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Blazing Glory Ch. 01


This is a work of my own creation and, being so, is a parody of many races of fantasy that have been created over the past century. Any similarity of characters with real world is either coincidence or intended with implied differences (Example: If I wanted to write a story on say Jasmine of Disney because she's hot, the character will similar in appearance but different physically in ways as well as psychologically). Under no circumstances should anyone under 18, or 21 (under local goverment law), or any non-Adult read this! This work contains graphic violence and acts of pornography. Regardless of description (or me simply forgetting to state it in the story), none of the characters in my stories are intended to be under eighteen years of age.

With that disclaimer aside, sit back and enjoy the stories filled with sex and (gasp!) plot. On a personal note, I'd like to give a shout out to KrellSchollar in thanks for advice and inspiration. Check out his "Roger and the Lesbian Elves" series! It rocks! Also, though his stories are no longer here, I'd like to thank Jashin with the infamous "Wraith Spider" series for great inspiration as well. I can only hope to get close to his success. Lastly, want to thank my good friend Sarah for all her support and encouragement that made this shy guy able to write the story he dreamed of!

Feel free to send feedback to me.

Chapter 1 - The Exotic Dancer

Richard Thorburn slashed his blade through the air into the imaginary foe he was now slaying. He stopped the sword at the end of the arc and held that pose thoughtfully. He wondered if he looked heroic like he had always imagined the heroes of legend must have looked. With a rueful shake of his head, he laughed for a moment and dropped to his ass on the grass below. He was exhausted after a full day of sword practice from early morning on into the hot afternoon. Wiping the sweat from his brow, the young warrior looked out from the top of the grassy hill to the expanse of the Sonel Sea stretching out into the west. A refreshing sea breeze kicked up and ruffled his simple clothing. It was a wonderful breeze on such a hot day in one of the southern most reaches of the Anlon Continent.

Deciding to call it a day, Richard quickly leapt up to his feet and quickly regretted it. Aching muscles from sword practice all day and yesterday with his hand-to-hand fighting training screamed at the sudden movement. Eyes popping open wide, he groaned in pain and fell backwards. A loud thud filled the air, scattering birds into the blue sky and a plume of dust wafting up into the air. Richard lay there twitching and gritting his teeth in pain. "Next time, take it a bit more easy Blaze", he chided himself. That's what he and most of the village people called him. He'd always been small growing up, but he had always been quick and agile because of such. No bully could ever touch him or friends catch him while playing tag. Thus, his earned nickname Blaze for his speed.

Getting up more slowly and carefully this time, he picked up his gear to walk the short distance to the small hut that crowned the top of the hill. Grunting with the effort, Blaze pulled up a full bucket of water out of the well. He stopped and regarded the reflection in the water. Staring back at him was a young man of twenty-three springs with short brown hair and hazel eyes full of life. The fellow wasn't too tall for a human man, only reaching up to five feet eight inches, Blaze would guess. He wasn't very muscular either like most would think of the god-like heroes in stories. Instead he was leaner and muscles toned for endurance. A warrior of moderate strength but built more for speed and agility. He wore his dark grey tunic with black pants. The fellow wasn't too bad looking either. The warrior grinned back at him before Blaze raised the bucket up over his head and dumped the contents.


Shivering, he hugged his arms about himself and gave a small sneeze. Now that was a sure way to cool off quickly! With a grumble he dropped the bucket down into the cold watery depths. "Damn, it's getting close to dinner and mom is sure going to be pissed if I'm late again", he grumbled. Quickly strapping the two-sheath harness across his chest before whipping his twin blades into their holders crisscrossing his back, he set off for one quick stop before heading home. He halted his steps before the grave of his master, who had lived up here and trained him as an aspiring boy. It was hard to believe that a year had passed already since the old man had left. He bowed in respect as he always did before.

Blaze then set off for home on the outskirts of the village Kyros, dreaming as always of becoming a great hero tales will be told about at the fireplaces in many homes. As often naught, those thoughts lead to what always brought a big ass grin to his face. Heroes always get to score with some hot princess! Hell yeah!


