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Oliver's Balls


After graduation, and a bit of traveling, I started working in sales in the local offices of a national sporting goods company. As per the usual rights of passage, I started in a sales support position, and had to work my way up to the point where I was managing my own territory. For 3yrs now, I had been working my butt off! Arriving early, leaving late, and fixing all the problems that no one else wanted to touch. I was doing whatever it took to get ahead!

Along the way I had befriended another, more established sales rep. After me, he was probably the youngest in office, but he was somewhat of a social cast off. He always had this greasy look to him, like his hair had gone unwashed for a few days, and as though he constantly missed spots while shaving. His name was Oliver, and he didn't have many, if any, friends around the office. Feeling kind of sorry for him, I often ate with him at lunch, and sat with him through our education sessions.

On Fridays we'd often grab a beer or two after work, and say our goodbyes till the following Monday morning.

This week however, he seemed a little distraught. So we sat and chatted a little longer, and finally after our 4th pint, he mentioned that he and his girlfriend had broken up. To be honest, I hadn't even known he had a girlfriend, or ever considered that one might be interested in him. Oliver spoke very highly of her, and made her sound almost model-like in his description of her. I figured he was exaggerating, until he pulled her picture from his wallet. She was GORGEOUS! A tall slim looking blonde woman, with what looked to be at least a 'c' cup, and a beautiful smile.

I have to admit that I thought he was lying, or even perhaps simply stalking the woman in this picture, but even after all of my friendly jabs, he assured me he had dated her for almost a year now.

"Yeah right!" I said.

To which he responded "I can prove it! I have a video of us together from just last week!"

So we closed our tab, and headed to his place. He lived in a somewhat seedy part of town, furthering my belief that he had to be lying about this girl.

When we got into his apartment he invited me to sit on his couch, and he'd set up the video and get us some drinks. Moments after handing me my 5th pint of the night, the screen came to life with images of Oliver and this Amazon of a woman playing around on the very sofa we were sitting on. I was stunned. I swallowed half my beer, just to see if maybe more beer would help my eyes to believe what I was seeing.

As the video went on, I started to get a little nervous and excited, because they were starting to lose some of their clothing. First her shirt... then his. Then her jeans were tossed aside, and then his. At this point I looked over at Oliver, a little uncomfortable with what I thought I might see next, but he was just sitting there focused on the screen. I didn't want to insult him by leaving the room for no reason, or asking him to turn it off, so I quickly finished my beer, and announced that I was going for another round.

As I came back into the room, and landed in my seat, my jaw dropped when I saw the screen. His girlfriend was dancing around in the nude, and he seemed to be holding the camera. She then worked her way into the bedroom, where she spread herself out, and started masturbating on the bed.

I turned to Oliver and said "um, maybe we should turn this off, this is kinda private stuff."

"Hey man, she dumped me. Her privacy is no longer an issue. Enjoy!"

So I did, and I could feel my penis starting to swell. There she was, one had fingering her bald pussy furiously, while the other tugged at her nipples. This went on for a good seven to ten minutes, and by the time she climaxed, I was rock hard!

At this point, Oliver excused himself, saying he was gonna go take a leak, and change out of his work clothes. About 30 seconds after he left the room, she came to life again. She started crawling towards the camera, her tits swinging from side to side, a look of lust in her eyes. Suddenly the camera was placed on a dresser or something, and I was getting a side view of her reaching for his pants. She slowly undid his belt while kissing at his stomach. I could see her sitting on the edge of the bed, while she slowly worked his pants off. His back side was facing the camera at this point fortunately, so when she pulled his boxers down, the only bit of his man parts I had to witness was his ass. I could tell from her movements, that she was now working his cock with her mouth, moaning, sucking, and licking. I could hear him too though, saying things like "mmm, you like that?" "yeah baby, take it all...take my whole cock in your mouth...mmm...work it good enough, and maybe I'll let you fuck me".

