tagGay MaleOlder Man, Great Time! Ch. 2

Older Man, Great Time! Ch. 2


Well folks, needless to say the first experience with Steve made me just want more of him. Feeling more comfortable with sex with a man, I knew I was ready to move onto a fantasy that I had always wanted. Sex with 2 men at once. People always say that you should just fantasize about fantasies but never actually do it, let me tell you how wrong that is. This is a long story but well worth the read. I'll never forget it, that's for sure.

About 2 weeks after my first encounter with Steve, he called me up to see if I was still up for taking on 2 guys at once. "You better believe it," I told him. My only condition was that the person wasn't some dirty truck driver type. Nobody wants a disease. Steve told me that he had a friend picked out whom he had known for quite some time, named Rico. He told me that they had never gotten together because they both liked to play the masculine role and actually do the fucking and not be the receiver. That was my role. "It's all about what turns you on," Steve told me and they just weren't compatible. I had talked to Steve on a number of occasions after our first rendezvous so I knew he was a pretty trustworthy guy. He told me to come over to his place the next night and to be ready for a great time.

Life couldn't have been better. I had just fulfilled one of my fantasies of being with a man and now I was actually going to have 2 guys at once. I had to pinch myself to make sure I was awake. That night I couldn't sleep. I was so anxious with anticipation of the next nite. The time went by soooooooo slowly but sure enough, the next day came.

It was about 7:30 pm and I called Steve to see if he was ready for me to come over. He told me to hurry up because his friend Rico was already there. I could hear his friend in the background and I was certain at that point that Steve really meant business.

About an hour later I knocked on Steve's door and as expected he answered. I saw Rico sitting on the couch in the living room. He was a good looking guy about 6'0," probably 180 pounds, maybe mid to late 30's. He had fair skin, black hair and brown eyes as most Latinos tend to be. Steve and I and the "new guy," Rico sat and drank some Long Island Ice Teas just getting to know each other. The whole time I just kept thinking about sucking both of their cocks at the same time. I couldn't quit looking at the bulge in Rico's pants just imagining what he was packing in there. Right about then Steve got up and threw in some energetic club music.

While Steve was up putting in the music, I moved across the couch that Steve had fucked my ass on 2 weeks prior, and moved next to Rico. I just reached down and grabbed the present in his pants. He didn't say anything. I unzipped his pants and started to fondle his cock and his balls. He looked me straight in the eye and said, "You wanna suck that?." Just then, I got down between his legs and started to suck his cock. He had a nice looking and tasting dick. After sucking his cock for about a minute, he became fully erect. He had about 7 1/2" but a lot of width. Just slightly shorter than Steve's dick. Rico had some nice veins on his dick and a nice big head on the end of his dick. I was just thinking that if this guy fucks me in the ass, it's gonna hurt cuz the girth that this guy had was something else. I new I was up for the challenge though. I could tell he was as clean as a whistle because I could smell whatever soap he used to shower with.

Just then, I felt my pants come down behind me. Steve had pulled my pants down and was starting to massage my ass. While I was working away on Rico, Steve had squirted some lubricant on my asshole. God I was so horny. I turned around to look at him and noticed that he had his pants down already. I didn't want him to fuck me yet because I wanted to suck both of their dicks at the same time. I motioned back to Steve not to stick his dick in my ass yet and he said, "Don't worry, I'm not gonna hammer away on your sweet ass yet." But he did hold up a dildo that he was gonna use. Right about then, I felt Steve insert the dildo in my ass. It was smaller than either one of them but the initial entry never is easy to take. I pulled my mouth off of Rico's dick and let out a sigh of pain and pleasure. I looked down at Rico's rock hard cock and noticed all the slober on his dick. It just made me even hornier. Rico put his hand on the back of my neck and motioned for me to keep sucking. So back down on his dick I went. The whole time Steve was slowly sliding the dildo in and out of my ass. I was so horny that I thought I was going to come all over his floor right there. My cock was so hard.