The village of Kyros was a small fishing village along the coast of the Sonel Sea in the southwestern portion of the country Quinlinn. Most humans in the world these days lived in Quinlinn to Blaze's knowledge. He had always been told that the other races were not always so fond of humans for various reasons. But the isolation and limited knowledge he had of the world was the reason he so often dreamed of what was out there.

Taking a right off the beaten path into Kyros, he took the shortcut at a quick jog until he came up to the small humble home of the Thorburns. It wasn't too big with a few rooms and only one level, but this wooden structure was home sweet home! Opening the door, he stepped inside and called out, "Mother! I'm home! What's for supper tonight?"

A short woman with shoulder length brown hair and hazel eyes poked her head out of the doorway to give him a motherly smile. "The usual, son! Fish stew with freshly cut salad on the side. Proper food for our 'hero-in-training', right?"

Blaze's shoulders slumped as her head popped back into the kitchen. His head dropped as he sighed. Fish, again? That was the problem living in a fishing village. You worked with fish, ate fish, and even smelled of fish. But mom was right. He did need at least some proper foods to keep strong and the fat off. Stepping into the small kitchen, he sat down at the small table and regarded his mother. For a woman getting into her middle forties, Ina Thorburn aged quite well. She still had a nice hourglass figure from her youth and he didn't see many more than but a few wrinkles that enhanced her beauty rather than mar it. In fact, he'd caught quite a few of his friends ogling her at times and even whispering how they'd like to jump her panties sometime. His buddies could be just as perverted as he could, if not worse!

His mother hummed a few soft tunes as she finished up and set their dinner before them. Sitting down across from him, she smiled and regarded him for a few moments before speaking, "Something on your mind, Richard?"

Startled out of his thoughts he stared down into his stew. "Well..... mother... I....," he shook his head and resolved himself, "I believe I'm ready to leave and go find adventure!"

"Oh," was all Ina said as she looked at him quietly. She had always been a great mother in supporting his training, but he knew she didn't fully approve. After all, shortly after impregnating her and never finding out, his father left for adventure with promises to bring back fame and fortune for them. What he found instead was an orc spear through his gut.

"Well you know you'll always have my support. It will be hard seeing my little boy leaving home, but you are a grown man now. Just please be careful, alright?" Ina looked at him with worry that he know would only fester and grow continuously unless he told her he would.

"I give you my word mother. I won't end up like dad. I won't go in search of riches and possessions like he did. That only brings about the worst of troubles. My search for adventure will be in hope to pursue a quest with honorable intentions and benefits for many good people." He didn't add that scoring with some hot women would also be a great benefit! That perverted grin again made its appearance on his face as he was lost in sexy thoughts. That was until he saw his mother watching him suspiciously with a raised eyebrow. Oh shit! The grin vanished as quickly as a bride's virginity on her wedding night.

"I... I think I'll head out in two days. I'll start packing a few things up tonight in my bag", he said as he thought it out.

His mother smiled now and nodded, "I agree on a couple days. That should give you enough time to plan and think things over. I will get together to dried food supplies tonight. You, in the meantime, Mr. Hero need to get yourself some rest instead and pack your things tomorrow. You look exhausted."

Blaze blinked and nodded. He was still very sore and tired as hell. They finished set about finishing their meal and cleaning up. His mother began to sort through their supplies as he walked into his own bedroom. He lay in his bed staring up at the ceiling for a while. The excitement of finally about being on his way kept him wide awake. He vowed he would make those he cared about proud. He also hoped to come back with a gorgeous woman. He finally fell asleep to the image of making out with a woman and his buddies standing by steaming jealously. That grin never left his face the whole night.


Blaze sighed as he plopped down on the grass just beside the road. His legs and feet were killing him as he'd been walking so much. Taking his pack off and placing it next to him, he fished out some salted pork and chewed on it as his mind wandered. It had been a few weeks now since he'd left home and he'd had no luck so far. No towns in need of a warrior. No damsels in need of rescue. No mystical quests needing undertaking. Not even a single run-in with a monster to engage mortal combat in! His shoulders slumped and head dropped low while swallowing the last bit. Being a hero wasn't supposed to be this dull, he sighed.

