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Older Sluts

byJust Plain Bob©

It was the night of my father's funeral and there had been a wake at the house following the burial. It had lasted well into the night and once everyone had gone home I found myself sitting in the kitchen drinking and talking with my mom.

Mostly we reminisced about dad. Mom wasn't all that weepy eyed and truth be told she was relieved that he was gone. That sounds cold, but it really wasn't. He had been sick for such a long time and she had been forced to watch him slowly waste away. She was relieved that his suffering was over and she was relieved that the rest of the family could now move on with their lives.

She was in the middle of describing something that she and dad had done when in their twenties when suddenly she stopped.

"Rob honey, may I ask you a very personal question?"

I chuckled and said, "You've been doing it for thirty-five years why ask now?"

"This is really, really personal honey."

"Okay, but I reserve the right not to answer."

"Why haven't you married? You are a great looking guy and I've seen the way women look at you, but even though you always seem to have a new girlfriend I've never seen you really serious about one."

Well, there are some things you can never tell your mother no matter how close you are and so I did what I had to – I lied.

"I've just never found the right woman mom."

The truth of the matter was that I had found the right woman, several of them in fact, but it was a Catch 22. I looked for a specific type of woman and I found plenty of them, but once I found them they were the kind of woman that I could never marry. For one thing they were already married and if by chance I would have found one who was single and who might have turned into the kind of woman I looked for I would have run screaming from her.

I couldn't tell my mother that or even if I could have I could have never explained it satisfactorily to her. And the one thing I could never, ever tell her is that it was her fault. I could just imagine her face if I were to say:

"It is all your fault mom. If you hadn't run with such a bunch of whorish sluts I wouldn't be the way I am and I would probably be married and you would have grand kids."

No, I couldn't tell her that so I settled for, "I've just never found the right woman."

"Well Rob, you are still young and there is still time. You will find the right one eventually" and she got up, kissed my cheek and went off to bed. I finished my drink and then I headed on home to my apartment.


I was in my bed staring up at the ceiling and for some weird reason my mind went to work on what it would have gone like if I had given mom an honest answer to her question.

"The reason I'm not married mom is because most of your girlfriends were round heeled tramps."

"And just how did that keep you from getting married?"

"Do you remember that Fraternal Order of Eagles dance that you talked me into going to on my nineteenth birthday?"


"Dad was out of town on business. There was Beth, her husband Mark, Dorothy and her husband Don, and you and me. Back then the legal age for drinking was eighteen and Dorothy and Beth though that it would be a kick to get me loaded on my birthday and they kept buying me mixed drinks. What they didn't know was that I didn't like hard liquor and that I was pouring the booze out and not drinking it. They drank theirs though and after a while they had a good buzz on.

"Somewhere along the way they got the idea that it would be fun to cock tease the birthday boy. They started taking turns dragging me out onto the dance floor and every time they had their backs to their husbands they would press their bodies into mine. I was young, the hormones were raging and two sexy older women rubbing themselves against me got me erect in a hurry and then it got worse. Once they felt the erection they constantly rubbed against it and whispered things like:

"Is that a roll of quarters in your pocket or are you just glad to be with me."

"Dorothy even asked me if I would go outside with her for some fresh air and take my dick out and show it to her."

"I hardly see where any of that would have kept you from getting married.

"Be patient, I'll get to it. Anyway, by the time we left the dance I had a huge case of blue balls. When it came time to get in the car Mark was driving and you and Don got up front with him and I ended up in the back sitting between Dorothy and Beth. We weren't even out of the parking lot before Beth put her hand on the bulge in my pants and started rubbing it. As soon as she was sure it was hard she started talking to you and her husband about the band and how good it had been and how their song selection had included so many of her favorites. While she was talking she unzipped my pants, took my cock out and started giving me a hand job.

At the same time Dorothy took my hand and took it up under her dress and put it on her pussy. She leaned over, nibbled on my ear lobe and whispered:

"Finger fuck me honey. Get me off while Beth gets you off."