Shortly there after, I told turned around and said to Steve, "Now I want both of you in my mouth. I wanna suck both of you off." Rico stood up and Steve pulled the dildo out of my pink hole. I had both of them on either side of me. You can't imagine how turned on I was at this point. I was on my knees with 2 great looking cocks right in front of my face. I started to suck Steve's cock while I was jerking off Rico. This takes some skill and coordination to keep both of the going at the same time. I could taste the precum from Steve already and I hadn't even done anything to his dick yet. He must have been really turned on by the point from pushing the dildo in and out of my ass. I knew Rico was really turned on too, because he was already breathing hard and kinda moaning. I switched back to Rico and started jerking off Steve and playing with his balls. I was sucking their dicks as fast as I could, and as deep as I could. I'm not gonna lie, I gagged a few times but I just kept going. I just wanted them to cum in my mouth. I remember wondering if I was going to be able to handle it if both of these guys came in my mouth.

After about 10 minutes of sucking both these cocks, I looked up to Rico and Steve and said, "I want both of you to come in my mouth." Rico let out a big smile and said "Oh you like it dirty...God this is gonna be a fun nite." Steve looked across to Rico and said, "The last time I got it from him (referring to me) it was a blast. This guy is every man's dream." That told me that I was doing a good job.

About a minute later, I heard Rico starting to moan while I was sucking on Steve cock and jerking off Rico. Rico quickly said, "Here it comes." Just then I looked back over to Rico and put the head of his cock in my mouth and started jerking on his dick real fast. He started really moaning loud and I felt his cock pulsate and a hot stream of cum shoot all over my tongue and in my mouth. This guy just kept cumming. I slightly opened my mouth and felt the overflow of cum drip out my mouth and run down my chin and some ran down Rico's cock. I didn't swallow any because I swallowed some man juice from the first time Steve came in my mouth and I felt like I couldn't get it out of my throat for a while so I just let Rico's cum drip back out of my mouth. I started to suck on Rico's head real slow and soft and lick the rest of the cum that drip down his dick off. He couldn’t take it anymore. He backed up real quick and sat back on the couch. As soon as I knew Rico was done, I turned back to Steve and started jerking and sucking him off really fast. About a minute later Steve started showing signs of orgasm and I did the same thing I did with Rico, I put Steve's cockhead in my mouth and started to jerk him off quickly. As expected, Steve shot a stream a hot cum in my mouth. He quickly pulled out of my mouth and contined to shot his load on my face. I closed my eyes so it wouldn't land in my eyes and I could feel the rest of his cum running down my cheek and some dripping off my ear. I let the his cum drip back out of my mouth too. I sucked the remaining cum off of Steve’s head and out of his cock. The whole idea of what I had just done just turned me on even more.

As I sat there rubbing the cum off my face Steve left the room and came back with a towel. He wiped the cum off my face. Steve's cock was still rock hard. I knew from my last experience that this guy could fuck for quite a while and I was not about to quite either. As I was cleaning up the mess, I looked over at Rico and asked him, "so are you good for another shot too or what?" He looked at me and said "Hell yeah." I told him that I wanted to see if I could take his cock in my ass, while I was positioning myself on all fours and directing my ass towards him. Steve just grabbed the towel and stood back. Already lubed up from the dildo in my ass, Rico put some astro-glide that was sitting on an end table on his index and middle fingers. He moved towards me and stuck one of his fingers in my awaiting ass. Then the second finger came too. I could tell that he wasn't going to be as gentle as Steve was the first time. An ass is something you have to be gentle with but not too gentle, apparently Rico didn’t know this. Rico fingered my ass for about a minute or 2.

Steve was standing about 3 feet to my right just watching his friend push and pull his fingers in and out of my aching ass. I grabbed his leg and pulled him in front of me. Steve laid down on the floor underneath me so I could suck his cock while Rico was working me over from behind. I immediately went down on Steve's cock. I was sucking away again on Steve when I felt Rico trying to push his cock with its big head into my ass. I don't even think his cock was wet. I told him to rub his cock in between my ass cheeks in order to lub it up. He did just that. The feeling of a cock sliding up and down between my ass cheeks is something that just drives my wild.

The whole time this whole session was going on, I just had an enormous erection but I swear my dick got even bigger when he started to do this.

I focused my attention back to Steve's dick and started sucking it again. I could taste the cum that was still in his dick that hadn't finished coming out from his first shot. Then I felt Rico insert the head of his cock. Rico's cock was thicker than Steve's so it hurt a little more than I had expected, when he stuck his dick in my ass. It was a good pain though. He slowly started to fuck my ass. I had a big shiver from the feeling of his cock in my ass. It felt like he was stretching my almost virgin ass out of shape but, god it felt so good. I just kept sucking Steve's ramrod.