He reached into his pack for some thing more the snack on. He hummed softly to himself and closed his eyes to enjoy the cool breeze on yet another hot day. His arm dug from one side of his pack to the other while he did this. The arm paused and reversed. Upon reaching the other side again, it tensed and began moving to and fro in a blur. Blaze's eyes popped wide open.

"WHAT!?" He then whipped his head over and into his pack. His eyes confirmed what his hand had been telling him. He was out of supplies! He groaned as he pulled his head out of the pack. "Can my luck get any fucking worse!?"


He swayed around with his eyes spinning dizzily before he stopped and dropped back with a loud thud! The young warrior then lay there eyes spinning and counting the stars circling around his head.

The mischievous gnome cackled at having nailed the stupid human right square in the head with the rock. It took off in a blur back into the woods, cackling the whole way. Blaze groaned and sat up rubbing his head. He could already feel the bump starting to swell pretty good. Standing up and putting his pack on, he set out for the city his mother had mentioned to him. Aidan should only be a half day away. It was near the capital of Quinlan, Adelar, in the center of the country. She said such a city as Aidan would have plenty of stores for supplies. Thankfully he had plenty of gold currency. He'd been saving up his whole life from small jobs around Kyros for this very journey.

The distance turned out to be a bit more than he had been expecting, but he finally reached the city of Aidan. However, once he got within sight of the city, his aching feet were all but forgotten as his eyes damn near popped out of his skull. He stood there in amazement at the size of the place. Structures of all kinds filled this sprawling hub of humanity, many of multiple stories up to five and even six levels! He could fit ten villages the size of Kyros in Aidan and still have room to spare. All these people and white-washed buildings nestled in a cozy little valley with a lush forest on all sides.

A certain buzzing started bringing him back to his senses, but too late. Standing there with his jaw hanging halfway down his chest and gawking, the fly flew right into that open cave before it. His breath caught as he suddenly choked on that doomed fly and coughed like mad until he was literally blue in the face. He sighed as it finally stopped and jumped back into the covered depths. Could it keep getting any worse?


Well damn it all to hell if it couldn't! He'd been wander about the entire city for most of the afternoon. Not one inn in the entire city had an open room to take for the night. Standing in the middle of the street, all he could see was "NO VACANCY" signs spinning about him as he hopelessly wondered where he could spend the night. Seeing all the armed city guards patrolling, Blaze already guessed crashing in public areas was out of the question.

"Hey you! Kid!" Blaze blinked and glanced around before seeing two guards looking at him. Oh shit! What did he do? He had just been standing there was all! He pointed towards himself and tried the most innocent 'surely not me' face he could put on. The guard waved at him impatiently, "Yeah you, kid! Get your ass over here!" Swallowing the sudden lump in his throat, he strode over to the two guards. Guards whom were much bigger than him.

The guard regarded him for a moment before grinning. "Yeah, I thought so. You're new to Aidan aren't you?"

Blaze scratched the back of his head and nodded with a big grin. The guard didn't look like he meant trouble thankfully. "Yes, sir. I'm from Kyros and traveling through on a journey. I came into the city to get some supplies I ran out of."

The guard nodded before glancing to the night sky for a moment. "You aren't planning to be heading out again already are you? It can get nasty out in the woods after dark and I believe the guys over at the gates are shutting them by now. No one is let out and few let in with only good reason after they are closed."

That would explain why most of the inns are full with travelers. Dangerous woods at night for traveling outside but safe at least inside the walls. Nice little trick to rake in commerce for the city. His shoulders slumped as he raised his arms in a helpless shrug of bafflement.

"I know that, sir. That's why I've been trying to find an inn with a room available. But they're all full", he said.

The other guard shook his head and looked to be mulling something over in his head. He looked like he finally made up his mind and looked at Blaze. "Go down to the Frisky Mare down that way about two city blocks. That place normally doesn't fill up because it's away from the trade section of the city. Most travelers don't even know it's there."

Blaze lit up. Finally, his luck seemed to be making a turn for the better. "Thank you so much! Good evening to you!"

