tagSci-Fi & FantasyOld World Magic Ch. 10

Old World Magic Ch. 10


Chapter 10 - prego

The actual interviews of the prostitutes was kind of boring. I didn't expect some giant fuck and suck fest, but I also was expecting a little more than what basically was a job interview. Apparently Ruby had been out all day contacting different freelance girls and well known pimps in the area. If she liked a girl and wanted to hire her for the hideaway, the freelancer would get a lucrative contract offered. If the girl had a pimp, Ruby would offer to 'buy' the girl's services, of course, that was if the girl wanted to work at the hideaway. Though most every girl did, there was a lot more security both personally and financially to working in a brothel as opposed to the streets or some in call service.

So the girls showed up at staggered times, many of them with boyfriends, body guards, or their pimps, but some of them alone as well. They all had their paper work with them and ready to go or they didn't get an interview. The paperwork consisted of medical health check by licensed doctors, no less than seven days old, an application form filled out fully, and a release form to be signed saying that they would be filmed for the interview.

My job was quite simple. I sat at the table with Ruby as a girl would sit on the bed and be interviewed by Ruby. I would stay quiet and take notes, or at least pretend to take notes. But really what I was doing was scanning their minds for any serious red flags. Drug use beyond pot or the rarest use of anything else recreational was a red flag. Ruby didn't want any addicts in her brothel, though she understood that sometimes a girl had to do a line with a customer or drop some E to make her john feel good. Likewise, if a girl was falsifying any of the info she'd brought along, or had caught something since her weekly doctor's visit, I was to immediately let Ruby know. Ruby would short the interview and mark the girl as black listed. Ruby ran a strictly disease free establishment, not a single girl of hers had ever passed on a STD to a client in the entire history of the brothel, and she wouldn't break that record.

Most of the girls were quite honest and weren't hiding anything, which made my job sort of boring. I tried to remind myself that reading their thoughts would be good practice for the poker tournament next weekend, but it still was repetitive. After the fifth girl, I began to see a pattern emerging. Alcoholic parents, dead beat or absentee father, or some family member that fiddled with them at an early age seemed to be a pretty common theme. Though I had to admit there were actually quite a few girls that simply thought they had very little to offer other than their looks, and were trying to cash in while they had them. Admittedly, Ruby had only allowed very attractive and young girls to come in for interviews, the oldest woman was thirty one, though her application said twenty six that was an obvious lie. A lie that cost her her chances, Ruby didn't take to people who lied about such unimportant things as age.

Most of the questions that Ruby asked were fairly tame; job experience, schooling, history, why the girl wanted to work at the brothel, etc. But there were also some personal questions as well, sexual history, what sort of acts the girl thought she did well or preferred. Then each interview ended with the girl taking her clothing off and slowly showing her body to the camera. This was surprisingly non sexual, and Ruby only asked once or twice for a girl to do more than a simple slow spin. One woman had very large, heavy, hanging tits, obviously fake, and Ruby asked her to lift them so she could see the underside. I realized this was because Ruby wanted to see the extent of the scarring underneath. But for the most part the interviews were very clinical.

A surprising number assumed that I was there for some sort of sexual function, and at the end of the interview most asked if I was going to fuck them on camera or if they were going to suck me off. After about the fifth time this was asked, I began to grow tired of hearing it, but I kept my mouth shut. Almost every girl had a card or some sort of contact info that they left with us.

Each girl got their own file folder, a simple plain manilla one, and into it Ruby put all the documentation. I kept my own notes as well, and one girl, a redhead named Erin, really peaked my interest. I 'pushed' the mental suggestion that after she was dismissed by Ruby, she should take the night off from trying to work. Maybe she should just go down to the bar and grill downstairs, have a nice meal, and relax and watch TV. I had a sneaking suspicion that I'd be calling her up to my room later and I wanted her available.

