tagErotic CouplingsOn a Cold Winter Night...

On a Cold Winter Night...


I am a very stupid drunk. I want to make that abundantly clear before proceeding. And now that we have you should also know I am a very horny individual. For the purpose of this story I'll refer to myself as Tommy and at the time I was 20. Now that everything is clear, let's move on to why you're here.

It was the winter of '09 and I was working at a nearby mountain ski resort as a Lift Engineer (Lifty for short). The name of the mountain isn't important and I'd like to not be sued so I won't be mentioning it. But I will say it is in Southern Vermont: A very cold place to live that is constantly getting hammered with snow during it's winter season. Sounds like fun right?

After a very long day of work, A bunch of us decided to throw a party at a nearby condo on the mountain that was owned by a fellow Lifty. After sending the word out to everyone we knew and doing a beer run, we quickly realized that we had created a monster.

The party was a hit. So much of a hit that we were afraid it might get shut down. So we dialed back the tunes from "raging" to "mellow", passed a few joints around and helped a few couples find a place to be alone. All in a day's work for Party Masters like us.

So, here we are at probably the best party of the year, that isn't planned annually like every other party on the mountain always is, and WE ARE WASTED. I'm the sober-est of the bunch since I still haven't puked or passed out. Great standards, I know.

It's 11:30 now and the party shows no sign of slowing down and no one has called the cops yet. All is well with the universe. I am sitting on a bean bag chair since apparently EVERY party has one and no one, not even the host, knows where it came from. I see a girl I know. We'll call her Victoria.

I've known her since Freshman year of High School and I was in the purgatory known as "The Friend Zone" all four years. Now It's been a year and a half since we've seen each other in person. She walks over and starts chatting with me.

"Tommy?!" she drunkenly yells

"Vicki...How's it been?"

All the while I am checking her out and seeing if she's changed much since High School. She's, somehow, gotten hotter. She is 5' 7", 36 D, Long Brown wavy hair, and an ass that will make you believe in god. She's wearing pair of Jeans, Ugg Boots, a Puffy (big fluffy jacket for those who don't know), and a white tee underneath. Needless to say I started to get hard the second I saw her.

We chat for a while and catch up on what each other has been doing for the past year or so. The party goes on and we are having fun telling the stories we've gathered in such little time. And then she asks me the question I've been wanting to ask her for an hour.

"So... Single?"

She's giving me a look that says "Say no and I'll jump you this very moment"

"Nah. Nothing exclusive."

I try to remain as aloof as possible but she knows I want her so badly. She smirks.

"I'm gonna go get a drink. Be here when I get back"

My feet have never felt so heavy in my life. A meteor could have hit me and I wouldn't have moved an inch.

After ten minutes she returns. Slightly drunker and yells out loud "Who wants to do me?!"

Naturally the crowd all says "I do!" Hell even the women do. I raise my hand and she winks at me. I swear to god I almost blew my load right there and then.

We leave the room and go upstairs to the bedrooms...Occupied. The bathroom...Occupied. My freaking car...MOTHER FUCKING OCCUPIED. By none other than my room mate. We'll call him Douchebag. No? Okay...We'll call him Kyle.

"Sorry dude. Come back in fifteen---ow!"

His "date" hits him.

"I mean 30...at least?"

His date winks with approval...all while being topless.

Vicki and I are getting frustrated. At this point we're so horny we'd do it in the middle of the party. Except she's not a slut...or at least not a public slut.

I then make a VERY dumb suggestion. I take her by the hand and walk her to a nearby gondola chairlift. The very one I work at. The one I know where the spare key is to unlock the door to the Operations Shack. At this point a sober person would say "STOP!" Too bad no one was sober.

I lead her to the Shack and unlock it. If we had sex in this shack, most likely it would have been hot and over in about 30 minutes. Instead, in my drunken suggestion, I started the lift and we jumped in the first Chair.