I couldn't believe it! He had to give her permission? What was going on here? Did she owe him money or something? Then, as he started to turn on screen, Oliver came back into the room, wearing an old t shirt, and some fairly tight, thin material, shorts. As he stood beside me, I got a full view of exactly what it was she was lusting after on screen. Her hand was wrapped around, what looked to be at least 10" of thick shiny cock! And hanging just below, were two massive, completely shaved balls. I couldn't believe my eyes! On this dirty looking, skinny little guy hung the biggest cock I've ever seen outside of a porn actor. I was in shock, so much so, that he had to ask twice if I wanted another beer. Without even really thinking about it, I said "yes", in a sort of low, distant voice.

When he returned from the kitchen and handed me my beer, I turned to look at him, but ended up just staring at his crotch. I could see a fairly clear outline of his monster through the shorts, and while limp, he looked to be at least 6" and THICK!

He made his way back to his seat beside me on the couch, and I turned back to the screen just in time to see his monster explode on his girlfriends face! It was like a fire hose going off on her.

After the tape ended, Oliver put some other movie on, and we sat and watched for a bit before calling it a night. I grabbed a cab home, and passed out pretty quickly.

All weekend long my sex drive was on overdrive, and I was making myself cum three to four times a day. The image of his giant cock blowing up all over her face was driving me insane. I guess I should mention, that I am now, and have always been a straight man, so the fact that this was turning me on so much was strange to say the least.

Monday morning came and went, and we went about our routine as per usual, but no matter what I did, or how much I flirted with my female coworkers, I just couldn't get the image of Oliver's cock out of my head. Strangely, I found myself trying to steal glimpses at his crotch over lunch, or in the halls.

On Friday, we went for our usual beers, and after couple, I asked if there had been any news with his ex. He kind of laughed a bit and said no, and then apologized for making me watch his tape. He said he woke up the next morning and felt awful for having subjected me to that.

I told him I didn't mind, and that I hadn't remembered much cause of all the beer. I was lying though. I remembered every detail, every frame of the video. From the images of her playing with herself, to the images of his hairless monster being worked over. We chatted for a bit longer, when suddenly, I just blurted out "Aren't you afraid of cutting yourself?"

"What?" he replied confusedly.

I couldn't believe what I had asked. I was thinking it over in my head, but never had the intention of asking, but in my drunken state, I just kinda blurted it out. So I couldn't ignore it, and continued the conversation.

"um, when you shave yourself... aren't you...umm... worried that you might... you know... cut one of them?"

"Not really, I've been doing it since college, so I'm pretty good at it now. Haven't you ever tried?" He asked.

Getting slightly turned on, I responded "Um... what? Me? No, I could never..."

"Why not? It actually feels pretty good."

"Really? When did you start? Why did you start?" I continued.

"Um, haha, well, funny story... in college we were playing some drinking card games, and my girlfriend had lost, and her challenge was that she had to shave my balls. Being hammered out of our minds, I let her, and since then, I haven't stopped."

Somewhere in the middle of his story, I started playing the video in my head of his massive cock being worked over by his girlfriend. I could feel my cock starting to stiffen, and I knew I was in trouble. I think he could tell that he was making me uncomfortable, and changed the subject.

Weeks later, after another few rounds, we ended up back at his place playing a new football video game he'd bought. We were trash talking non stop. At some point, I was on a three game winning streak, and just after putting the finishing touches on another landslide victory, I turned to him and said "how's that feel? You like being my bitch? You like when I work your team over like that?" I was being a total ass, as I deserved to be, and I went to the kitchen to round up a few more beers. I then told him I needed another pee break before I delivered his next beating!

When I came back, he had changed into the same shorts that he wore the day we had watched the movie, and it was distracting me. Before starting the game, I said "After I beat you this time, you have to kiss my ass...LITERALLY!" I was drunk, and getting cockier by the minute.

He said "ok, but if I win, you have to strip down to your boxers, and go ask my neighbor if you can borrow some milk!"

Without thinking, I yelled "DEAL", and just assumed that I'd be victorious.

I was not. It was a close game, that came down to the last play, but there I stood, slowly removing my clothes as he pointed and laughed in anticipation of my coming embarrassment.

When I returned to his apartment he was still dying of laughter, and I still couldn't help but stare at his crotch. I could feel myself getting aroused, so I started dressing. He stopped me and offered some track pants and a t-shirt for comfort. I took them, and dressed. They were a little tight on me, as I was taller than Oliver, but definitely more comfortable than my work clothes.

