tagSci-Fi & FantasyOld World Magic Ch. 03

Old World Magic Ch. 03


-Author note:

This chapter's a little shorter, and a little disjointed on purpose. Hang in there, the next chapter's quite a bit more weighty, both in the plot and the sex department. :)

- - -

Chapter 3 -- avvenimento

I never knew darkness until that moment. I thought I'd known what it was to be alone, to be empty, to experience nothingness. But nothing compared to this. The deepest sleep couldn't compare to this. The darkest cave, the quietest night, the stillest moment of my life, none of it compared to the void that was now the entirety of my existence. So empty there was no longer even a sense of my own self. I realized that at all points in my life, there was always my body, my existence, and that was now gone.

I existed only as a single thought, a spec of dust railing against an infinite nothingness. In that moment, a moment that may have lasted for a few seconds or may have existed for a heartbeat shy of eternity, I knew what infinity was. I knew the void of absolute emptiness.

Then a single sense of something. I felt myself again, but it was a shadow. I was a tenuous specter of myself, a ghost. I heard a noise and thought to turn to see what it was. But I had no body to turn, no eyes to see. I simply had the sense that no longer was I alone in all of existence. Somehow that knowledge was more horrifying then the loneliness, the emptiness, the nothingness, that I had felt a moment or a lifetime before.

The world reformed around me. I couldn't say if it was slowly or quickly, there was no such thing as time. I looked around at where I was and knew that I was not fully here. It was like I had stepped into a movie screen. Everything around me lacked dimension, but I couldn't say how. I saw depth, height, width, but there was something missing.

I blinked, and I realized that I had a body again. Looking down I realized that I was as disconnected to this body as I was to the rest of the 'world' around me. But I seemed confused, I knew this tie I was wearing. It was one given to me by my father a year ago as a gift congratulating me on getting hired to teach at the high school level. I shook my head and knew that couldn't be true. My father had died almost five years ago.

I was in that classroom. My first classroom, my first year teaching at the high school level. Ninteen ninety six, that was the year wasn't it? Not two thousand and nine, I was unemployed in two thousand and nine. I screwed my eyes shut and heard a voice call out to me, "Uh, is everything ok mister Gray?"

I opened my eyes and looked at the class of high school students, mostly juniors, some seniors, one or two sophomores. Intro level psychology, that's what this class was. But even those students weren't right. They were a memory, a reflection, lacking in depth some how. I froze, unable to answer.

Then my body stepped forwards, pulling away from me. I watched as my body looked at the student and in the same empty tone answered, "Yes, sorry, I just lost my place for a moment." I watched a ghostly apparition of my self, almost thirteen years younger, turned and began lecturing to a classroom full of semi real students.

"They are more real in this place then you are Micheal," I heard a voice say. I turned my head and saw my father standing there. But it wasn't my father as he would have looked in this year. It was my father as I remembered him as a child. It was my father as he looked in the seventies. He wore a broad smile and glowed with an inner light that made him seem more real than anything else.

"Is this a dream?" I asked as the ghostly apparition of myself kept droning on quietly to a classroom of specters. "Am I dreaming? What is going on here dad?"

My father shook his head, "I'm sorry Micheal, I'm not your father. I've worn so many forms, so many bodies, I forgot what my own form looked like aeons ago. So you gave me this form in this place."

"What, who are you?" I asked, tuning out the rest of the room.

"I was a man, one of the first magi. My blood runs through yours, of course many times removed. But we are not here to talk about me. We are here because you have started your journey. You have finally taken your first step on the road of becoming."

I shook my head, not understanding.

"In terms you can understand? You know of the man Plato? He thought that his world was the world of Becoming, moving always closer to the world of Form. This is close enough for your understanding. This place we are now is a world between those two, one of an infinite number. This is the world of Change. From here Mana helps the world of Becoming to change." The magi who was not my father shook his head, "This is only a way of understanding, and not accurate. But it will suffice."

"Why am I here?"

"Avvenimento," he said, smiling. The Italian word for 'becoming' I knew. Then he pointed at the chalk board behind me. I turned, looking. There, written in letters that glowed with a glowing blinding light was written a word, a collection of words, letters, a name. It's hard to describe what it is I saw, but I knew instantly and immediately what it was that I was looking at.

I turned back to the magi, "That's my name, isn't it? My real name, my true name?"

He nodded, answering what I already knew in my heart. "Take it now, travel this world, find some place safe to store it. Keep it secret for knowledge is power, and you're just beginning to walk the road of power. The road of magic. Your friend will help you along your path, he will teach you the ways of magic of the old world."

"Old world magic?" I said remembering how Adam was Italian and more than a hundred years old, "Oh, like Europe? The old world?"

The magi smiled and chuckled, "No, that is most certainly not the old world. Not even close. Now go, take your name from the board and find some place or time to keep it safe in this world."

I nodded, then turned and walked to the chalk board. I touched it, and the glowing light vanished from the board. I took it into myself and felt the warm light move into me. I turned to ask the Magi a question but he was gone. Gone too were the high school students, gone was the ghostly apparition of my old self. The desks were full of people looking at me. Dozens of desks, several dozen,sixty, maybe more. At each desk sat a man or a woman. Almost all the desks were filled by women, but there were a few men interspersed.

I looked, something seemed familiar with these people staring at me, but I couldn't place it immediately. The fact that this class room could never hold this many people did not matter. I looked in the front row, closest to me. A woman with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes looked at me waiting. Some part of me told me I knew her, but I knew not how.

"What is your name?" I asked her.

"Anne-marie, don't you remember me Mike?" she said, her blue eyes fixing me with a piercing gaze. She held out her hand and I took it.

