tagGay MaleOlder Man, Great Time! Ch. 3

Older Man, Great Time! Ch. 3


Chapter 3: All Tied Up

I had had a few liaisons with other men since Steve and I first hooked up. But I had met a new guy since who was a little more adventurous than the rest. His name was Jerry. He was about 6', I'm guessing around 200 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes. He was 41. Older, just the way I like them. He liked younger guys so my being in my 20's worked out perfectly. The body on this guy was something you see in a magazine. He was very well built and his personality matched his physique perfectly. He loved to be aggressive and in control. He told me this through the numerous conversations I had with him. By some strange coincidence, our conversations always seemed to turn to sexual conversations.

During one of these conversations, I told him that being tied up was something that I would be interesting in trying. I could hear the excitement in his voice. I had been trying to see what this guy was hiding in his pants for quite a while and I thought this would be a fun and adventurous way to find out. The sexual tension between us was almost at a boiling point. Jerry had told me that he was very well endowed but he wouldn't ever tell me how hung he actually was. I would ask him, "How well", and he would reply, "very well endowed". That's all the info he would give me. I guess he used it as a tactic to make me want to find out even more. Well, it worked. I had asked him to come over on a weekend night. Well, sure enough, he did.

It was about 9 pm, when I heard the knock on my door. I opened it and as expected, there he was. He had a gym bag with him, which caught my eye immediately. We went straight for the kitchen and I pulled out a bottle of liquor. We each had a few shots to kinda break the ice and ease the tension in the air. I was fairly certain that we were going to have sex but the nervousness was still there. We sat and talked for about 30 minutes. At the apparent end of our conversation, I looked Jerry dead in the eye and asked him, "So how big is it?" Jerry responded, "Well, let's find out", and he pulled down his pants in kitchen and I saw his cock. Wow, I thought to myself. This guy's dick was about 5 or 6 inches. Not quite as big as mine, but he was limp. I just sat there for a minute checking out his package and thinking to myself how fun this was gonna be. Mesmerized by his rather large meat, I didn't even notice him reach around the back of my head and pull me towards him. I moved closer to him and I could feel his aggressive but gentle hand pushing my head down towards his crotch. I didn't fight at all. I moved straight down to it. I took his limp cock in my mouth, starting with just the head.

I must tell you, the feeling of a limp dick in your mouth is an interesting feeling. Jerry's cock was no exception. His cock head was so soft and almost silk like. I had noticed this before with other men but his was softer than any dick I had ever felt before.

After sucking on just the head, I put his still limp cock all the way in my mouth. He let out a pretty big groan of approval. I went back to sucking on just the head of his cock. I could feel his cock grow almost immediately. All kidding aside, this guy had an absolutely huge cock. I just kept sucking on his cock and moving down occasionally to suck and lick his balls. He put his hands on the back of my head, trying to force his cock down my throat saying, "Suck that cock, oh yeah, you like that dick". I assure you that I could only get about half of his cock in my mouth at any one time. I remember that I just kept thinking to myself how difficult his big dick was gonna be to put in my ass, if he wanted to. I was hoping he did and I too was eager to try.

Jerry continued fucking my mouth with his huge cock. I could taste all of his precum. He leaked so much of it, I could have sworn he had came in my mouth. I had slobbered all over his cock and I could see the mix of saliva and his precum running down his cock and his balls and I'm certain I had it all over my lips. I could feel the juices dripping from my chin on occasion.

I just kept thinking to myself how nice and big and fat this guys' cock was. His dick was something out of a magazine. It seemed too nice to be real but I assure you that his cock was real. And it felt reeeaaaalllll good!

I paused for a second and asked him, "so what does this beautiful cock measure out to?" He answered in a strained voice, "just a little over 10 inches". "Goddamn, it's huge. This is the biggest cock I have ever had", I responded. He just smiled and grabbed his cock just above his balls and slapped my cheek with his cock. I could feel the big wet mark on my face. God I loved it. Jerry grabbed the top of my head and held it still and with his other hand still on his cock, forced his cock back in my mouth. He was thrusting his hips back and forth, which obviously was making his cock go in and out of my mouth. This went on for some time but the length and width of his dick, it was quickly making my mouth tired.

A few minutes later, I pulled back off his huge cock and asked him, "do you still want to tie me up? I'll let you do whatever you want to do to me, so long as it doesn't involve pain". Just then, I got up and moved to my living room and Jerry grabbed a chair out of my kitchen. He didn't say anything, he just sat the chair down and sat me down on the chair. He got down on his knees in front of me and pulled my legs toward him. I moved my ass to the edge of the chair and had him in between my legs to my front. He started to move down towards my dick and I was guessing he wanted to suck my dick but just then, I felt his lips touch my eagerly awaiting asshole. He kissed and licked my ass. This felt so good, it just made me want his cock in me all that much more. I could feel the stubble from his chin touching the area in between my ass cheeks and that just made me even hornier. He was licking away at my ass and fingering me in an attempt to loosen me up a little. I could feel my ass pulsating uncontrollably while Jerry was giving me a rim job. After a couple of minutes of that, he got back up on his knees and started to rub my butt hole with the head of his cock. He would grab his cock, slap my awaiting asshole, and then start moving his cock back and forth from side to side against my pink opening.