The guard nodded with a friendly smile. "Take care of yourself kiddo!" After the young warrior disappeared from site, his companion leaned over to him while still keeping watch of their post.

"Isn't that the sleazy strip club down on Whore's Lane? Why would you send the poor guy into that part of town? It's not really the safest area either at night you know!"

The guard laughed and clapped his companion on the shoulder with his hand. "Relax! The guy looks like he can handle himself well enough. And I know where I sent him. Young guy looks like he needs to get his cherry popped!" The both exchanged knowing looks and burst out into howling laughter.

Meanwhile, Blaze had finally reached Aidan's famed Whore's Lane without knowing what he was getting into. He started walking down the quiet and very empty street looking for this 'Frisky Mare' establishment. He rubbed his arm slightly as he grew more uncomfortable as he walked down this beaten dirt street. The buildings were not in great shape. Some in fact looked uninhabitable by being in shambles and near collapse. Why did the city let a place like this exist within its walls? After a few moments he reached part of the street that seemed more occupied, but not in any way that made him feel better. A lot of these places looked to be cheap bars and all too often a huge brawl was breaking out in the ones he passed. Then he noticed the ladies on corners and alleyways that were in groups or by themselves. The problem was they also noticed him!

"Come over here honey! I'll fuck your big cock till you're sore!"

"Forget that strumpet baby. Let me suck every bit of cum out of that big cock of yours!"

"Over here darlin'! Check out the merchandise baby. My tits are just aching for your hands. Come give them a squeeze free of charge sweetie!"

Why the hell would women degrade themselves like this? But still, some were showing him some pretty nice boobs! Oh, the temptation! Blaze almost gave in but he wanted to get to this inn before it too became full with occupants. Just then he was encased in shadow. He blinked and looked up to who had just stepped in front of him. Oh dear gods.....

"Hey sweet thing, Looking for a good time tonight. I can assure you that big boy!" The voice was deep. Chest hair!? A beard!? No. No. Please, no he thought. He looked up into the face and saw without a doubt a very ugly human man with a red wig on.


Blaze hand clamped over his mouth as he turned sickly pale before he swallowed and his face turned a sickly shade of green.

The prostitute smiled, "What was that baby? You agree?"

"No... I... think.. I just threw up in... my mouth......" The green-faced warrior swayed on his feet for a moment before shaking his head. "I'm sorry.... but I don't do guys."

"Well that's alright my little stud, because I am a lady," the prostitute said while flicking the fake hair aside. "I'm a very pretty lady you see. Let me raise my skirt for you to see. Well pickle and eggs! There they are! But we can sti..."

The prostitute's words were cut off when he looked up and all he saw was a plume of dust in front of him and a straight-line of raised dust going down the street. "Waaaaait! I have so much love to give!"

Blaze finally skidded to a halt a good distance away and bent over to gasp for air as he supported himself with his hands on his knees. What the hell was wrong with this place?! How could that... that... No! He couldn't think about it as it damn near made him sick again. With a sigh he looked up and blinked in surprise at the building he was standing in front of. It was obviously in better shape than the rest of the street's buildings. It was roaring with a lot of noise, but not that of a brawl breaking out. Instead hooting laughter and cheering of occupants having a great time filled the air. He looked up to see the overhanging sign with a female horse that looked to be leaning forward and down with its ass raised up high.

The Frisky Mare!

He sighed in relief as he dusted himself off and made his way up the steps of this tavern. Raising his arm to push the door open, Blaze frowned when his wrist was suddenly gripped from the side. He looked aside and then he had to look up at the behemoth gripping his wrist tightly. The man was huge and built like a brick wall! Blaze guessed this was the tavern owner's protection.

The bald man looked down at him with the one eye he had and frowned. "How old are you?"

"I just turned twenty-three. Have I done something wrong?"

The man shook his head and nodded. "You may proceed inside. Have yourself a good time and enjoy," the man said as he smiled and patted Blaze on the shoulder. Blaze grunted and rubbed his shoulder slightly with a nod to the big guy in thanks. The guy was strong as hell. He felt bad for anyone that got on the receiving end of this bouncer's fist.

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