The only real standout of all the girls we interviewed wasn't even a girl. As soon as Jade entered the room, my sixth sense immediately sensed something a little different about this girl. She looked like a very pretty woman of Asian descent, but with blonde hair. Her black eyebrows, perfectly sculpted, of course showed that her hair color came from a bottle. She sat down demurely and began answering her questions as I probed her mind. It didn't take me long to realize that Jade had been born a man and until a few years ago, his name had been John Wu. Legally she'd had it changed to Jade Wu, and had been on hormone treatments for a little over five years. Outwardly, with her clothing on, she looked just like a woman. There was a slight bulge in her neck where the Adams apple was, but it was so slight you wouldn't see it unless you were looking for it. Otherwise I didn't see any outwardly recognizable male characteristics. Even her hands were small, delicate, and dainty.

I scanned her deeper and found that she was interested in hooking because most transgendered prostitutes looked no where near as beautiful as her, and it caused a lot of problems. She'd had a short term contract with one of the pornography outfits in LA, but when her contract had expired, they'd offered her a renewal at half the price, and she'd turned it down. She was saving for an operation of gender reassignment, but since coming to Vegas, her fortunes had turned and her savings were dwindling, not growing.

It came out fairly soon into the interview of course, and Ruby seemed to act non-plussed, but I could tell with my sixth sense that she was intrigued. I could smell the pheromone level in the air spike as she grew horny thinking about this woman who had a cock. So I wasn't surprised when Ruby asked Jade to strip down, and this part lasted longer than the other girls.

Jade's cock was soft and rather unremarkable. Though I will say she didn't skimp on beauty treatments, and whoever had waxed her had done a good job, I didn't see any hair on her body at all. Her body was distinctly feminine, with just a hint of blockiness about the shoulders and waist, but certainly not enough to throw a person off. But her smallish, uncircumcised penis sat sadly atop her tight brown ball sack, and she seemed almost embarrassed.

"Can you get hard?" Ruby asked pointing at Jade's small flaccid cock. The way she asked was very clinical and dispassionate, but I knew her, I knew she was growing excited by this. I'd have to ask her why later.

"A little," Jade answered, biting her lip in a distinctly feminine way.

Ruby made a note on her forms in front of her then looked up. There was several moments of silence before she gestured to Jade and said, "Ok, well... show us please."

Jade sighed and nodded, then pulling on her ball bag in one hand, she began manipulating her soft cock with her other. It seemed to take a while, and I felt bad for the transgendered woman. But then I remembered that she'd done porn, so she must be used to this. I touched her mind and found that she wasn't used to preforming like this, alone, on command, with no lead up. I knew what would help.

"Jade," I said, speaking for the first time since she'd entered the room. She looked up, surprised. "In the nightstand next to the bed, there are some sex toys and lube if you think those would help."

"Oh!" she said smiling, "Yes, thank you." She went and pulled a butt plug from the drawer. Sliding a condom over it, she licked it and drooled all over it before setting it on the bed and slowly sitting down on it. Once the entire toy had disappeared into her ass, she resumed touching her cock. It had already begun to swell before her hands even got to it, but it quickly grew firm now that she was being stimulated anally.

In only a few minutes she was stroking a slightly small, and mostly hard cock. There was still a little bit of softness to the cock and it couldn't have been more than four and a half inches long. But still, she'd pulled the foreskin back and the shiny semi hard dick slid back and forth under her fist as she pumped it and rocked back and forth on the bed, pleasuring herself with the butt plug.

"Now stand and do a turn for us." Ruby commanded. Jade did so and her cock, smallish and only semi hard, flopped down to point at the floor as she stood up. It stayed mostly hard, but I could tell that Ruby was used to more out of any cock she took. "Ok thank you," Ruby said gesturing that Jade was done. "You can go clean up in the bathroom before you leave, we will be in touch with you tomorrow. Thank you for coming in."

Jade nodded and picked up her clothing and went into the bathroom. Ruby looked over at me, excited and said, "I don't think Adam would go for a transgendered woman in his brothel. But you never know. What do you say Mike, wanna take her for a test drive? You can fuck her ass while I try to see if I can make her any harder. I usually prerecord them bigger than that little guy, but hey, she's kinda sexy, she's really got something going on, ya know?"

I shrugged, "Eh, I kind of liked Erin from earlier to be honest. I was going to give her a call in a bit. I don't know if the trans thing is really doing it for me."

"Erin?!" Ruby exclaimed, "That little slip of nothing? What did you like about her?" I shrugged, I didn't feel the need to explain it to her. But Ruby bit her lip and thought for a moment, "I wasn't even going to call her back for round two of the interviews tomorrow night, but if you saw something in her I might have too."