I was thoroughly lubed up and Jerry slowly inserted just the head of his cock into my ass. His cock was so big it just sent a quick flash of pain all the way up my back. He started to thrust back and forth with only his head inserted. I could feel the ring of the head of his cock going in and out of my asshole. It felt soooooo good. His cock was long and thick but Jerry knew how to work it so it wasn't painful. He pulled his head all the way out of my ass and would put it back in, not going in beyond the head. Jerry was doing a good job of loosening my tight ass up. I was so slimy from the lube I could hear the wet sound of his cock going in and out of me. You can imagine by this time, my cock was rock hard. I've got a pretty good-sized cock too but my dick looked pretty small compared to his cock. I must admit, I was kinda jealous.

Jerry just stood up out of nowhere and walked over to his gym bag that he left in the kitchen. I got kind of excited, anticipating what he was going to get. He came back over to me with the bag and opened it. I saw quite a few things. I saw some lubes, some handcuffs, and some Ace Bandages. Jerry pulled out the handcuffs and told me to turn around and lean over the chair. This man was on a mission. He seemed to approach this fuck session as if it was business. He didn't say much the whole time. I rather liked the fact that he could take control and knew exactly what he wanted to do. He did say to me, "I'm gonna tie you up and do what I want to do to your ass". I had no problem with that. I just got off the chair, turned around, and bent over the side of it. He grabbed my arms, pulled them behind my back, and cuffed my hands together. He grabbed some Astro Glide out of his bag and squirted it on my asshole. He stuck his finger in my ass and I could feel him moving it around, lubing up the inside of my butt. Just then, he backed up behind me again and stuck the head of his cock back into my open ass. This time he was pushing deeper into my gut. I could feel how big his cock actually was because I could feel the pressure inside my ass. I don't know how much he was getting inside me but it did feel great. He was moving very slow.

I remember laying across this chair with Jerry butt fucking me and I leaned my head down and I could see down between my legs. I could see his wonderful cock going in and out of me and see his balls moving back and forth swinging in tandem with his thrusts into my ass. I could also tell that he wasn't fitting his whole cock inside me. If it felt this good now, I could only imagine how good it's going to feel when he sticks his whole cock in my ass.

Jerry was getting deeper and deeper in my ass as this went on. I started to buck up against his dick trying to go in rhythm with him. As he was fucking away at my ass, he told me to talk dirty to him. I looked back at him and said, "stick that cock in my butt. Fuck my ass harder". I did this in between the moans of pleasure that I was letting out while he was riding my ass. He was pounding away on my anal opening and I loved it. I'm guessing Jerry sensed that my ass was warmed up and out of nowhere, he pulled his cock out of my butt and stood up. This left me with an empty feeling in my ass. I leaned up and Jerry motioned me to move to the couch. I walked on my knees, with my hands still cuffed behind my back and laid my upper body on the couch. I arched my back and poked my ass up towards the air and Jerry stood over my ass with his legs around me and started to lower himself and his colossal cock onto my willing asshole. He aimed his cock right at me and moved in. I felt his cock enter my wet ass. He slowly moved down into me too. I felt his whole cock fill me up. I could feel his balls wet from lube from my ass resting against the area just below my ass opening. He got all 10" inches in my ass and lord did it feel absolutely wonderful. I had never had that big of a dick in my ass but, Wow. That's about all I can say to describe the feeling. I could feel pressure deep in my gut from Jerry's enormously sized cock. Jerry let out a big sigh when he bottomed out on my ass. He left his dick in my ass and with short hard thrusts began to fuck me again. I could feel the hair on his inner thighs brushing against my outer thighs as he was thrusting away. This just made my own dick so hard.

Jerry humped my ass for a few solid minutes. He would pull his cock almost all the way out and then just lower himself back onto my ass inserting his dick all the way back into my now loosened ass. I could feel him pull all the way out to the head before he would push all the way back in. My ass had never had a fucking like this before. Jerry pounded harder and harder the longer he went. Jerry would grab my arms that were cuffed behind my back or the cuffs themselves and pull me into his cock. The feeling of knowing that I couldn't use my hands to hold onto something or pull away from him was strange yet exciting. I had never been tied up or cuffed before and it was new and interesting.

By this point, I was done being amazed at the size of his cock and just absorbed into the moment. I was "in the zone". Just laying there getting my ass fucked by an enormous cock was a glorious feeling.