I did remember her. Everything changed.

I was four years old. I heard the sound of the waves crashing on the beach nearby. I looked at the neighbor girl as we hid under neath the wooden deck. She laughed a cute childish giggle, only a few weeks older than me. She whispered so that our parents, on the wooden decking above us couldn't hear. "You show me yours and Ill show you mine."

I was back in the classroom. I let go of her hand. Anne-marie was the first girl, and I do stress that world girl, that I'd ever seen naked. It was completely innocent of course, but it was my earliest experience with the opposite gender. But here she was, a fully grown woman, my age, pushing 40 now. She smiled as I realized who she was.

It was then I realized who all these people were. They were the various people that I had known growing up that had shaped my sexuality. There was Colin, the boy who at age six had told me all sorts of lies that he made up about sex. He had told me that sex was 'when a man put his peepee in a woman's belly button and peed in it to make a baby in her stomach.'

There was Colin's sister Meghan, who more than a decade later, had been one of my first lovers. I had never peed in her belly button, though I had always joked about it. There was my first high school girlfriend. There the first man I had watched having sex with another woman at a swinging party. There the first girl I thought I'd marry, she dumped me and later became a lesbian. There the first girl that let me fuck her ass. There was the guy who had given me a job in college as a roadie for a local band, which led to me getting more ass then I could ever imagine. Another guy I'd known in high school, he'd died my first year of college, he was practicing auto erotic asphyxiation and had died. There the woman who could only cum if we simulated rape. Here the first girl I'd ever fucked who was a squirter.

Dozens, no, hundreds of people now, all watching me and waiting. People I knew that had died, and were now here, frozen at the age that they had crossed over and left the real world. Then I saw her, I saw Renee. I walked to her desk and reached out to touch her.

It was literally the first night we'd ever met. But we'd been introduced by friends and had been using email and instant messenger to talk for weeks. We had already had phone sex before we ever met face to face, but this was it, this was the first time we were meeting. I'd driven from New York City upstate to meet her in her rural town.

"So," I said, deciding to go for broke. "Should we just fuck now and get it out of the way?" It was a calculated risk. I mean we'd had phone sex at that point, I knew we were going to fuck, but to throw it out there so bluntly under an hour after meeting her... it could backfire.

But Renee nodded her head and stood up from her couch, leading me to her bedroom. The foreplay was very short. She seemed even more eager then I was, tearing at my clothing and using her mouth to practically devour my body. She bit and kissed and sucked, and it was only a matter of minutes before I had pinned her to the bed and slid my erection into her.

She cried out, orgasming only moments into the actual act of fucking. Her pussy was so wet that it literally dripped down her lips as I worked my cock in and out rhythmically. Her wetness coating my balls every time they slapped against her and pooling on the sheets below her ass.

I pushed her legs back, further and further till they were by her shoulders. My arms trapped her there, pressing on either side of her tits and her knees pressing against them. I fucked her hard, allowing the weight of my body to drive my dick down into her deep with every thrust before pulling back most of the way only to repeat my brutal intrusion.

She held her tits and began squeezing her nipples, cumming a second time in very short order. This time I felt a wash of warmth as her already well lubricated cunny juiced even further. She didn't squirt, not that time at least, but it was close as her girl lube flooded her pussy only to be worked into a froth by my plunging cock.

I fucked her for several more minutes and then reached my peak. I could tell she was approaching a third. I tried to hold out as long as I could, but I came just before she did. My cock swelled and then released, blasting hot cum into her already soaked cunt. She literally screamed as a third orgasm rocked her body. Even as I came, I continued fucking her at my hard deep pace. My seed spewing into her as her muscles gripped and sucked at my cock, coaxing even more of my hot spunk into her.

I pulled back and was in the class room again. Not there, too obvious. I turned and bumped into an Asian woman sitting at a desk.

"Zhao," I said, smiling as the Japanese American woman came down the halls towards me. She was a year older, a senior and I was only a junior in this high school. But we were friends. "Zhao, I need to ask you something." I said as I waved at her to come over to me.

We'd been friends for years now. When I first came to this high school, she was a sophomore, but somehow we had become friends. For three years my crazy hormones had fantasized about her, even as I dated other girls, lost my virginity to another. But somehow in the back of my mind, I always had a thing for my friend Zhao.

She came over, her coal black hair shining under the florescent lights with a life of it's own. It was un-stylishly long and straight for the late 80s. But she kept it that way regardless of fashion.

I pulled back, no, not Zhao... the emotions even more than two decades later were still too fresh. That was a rejection that was hard for me to take. The first real rejection I ever delt with that meant anything.

Then I turned and saw her. I really didn't know who she was at first. But then I smiled... one night stand wouldn't even describe this girl. 'A quick fuck in a van parked behind a bar' didn't have a name though. I knew where to hide my name.

- - -

I woke up.

I heard the sounds of women in the heat of passion in the other room. I was laying on the floor of the hotel room suite. I looked around. There was Star's rainbow sequined bikini top. There was Candy's corset. But I was alone in the room.

I was back. I was back in the 'real' world again. This wasn't a vision or a dream, everything felt the way it should. With one exception. I felt a core of heat deep inside my body. It was almost like you might feel if you were outside on a cold day and then drank some hot coffee or hot chocolate. That warmth inside you that changed the very nature of who you were by it's warmth alone. I knew what it was, and I smiled. I knew what that warmth was and what it meant.

It was magic. I was now a mage.

I stood up and saw that Adam was in the bedroom with all three girls. I knew I would be welcome to join them and walked into the bedroom, my cock hardening as I did so.

To be continued.

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