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On A Cloud


We had both been working so hard and been so busy all week. You were wonderful enough to suggest a romantic evening out. We decided on a fancy restaurant (any excuse for me to wear a slinky dress and a garter belt). I decide that I'm gonna wear a slinky little red dress, and nothing but the garter belt and stockings underneath.

You decide to take me to a quaint little Italian restaurant, and just before we are seated, I say, 'Honey guess what I'm not wearing.' I see you blush when you realize I'm pretty much naked underneath my dress. You sit next to me, and I let my hand slide down to your lap after the waitress takes our drink order....

I unzip your trousers, and I slowly easy your semi-hard cock out. I finger the head of your cock with my thumb, and you start to nuzzle on my ear. Mmm, your tongue is so soft and moist...as you start trailing my ear lobe with it.

I feel your breathing coming more and more unsteady, as I stroke you faster and faster....I love how your cock reacts when I play with it. Mmm, you're so big.

I feel you reach down and stroke my smooth, completely shaved pussy, you spread my outer lips, and I tremble as I feel you starting to go to work on my clit.

You tweak my clit with your thumb and index finger, and I jump in my seat a little and blush. I can feel you wanting to come, so I stroke and stroke...you can barely breath now....Your face is getting pretty red too.

Just as I feel you ready to cum, I slip down under the table....and I start to suck you off....You have your hand on the back of my head....and your cock is so far down my throat.....I suck up every drop....

As I jump out from under the table, you say to me, 'The waitress already came to take our orders, I hope you don't mind what I got you.'

Our dinner was pretty uneventful...we played footsies all the way through, flirted and kissed each other sweetly. Little do I know what you have in store for me after dinner.

We drive downtown, which is way out of the way as far as our apartments are concerned. As we pass through the forest of skyscrapers, you say, 'Honey, I have a surprise for you.'

You pull off at this huge building....we walk up to the door, and you give the on duty security guard a wink. I look at you having no idea what you're up to. 'What are we doing here,' I ask. You just wink and say, 'you'll see.'

We walk toward the elevator, which I notice is one of those glass outdoor elevators...and it hits me. You're gonna give me my ultimate fantasy! I jump up into your arms, and say, 'Really?! Thank you! Thank you!'

As soon as the doors close, you hold me tighter, and I start kissing your neck. Our kissing becomes harder and more passionate as we're groping each other. By the time we get to the top floor, my dress is off, and I'm leaning against the back of the elevator.

You only stop long enough to reach over and push the button, keep the elevator on the top floor. Instantly you're out of your suit and you have me up against the wall again. Me, in nothing but my garter belt.

You take my hands and put them over my head....I'm against the elevator, totally exposed to you. My pert tits and hard nipples are aching for you to play with them, and I can feel my juices running down my leg. I'm so hot and ready for you, and you haven't even done anything to me yet.

The fact that you haven't touched me yet is soon rectified by you kissing my face, sucking on my lower lip, and nibbling my neck. Since you're using one hand to hold my hands over my head, you use the other one to first, stroke my breasts and pinch my nipples, and then trace it down my stomach and cup my pussy.

You bend down and begin to alternatively suck and lightly bite on my nipples. I can barely contain myself, God I need you in me so bad....I begin to moan and writhe underneath your perfect nips and licks....God, baby, you make me so fucking hot....

My whole body feels on fire, I feel like I'm going to explode.....You reach your first finger into my already sopping wet cunt, and I have my first orgasm....Wave after wave of ecstasy that permeates from my stomach to my inner thighs....I'm lost in my own world of pleasure, and only brought back to reality when I feel you slip in one more finger.....

Oh God, I'm gonna go insane, I can barely breathe, and I've lost all control. A third finger goes in, and I find it amazing that you can make me feel even hotter..... I'm also amazed that your fingers haven't slipped out, due to the fact that I'm so soaked....

At this point, my moans and screams have become whimpers and I almost begin to sob. I need you so bad, I'm almost past my breaking point. I beg you over and over again, 'Please, baby, please, fuck me!'

You take your cock, and begin teasing my rock hard clit with it. Up and down, around in circles. I'm sweating profusely, I can't take it anymore, I'm going mad....I scream, 'NOW, DAMMIT!'

At that, you take your massive fuck tool, and ram it all the way up into my tight pussy....

My eyes bulge out, you're so big, no matter how wet I am, I can always feel your big cock stretching and spreading me...My lips parting for you, my inner folds yielding to that girth you possess. I love how full you make me feel.

You fuck me like you're a possessed animal...ramming in and out...biting and nipping at my tits as you fuck me harder and harder.... I can't even keep up with the ferocity of your strokes. I don't even bother, I can do nothing but let your thrusts push me up and down....

You wrap your arms around my waist and you're practically holding me up by just your cock.... Harder and harder, you're reaming my pussy so good...my juices are flowing out like a geyser....

'Baby, I'm going to CUM!!' I can hear you scream, and I brace myself for your white hot load... Oh, God....you shoot your cum so far into me, all I can do is remain perfectly still, although the velocity of your cum knocks me back a bit.

I lay back against the elevator, still in a fog from the most intense lovemaking session ever. In my haze, I can see the faint lights of the other buildings and the stars in the clear night sky. I whisper in your ear, 'it was like making love on a cloud.'

After a short respite, we clean ourselves up and get dressed. As we walk out of the elevator and to the lobby, the security guard gives you a mischievous grin. You say, 'Thanks, man.' To which the security guard looks me up and down and says, 'No thank you.'

In my heart have this strange feeling, I look at you and you say, 'Honey didn't you notice there was a camera in the elevator?'

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