At the start of the next game, I started the shit talking again.

"That was a fluke. I let you win, and I wanted to give you a false sense of security before crushing your will to live in this next game!"

"Oh yeah? Then let's raise the stakes!"

"Name your punishment!" I said with confidence.

"Loser gets tea-bagged by the winner!" He exclaimed.

Nerves hit my stomach like a sledgehammer. I was speechless. I mean, I had seen him in the nude on screen, but why would he think that his would be something that I'd agree to?

"What're you scared? I tell you what sissy, if you win, no tea bag, I'll do all your weekly reports for the next two months!" he said.

These reports take hours to fill out every week, and although the punishment would have been steep, I agreed to the proposal.

The game seemed to go on forever. He started out strong but I battled back to tie it, but halfway through the fourth quarter, he ran away with it. The final score was 42-28. I was stunned, and terrified, and nervous as hell... but strangely, part of me was curious. To see if was really that big in person.

After some reluctance, and begging, I assumed my position on his coffee table, lying on my back. Although I had never witnessed one of these before, I had always assume the person delivering would be facing away from the persons face, then squat to deliver the "tea-bag" as they call it. But strangely, Oliver was facing my feet, in an almost '69' direction. He looked down at my face, and said "Repeat after me! Oliver is the greatest football player ever!"

"oliver is the greatest ever" I said with feigned enthusiasm.

"WRONG!" he said. "Oliver is the greatest football player ever! Say it, and I may spare you my balls!" He said with a howling laughter.

"Oliver is the greatest football player ever!" I said, this time with hope that it would end here. But it didn't.

He then hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his shorts, and started to slowly lower them. "Oliver is my master! I am Oliver's bitch! SAY IT!!!"

With fear, I started "Oliver is my master! I am Oliver's bitch!"

Just then, his shorts got low enough for his massive uncut cock to pop out of its hiding place. "I want Oliver's balls on my face!" He said laughing again.

"I... I want Oliver's... b a l l s... on ... my face." I managed to squeak out as his shorts lowered past his mid thighs and out of my sight.

He started swaying his hips from side to side making his heavy cock sway with him. I was mesmerized by it. He was still laughing cockily, but suddenly he switched into a different gear. Maybe he saw the look in my eyes, or maybe he started to turn himself on. But suddenly he started sounding like he did in the video. "You like that don't you? Seeing my huge cock just a foot from your face? I can tell you like it... just say it. Tell me you like seeing my cock!"

"I do" I said hesitantly, "I do like seeing your big cock."

As he started lowering himself he continued "What do you want me to do with it? What should I do with my big cock?"

I could feel my own cock stirring, and growing bigger. I didn't understand what this power was that he had over me. But I just responded without thinking "I want your balls on my face. Bounce those big bald balls on my face!"

As I finished, he reached down, grabbed his cock, pulling it upwards, and leaving just his balls in site. He lowered himself further, and slowly let his balls rest on the bridge of my nose. Without warning, or premeditation of any kind, I moaned. I couldn't believe it. My cock was now throbbing hard, and clearly visible through the track pants he had lent me.

"You like that don't you? You like having my big balls on your face? Why don't you show me how much you like it? Show me how hard your little dick is."

And with those words, he reached forward and lifted my waistband, putting my penis in his full view. He laughed. He roared with laughter "You call that a cock? I was bigger than that when I was twelve!"

I couldn't believe it. I was mortified with embarrassment. Not only was I laying on my back with this little guys huge balls on my face, but he was making fun of how small my own penis was. "I think I'm bigger than your erection when I'm soft! But look at you, all turned on at the site of a real man's cock! You're loving this aren't you? Having a real man's cock on your face?"

I didn't respond. By this point he had, with my help, lowered my pants to my knees, leaving my cock in full view at all times. He was seeing my throbbing little penis bounce with his every tease. He started swirling his hips around, and dragging his big balls all over my face. When they hit my lips he stopped, and started swinging them from side to side. "C'mon bitch, you know you wanna give'em a kiss... pucker up! If you're lucky, I'll let you use your tongue!"