I started to wonder just what Jerry had the bandages for right about the same time he pulled back out of me and went over to his bag. And of course he returned with the bandages. He undid my cuffs and grabbed a hold of me and repositioned me to the floor just to end of my coffee table. He took hold of my ankles and started to wrap the bandages around my ankles, tying them together. He told me that he liked to use bandages because they didn't hurt as cuffs tend to do. Jerry took the end of the bandage that he wrap around my ankle, pulled it over my head, and tied it to the leg of the coffee table. This pulled my knees up to my chest and lifted my ass up off the ground. Not to sound like a pedophile but to give you an idea of my position, I was in the same position that a mother might hold her child in when changing a diaper. Only difference was I was restrained and willing.

"Damn, this is going to be interesting", I said with eager anticipation of the next move. Jerry just grabbed another bandage and pulled my arms underneath my knees and tied them together too. I was totally powerless by this point. Jerry could have done anything to me and there was nothing I could have done about it. In actuality, I wanted him to do just about anything he wanted to. I could see it in his eye that he was looking at me the same way a lion looks at an injured animal ready for the kill.

Totally restrained, Jerry stuck his finger in my ass that was still trying to recover from the previous assault that he led on my ass already. Aside from his finger, I could feel the lube running down the crack of my ass and dripping off. Jerry pulled back and knelt in front of my open asshole. He stuck his dick back inside of me and started to quickly fuck my anus again. I could hear all the sounds of his heavy breathing and the sound of the lubricated motion of Jerry fucking me and the sound of his balls slapping against my wet ass. He once again had his cock deep inside my ass and was moving vigorously, like he was on a mission.

As he was riding my sore ass Jerry would reach back and slap my ass. It did hurt, but in a good way. It just added to the sensation of being powerless. I would just let out a moan so I'm pretty sure that he knew that I was enjoying what he was doing to me. I was so wet with mine and Jerry's sweat and lube that I could feel it running like a river down the crack of my butt and down my back that was slightly lifted off the floor.

Jerry was balls deep in rear and he was quickly wearing my ass totally out. I wasn't sure how much more I could take. I was almost ready to stop but I really wanted to savor the moment. I couldn't have stopped anyway because I was all tied up at the moment and Jerry had total power over me being that I was in this position. I didn't think I was going to be able to walk for days after having 10" of dick fucking my ass so damn hard. I really didn't care, because his huge meat just felt sooooooo good inside me. I had never felt anything like this before. I really didn't think I would be able to fit his whole cock in me but he sure as hell made it fit. By this time, I could see it on his face that he was almost ready to cum. Jerry pulled his cock out of my ass all the way to the head and would slowly push it all the way back in.

He pushed it in all the way to his balls and then gave it another quick deep thrust. I let out a big sound of pleasure and he said, "Oh, you like that huh?" With his rock hard swollen cock all the way inside me, he started to buck up against me ass as hard and deep as he could. I swear his dick was all the way up in my throat and I could tell he was loosening up my insides. I could feel an orgasm coming on as he was doing this to my ass. He did this for about a minute or two and then out of nowhere, I came all over my own stomach. It was one of the better orgasms I've ever had. Nothing even touched my cock. Jerry told me that he could feel my ass squeezing tightly around his dick when I came. Shortly after Jerry pulled all the way back out to the head and started to fuck me with long hard deep thrusts.

By this time, Jerry was obviously a few seconds away from cumming. He made a couple more thrusts and then groaned and pulled his cock out of me and moved up towards my face and started to jerk off. Anticipating that he was going to come, I opened my mouth waiting to catch the gift that he was about to spray on me. He let out a weird noise and shot a thick stream of cum right out of his cock and half way on my face. The other half missed me and hit the floor. He kept jerking his cock and cum kept flowing. He was positioned right over my mouth and it was dripping right on my lips and on my tongue. I could feel that he had cum quite a bit in my mouth and he was still going. If you have ever seen Peter North, the cum king porn star, that was Jerry right there. I had never seen so much cum come from one man in my life. He must have came for 15 seconds or so. My mouth was so full of his jism that I had to spit some of it out and it ran down the side of my face and down my chin. When he was done, he stuck the head of his dick in my mouth. Being that his cock was just in my ass, I wasn't necessarily happy about that but what could I do? I was all tied up with no place to go. I just sucked on the head of his cock and sucked all the rest of the cum that was still inside his cock right out. It tasted so good.

Obviously spent, Jerry looked at me and asked my if we were going to do this again sometime. I would have done whatever this guy asked me to do, he was so good. Acknowledging him in the affirmative, he stood up and put his clothes on as if he was going to leave in a hurry. He told me bye and then acted as if he was leaving. Keep in mind that I was still tied up. Jerry came back over to me and untied me. A while later he left my place, conveniently leaving his bag of goodies at my place. I knew he would be back again. And boy was I right.

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