"I thought she was pretty sexy, what didn't you like about her?" I asked, referring to the prostitute I had found exciting earlier in the night.

Ruby shook her head, "She seems so... uninteresting... so plain. Just so vanilla."

I knew that sexually, once alone, Erin was anything but plain. But I kept that to myself for just now and instead told Ruby, "Yes, but some men like plain and normal. We only have one girl at the hideaway who doesn't have large breasts."

"Yes," Ruby said arguing with me, "But Ray-ray is one of our lowest earners. She's talked about getting breast implants forever."

"Talked about it, yes, but she has had the money and hasn't. Why? Because there are some customers who like girls who are a little more petite. Ray-ray has clients who..." I stopped talking as Jade came back out of the bathroom fully dressed.

"I uh," she pointed behind her, "I washed the toy and left it on the sink if that's ok?"

Ruby nodded, "That's fine, thank you Jade, we'll be in touch, let me show you out." I couldn't help but notice, as Ruby got up to walk Jade out, that there was a damp triangle of wetness on her skirt. I chuckled knowing that it was from her wet pussy sitting on the fabric. She was masterful at how she avoided showing that wet patch on her clothing to anyone but me.

- - -

Later that night, early into saturday morning, but well before the sun rose, I picked up the hotel phone and flopped back onto my king sized bed. Ruby and I had discussed the fifteen or so different girls that she'd interviewed at great length, then she'd offered again to share Jade with me. She was going to call Jade back for a personal interview of a much more personal nature. I declined and went to my half of the suite, closing off the door between our two portions, and then locking the door between.

Erin's phone rang three times before she answered it. The sound of club music thumping in the background made it nearly impossible to hear, but I could hear her yelling, "Hang on, let me get somewhere quiet."

A moment or two of the loud music and then finally it became quiet, "This is Erin," she said simply. There was no other qualifiers, if you didn't know who you'd called, you wouldn't have known that you'd just dialed a prostitute.

"Erin," I said, "This is Mike. We met earlier tonight."

"I'm not really in the mood for company Mike..." she started to say automatically. I'd pushed into her mind that she didn't feel like working tonight after all.

"Erin, this is Mike from the Casino Royale. I was with miss Ruby in the hotel suites?"

"OH!" her voice became high and excited and I caught a hint of an echo, sensing that she was in a bathroom stall somehow while she was talking to me. "Well hi Mike. I was expecting a call from Ruby, but not one so quickly."

"This isn't about the job interview," I said.

"Oh, no?" she sounded disappointed.

"I was wondering if you had plans for the rest of the night, and if not, I was hoping you'd come back over to my suite for a few hours?"

"Hmmm," she said as she considered it. I'd given her the mental suggestion that she didn't feel like working tonight, but had left in there the idea that she'd be interested in me if I were to call. Two things which were now at odds with each other. "It's pretty late Mike," she said finally, "I was thinking I'd take the night off from work. I don't know if ... well... you are calling to see if I want to party right?"

I chuckled, "Yes, but if you're not really in the mood, how about this instead. Come on over after you're done at the club there. We can just relax and hang out. I've got some excellent booze in my mini bar and you can help me run up my room service bill." She laughed and I continued, "I've got a hot tub."

She laughed again, "I don't know Mike... I told myself that after the interview I was going to take the night off."

"Ok, no problem," I said, "Come on over and I promise you that it won't be business. I won't give you a single dollar. You can just hang out, get some food, have a drink or two, relax in the tub with me, and pick my brain about Ruby or about the Hideaway."

There was a pause and I knew her suggestion to keep from hooking tonight was warring with her desire to try to get the job. In addition I'm sure she was at least a little bit attracted to me. Finally she said, "Ok, no promises, but if things don't work out with this guy whos been hitting on me and dancing with me, I'll come over. How's that sound?"

I paused and hummed, "Hmmm well, I don't know. I do have this whole stack of girls who I'm sure would take me up on my offer. I don't know if I want to wait."

She actually whined over the phone, "Miiiiiiike," then she sighed, "Ok, tell you what. Let me call you back in thirty minutes with my answer, ok?"

