the water like kids, until we collapsed, exhausted, and napped on the rocks until dusk.

Thinking about that sex -- about the sudden, rushed simultaneous climaxes, Maggie's cunt clenched around my pulsing cock - while admiring Hadley made me hard. I might have blushed, embarrassed that I was wondering if Hadley wore shockingly small pink lace panties. Luckily Floyd was staring across the yard at Hadley, and I could have starting jerking my cock before he would notice. As I realized that, I glanced at Floyd, who was in fact caressing his own bulge through his fluorescent blue polyester slacks.

"She's a slut, you know, and a tease," Floyd said.

"Who?" My head was still full of Maggie.

"Hadley, of course," Floyd replied. "She played young Billy Watts from the country club as a chump -- leading him on, until he caught her screwing Ramon, the bartender, behind the 17th tee one day. Belinda thinks she's screwing half the subdivision, in particular old Amos Brown, whose house she's minding. Belinda says she sees Hadley sunbathing topless in the middle of the day. Old Amos no longer works, so he tends to be up drinking iced tea around then."

"Sounds to me like Belinda needs more hobbies, so she's spying on the neighbours less. So what if Amos wanted to screw Hadley on his porch swing? After all, he's a widower."

"You're right there would be nothing wrong with that," Floyd grinned," though I'd prefer they did it when I was around to see. And would rather it be Billy or Ramon than wrinkly old Amos. Belinda though thinks she plans to get knocked up and force Amos to marry her for his money. Or just trick him into marriage at least."

Right at that moment, Hadley straightened up from her work preparing the flower beds for planting, and turned to us with a wave. Her firm young tits, not huge, but lively, danced playfully without needing a bra under her tight tank top.

Despite the wave, Hadley pouted upon noticing us.

"Sorry," I called across. "We're just two old married guys enjoying the view. We didn't mean to creep you out."

Hadley laughed. "No, I'm not bugged by you guys watching. It's just that today is Earth Day, and I always celebrate the beauty of nature by tanning topless -- I hate tan lines, and even here in the Southwest, earlier in the year it's often too chilly. I can't very well do that though with an audience."

"Don't let us stop you," Floyd said.

"What would the Mrs. think?" Hadley snapped back.

"She's shopping with her sister. That always takes the whole afternoon." Floyd replied.

"Okay, then, but don't pop a valve, old man," Hadley laughed, already tugging her top up. I don't know about Floyd, but I know that I held my breath as those gigantic orbs popped into view.

"You like, huh?" Hadley teased. Her chest jiggled as she spoke. Floyd was still speechless.

"If you really want no tan lines though, you need to take off the shorts too." I shocked even myself by saying.

Again Hadley laughed, this time deeper, her belly shaking. "What about your wife, Mister -- hey -- I don't even know your name, ya know...and here you are, staring at my tits."

"It's Andy...as in Handy Andy," a voice offered. I knew that voice. Turning, I saw my Mags had come out onto her parent's deck while Floyd and I had been admiring Hadley.

"Don't worry, dear, I don't mind," Maggie continued, flopping onto her parent's porch swing, an exact match of the model on Amos' deck next door. "In fact, I insist."

"If you say so," Hadley relied, and slipped her shorts down in a smooth motion. If she was wearing panties, they vanished with the shorts. I noticed faint tan lines around her hips but none up top. Maybe Floyd was right and she was a tease. It remained to be seen if she was also a slut.

Once she was naked, Hadley posed, arms thrown back, face tilted to the sun. She turned slowly, bathing in the brightness.

"I love the sun," she shouted to the sky, spinning slowly, exposing herself to the rays, and to our eyes. "The only thing better than basking in it is fucking in it."

"You're absolutely right dear," I was shocked to hear Maggie say. I tore my eyes off of Hadley just long enough to glance over at my wife. Not only were her nipples erect, but she had casually begun rubbing her tummy, her fingertips flitting down between her thighs, with each stroke coming closer to rubbing her pussy through her shorts, even though her father was just a few feet away.

A quick check though confirmed that Floyd's attention was riveted on Hadley's display, and the bulge in his slacks put him on close to even ground with his daughter. To cement the equality, his hand drifted over and cupped the outline of his shaft. Then he started rubbing. Like father, like daughter, I figured, feeling my own manhood swelling.

I thought I could feel Maggie's eyes glance over to see whether I was stroking myself in appreciation of the naked celebration of nature. It was all I could do to resist. Instead, I stood there, praying that Floyd would decide to nap soon, so that I could grab Maggie and fuck her. I wondered whether she would fuck me right there in the porch swing, and whether or not it would make any difference to her if Hadley was still sunning next door.

Hadley meanwhile paused; her head still tilted back, and ran her hands up her belly, cupping each firm tanned young tit in a palm, massaging them as she bathed them in the light. Even at that distance, we could tell her cherry red nipples were erect. They grew more as Hadley flicked her thumbnails across the points.