Rico started to fuck me harder and faster the longer he went. He reached up and grabbed me by the shoulders and slowly pushed his dick in all the way. I could feel his stomach touching my ass and his balls resting against my balls. This about sent me over the edge. I thought I was gonna cum right then and there. Rico let out a big moan too. He went back to fucking my ass but this time deeper and harder. I started to jerk off Steve and I looked back over my shoulder and told Rico, "I want you to fuck the hell outta my ass. Give it to me." And that is just what he did. I just kept sucking Steve's rock hard cock that was just swelling with blood, looking like cum was just going to spray in my mouth again. Rico's just kept saying, "Damn your tight ass feels so good." Not anymore I thought to myself. Rico was just pounding away on my ass.

Rico fucked my ass for what seemed like 15 to 20 minutes. I just sat there on my elbows and knees and let my ass swallow his cock and kept sucking Steve's dick. I didn't suck it too fast because I wanted him to be able to fuck my ass too after Rico was done. I couldn't suck Steve's dick the whole time anyway because Rico was just pounding away on my ass and I kept pulling Steve's wet cock out of my mouth to let out a moan or try to catch my breath. All of a sudden, Rico started fucking me really really hard. He pulled his cock out of my ass and came all over my back. He shot his load in the small of my back and I leaned up and it ran down the crack of my ass. As if there wasn't enough lubrication there already. Then I positioned myself over Steve who was still laying under me and I sat on his dick. His cock was laying against his stomach between my leg and my balls. I was writhing back and forth in order to get some of Rico's natural lubrication on Steve's cock so he could stick his dick in my ass.

Shortly after I raised up and mounted Steve's cock. After having Rico's thicker cock in my ass, Steve's dick went in my with relative ease. I was riding Steve and I held his arms down to the floor and rode him really fast. I could feel his cock all the way up in my ass. I could feel him hitting that spot in my ass that just drove me wild. I told him to let me know when he was going to come. He just shook his head yes and kept his eyes closed, enjoying me doing all the work on his cock. I was slamming my ass down on his dick as hard as I could. Rico had left the room by this time, I'm assuming that in the time he was gone, he was in the restroom???

I just kept riding Steve's cock. I was on the verge of cumming myself and I didn't know how much more fucking my sore ass could take. But man, it still felt so good. I just couldn’t get enough. I let Steve's arms up and he pushed me backwards and we moved to the couch. I laid on my back and Steve moved between my legs. He started to fuck away on my ass again. After about a minute of that, he pulled my legs up and put them over his shoulders. I could feel his moistened balls slapping my the crack of my ass the whole time. He was fucking me with all 8." The sound of his balls slapping against my ass just turned me on all the much more. This man just kept fucking and fucking. He could go forever. I was already dripping all over myself and I hadn't even touched myself and Steve just kept fucking my tender asshole. I just kept telling him "Fuck my ass, oh yeah, fuck my ass. Harder. Hit it baby!." God it felt so good. I was in the groove with this man fucking me. He looked down at me and asked me if I was ready to cum. I told him, "Oh yeah!." As he kept fucking me and he started to jerk me off. I felt the rush of energy in my gut and I started to cum all over my stomach. At the same time, Steve was moaning and making a lot of noise and I could feel his hot cum in my ass. This was total ecstasy. I could hear the distinct sound of Steve’s cock going in and out of my ass with all the lubricant and cum on and in my ass. I had finished cumming and Steve had too but he was slowly pumping my ass. He was pulling out all the way to his head and then plunging right back in down to the hilt of his shaft. My ass had had it. Steve pulled his cock totally out of my ass and come came oozing out of my ass and ran down the crack of my ass and onto his couch. That was the 2nd time we had made a mess on his couch. But god, twice now we had a lot of fun making a mess on his couch and I looked forward to doing it many more times. My ass was raw, just the way I wanted it. I knew that Rico and Steve had worked my ass over. I wanted to see how much my ass could take and I found it but I had so much fun doing it.

If you’re ever in Colorado and this sounds like something you would be interested in doing…..send me an email. I will reply to all. It’s a possibility we could make our own sex story too!

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