He was right, his words were steering my thoughts. He made me want to kiss his nut sack, and so I did. I gave them a peck at first, then another, and before long I was full on making out with his balls.

"Yeah, oh yeah, suck those balls!" he said. "Mmm, yeah, you're making me hard bitch. When I get hard I have to cum, so you better believe you're gonna make me cum before I let you leave here!" "What?" I thought to myself. Make him cum? In my head I knew this had gone on long enough. I had to make it all stop. I had to get out of this somehow... but my body wasn't agreeing with me. I was now holding onto his thighs with both hands as I worked his balls over in mouth. Sucking each one in and making sure my tongue covered every inch of his sack.

Suddenly, he started sliding his balls up towards my eyes. My mouth had grown needy, and I started reaching for his balls with my mouth. Like a little bird begging for food from its mother. He then opened his hand, and let his huge cock flop down across my lips. He started slapping my mouth with his cock. Pushing the head firmly against my lips, then pulling it away, and pushing it back again. Before long he was using one hand to hold is body horizontally over mine, and he was lowering his hips, and using his hand to guide his rock hard monster straight down onto my wet lips.

"Open up bitch! You're about to swallow my cock. You're about to become my cock slave. The moment this snake hits that tongue of yours, there's no going back!"

He was hovering his tool about an inch from my mouth now, and a drop of precum was forming at its tip. I needed it. I needed to taste that drop in my mouth, but I knew, the moment I did, as he said, my mouth would become his property. I was taller than him, stronger than him, probably smarter than him, but because he had this huge gorgeous cock, I'd do whatever he asked.

I leaned up, and with the tip of my tongue, I stole that drop and swallowed. I then licked the tip again, then again, and then finally I leaned further, and took his entire cock head into my mouth. As I lowered myself back down, he followed with his cock. With my head now resting on the table, he started to slowly fuck my face. Going deeper and deeper with each push, until his balls were once again bouncing off of my nose.

This went on for a good 5 minutes or so, and after a while I was using my hands to pull his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. I could feel it in my mouth, my throat, flying over my tongue. Suddenly he pulled out. Stood straight up, and started rubbing himself. Before long, jets of cum were raining down on me. On my legs, my cock, my chest, till eventually he was just dripping onto my face. It was just like in the video. It seemed like gallons of cum came out of his cock. He just looked down on me, covered in his sperm, and said "Cum for me bitch. Look at my cock, a real mans cock, and jerk that little penis of yours."

And I did, I reached down and grabbed my little penis, which was still rock hard, and with only a few strokes, it burst all over my stomach, mixing with the mess he had left on me.

"Who owns your mouth?" he asked dominantly.

"You do." I said.

"From now on, you're a slave. You're a slave to my cock, and whenever I need to cum, you're gonna be there, on your knees, to swallow every drop. Now, using your fingers, start scooping that cum off your dirty body, and swallow every drop!"

"Yes sir." I responded. And I proceeded to do exactly as he had ordered. I scooped every drop into my mouth until every bit was swallowed. His cum, my cum, all of it was swallowed.

He had put his tight shorts back on, and was sitting on the couch when I finished. He was watching a video. As I made my way back to the couch to watch with him, I noticed that the video was of us. Of what had just happened. I was watching myself submit to his cock. I heard my voice beg him to lower his balls onto my face. I saw his thick cock slide into my mouth for the first time. All of this was getting me hard again, and he took notice. He stood up, stepped in front of me, and asked me if I liked what I saw.

"What? Um... yeah... I'm turned on by the video." I couldn't lie.

He reached down, took a handful of my hair, pulled my head towards his crotch, and said "give him a kiss, thank him for your dinner."

So I did, I kissed his tool again. I could clearly see its outline through the shorts, and I made sure to kiss its head. "That's a good bitch. Show your love to my cock. Show my cock that you're its bitch. You love my cock, don't you?"

"Yes, I love your cock" I said, before kissing it again.

He let me leave shortly after, and I spent all weekend thinking about what had happened. I'd be grocery shopping, see a pepperoni sausage, and start to fantasize about Oliver's cock. Before long, I'd be hiding my rock hard penis under my jacket.

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