"So there we were roaring down the highway with both women carrying on conversations with you and their husbands while playing around with me. The entire time I sat there scared to death that Mark, Don or you would turn around and see what was going on, but none of you ever did. Beth just kept talking to Mark and beating me off and soon I could feel myself getting ready to cum. Beth must have sensed it and she lowered her head and took me in her mouth. As soon as her lips clamped around my rod I blew.

"While Beth's mouth was busy on me Dorothy kept up the conversation with you guys up front. Beth finished draining me dry and as soon as she pulled her head away from me I went to stuff my cock back into my pants, but Dorothy pushed my hand away and took my limp cock in her hand. She worked at getting me hard again while she and Beth kept up conversations with you, Mark and Don.

"It was exciting as hell to have two married women, both old enough to be my mother, playing with my cock while having casual conversations with their significant others. Dorothy was a little bolder than Beth and as soon as my cock started stirring she bent down and started giving me a blow job. Beth sat there and watched as she chatted away with the three of you up front. About two blocks from our house Dot managed to get me to blast a load down her throat and I was just zipping up as we pulled into our driveway. It was one hell of a birthday, one that I damned sure will never forget."

"And that kept you from getting married?"

"That was the start of it. There is more, but first I have a question for you. Those were the girls you ran with and I've always wondered about that. The old 'birds of a feather flock together' thing."

She blushed and looked away as she said, "Honestly Rob, how can you ask your mother a thing like that" and I had my answer. I wondered if my dad knew or suspected. She moved quickly to get me away from questions about her:

"I still don't see how Dot and Beth kept you from getting married."

The day after the night at the Eagles Dot called me and told me that Don was out of town for two days and she needed some help to move some things and could I come over and help her. I jumped at the chance and why not? She had sucked my cock in a car full of people and with her husband not three feet away so God only knew what she might do if we were alone. She told me to be there at seven-thirty that evening and I told her I was looking forward to helping her. She giggled and said:

"I'll just bet you are you naughty boy you. And honey? Don't let your mom know okay? It will just make her nervous."

I got there at seven-twenty and when she answered the door she was wearing a pair of high heels and not a stitch of anything else. I was stunned. She was my first fully naked woman and my heart nearly stopped. I'd seen naked women in Playboy, Penthouse and other magazines, but Dorothy was real and she was just standing there and all I had to do was reach out a hand and I could touch her. She saw my expression and an amused smile appeared on her face.

"You are a little early honey; a tad eager are we?"

I probably blushed and she laughed. "That's okay honey, I like that in a man" and she ran a hand down my front to my already iron bar like cock and giggled, "Yep, eager. Come on honey, let's not waste it" and she took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom.

It is what I was hoping would happen, but I was a little unnerved by the 'cut and dried' aspect of it. So much so that I mumbled something inane:

"Weren't we going to move some furniture or something?" and Dorothy, or Dot as she asked me to call her, laughed and said, "If we do it right honey, the bed will move all over the place. If you want to move something move that phone over to where I can reach it from the bed."

I thought that curious, but I moved it and then Dot pushed me back on the bed and began pulling my pants off me. As soon as my cock was exposed she took it in her mouth and started giving me a blow job. After a minute or so she stopped long enough to tell me to take my shirt off and after I had she went back to sucking my cock. Her hands fondled my balls and one finger teased my asshole as her hot mouth was driving me crazy. I started bucking my hips up at her face and I could feel myself close to cumming. She had her hands on my balls and she must have felt something for I felt her lips clamp tight around my cock and she shoved her finger in my ass. I arched up off the bed and came so hard I was surprised that I didn't see cum squirt out her ears. She sucked every drop out of me and then she pulled her mouth off me and said:

"I always like to get the first one out of the way quickly; it makes the next couple last a lot longer. What can we do while we wait for you to get hard again? Do you eat pussy honey?"