I grinned but said, "Twenty five minutes." Then hung up the phone before she had a chance to respond. Pretty girls weren't used to being given an ultimatum like that, and I know for a fact that prostitutes weren't used to having times dictated to them so bluntly. Her gut reaction would be annoyance and also she'd be too intrigued to deny me.

I stripped down out of my suit and hung it up and put it in a garment bag by the door. I'd have it dry cleaned tomorrow. Finding a hotel robe I slid that on and then went to the TV. Before I even had a chance to find something to watch my cell rang again. Erin was on her way over. I smiled, I hadn't even had to use my powers to get her to come over.

It was twenty six minutes later exactly when my phone rang. I chuckled, she had waited that extra minute on purpose, it was a subtle attempt to try to keep control of the situation. I wouldn't acknowledge it. "Ok Mike," she said her voice huffy, "Room 1206, right?"

I corrected her, as that door led to the half of the suite that Ruby was on. "1208. If you're coming over, you've got ten minutes."

"But I.." she said before my finger found the disconnect button. I'm sure she was going to try to argue about not being able to get there in ten minutes. But it would have been a lie, a power play to try to maintain what she saw as the upper hand. But I wouldn't have any of it. I knew she was likely at the night club downstairs built into the casino / hotel. It was possible she'd left to club elsewhere, but I didn't think that was likely.

I went to the door of my suite and opened it, sliding the little deadbolt mechanism so that it held the door open a fraction of an inch. It was entirely possible that some passer by might walk in and not Erin, but I wasn't too worried. I took a seat on the bed and lay back, reclining in my boxers and reached for the tv remote to wait.

I flipped through the channels before finding the adult pay channels. I clicked 'accept' when the warning came up that it would be billed to my room. I'm sure Mrz Whitefeld would understand the need of an eromancer to watch the pseudo hardcore porn they showed on those channels.

It wasn't even six minutes later that I heard the door to my suite opening and the light from the hallway gave away that I had a visitor. I didn't even bother to scan her mind, I simply said, "Close and lock the door behind you Erin."

She came in and looked flustered, but as hot as I remembered. She was young, I was guessing probably not even old enough to drink. She was made up like a teenager thought a whore should look, way too much makeup, a pushup bra and a shirt that was two sizes too small, trying to emphasize the lack of breasts she had. It was all wrong for her. She had the fair skin and look of a classic Irish waif, and to obscure that was a crime. She couldn't go glam, it was a mistake.

"First of all," I said as she entered the room, "The bathroom's over there. Go clean yourself up. Wash all that fucking garbage off your face. Take a shower if you like. Pretty girl like you shouldn't be made up like that."

She opened her mouth and closed it about three times, I could tell she was trying to decide if she wanted to tell me to fuck off, or if she wanted to ask me what was going on, or maybe if she just wanted to fuck me. I opened my mental door and touched her mind. She was torn, she was trying to decide why she was here. I sent a gentle thought to her mind, *you should go clean up, Mike won't bother you at all while you're in the bathroom.*

She nodded as that thought settled into her head. From her point of view it was her own thought, not one I'd pushed to her. But I smiled as she walked towards the bathroom and I felt her eyes gazing across my muscular and almost nude form. I could feel the lust rolling off her in waves. She didn't usually get to fuck someone just for pleasure and she had decided that if I played my cards right, she'd let me have a go for free... just because I was good looking and interesting.

I waited till the bathroom door latched shut, and heard the lock click before I allowed myself to chuckle. She'd 'let' me fuck her? Oh how little she understood who was in charge here. I decided to try to practice one of the other little tricks that Adam had been teaching me. Keeping the mind link open between us I closed my eyes and focused on her mind. Letting go of her thoughts, conscious and unconscious, I thought about her senses. I could feel my mind 'settling' onto hers. It was hard to explain, but the best way I can try is to use the analogy of sitting in someones favorite chair. They have the cushions and armrests molded exactly to their body, and yours simply doesn't fit quite the same.

I gave my mind a mental wiggle, and then mentally 'opened my eyes' even though my body remained on the bed at rest, eyes shut. I could see her reflection in the mirror. She was looking in the bathroom mirror and using a damp wash cloth to wipe the makeup from her face. I was quite literally seeing through her eyes.

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