Now what you should know about this Chairlift is that it is a Gondola and therefore is a closed car that is about the size of an elevator in size and shape with a bench all the way around it on the inside. Supposedly it fits 12 but I've seen it BARELY fit 6. We lose some clothes from the Shack to the lift and jump on and the machine takes us up the mountain. Now mind you this is at 1 am on a weekday and a chairlift makes noise and takes a lot of power.

We are making out fiercely at this point and are proceeding to take off our clothes. My shirt is off and my pants are at my waist. all she has on is her puffy (to keep us both warm since it's basically a blanket for a jacket) and her red panties. Despite the Weather being about 20 degrees, My cock is harder than a rock.

She bends down and starts to suck on it with her cold lips and gets it nice and wet but keeps it all inside her mouth to keep my cock warm and hard.I stroke her hair while she sucks away and feel her tits. Her nipples could cut diamonds at this point.

Taking her mouth off of my cock by her hair, I lift her off of her knees and have her sit on the bench. I pull her panties down and lick at her already wet and inviting shaved pussy. She moans like a dirty whore for my cock as I insert my fingers into her and begin to suck on her nipples.

"Fuck my hot pussy Tommy!"

I grant her request.

Taking my still hard cock I insert it into her. My whole body is cold but my cock is on fire. I thrust and thrust into her and hear the moans of pleasure as she cums from the pounding. After that I lift her off and sit on the bench.

It's her turn to enjoy the ride.

Straddling my cock, she inserts it slowly but starts to bounce on it harder and faster.

"I don't care if you cum inside me...just fuck me as hard as you can"

Her statement gets my balls churning and I push my cock deeper into her hot cunt and feel the jets of cum ooze inside her.

"Fuck! Yes! That's it!"

Feel her spasm once more on my cock I grin. She kisses me and we start to make out again as she strokes my cum covered cock to get it going again. And just as were about to really get freaky once more, the worst thing possible happens.

Now during all this sex, the lift has been running. We've been riding it up and down for quite a while. We probably made the loop five or six times. And in this time Security has been alerted that the lift is running. They fins the Shack with our clothes and figure someone broke in and had sex. NOT REALIZING WE ARE ON THE FREAKING LIFT! So they shut it down and lock up the shack. Fantastic.

We are 300 feet in the air, twenty feet from the nearest pole (not that I'm key to climb down it in the first place, but it's not an option in this case at all), and it's around 2 am in the dead of winter. It's starting to get cold. Fuck it. It IS cold. We have no way down until 6 am when they turn it on and even then I'll be half naked with my boss (most likely) to greet me and ask what the hell happened before firing me and most likely pressing charges.

Thankfully, we have my cell. I call my Roommate (It's been 30 minutes after all) and tell him the situation. He gets over to the Shack and I tell him where the key is. After ten minutes of drunken instructions, I tell him how to start the machine. After getting to the top, as we were mid-transit before the Gondola was shut down, I step off and get inside the Top Shack to set it to Auto and make sure Kyle didn't do anything wrong. After an adjustment, myself and Vicki get back on the Gondola and make out in celebration as Kyle starts to freak out Security might show up again.

After making it to the bottom we get many jeers from Kyle and his "Date" while I borrow his jacket. Sadly, Security has confiscated our clothes. Not sadly, Vicki's jeans are among said clothes. So here is a buxom beauty with only Ugg boots, a puffy and red panties on. DEAR PENTHOUSE,

Kyle goes back to the party and persuades the host to let us borrow a pair of jeans for Vicki. Not sure how the conversation went as I was locking up the Shack, but I imagine it must have been awkward to ask for a pair of jeans from a total stranger.

After that we go back to our place and sleep it off. Well, if by sleep you mean have crazy sex where both parties hear each other and try to outdo each other through the wall, then yes, "Sleep".

The next day we go to lost and found, find her clothes and my shirt. Thankfully they are all there. Security tells me that day on my lunch break to make sure to lock up the Shack as they think it was broken into by some drunk idiots looking for a place to have sex the night before.

Oh Really?

To this day the Jeans were never returned to the host and I now have a copy to the key to the Shack.

Sometimes I wonder how I still haven't gone to jail.

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