"Why don't you show us how much you like outdoor fucking, dear?" Maggie suddenly asked as Hadley grasped her nubs in between painted fingernails and slowly tugged them away from her body.

This made me gasp, and Floyd turned away from the young beauty next door long enough to stare slack jawed at his daughter. Maggie had slipped her free hand inside her top. Circular motions beneath the fabric suggested that she was mimicking Hadley, at least as far as massaging the weight of her flesh. Her other hand was now fully in her crotch, finger tips beginning to disappear into her shorts.

Hadley laughed at Maggie's comment, quickly pulling our attention back in her direction. She had dropped her hands to her hips.

"But how can I do that?" Hadley asked in a mock girlish voice, even drawing her thumb up to her lower lip, chewing on it and pouting.

Maggie laughed hysterically at the show. It looked like Floyd might pop a gasket. I was having trouble catching my breath. My cock was now rock hard, straining at my shorts as I wondered how far Hadley would take this, and how far Maggie would let it go, though it seemed as if Maggie was propelling it forward rather just letting it run on inertia.

"After all," Hadley continued, "The only guys here are your husband and your Dad, and they're both married, so I'm sure they wouldn't want to....plus that would be just too creepy, wouldn't it?"

"I bet either of them would do it if we asked them nicely, and I wouldn't tell."

"You mean, you'd even let your own husband fuck me?"

"Only in the interest of science, as a test subject for you to use to show us how much you love outdoor fucking. After all, I know he wouldn't enjoy it at all."

Maggie looked at me, despite the difficulty tearing her eyes away from Hadley's erect nipples. My wife's eyes were alive with more excitement than I had seen in years. Her tongue slid slowly over her bottom lip. Despite the fact her Dad was just a few feet over from where she sat; her fingers were down her shorts. I had watched her masturbate often enough that I could picture her forefinger and baby finger pulling her labia apart, allowing the two middle fingers to enter her gash, while her thumb rolled underneath to bobble her clit -- a position which might be awkward if she wasn't so practiced at it. Her nipples were as hard as Hadley's. In my mind's eye I pictured them about to rip the thin fabric of her tank top, and the reality was not far from that.

Floyd had also shifted his gaze from the young nymphet next door when Mags started speaking, and he could not help noticing what his daughter was doing. As his eyes jumped from her groin to her chest, his hand instinctively moved to rub his hard cock. I was impressed that a senior citizen could get so big so fast with just visual stimulation. It was quite a tribute to the quality of the flesh on display, but also something that raised old Floyd in my estimation.

Though at least one part of Floyd didn't need any more rising.

"So..." Hadley began, her hands rubbing the undersides of her firm melons, "do you really think I should?"

She did the coquette thing again, cocking her head to one side and raising a thumb to her mouth, teething the nail. Floyd and I looked at her, then at each other. I bet we were both wishing it was our cock where that thumb was.

"Will you join in?" Hadley asked Maggie.

"I wouldn't have it any other way. But first, I want to focus on how much you love it."

"Okay, then, I guess..." Hadley sounded even more hesitant. I couldn't tell if this was flirting, or a loss of nerve. "...but which guy?"

Confirming that there was no question who was in charge, we all looked at Maggie. In the moment before she answered, Maggie pulled her hand out of her shorts, stood up and shucked off her tank top. Her tits weren't as ripe as Hadley, or as tanned, but they were wonderful for her age, and her nipples stuck out like thumbs.

I pondered which answer I wanted. Before this encounter, I had never seriously considered fucking another woman. Still, if Maggie not only knew, but told me to fuck Hadley, it would not really be cheating. It would just change our marriage forever. Until now, we had been pushing our limits, being more and more daring, but we had never directly involved others.

The idea of Maggie watching her Dad fuck this youth was even weirder. I just had time for it to register that if I fucked Hadley, that might leave Floyd as the one to fuck his daughter. She had never shown any inclination towards incest, so this was pretty shocking to contemplate.

I did not have long to decide how I felt about things.

"Even if I'm just watching for now, I shouldn't be the only one with tan lines," my wife announced, delaying her anointment of the lucky man who got Hadley.

As soon as she spoke, she dropped her hands to her shorts and shoved them swiftly to the porch decking, stepping out of them. I noted that her panties were in the puddle at her feet as well. Her nude body was on display for all to see. She stretched, thrusting her tits out into the sunlight, basking. Coincidentally, perhaps, she was pushing her goodies straight in Hadley's direction.

"Gawwwwd, I love the sun," Maggie screamed, throwing her arms skyward, causing her juicy melons to bob invitingly.

"I hope your Mom didn't hear that all the way over to the Mall," Floyd teased, getting giggles out of both Maggie and Hadley. There was a lot more life in the old goat than appeared.