The look on my face gave her the answer to that one and she said, "No matter honey, you will before I'm done with you. For now why don't you suck my tits and finger fuck me while my hands work on you."

She proceeded to show me how she liked her tits handled, what spot in her pussy I should rub to give her the most pleasure and the entire time I did that she was using her hands on me and talking:

"Yes" she hissed, "Bite the nipple baby, no need to be gentle with me; I'm a slut and you can treat me like one. I'm going to fuck your eyes out honey; I'm going to turn you into my fuck toy. Think you can stand it honey? Think you are up to being my very own personal fuck toy?"

My cock twitched and she giggled and said, "He seems to like the idea."

She slid down and took me in her mouth and started sucking me until I was hard. When it was stiff enough to suit her she swung herself over me and used a hand to guide me into her as she sat down on my dick. She leaned forward as she started to ride me and her tits dangled in my face.

"Lick my nipples honey, suck my tits" and when I did what she had asked she moaned and slammed her cunt down on me. She had already gotten me off once so I lasted for a while as she rode me and told me how she planned on fucking me to death.

"I'm going to jack you off honey, suck your cock and fuck you with my ass and pussy. I'm going to turn you into my love slave honey. I'm going to make sure that you never want to be more than a mile away from my pussy. Does that turn you on honey? Does it excite you to know that I'm going to make you my fuck toy?"

She was lying next to me, fondling my cock and balls and trying to get me up for another romp and she was making some progress. My cock was twitching in her hand as it struggled to get upright again. The phone rang and Dot looked at her watch.

"Right on time" she said and she gave my cock a little squeeze. "Hurry baby, I need you hard for this."

She reached for the phone and answered it:


"Oh hi baby, miss me?"

With one hand holding the phone to her ear and the other playing with my cock she said, "Just lying here in bed and thinking of you."

"Same as always baby. Thinking of your hard cock and what we could be doing with it if you were here."

My cock was shooting up and Dot started stroking it.

"I can almost feel it in my hand baby. It was soft and pliable when I first touched it, but now it is growing into a hard steel bar."

"Yes baby, oh yes. Are you where you can take your cock out?"

"Do it."

"Okay baby, feel my hand on it? Feel my fingers flutter over your cockhead? Feel them wrap around you and slowly start to stroke?"

She shifted position on the bed until her mouth was only inches away from my dick.

"I can see the veins start to pulse baby, I feel you throb in my hand. I lower my head and stick my tongue out and lick it" and as she said that she did it to me.

"I want to suck on it baby, but you tell me no. You say you are hot and ready to fuck me and you don't want to waste time on a blow job. You make me get in your favorite position" and with that she got on her hands and knees.

"You push a finger into my steaming pussy" and she motioned for me to do that. As I slid a finger into her sopping wet pussy I caught on to what was happening. I may have been only nineteen and a little naïve, but I understood that I was supposed to do what she described to her husband as she described it.

"You work the finger around and I moan and ask you to hurry up and fuck me, but you don't. You put another finger in me and then another and finger fuck me."

I did what she said and she moaned again.

"God baby, you have me so hot I'm going to set the bed sheets on fire if you don't use your hose to cool me down. "Please baby, please fuck me" I cry and you pull out your fingers and move behind me. You poke your hard cock at my pussy and I cry out as you slam your iron hard cock into me."

I pushed hard and slid into her and she cried out, "Oh God baby, it feels so fucking good. Fuck me lover, fuck me hard. Make me cum baby, make me cum."

I pounded my cock into her hot steaming cunt and bit my lip to keep from making noises that Don might hear. Dot pushed back at me on each of my in strokes as she kept up her telephone sex with Don.

"Hard baby, push it deep. I want to feel it all the way up to my throat, baby, drive it deep."

I was fucking her as hard as I could and sweat was dripping off me. I wanted to shoot my load deep in her and I was trying hard to cum while she still had Don on the phone, but the dog position didn't seem to give me what I needed. I pulled out of Dot and pushed her over on her back. She spread her legs wide and grinned up at me. I grabbed her legs and put them up on my shoulders and then I drove my cock into her.

"Oh Jesus God baby, it feels so good. Push that hard cock into me, push it deep and fuck me hard. Make me cum baby, make me cum."

I felt her cunt muscles try to grip me and I rammed her hard.

"Oh God yes baby, yes baby, yes. Harder baby, harder, fuck me harder. Oh god, oh god, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, oh sweet fucking Jesus yes, yes yes yes" she screamed and her whole body trembled as she had her orgasm.

Her cunt felt like it was trying to suck me in and I blew my load and collapsed on the bed next to her. She threw a leg over me and her hand found my deflated dick and she fondled it as she said:

"That was good baby, that was good."

"Of course I came, didn't you hear me scream?"

"No baby, I didn't use my fingers because they aren't long enough or hard enough. I had to use something long and hard" and she gave my cock a squeeze.

"I used my hair brush. Maybe you need to find one of those adult stores and buy me a nice fat, long and hard dildo. If we do this too often I'm afraid my hair brush won't survive."

"Love you too baby. Talk to you later."

She tossed the phone on the pillow and slid down the bed so her mouth was inches from my cock and she looked up at me and grinned.

"How about it honey? Think you might like to be my fuck toy?" and then her mouth latched onto my cock and she went to work at getting me up again.


The next day I had just gotten home from class when the phone rang. I answered it and it was Beth.

"I hear that you when over to that bitches house last night. I was supposed to be the first one to get you."

" You were supposed to be first? What did you do, flip a coin? She called and asked me to come over and help her move some things and I did."

"The whore knew I was going to call you and she just couldn't stand the idea that I might have you first."

"I thought she was your friend?"

"She is, but she is still a whore. Are you doing anything right now?"

"No, I just got home from class."

"Can you come over?"

"Right now?"

"As soon as possible."

I said I would be right over and I put a note on the table telling you that I wouldn't be home for dinner that night and then I left to go visit Beth. When she answered the door to let me in I was surprised to see Mark sitting in the living room watching television. I walked in and looked at her with a question written on my face and she grinned at me.

"Mark honey, Rob is here to help me move that stuff in the basement. If you need me for anything just holler" and then she took me by the hand and led me down into the basement.

"Mark has a bad back and he has to be careful not to throw it out so he can't help me with the heavy stuff."

She led me over to the corner where the washer and dryer sat and then she raised her skirt and pushed her thong down her legs and kicked it way.

"Help me up on the dryer sweetie."

I did and she scooted forward until her pussy was right on the edge. I'd have to stand on my tip toes for a straight shot at it, but it could be done. I cast a worried glance up at the ceiling and Beth giggled and said:

"He was a lot closer in the car and we carried it off. Put it in me sweetie, don't make me wait."

I unzipped and dropped my trousers and boxers, lined myself up with her slit and after one last look toward the ceiling I drove my cock into her.


"And that's the story mom. For the next six years Dorothy and Beth used me as their fuck toy and I gloried in it. I was especially turned on when I fucked them when they were on the phone with their husbands or if the husbands were in the next room or some other place close by. I'd still be their fuck toy if Don hadn't gotten promoted and had to transfer out of the state and Beth hadn't died in that auto accident."

"That doesn't make sense Rob. So you had an affair, so what? It ended when Dorothy and Don moved to Dayton. How would that keep you from finding a nice girl and getting married?"

"Because after Dorothy and Beth a nice girl just wouldn't cut it for me. I need sluts, not nice girls. I need to be with married women who cheat on their husbands. I look for married women with husbands who travel. I want to be in his bed fucking his wife when she is on the phone talking to him. I want her legs wrapped tight around me while she is telling him that she loves him and is missing him.

"That mother dear, is the kind of woman I want and need, but the opposite side of the coin is that I couldn't stand being married to a woman like that. I couldn't leave the house knowing that like as not she would be fucking someone else some day.

"No mom, your little boy Rob will never be getting married."

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