As Floyd spoke, Hadley stepped towards the fence. Maggie lowered her arms and leaned forward, palms on the railing, which was about mid thigh. This squashed her tits tight together, shoving a mound of cleavage topped by two brownish nubs at Hadley. I think all three of us licked our lips in anticipation.

I don't know if Floyd was holding his breath, but I sure was. I could hear my heart racing, pumping blood into my prick, my balls tight up into my groin. Any intellectual doubts were overruled by lust. I mentally urged Maggie to decide quickly, before Hadley changed her mind.

As I shifted my gaze from Hadley's slow saunter to the gate between the yards, and Maggie, I noted that Floyd, who likely had not seen his daughter naked since puberty, was locked on to her pubic area. Maggie disdained shaving, or even trimming. Her bush was natural, fluffy and glistening with her excitement.

"Decide..." I heard Floyd mutter under his breath.

Poor guy. I wondered if he was willing to fuck Maggie, or if his anxiety was strictly his lust for Hadley. As tense as the pause made me, the waiting had to be ten times worse for him. If Maggie told him to fuck Hadley, the old guy would have the time of his life with minimal moral consequences -- prospects of cheating on his frigid wife had to be nothing compared with the taboo of pumping his seed into his own offspring.

Perhaps if Maggie anointed me, he would wait for sloppy seconds with Hadley, or even, rather than waiting, try to join in a double ender. The thought of Hadley, lying on the porch swing, me thrusting between her legs as she twisted around to swallow Floyd's cock kept me stiff as my view of her nakedness was temporarily shielded by the fence while she unlatched the gate.

"You guys should both strip," Maggie instructed as the hinges creaked. "And Dad, after our fun, you better oil the gate. We wouldn't want Mom waking up if there are any late night poolside hook ups in nights to come."

We both chuckled nervously, and Floyd nodded. I speculated which of us Maggie thought might sneak next door.

"Of course the gate works both ways," Hadley added, "I could always come over to this porch."

I suddenly realized that she was right at the stairs, and I had not yet even started stripping. I glanced at Floyd, whose shirt was tossed recklessly over a railing, and saw that he was undoing his iconic thick white belt. A second later, his pants puddled to the porch decking. His cock immediately poked out of the fly of his silly neon blue boxer shorts.

"Wow," I heard a womanly voice groan. I realized that it was Maggie. Provoking this spontaneous reaction even from his own daughter demonstrated that the ridiculous spindly legs on Floyd were irrelevant. His manhood was all the muscle he needed -- twice as thick already as mine on my best day, and easily as long.

"Wow, indeed, I gotta get me some of that," Hadley agreed, now half way up the steps. "But Maggie, you get to decide who I enjoy great outdoor fucking with first. Assuming of course, that your hubby either has a similarly great weapon, or maybe just knows how to use really well whatever he's got."

Maggie chuckled. "So young and you've already discovered that size does matter, but so does stamina and style. Don't worry, dear, I can't speak about Floyd, but Andy is as dandy as candy."

"Then I want to lick him like a lollipop," Hadley said, adopting a little girl voice. "Can I please, please Maggie?"

"Don't beg, dear, there's lots to go around," my wife laughed as I recovered from my distraction and remembered that I was the only one still dressed. Without thinking to remove my shirt first, I swiftly pushed my shorts to the ground. I guess I must have looked pretty dorky, but I saw from how Hadley's jaw fell open that no one minded.

"See what I mean," Maggie resumed. "Maybe not as fat, but plenty long enough. Unless you are an even bigger slut than you claim, that should fill your young pussy just fine."

"So you want Andy to fuck me?" Hadley asked. She froze on the stairs, her right toes poised above the edge of the deck like a ballerina in position. "At least, to fuck me first?"

Posed like that, even naked, she looked younger than her age, and more innocent than her boasting suggested.

Maggie did not answer immediately. Like Floyd and I, she just stood there for a moment, admiring the perfection of Hadley's figure, and now that she was closer, breathing in that exotic mix of girly smells topped by her tangy excitement.

"You are right; you need to get rid of the rest of those tan lines. Earth Day hasn't come a moment to soon," Maggie said. "After we're done celebrating outdoor fucking, I think I'll join you, if that's okay."

Hadley just giggled, and then chewed her thumbnail again. Finally, she stepped up onto the porch. She seemed to recover her bravado, spreading her feet wider than her shoulders, planting a fist on each slender hip, and thrusting her chest forward.

I glanced at my father in law. He was bouncing lightly, his mouth slack, a tiny hint of drool at the left corner, until his tongue flicked across his lips. He looked like a lizard contemplating a feast, except for the giant beer can erection, which would have made a T Rex proud. I realized that either woman would be crazy not to want to fuck that, incest or age be damned.

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